"Evil Emperor, do you want to kneel down and apologize to Young Master Xuan yourself, or do you want this old man to help you?"

Hearing Old Bai's words, the Evil Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light, a strong killing intent ignited in his eyes, causing his expression to gradually turn cold.

Although Old Bai did indeed have some strength and prestige, and could be considered one of the top figures in China, he, the Evil Emperor, was also not a good person. He did not place Old Bai at the same level!

His eyes stared coldly at Old Bai, then laughed sinisterly, and spoke out in a bloodthirsty voice: "Although there are countless experts in China, and there are so many of them that I am afraid of them, but …. Old Bai, you are not within the scope of this emperor's fear. "

"You want This Emperor to kneel down and apologize? Forget about you, even if the Thunder Emperor himself came, it would be impossible! "

The Evil Emperor was a peak figure within the Western Asura World's pyramid. He also had pride and dignity in his heart, so how could he listen to Elder Bai's words and kneel down to apologize to Ye Xuan?

"Today, let this emperor see just how strong an old man like you is!"

Before Old Bai could speak, the Evil Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light. He stepped forward and with a monstrous demonic aura, he rushed towards Old Bai.

Wherever it passed by, strong gales would kick up dust in the sky.

On the other hand, the figure of the Evil Emperor strangely disappeared in the dust.


When the body of the Evil Emperor reemerged, he had already appeared in front of Old Bai. The fist that was surrounded by red Evil Qi was like a ferocious evil dragon carrying the might of exterminating the world as it rushed towards Old Bai.

Evil Dragon Manifestation Fist Breaking Heaven!

Before the fist had even reached him, an overbearing fist aura surged over. It dragged Old Bai into the picture scroll formed by the fist aura. It caused a solemness to appear on his old face.

The Evil Emperor was powerful enough, even he himself did not dare to be careless.

The moment the Evil Emperor's fist came smashing over, a bright light exploded out of Old Bai's sharp eyes. His right hand was surrounded by the pure white Qi, and he struck out towards the Evil Emperor's fist with lightning speed.

Yang Palm!


The collision of the fist and the palm actually produced an explosive sound of mountains collapsing and the earth cracking.

The ground beneath the feet of the Evil Emperor and Old Bai collapsed at the same time, forming an unfathomable deep ravine, as if the entire world had been split into two.

Behind the Evil Emperor, countless of Evil Qi surged out, like a red ocean formed by Evil Qi took over the entire space.

The pure white astral energy behind Old Bai converged, forming a sun that radiated white rays of light. Countless white astral energy crisscrossed in the air, as if doomsday had arrived.

Who would have thought that the clash between the two would be so terrifying?

"Haha …" Happy, it seems like this emperor's trip to China has not been in vain! "

Evil Emperor was releasing Evil Qi all over his body, his long hair was fluttering in the wind, he was laughing crazily, with a carefree expression on his face, and the loud laughter came out from his mouth.

With the fall of the Demon Lord, three years had passed. The Western Asura World had gradually become peaceful under the rule of these Great Emperors. It had been a long time since he had fought with anyone, allowing him to enjoy the battle.

After all, the combined forces of Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and Night Goddess Ainphent might have been extraordinary, but they didn't give the Evil Emperor the experience of fighting a battle. After all, the levels of strength between the two sides were far too different.

Now that he had exchanged blows with Old Bai, the Evil Emperor felt a little bit of the joy of battle.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Along with the Evil Emperor's loud laughter, his long hair fluttered in the wind, Evil Qi surged, and his fists carried a strong force as they continuously smashed towards Old Bai, colliding continuously with his palms, causing earth-shaking sounds to erupt.

Terrifying energy spread out from the center of the two's battle in all directions, creating a violent wind that surged in all directions, causing Ye Xuan and the others to continuously retreat, unable to break into their circle of battle …

"The strength of the Evil Emperor is so terrifying, he can actually exchange so many rounds with my grandfather?"

Looking at the Evil Emperor who was continuously fighting with Old Bai, Bai Feng's face revealed a grave expression, while his shocked voice came out from his mouth.

This was the first time he saw someone who could fight on par with his grandfather. One had to know that his grandfather was a Martial King that had stepped into the Martial King realm. He was one of the top existences in the entire Grand Xia.

However, a Demon Emperor from the Western Asura World was actually able to exchange so many rounds with his grandfather. On the contrary, he was becoming more and more valiant, and as time passed, he was actually able to completely suppress his grandfather.

Even Li Chunyang and Li Qiushui were shocked by the scene in front of them.

Only Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and Night Goddess Ainphent, who had a clear understanding of the Evil Emperor's strength, weren't surprised by this. After all, the Western Asura World was extremely dangerous, with countless experts standing on the ground.

Although Old Bai is strong, in Ye Xuan and the others' eyes, the Evil Emperor's strength is undoubtedly stronger.

Furthermore... One had to know that the Evil Emperor had not used the unique technology of the Western Asura World.

If this dragged on for too long, Old Bai would lose without a doubt!

"Old thing, is this your full strength?"

The Evil Emperor's face was full of smiles, all the Evil Qi in his body was surging, his palm shot out like lightning to block Old Bai's powerful attack, as he spoke playfully.

If he had maintained a trace of vigilance and fear towards Old Bai in the beginning, then his fear towards Old Bai could be said to have vanished like smoke in thin air.

Old Bai did not answer, but his face was cold and his aged, sharp eyes flashed with a biting cold light. The strength of the Evil Emperor in front of him had indeed exceeded his expectations!

He gritted his teeth as the True Divine Spirit Qi around his body surged and turned into a white dragon that coiled around him. As he struck towards the Evil Emperor with his palms that were as fast as lightning, the white dragon opened its mouth and bit at him.

Flood Dragons went to sea, surging with wind and clouds!

"If this is your strongest attack, then you've truly disappointed this Emperor!"

Seeing Old Bai's palms, a bloodthirsty smile surfaced on the Evil Emperor's face, without any intention to dodge or retreat, his hands formed into fists, and smashed towards Old Bai's palms without any fear.

The evil dragon went against the heavens, charging forward!


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, deafening collisions occurred.

Under the extremely ugly gazes of Ye Xuan, Bai Feng, Night Goddess Ainphent, and Mad Demon Lin Feng, Old Bai's face paled and he spat out a mouthful of black blood. His body was blasted away like a cannonball.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Old Bai was knocked back several hundred meters by the terrifying force before he managed to stabilize himself. He raised his head and looked at the Evil Emperor, who had retreated less than ten steps, with an unconcealed seriousness on his old face.

This was definitely one of the strongest opponents he had ever met.

"Grandfather … How are you? "Are you alright?!"

Seeing this, Bai Feng hurriedly rushed to Old Bai's side to support him and said some words of concern.

"Old Bai …"

Ye Xuan and the others also quickly walked in front of Old Bai.

"Cough cough …" Don't worry, I'll be fine. It's been a long time since I've been out here. I never thought that one of the Five Emperors of the Western Asura World would possess such a powerful strength. The entire world is filled with top-notch existences, but I've miscalculated. "

Old Bai reached out his hand and wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth, as he spoke in a somewhat dispirited manner.

It was said that the current waves pushed against the previous waves, and the previous waves died on the beach!

Elder Bai was once a top figure, but now he was surpassed by a junior like the Evil Emperor. This was indeed a blow to the old man.

All these years, he had been too calm in the face of the current situation.

He would probably need the assistance of the Thunder Emperor or the White Emperor to deal with such a person!

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Hearing Old Bai's words, the Evil Emperor couldn't help but smile slightly, and slowly walked towards Old Bai and the others. When his gaze landed on Old Bai, he said coldly: "Old man, to be able to force me to use eighty percent of my strength, you are not bad!"

"Eighty percent strength?"

Hearing this, Old Bai's gaze could not help but tremble. A bitter smile surfaced on his elderly face as he let out astonished words.

Obviously, he did not expect the Evil Emperor to only use 80% of his power to fight him.

Although Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and the Night Goddess Ainphent had already made their guesses and preparations, they were still shocked when they heard the Evil Emperor speak his mind himself.

In three years, the Evil Emperor's strength had undoubtedly increased by a lot, becoming even stronger than before.

"Old man, to force me to use eighty percent of my strength, you are already proud! Just hand the three of them over obediently, you can't protect the person that I, the Evil Emperor, want! "

The Evil Emperor took out a cigar from his pocket, lit it up and smoked a mouthful of smoke leisurely. He slowly exhaled the thick smoke and opened his mouth to speak at a moderate pace.

Hearing the Evil Emperor's words, the expressions of Old Bai, Li Qiushui and the others became especially cold and ugly. Li Qiushui's eyes surged with wisdom, and with a step forward, she spoke out with a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing.

"Young Master Xuan is not only an esteemed guest of our Wild Weapon Alliance, he is also someone that the Western Overlord Palace of the Darkness World is looking for. With our current strength, we cannot stop the Lord Evil Emperor, but could it be that the Lord Evil Emperor truly plans to completely offend our Violent Force Alliance, and did not even hesitate to make the Sovereign King Palace his enemy? "

Seeing the Evil Emperor's gradually turning cold and solemn, Li Qiushui took a deep breath, and before the Evil Emperor could reply, Li Qiushui continued to speak: "Even if we hand him over to you, once the Great Masters of the Rampage Alliance and the Sovereign King Palace find out, they would be furious, and at that time, they would probably make the Evil Emperor obediently hand him over, I believe you do not wish to face such a situation?"

With that said, Li Qiushui no longer spoke, but quietly looked at the Evil Emperor, waiting for his reply.

Although they did not like using power to suppress others, but right now, only the two hegemons, the Wild Weapon Alliance and the Sovereign King Palace were able to intimidate the Evil Emperor and make him fear them.

Hearing Li Qiu Shui's words, the Evil Emperor frowned and could not help but fall into a long silence.

The Rampage Alliance was still alright. They were located in China, and far from the Western Asura World.

But the Sovereign King Palace was different. It resided in the western dark world and was the ruler there, so it knew better than him how powerful and terrifying this power was. After all, the current Western Asura world was created by the convergence of many chaotic people that came from the dark world.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, the Evil Emperor did not want to be enemies with these two great forces.

Now, because of a mere Demon Lord disciple like Ye Xuan and the Night Goddess Ainphent, it would be extremely unwise for the crippled Mad Demon Lin Feng to make enemies with the Rampage Alliance and the Sovereign King Hall. It might even cause a calamity and cause the destruction of his Evil Emperor Pavilion …

Thinking up to this point, the Evil Emperor gave Li Qiushui and Old Bai a deep glance. He'd already made a decision in his heart and his gaze descended onto Ye Xuan, Crazy Devil Lin Feng, and the others. Cold words came from his mouth.

"Crazy devil, you can consider yourselves lucky today. For the sake of the Rampage Alliance and the Sovereign King Palace, this emperor will spare your lives today!"

As soon as the Evil Emperor finished speaking, he blew his whistle and prepared to ride the mutated flying dragon away, but the mutated flying dragon didn't budge. Instead, it respectfully kneeled beside Ye Xuan, making him extremely angry!

"Let's go!"

With a wave of his sleeve, he led the members of the Heavenly Saber God, Lei Ba, and the others away.

"Hold on..."

However, before they could even take a few steps forward, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light.

"What else is there?"

The Evil Emperor stopped and suppressed the anger in his heart and asked coldly.

A cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he pointed at the heavily injured Heaven's Saber God, Lei Ba, the Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue, and Old Pig Zhang Wang by the Evil Emperor's side.

"You can leave, they must stay!"

Since he had borrowed the fame of the Rampage Alliance and the Sovereign King Palace, he could not let the Heaven Tyrant Blade God Lei Ba easily leave.

The Evil Emperor could leave, but the Sky Tyrant Blade God Lei Ba and the rest must stay here forever!

Since he had come, he would have to pay the price.