"Qingcheng, what's wrong?" "Qingcheng …"

"Qingcheng, you drank too much. Drunk, I'll send you back to your room."

Looking at the flushed Leng Qingcheng who had fainted, Song Yuanhang's eyes flashed with undisguised greed. His greedy and evil gaze swept over her fiery body, forcefully suppressing the excitement and passion in his heart. Words of concern came from his mouth.

"Song Yuanhang, right? Please get the hell away from me! "

Just as Song Yuanhang was about to reach out to help Leng Qingcheng up, Ye Xuan's cold and domineering voice rang out.

"Bro, what do you mean?"

Song Yuanhang's eyes flashed with a cold light as his movement was hindered. He raised his head and directed his gaze toward Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"What do you mean? "Song Yuanhang, stop f * cking pretending. What's the meaning of you hitting my woman? Did I give you face?"

Ye Xuan originally didn't like Song Yuanhang, so he naturally didn't give Song Yuanhang any good looks.

"Your woman's attention? Who the hell are you? Do we know you? Boy, I'm warning you not to cause trouble! Get out of my way! "

Song Yuanhang's eyes were filled with killing intent as he coldly stared at Ye Xuan.

He was about to become a beauty, but was interrupted by this fellow. How could he not be angry?

What the hell happened to those damned bastards the Wolf King?

At this moment, ten million mud horses roared in Song Yuanhang's heart.

Of course, he was well aware of the relationship between Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng, which was why he planned to sleep first and obtain Leng Qingcheng's body before doing anything else.

"F * ck, you really think I'm giving you face?"

Ye Xuan cursed angrily, but he didn't plan on wasting his breath on this despicable person. His right leg carried a powerful strength as it viciously kicked towards Song Yuanhang's lower abdomen …


"Tap, tap, tap …"

Ye Xuan's sudden attack caused Song Yuanhang's face to turn ashen. The moment his foot kicked over, Song Yuanhang crossed his arms in front of his body to block Ye Xuan's leg.

Along with the muffled sounds of collisions, Song Yuanhang's body was sent flying by the powerful force. He retreated several steps before stabilizing himself. He raised his head to look at Ye Xuan with eyes full of undisguised killing intent.


In the next moment, he shouted out in a deep and stern voice.

In his eyes, Ye Xuan was just a clown. He didn't plan on doing it himself.


However, he didn't plan on fighting Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan didn't plan on letting him go!

The instant Song Yuanhang called out for security, Ye Xuan's feet abruptly exerted force, and a strong force burst out, causing his body to directly charge at Song Yuanhang with a ferocious offensive, like a flood dragon that had just entered the sea. This caused the killing intent in Song Yuanhang's eyes to surge explosively.

"Since you wish to court death, this young master will grant your wish!"

In the next moment, a bloody light flashed across Song Yuanhang's eyes. The force from his entire body surged, and an invisible dark-red energy circulated around the surface of his body. His right leg formed a whip, which howled towards Ye Xuan like a bloody dragon.

"The Demon God's Fury!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with astonishment. He poured all of the energy in his body into his whip-leg and fearlessly swept it towards Song Yuanhang's whip-leg!

"The wrath of the Wind God!"


"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, Ye Xuan's and Song Yuanhang's whipping kicks collided. A terrifying energy swept out, causing the tables around them to explode …

"Tap, tap, tap …"

A terrifying rebound exploded out, causing Ye Xuan and Song Yuanhang to simultaneously retreat.

Ye Xuan retreated five steps before stabilizing himself, while Song Yuanhang retreated seven steps!

The two of them steadied their bodies and raised their heads to look at each other. They could see the astonishment and seriousness in each other's eyes.

Honestly speaking, the strength that Song Yuanhang had displayed was slightly beyond Ye Xuan's imagination and expectations. Moreover, Ye Xuan vaguely felt that this move of his was somewhat familiar, but he couldn't recall it ….

As for Song Yuanhang, he was similarly shocked and shocked by Ye Xuan's strength. Even when he'd seen Ye Xuan's performance at the Count's palace …

One had to know that the Demon God's Fury was something he had learnt from that lord in the Western Asura World …

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Just when Ye Xuan and Song Yuanhang were about to exchange blows again, the manager of the hotel finally led the majestic security team over and surrounded Ye Xuan …

The person in charge of the hotel was a man who appeared to be in his forties. He was wearing a black suit and gave off a very stable vibe.

He quickly walked in front of Song Yuanhang and said in a respectful but apologetic tone: "Apologies, Young Master Song. We came late and you were frightened!"

"No worries!"

Song Yuanhang spoke coldly without raising his head.

"Then may I ask what is the situation here, Young Master Song? What can we do for you? "

The hotel manager respectfully asked as he looked at the ice-cold Song Yuanhang with a headache.

He knew very well the origins of Song Yuanhang. He was from the Song family in the capital and he was not someone that he could afford to offend.

As for Ye Xuan, he also recognized him as a trash who'd been kicked out of his family.

"Not only did that brat disturb my meal, he even wanted to take my friend away. I need you to give me a satisfactory answer. "

Song Yuanhang's cold words came out of his mouth.

"Young Master Song, don't worry, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer!"

The hotel manager quickly promised.

Ye Xuan was only a trash who had been kicked out of the Ye Family, while Song Yuanhang was a super young master from the capital.

He would rather offend ten or a hundred Ye Xuan than offend a single Song Yuanhang.

His gaze was ice-cold as he stared at Ye Xuan. He didn't even give Ye Xuan a chance to speak or explain as an eerie voice came out of his mouth.

"Ye Xuan, you aren't the Ye Family's young master from before. Our hotel isn't a place where you should come to, and Young Master Song isn't someone you can offend. Listen to my advice, kneel down and apologize to Young Master Song. Since Young Master Song has a lot of resources, he will forgive you. Otherwise … "

"Otherwise, what would you do?"

A trace of a faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he teased.

"Otherwise, if you come to our hotel to cause trouble and offend the delivery boy, don't think that you can leave here unscathed with all your limbs intact …"

The hotel manager's expression turned cold as he spoke in a cold voice.

This fellow was indeed a ruthless person!

"Haha …" What a joke! "In this world, as long as I, Ye Xuan, want to leave, no one can make me stay, and none of you are an exception."

Hearing the words of the manager of the hotel, Ye Xuan couldn't help but burst out in unbridled laughter, and a surge of heroic spirit spread out from his body.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he lifted Leng Qingcheng's infuriating body onto his shoulder and fearlessly walked toward the many security guards that wielded electric batons.

"This boorish fellow!"

Seeing this scene, Su Xiaomeng, who was standing far away, felt a headache coming on.

However, she hadn't experienced such things and didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to help Ye Xuan.

"Ye Xuan, you have guts. You're the first one that dares to cause trouble at my Jin Yuan Century Leisure Holiday Inn …" What were they still standing there for? cripple him! "

Immediately, the hotel manager shouted with a cold expression!


As soon as he finished speaking, many of the security guards charged towards Ye Xuan with lightning rods in their hands, violently attacking him.

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. He didn't show any fear on his face. Carrying Leng Qingcheng, he walked forward, completely disregarding the security guards …

Although the security guards were carefully selected and were extremely fierce and intimidating to normal people, to Ye Xuan, they weren't a threat at all.

Before the attacks could land on Ye Xuan's body, they were sent flying by his long whip kicks. No one was able to stop him, causing the manager's face to twitch …

In his eyes, Ye Xuan was nothing more than a cripple. He hadn't thought that Ye Xuan would have such powerful combat strength.

Under his incomparably painful gaze, none of his security guards harmed even a bit of Ye Xuan. Although Ye Xuan stopped in his tracks, they were all knocked down by him in less than a moment …

"A bunch of useless trash!"

Seeing this scene, the manager couldn't help but curse.

"You were the one who said not to think of leaving this place unscathed?"

Just as the manager finished speaking, he felt his vision go black. When he raised his head, Ye Xuan had already arrived in front of him carrying Leng Qingcheng on his shoulder.

"This …"

Being the center of Ye Xuan's attention, the hotel manager felt a headache. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead as he stammered, unsure of how to respond …


A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he spoke in a stern voice.

"Plop …"

As Ye Xuan's words fell, the hotel manager felt as if his mind had been struck by lightning. A terrifying pressure enveloped his body, causing his knees to go limp as he kneeled down towards Ye Xuan …

"Do you still want to stop me?"

Ye Xuan didn't pay any attention to him. Instead, he turned around and his gaze fell onto the ashen-faced Song Yuanhang as he emitted domineering words.

"Hmph, trash like you doesn't have the qualifications for me to do it myself …" Ye Xuan, you're lucky this time! Let's wait and see! "

Song Yuanhang coldly snorted. He coldly glanced at Ye Xuan, then turned around and left.

He naturally clearly understood the relationship between Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng, so there wasn't enough reason or meaning to continue pestering him like this.

It was better to retreat for the sake of advancing forward. After all, he had given Leng Qingcheng an extraordinary pill. Only by doing that would she be able to dispel the poison from her body, otherwise she would undoubtedly die.

Although doing so would benefit that brat, it would deepen the misunderstanding between him and Leng Qingcheng. If he and Leng Qingcheng completely broke up, then it would be a step closer to his goal …

After all, his goal was not just to obtain Leng Qingcheng's body …

Seeing that Song Yuanhang was willing to submit and leave, Ye Xuan felt helpless. He originally wanted to teach Song Yuanhang a good lesson, but since Song Yuanhang was willing to submit, Ye Xuan could only temporarily remember this debt.

After all, the most important thing to do now was to think of a way to expel the medicinal effect from Leng Qingcheng's body. Ye Xuan could clearly feel that the effects of the medicinal effect had already affected her body greatly. If he didn't expel her in time, she would explode and die without a doubt …

"Su Xiaomeng, hurry to the garage and drive!"

Ye Xuan quickly called out.