"Brat, you think you can deal with me?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing him walk over with the Blood Devouring Demon Sword in his hand, Hei Lin's eyes flickered with a cold light. His fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard. A chilling voice came from his mouth.

If it wasn't for the fact that Thirteenth Young Master wouldn't have died, he would've made up his mind to kill Ye Xuan. This way, he'd be able to explain things to the Patriarch once he returned to the Leng Clan.

"Won't you know once you try?"

A cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as a cold light flashed in his eyes. He moved like lightning, and the Blood Devouring Demon Sword in his hand exploded with a bright light that shot towards Hei Lin.

Thundering Flash, Absolute Shadow Sword!


Three resplendent sword rays bloomed right after, and the crisp sound of metal colliding rang out silently at this moment.

Chi chi chi …

Li Chunyang was shocked to see Hei Lin sent flying backwards by the strong sword qi. He glided on the ground for a long distance before he managed to stabilize his body.

His expression was extremely solemn and unsightly. He lowered his head to look at the fine sword marks on his left and right shoulders. A cold glint flashed across his eyes.

If he hadn't blocked Ye Xuan's Blood Devouring Demon Sword at the critical moment when Ye Xuan was about to attack him, he would've been torn into two halves by Ye Xuan's Blood Devouring Demon Sword.

Even so, he was still injured by the sword qi from Ye Xuan's attack. Two sword marks were left on his shoulder. A trace of blood flowed out from the wound, causing his expression to turn icy cold.

This fellow's strength was truly formidable. Even when Ye Xuan, who had just broken through, used his "Wind Lightning Flash and the Absolute Shadow Sword", such a killing move, it only harmed this fellow's skin. Moreover, this fellow's strength had been greatly consumed.

"Kid, is this your strongest trump card?"

Hei Lin's expression was ice-cold. He slowly raised his head and his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan, who wasn't far away, as he coldly spoke.

"Just a slight superficial wound? You sure are capable! "

Ye Xuan expressionlessly looked at the sinister and cold Black Scales. The corner of his mouth slightly curled up as he coldly laughed.

Hei Lin's strength was indeed extraordinary, far above Li Chunyang's. He was an expert at the Spirit Traveling Profound Realm. Even if Ye Xuan made a breakthrough, it wouldn't be easy to deal with him. He could be considered an equal opponent.

"Since you've already launched your attack, it's my turn now!"

Hei Lin raised the sword in his hand and pointed it at Ye Xuan as he emitted chilling, bloodthirsty words.


His body suddenly split into six, as Hei Lin's words sounded. They transformed into six figures that were covered in a black aura, six illusionary Shadow Kylin figures appearing behind them, causing their auras to become even more ferocious and powerful, as though they were six Shadow Kylin's that were filled with killing intent!

In the next moment, the six black scales' right eyes instantly turned blood-red, and their bodies emitted an even stronger aura. At this moment, they rushed out in unison, becoming six afterimages that charged towards Ye Xuan with lightning speed. The longswords in their hands simultaneously stabbed towards Ye Xuan.

"Shadow Rush!"

"Kill!" A cold, emotionless voice came from the six black scales. They rushed out even faster and instantly arrived in front of Ye Xuan, causing his expression to turn grim and his eyes to turn ice-cold.

Without a doubt, Black Scales unhesitatingly displayed his strongest killing move as the vice captain of the Shadow Kylin Army.

Their speed was simply too fast. One could only see six shadows flash through the air.

When they were less than five meters away from Ye Xuan, the shadows formed by the six black scales strangely merged together, causing the aura of the black scales to grow even stronger. The long sword in their hands released a dazzling nine foot sword light as it charged towards Ye Xuan's throat.

"This move is indeed very powerful, but …" You can't do anything to me! "

Ye Xuan's eyes surged with demonic qi as he looked at the sword that Black Scales had used all his strength to slash at him, and a calm voice sounded out from his mouth.

Demonic Qi surged in his eyes the moment his words left his mouth. The Blood Devouring Demon Sword in his hand flashed with a bloody light. Lightning surrounded his entire body and a magic armor appeared on the surface of his body, causing his aura to soar.

Obviously, at this moment, Ye Xuan had pushed his combat strength to the limit!

The instant Hei Lin's dazzling sword strike approached him, Ye Xuan took a step forward. Countless clones appeared around him, carrying intense killing intent as they charged straight at Hei Lin!

From afar, it looked like countless shadows were attacking and killing Hei Lin with different sword techniques. The sword images that filled the sky enveloped Hei Lin's body, enveloping him within.

Thirty million blade light and sword shadows, nine days of massacre!

"Swish …"

Chi chi chi …

The sound of a longsword tearing through clothes and flesh rang out one after another.

Ye Xuan's figure turned into a ray of sword light, flashing past Hei Lin's body, leaving behind afterimages and sword aura.

"Boom! Boom!"

Under Li Chunyang's shocked and terrified gaze, tens of thousands of sword images swept past Hei Lin's body and tore his clothes apart, causing his body to suddenly explode in midair, turning into a ball of blood fog that slowly floated down …

Bright red blood spilled down from the sky and dyed the ground in a blood-red color.

"This... This … This Black Scale is dead? "

Looking at the Black Scales whose body had been torn apart by the sword qi and turned into a rain of blood that fell from the sky, Li Chunyang opened his eyes wide and his mouth wide open as incomparably shocking and unbelievable words came out of his mouth.

He never thought that Hei Lin, whose strength had reached the level of a Mastery Stage Martial Saint, would be killed by Ye Xuan in a single strike.

This was too terrifying!

The difference between Ye Xuan's strength after breaking through and his strength before breaking through was actually so huge?

The difference was like heaven and earth!

Li Chunyang's heart was filled with shock and amazement as he looked at Ye Xuan's upright and cool figure, but he felt even more elated.

He was glad he made the right judgement and chose Ye Xuan!

Otherwise, his fate would have been the same as the Chen Ancestor and the Ancient Sword Sovereigns …

"Puchi …"

After killing the black scale, Ye Xuan's originally rosy face suddenly paled and he spat out a mouthful of black blood.

His originally powerful aura gradually became narrower at this moment, and the magic armor on his body also gradually dissipated, revealing his figure …

A eye-catching sword mark appeared on his chest. It was obvious that before the black scale had died, its angry attack had caused him to be heavily injured.

After all, Black Scales' cultivation level was higher than his by more than two levels.

To be able to kill Hei Lin without using the Great Devil Realm was already an extraordinary feat. After all, even before he made a breakthrough, the Great Devil Realm could only fight against Hei Lin and was far from a match for him!

Lowering his head to look at the sword wound on his chest, Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face. Dragging the Blood Devouring Demon Sword, his expression was ice-cold as he walked towards the battle circle of the Goddess of the Night, Eina, and Mad Demon Lin Feng.

Although Mad Demon Lin Feng and Night Goddess Ainphent were currently at an absolute advantage in their battle with the Tyrant Heavenly Saber God Lei Ba, Scarlet Widow Ruyue, and Wild Old Pig Zhang Wang, Ye Xuan had plans to bury the three of them here.

The battle between the Mad Demon Lin Feng and the Heaven Tyrant Blade God Lei Ba was extremely dazzling and intense.

From afar, they could see the sky filled with sword shadows and resplendent blade lights. The golden sword Qi of the descending dragon and the overbearing saber Qi of the domineering sky were constantly clashing, creating violent gales of energy which made it difficult for people to rush into their battlefield.

"Sky Tyrant Flame!"

After a long period of failure, his comrades had suffered heavy casualties. This undoubtedly made Tyrant Sky Blade God Lei Ba completely lose his patience, as he fiercely pulled away from Lin Feng, his eyes flickering with an intense murderous aura, both of his hands were enveloped by a thick blood-red aura. Raising the Tyrant Sky Blade high up in the air, he fiercely slashed at the incoming Berserk Demon Lin Feng, bringing with him endless madness and killing intent!


As his blade slashed out, the berserk Blood Fury Flame turned into a 15 meter long blade beam as it charged towards Lin Feng. It knocked away all the obstacles along the way.

"Ahh …"

Even the Chen family disciples that were tens of meters away were affected by the impact and were sent flying by the energy released by the blade light.

"Dragon Slaying with a One Sword!"

Seeing the incoming blade radiance, a cold light flashed in the Crazy Devil Lin Feng's eyes. The Dragon Subduing Sword was unsheathed in his hand and a pitch-black sword Qi spread out in all directions, like a crescent moon rushing towards the horizon, it carried an endless amount of sharp light as it clashed with the berserk blade radiance.


In the next moment, an earth-shaking collision echoed.

A terrifying energy spread out in all directions. Under the shocked gaze of the Heaven Tier Blade God Lei Ba, who was maintaining his hacking motion, the pitch-black sword aura tore apart the blade beam and rushed towards him. It caused his face to change drastically and he could only block the Sky Tyrant Blade in front of him …


"Puchi …"

Fresh red blood gushed out of the mouth of the Heavenly Saber God, Lei Ba. The terrifying impact from the saber caused his body to fly out uncontrollably.

Seeing that his body was about to collide with the building behind him, he tightly gripped the Heaven's Tyrant Blade in his hand and stabbed it into the ground, causing his body to glide on the ground for a long distance before he was able to dissipate the terrifying force, preventing him from colliding against the wall …

"Huff, puff …"

With great difficulty, he managed to stabilize his body. Hierarch Thunder God felt the blood in his body boil as he half knelt on the ground, gasping for air. He was extremely exhausted.

"Lei Ba, it's time for your death!"

Just as he was about to stand up and rush towards Crazy Devil Lin Feng with the Tyrant Sky Knife in his hand, a cold voice rang in his ears, causing his expression to change drastically. A thick sense of life-and-death danger filled his heart, causing him to subconsciously raise his head to look towards the horizon …

What appeared in his line of sight was Ye Xuan's voice, which was surrounded by surging demonic energy. He held the Blood Devouring Demon Sword in his hand and carried a monstrous baleful aura as he fiercely slashed it down towards the Heaven Saber God, Lei Ba …


A five-meter-wide stream of sword Qi that looked like a black demonic dragon that carried an endless amount of killing intent rushed towards Thunder God, causing his expression to change drastically.

With his current condition, there was no time for him to dodge!

He could only grit his teeth and block the door sized Sky Tyrant Blade above his head!


"Boom! Boom!"

"Kacha …."

In the next moment, the sound of metal colliding with metal, the whistling of energy, and the cracking of the ground could be heard.

Under Ye Xuan's sword attack, Tyrant God Lei Ba's right knee hit the hard ground and he fell to his knees. The ground beneath his feet rapidly cracked, and a number of hand sized cracks spread out like a spiderweb under Ye Xuan's unsightly gaze …

His body was also sinking towards the ground, causing half of his body to be embedded into the ground. His face was icy cold and his expression was extremely hideous.


"Puchi …"

The berserk blood Qi around his body surged as a gigantic Titan's shadow appeared behind him. Just as he was about to attack, Lin Feng, who was like a raging black dragon, was charging towards him at an extremely fast speed … …

The incoming maddened demon Lin Feng's fist was covered with a black energy as a maddening demonic aura surrounded it. Under the terrified and aghast gaze of the Heaven Saber God, Lei Ba, Lin Feng's fist heavily smashed against his chest.

"Aooo …"

A mournful scream came out from Lei Ba's mouth. His chest instantly caved in and a large amount of black blood spurted out from his mouth. His entire body flew out like a cannonball, heavily smashing into the distant building and causing dust to fill the sky …

"Boss …"


Seeing Lei Ba fly back after receiving heavy injuries from the combined attacks of the Crazy Devil Lin Feng and Ye Xuan, the Scarlet Widow and Wild Old Pig Zhang Wang's expressions couldn't help but change as they madly charged towards the Tyrant Profound God, Lei Ba … …

"Boss, how are you?" "Boss …"

They helped the heavily injured Tyrant Profound Saber God Lei Ba up as they spoke with anxious and concerned voices.

The current Tyrant God Lei Ba didn't have the slightest bit of dignity anymore. His chest was caved in and his chest bone was shattered and dislocated by Ye Xuan's powerful attack. There were sword wounds all over his body and blood was flowing out. He was absolutely heavily injured.

"Cough cough …" "Retreat first!"

Forcefully enduring the pain from his body, Tyrant Profound God Lei Ba's weak words came out of his mouth.

"Let's go!"

Hearing the words of the Heaven's Tyrant Blade God Lei Ba, Scarlet Widow Ru Yue and Wild Old Pig Zhang Wang looked at each other and nodded slightly.

After that, he supported Lei Ba as they flew into the distance …

"You want to leave?"

Killing intent flashed in the eyes of Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Night Goddess Ainphent, and Ye Xuan. They stepped forward and turned into three rays of light, chasing after Lei Ba's group like lightning …

However, right at this moment, a bone chilling voice that was filled with thick Evil Qi rang out quietly.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Lei Ba, to think that you would actually make such a mess in such a small sea of stars. You've even completely lost face for your Azure Emperor Pavilion!"

Following the appearance of this voice, a cool flying dragon swooped down from the sky and landed steadily in front of the group of Heavenly Saber Gods, Lei Ba, and the others, raising a cloud of dust.

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