"Cough cough …"

As he watched the Evil Emperor slowly walk over while riding a mutated flying dragon, Ye Xuan's pale face revealed undisguised seriousness. Because of the heavy injuries within his body, he had just taken action when the injuries within his body caused him to violently cough.

Mad Demon Lin Feng and Night Goddess Ainphent were also seriously injured. Their faces were pale as they looked at the Evil Emperor who was riding a mutated flying dragon. Their eyes flashed with a cold light and their fists clenched tightly. Their hearts were filled with unwillingness.

Even when the three of them used all their might, they were still unable to break through the Evil Emperor's defense, and were unable to harm him at all. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to them.

Especially Mad Demon Lin Feng, he did not fear the Evil Emperor at all during his peak, but today, he could not even touch the corner of the Evil Emperor's clothes. This feeling of heaven and earth was difficult for him to accept.

As he thought about his current half-crippled body, a thick and bitter expression surfaced on Mad Demon Lin Feng's face.

"Puchi …"

He endured the pain in his body and wanted to stand up, but just as he stood up, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the Evil Emperor, and a terrifying pressure enveloped Lin Feng, causing him to pale once again, his body staggered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Lin Feng!"

Seeing this, the face of the Night Goddess Ainphent could not help but change. She held onto the Insane Demon Lin Feng's body with much difficulty.


The Evil Emperor gave a cold snort of dissatisfaction. With a flick of his finger, two sharp blades made of Evil Qi shot towards Lin Feng's and Ainphent's knees with lightning speed, accurately hitting them.

The Demonic Qi pierced through the kneecaps, causing the Night Goddess Ainphent and the Berserk Devil Lin Feng's expressions to be filled with intense pain. Their knees went limp, and they half-knelt in front of the Evil Emperor.


Seeing the Night Goddess, Ainphent, and the Crazy Devil Lin Feng suffering such torture, Ye Xuan's malevolent expression cracked as he clenched his fists. Devil energy surged from his entire body and he let out a furious voice.

It hadn't been easy for him to meet his family, his friends, and his beauties, but now they were seeing them suffer and suffer because of him. This kind of feeling filled Ye Xuan's heart with deep pain and torment, and his eyes burned with a burning rage.

It was not easy for him to live a new life just now. He swore to protect everything that happened in the past, so that they wouldn't suffer pain and grievance, so that they wouldn't suffer setbacks and suffer torture, and be blissful and happy …

But now, the Evil Emperor was torturing his family and friends in front of him.

A dragon had a reverse scale, once touched, it would become angry!


Demonic energy that burned with fury uncontrollably spread out from his body, surging in all directions and creating a terrifying demonic wind …

Ye Xuan's pitch black pupils were slowly being swallowed by his rage, becoming scarlet.

The bright moonlight in the sky seemed to be influenced by some kind of power as it continuously poured into his body. The injuries in his body were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, and at this moment, the bones in his entire body lit up with a dazzling brilliance.

As if it had been influenced by him, the Blood Devouring Demon Sword that had fallen to the side also released a blinding bloody light that flashed …


Seeming to have felt Ye Xuan, a cold light flashed in the Evil Emperor's eyes. With a thought, the mutated flying dragon beneath his feet roared, then its enormous dragon claw suddenly stretched out and grabbed at Ye Xuan.


Before Ye Xuan could react, the mutated flying dragon's sharp claws grabbed him.

"Ye Xuan!"

"Damn it!"

Seeing Ye Xuan being grabbed by the mutated flying dragon, the expressions of Mad Demon Lin Feng and the Night Goddess Ainphent couldn't help but change. Anxious cries came from their mouths.


The Berserk Demon Lin Feng's face was icy cold as killing intent filled his eyes. His left eye gradually turned scarlet, while the Dragon Subduing Sword in his hand also erupted with a resplendent glow, as an unending stream of energy crazily poured into his body. His hair also rapidly grew at this moment, while the raging black flames spread out from his body, causing his aura to rise bit by bit …

"Let him go!"

Lin Feng stood up shakily, staring at the Evil Emperor with his cold and piercing eyes.

"Let him go? A mere cripple like you dares to speak to this emperor like that? "

After hearing Lin Feng's words and seeing Lin Dong's crazy appearance, a playful smile surfaced on the Evil Emperor's face as a disdainful voice came out from his mouth.

"Swish …"

The moment he finished speaking, the pitch black left eye of Crazy Devil Lin Feng turned completely red, releasing a devouring blood light, he rushed out ferociously, transforming into 18 clones, the Dragon Subduing Sword appeared in his hands, a golden dragon shadow swept out horizontally, fiercely rushing towards the evil Qi, surrounding him ferociously.

"Ding ding ding …"

"It's useless. The Insane Demon Concept that you used, who was heavily injured and half crippled, is no longer as pure as it was in the past. The amplification in strength that you receive is limited and can't hurt this emperor in the slightest!"

Looking at the Mad Demon Lin Feng who had turned into eighteen clones, attacking him crazily, the Evil Emperor's face was filled with a disdainful smile. He did not attack, but instead used his Evil Qi to envelop the flying dragon and him, allowing Mad Demon Lin Feng to attack nonstop.

Under the moonlight, energy crisscrossed, sparks flying everywhere, Lin Feng's attacks were extremely powerful, all the air was filled with his afterimages, the Dragon Subduing Sword in his hand slashed at the Evil Emperor's protective shield causing beautiful sparks, but it was unable to break through the Evil Emperor's defense.

"Perhaps you were still a character in this emperor's eyes back then, but right now, you can only be considered trash. You don't even have the qualifications for this emperor to kill you!"

"Seeing that you care about this brat, then This Emperor will just let you watch him die because of your own incompetence!"

Looking at Lin Feng who was desperately attacking, the smile on the Evil Emperor's face grew even wider, and playful words came out of his mouth.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"

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However, just as the words left his mouth, the Evil Qi barrier suddenly cracked open, and like a glass barrier, it shattered, shattering into pieces and dissipating into the air.


A resonant and ear-piercing dragon's roar resounded through the sky, the eighteen sword Qis slashed out by Lin Feng had actually turned into eighteen angry golden dragons, charging towards the Evil Emperor with endless killing intent, causing his expression to change, as a thick sense of danger filled his heart, and an icy cold voice came out from his mouth.

"Eighteen Soaring Dragon Strikes!"

Obviously, the Evil Emperor did not expect the current Mad Demon Lin Feng to actually be able to unleash such a powerful attack.

As the 18 sword qi turned into golden dragons that roared towards him, his right arm was surrounded by red evil qi, and he suddenly punched out!

The berserk evil energy was like a devouring evil dragon that opened its huge mouth and rushed out.


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, an earth-shaking explosion resounded as a violent wave of energy spread out in all directions. It struck against the distant building, causing a dull sound and sending up a cloud of dust.

Under the terrifying energy shockwaves, the eighteen clones of Crazy Devil Lin Feng exploded and revealed his body, causing him to spray out a mouthful of blood. Like a cannonball, he flew out and smashed into the ground … …

"Tap, tap, tap …"

"How are you?"

Seeing Lin Feng's body about to hit the ground, the Night Goddess' Ainphent moved and instantly appeared in front of him to support his body. Words of concern came out from her mouth …

Crazy Demon Lin Feng's pale face was extremely ugly, he stared coldly at the Evil Emperor, the blood red light in his left eye slowly disappearing, his powerful aura also gradually becoming weaker and weaker …

With much difficulty, he turned his head and looked at the Night Goddess' Ainphent, saying weakly, "Save …" Save Ye Xuan, he … "He's Xuan …"

"What?" "You said that he is …"

Hearing Lin Feng's words, the Night Goddess' expression couldn't help but change. Her eyes narrowed to a pinprick, her mouth opened widely, and her eyes widened. A voice filled with shock came out from her mouth.


However, before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Crazy Devil Lin Feng's hand gesture for her to be quiet.

"How could this be … "How could he be …"

Seeing the look of concentration on Lin Feng's pale face, the beautiful face of the Night Goddess Ainphent was still filled with shock and disbelief …

"I'll explain this to you later. Don't worry about me for now, hurry … Hurry up and save him... "Ah Xuan!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng endured the pain that came from his body as he spoke in a weak voice.

Hearing Lin Feng's words, the Night Goddess Ainphent lightly nodded her head. Her eyes flashed with a strong cold light, and with a resolute look, she walked towards the Evil Emperor with cold steps …

"Another one here to die?" "Ainphent, with your abilities and looks, why must you be my enemy? As long as you are willing, I don't mind taking you in as my concubine. What do you think?"

Looking at the goddess of the night, Ainphent, who was filled with killing intent, the Evil Emperor was full of smiles and his voice sounded playful.

On his left shoulder, his trench coat had been torn to pieces and there was an eye-catching sword mark, which was left behind by Crazy Devil Lin Feng.

The goddess of the night, Ainphent, did not reply. Purplish black energy surged around her, and her long hair danced in the wind, causing her aura to soar.

"It seems that you are unwilling. Since that is the case, I will have to kill this brat to boost your memory!"

Seeing that, a cold light flashed across the Evil Emperor's eyes, and he said coldly: "Scarlet Eye, devour him!"


As the Evil Emperor's words fell, the mutated flying dragon beneath his feet let out a resonant roar. It suddenly opened its mouth and started to swallow Ye Xuan, whose head was lowered and shrouded in devilish flames, causing the Night Goddess Ainphent's expression to drastically change. She wanted to rush over to rescue him, but was stopped by the Evil Emperor …

Chi chi chi …

The mutated flying dragon grabbed Ye Xuan and stuffed him into its mouth. It opened its mouth and was about to swallow Ye Xuan, but the ring on Ye Xuan's hand emitted a blinding light.

As the lightning surged, the fluffy Whitey slowly came out and appeared in the enormous dragon eye of the mutated flying dragon, causing its large dragon eye to shrink into the shape of a needle tip at this moment. The act of swallowing Ye Xuan also quietly occurred at this moment.

The mutated wyvern looked at Ye Xuan's shoulder in terror. It was as if it'd seen a ghost, causing its huge body to not even dare to move an inch. Even its claws were trembling …