It was rumored that he had stepped into the Void Star Realm to become a Martial King half a year ago, and at such a young age, he had already reached the most authoritative position in China, the Dragon and Tiger Rankings. He had a very high reputation in the country, and because of his great strength, his reputation and righteous character was greatly admired by many.

The reason he came to the sea of stars this time around was because he was asked to help Ye Xuan overcome his current predicament and solve his difficult problem.

"The White Wind of the Berserker Union?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but be slightly surprised when he heard Bai Feng's words. He didn't expect the Barbarian Weapon Alliance to lend him a hand at this moment.

Even though it was the Insane Demon Lin Feng, the Night Goddess Ainphent could not help but appear astonished.

After all, the Savage Alliance was extremely mysterious. It was created by the Dragon Thrust Lan Feng a hundred years ago and had existed for over a hundred years. It was one of the strongest super powers in the country.

"That's right, I was only ordered to help Young Master Xuan through this crisis."

Bai Feng nodded his head gently and said with a smile.

Pausing for a moment, he turned his head and gazed coldly at the Evil Emperor, and cold words came out of his mouth: "Also, since there are people from other places coming to China to stir up trouble and make a fool of themselves, my Wild Soldiers Alliance will also always let them go!"

"The Berserker Union?"

Hearing Bai Feng's words, the Evil Emperor's face flashed with a hint of chilliness. He looked at Bai Feng with undisguised iciness and solemnity.

"You're a member of the Wild Soldier Alliance?"

A cold voice came out from the Evil Emperor's mouth.

"That's right!" My name is Bai Feng of the Berserker Union! "

Bai Feng ignored the ice-cold gaze of Emperor Qing and answered arrogantly.

"Bai Feng of the Fury Army? I've never heard of it! "

However, what responded to Bai Feng was the Evil Emperor's disdainful words.

Although the strength of the brat in front of him was not ordinary, he still did not put him in his eyes. The thing that caused the Evil Emperor to be afraid of was only the Barbarian Alliance.

"You're courting death!"

As a heaven's pride expert of his generation, Bai Feng was also a proud and arrogant person. How could he stand being ignored by the Evil Emperor like this?

Immediately, his eyes flashed with a cold light, his killing intent surged, his feet moved, his body rushed towards the Evil Emperor like a ghostly shadow.

The moment he got close to the Evil Emperor, a sharp military thorn shot out from his sleeve without any warning, and landed in his hands, piercing towards the Evil Emperor's throat.

"How reckless!"

Seeing this, the Evil Emperor's face revealed a sneer, a cold and disdainful look flashed in his eyes. At the moment when the army was about to pierce him, his head gently tilted to the side, dodging Bai Feng's attack, at the same time he used his blade to slash horizontally, cutting towards Bai Feng's neck at a lightning speed, his swift movements leaving behind a series of afterimages.

He gritted his teeth, leaned backwards, and used his right leg to kick the Evil Emperor's chin, but the Evil Emperor's hand casually grabbed him, causing Bai Feng's face to turn ugly.

In the next moment, he leaped up, and lashed out with the other leg of the whip towards the Evil Emperor, attacking him frantically.

In the blink of an eye, Bai Feng and the Evil Emperor had exchanged more than twenty moves.

From afar, Bai Feng looked like the incarnation of countless shadows as they changed into different moves, unleashing different kinds of attacks on the Evil Emperor. However, the Evil Emperor was not affected by his attacks at all, standing with his hands behind his back.

Although Bai Feng's attack was quick and fierce, his movement technique was also extremely strange and unique, but it was unable to harm the Evil Emperor in the slightest, and could not even force him to move half a step.

It could be imagined how terrifying the Evil Emperor's power was!

Being able to become one of the Five Emperors of the Western Asura World, the baptism of war he experienced far surpassed that of others. He had experienced thousands of battles and countless experts died at his hands.

Even Bai Feng, a Heaven's Chosen of the younger generation, couldn't compare to him.

After failing to attack for a long time, Bai Feng's expression could not help but turn cold, a dense killing intent flashed past his eyes, the green True Divine Qi on his right fist swirled, like a howling green dragon, it fiercely smashed towards the Evil Emperor.

No Double Fist Force!


However, facing Bai Feng's powerful punch, the Evil Emperor only extended his palm gently and caught Bai Feng's powerful fist, blocking his fierce attack.

With his attack blocked, Bai Feng's face changed. Without waiting for the Evil Emperor to react, the Evil Emperor's hand had already pressed down on his chest like lightning.

"Puchi …"

Bai Feng felt as if he had been struck by lightning. Blood spurted out of his mouth, and he was blown away like a cannonball.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Bai Feng was forced back several steps before he managed to regain his balance. Each step left a deep imprint on the hard ground.

Raising his head and looking at the Evil Emperor who was standing with his hands behind his back, Bai Feng's expression could be said to be extremely serious.

He knew very well that if not for the Evil Emperor holding back, he would have died here.

"Kid, for the sake of the Rampage Alliance, This Emperor will not take your life. You don't have the qualifications to stand up for them. Let the Thunder Emperor speak up! "

After easily injuring Bai Feng and forcing him to retreat, the Evil Emperor's icy gaze swept over Bai Feng and Ye Xuan, then he spoke in a cold and dignified manner.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was afraid of the Savage Alliance, he would have already killed Bai Feng and wouldn't waste words with him.

Furthermore, a hundred years ago, when other alien races invaded Earth a hundred years ago, he followed the hero of his nation, the Dragon Thrust Lan Feng, and joined up with him to fight against the alien races of the starry sky. After going through countless baptisms of war, he defended this huge mountain with his life, and because he was surnamed Lei, people respectfully called him the Thunder Emperor.

In the country, he held supreme authority and an extraordinary position. Even the masters of various families would have to be respectful to him if they saw him!

However, that Thunder Emperor had already disappeared without a trace thirty years ago.

"You …"

Hearing the Evil Emperor's words, Bai Feng's face turned cold, the dense killing intent in his eyes flickered, and the military thorn in his hand released a bright white light, as though it was about to be activated. Just as he was about to press the change button on the side of the military thorn to attack the Evil Emperor, the old and mighty voice suddenly rang out.

"Feng, step back!"

As the old and dignified voice sounded out, under the gazes of Ye Xuan, the Evil Emperor, and the others, a sexy and beautiful beauty in qipao, filled with a noble and cold temperament, accompanied by an old man with completely white hair and a walking stick, slowly walked over …

This beautiful woman wearing a qipao was the manager of the Modern House that Ye Xuan had a good relationship with, Li Qiushui.

As for the old man that accompanied her, he was Bai Feng's grandfather. He was once one of the important leaders of the Berserker Union, Su Hai Bai's ancestor, a senior level character with unfathomable strength. He had long entered the country, and had an extremely high reputation within the country.

"Yes, grandfather!"

Seeing Li Qiushui and Elder Bai who had arrived, Bai Feng put away the military knife in his hand and respectfully retreated to the side.

Old Bai swept a glance at Bai Feng. Lightly accompanied by Li Qiushui, he slowly walked over to Ye Xuan.

"Elder Bai of the Barbarian Alliance?"

Seeing Old Bai, Ye Xuan, Crazy Devil Lin Feng, and Night Goddess Ainphent, who were accompanied by Li Qiushui, all had stunned expressions on their faces as a trace of shock flashed through their eyes.

As for the Evil Emperor, his face had turned abnormally cold and ugly, and his eyes were filled with unconcealable seriousness.

They could not recognize Bai Feng, but they could not fail to recognize the person in front of them, Old Bai. Many newspapers and media had given him detailed coverage of the news.

Obviously, they did not expect him to come here.

After all, this Old Bai had long since retired and ignored worldly affairs.

"Old Bai, this is Young Master Xuan …"

"Young Master Xuan, we meet again. This person is from our Violent Soldiers Guild …"

Quickly, Li Qiushui brought Elder Bai to Ye Xuan and introduced him to both parties.

"Young master Xuan is indeed a talented person, his age is extraordinary …"

Old Bai's sharp gaze swept over Ye Xuan once. His face was filled with a kind and gentle smile as he extended his palm towards Ye Xuan.

"Old Bai, you flatter me, I …"

Old Bai's actions undoubtedly caused Ye Xuan to be overwhelmed. After all, he didn't even know this Old Bai.

"Young master Xuan is too polite, how can I compare to young master Xuan. Your talent is outstanding, and you're young and talented, to have such achievements at such a young age, you're simply a born monarch. Compared to you, those so-called geniuses are nothing but fireflies, how can they compete with you, this Haoyue …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Old Bai smiled.

"Pfft …" "Cough cough …"

Ye Xuan almost couldn't hold back his laughter. He forcefully held back his laughter and began to cough violently.

Li Chunyang, Master Long, Xia Nan, and the others, who didn't walk far away from Ye Xuan, almost laughed when they heard Elder Bai's words. Li Chunyang had an odd expression, and an awkward expression …

Because what Old Bai said was exactly the same as what Li Chunyang said when he praised Ye Xuan …

I wonder if Li Chunyang learned from Old Bai, or Old Bai learned from Li Chunyang, or if they were moved after meeting Ye Xuan?

As for Bai Feng, he was looking at Elder Bai with a strange expression. This was the first time he had seen his grandfather praise someone else …

"Young Master Xuan, are you alright?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was coughing violently, Old Bai asked in concern.

"I'm fine, it's just that Old Bai's praise flattered me a little …"

Ye Xuan hastily spoke with a smile.

"Haha …" Young Master Xuan is truly too modest. For countless years, the only person who could get that lord's favor was you … "

Seeing this, Old Bai could not help but laugh and speak.

"I wonder which lord you are referring to, Elder Bai?"

Ye Xuan caught the words in Old Bai's words and asked with a puzzled expression.

Old Bai smiled, but didn't explain. He instead took out a unique paper crane from his sleeve and handed it over to Ye Xuan.

This Thousand Paper Crane was the one that Zi Yao had given to Ye Xuan. Not long ago, Ye Xuan had released the one that had gone to Zi Yao for help.

"Why is it in your hands?"

Staring at the Thousand Paper Crane in Old Bai's hand, Ye Xuan's astonished voice came out of his mouth.

"Since the lord couldn't come because of a temporary matter, he entrusted me with this task! Young Master Xuan, the items have returned to their rightful owner.

Old Bai handed the thousand paper cranes over to Ye Xuan as he smiled.

Hearing Old Bai's words, Ye Xuan's face became filled with understanding.

Now he finally knew why Old Bai and the others suddenly intervened to lend him a hand. It was because of Zi Yao.

However, what kind of status did Zi Yao have to be able to make someone like Old Bai personally act?

Too many thoughts flashed through Ye Xuan's mind.

As for the others, their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised shock and astonishment. Especially Li Chunyang who was beside Ye Xuan. He'd long since speculated about the identity of the mysterious empress Zi Yao …

He originally thought that the mysterious empress would be an emperor level character of the Western Asura World, but now it seems that it was different. Furthermore, her identity was probably even more noble and extraordinary than he had imagined …

"Thank you, Old Bai!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as he received the paper crane and carefully put it away.

"En, Young Master Xuan, please wait a moment. I will settle the matter here first before we chat!"

Old Bai smiled and nodded, then turned his head and looked at the Evil Emperor, he slowly walked towards her and spoke with dignity.

"Evil Emperor, do you want to kneel down and apologize to Young Master Xuan yourself, or do you want this old man to help you?"

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