"You can leave, they must stay!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Evil Emperor's face instantly turned ice-cold and unsightly. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with endless chilliness.

"Lord Evil Emperor …"

As for the Heaven's Tyrant Blade God Lei Ba and the Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue, Violent Old Pig Zhang Wang, and the others, their expressions changed drastically. Their gazes towards the Evil Emperor were filled with deep imploration, as they pleaded with their mouths.

Without the Evil Emperor, it would be difficult for the three of them to leave this place when facing powerful enemies like Old Bai, Ye Xuan, and the others. After all, all three of them were heavily injured.

Looking at the beseeching face of the Heaven Saber God Lei Ba and the Scarlet Widow, the Evil Emperor fell into a long silence. His eyes flickered with wisdom, as if he was scheming something.

"Young Master Xuan is right. You can leave, but they must stay. Otherwise, how can we care about their reputation?"

Seeing this, Old Bai also spoke with a deep voice.

Since Ye Xuan is someone that lord has his eyes on, then let him be. After all, he didn't come to settle the matter well, otherwise, it would be difficult to report to the lord.

"Don't you all want to seize an inch by an inch. We are from the Azure Emperor Pavilion. Lord Emperor Qing will definitely …"

Heaven's Saber God Lei Ba said coldly at this moment.

"They are members of the Azure Emperor Pavilion and are not related to this Emperor in any way. If you want to kill them or cut them up, feel free to do so!"

Unfortunately, before he could even finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the Evil Emperor's indifferent voice.

After he finished speaking, he walked off into the distance without even turning his head back …

After losing the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank in Yu Zhou City, the core forces of his Evil Emperor Pavilion had gradually become weaker compared to the other four great emperors. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to the Evil Emperor Pavilion.

This Tyrant Heavenly Saber God Lei Ba, Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue, and the rest were all from the Qing Emperor Pavilion. If they were to die here, it would undoubtedly weaken the Qing Emperor Pavilion's power.

Furthermore, if Tyrant Profound God, Lei Ba, and the others died, Azure Emperor would definitely blame it on Ye Xuan and Old Bai. At that time, he would definitely send people to take revenge on Ye Xuan. This was undoubtedly what the Evil Emperor wanted.

To the Evil Emperor, this was a plan that could kill two birds with one stone. Thus, he didn't think too much about it and quietly agreed to Ye Xuan's conditions.

"Lord Evil Emperor …"

"Lord Evil Emperor, don't leave. If you are willing to save the three of us, the three of us will remember your kindness …"

"Lord Evil Emperor, please bring us with you!"

Hearing the Evil Emperor's words and seeing him walk further and further away, the faces of Tyrant Profound God Lei Ba, Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue, and the others changed drastically as anxious pleas came out from their mouths.

However, the Evil Emperor acted as if he did not hear their words. He walked further and further away until he completely disappeared into the night.

When Tyrant Heavenly Saber God Lei Ba, Scarlet Widow Ruyue, and the others recovered from the ruthless departure of the Evil Emperor, they were already surrounded by Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Night Goddess Aina, and Li Chunyang …

"Damn it, at most I'll just fight it out with you guys and die together with us!"

As he looked at Ye Xuan's group that encircled them, a fierce light flashed through the eyes of the Tyrant Profound God, Lei Ba, as he tightly gripped onto the Heaven Saber in his hand. He forcefully took a deep breath as he spoke furiously.

With their current strength, although they were only half crippled, they could still drag some people here to carry the burden with them in a battle to the death.

"Lei Ba, I know that you are a tough guy. However, if you die, what will happen to your little sister who is infected by the cold poison?"

As he watched Lei Ba act like he was going to fight a war, a gleam of wisdom flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he calmly spoke.

Lei Ba was stunned upon hearing Ye Xuan's words. His expression gradually became gloomy.

He could die, but if he died, who would take care of his little sister, who would take care of her?

"Obediently give up on resisting. I, Ye Xuan, will guarantee your lives by my personality. I will also help you remove the cold poison from your sister's body. How about it?"

Ye Xuan said in a low voice as he looked at the Heaven Saber God Lei Ba's gloomy expression, who was gradually giving up on resisting.

Lei Ba was a tough guy with extraordinary strength, killing him would be a waste!

If he was able to make good use of him, he would undoubtedly become an important chess piece for Ye Xuan to use against Emperor Qing.

"You can remove the cold poison from Xiao Na's body?"

After hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Heaven's Saber God Lei Ba couldn't help but be stunned.

Back then, the reason he was willing to work for Emperor Qing was because Emperor Qing agreed to help him treat his sister, Rena's illness and remove the cold poison from her body.

"Of course!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

In his previous life, he'd studied the cold poison in Lei Ba's sister, Lei Na. However, because they were enemies, Ye Xuan didn't save her.

"But that is a problem that even Lord Emperor Qing is unable to solve. How could you possibly have a way?"

The Tyrant Swordmaster Lei Ba's eyes burned as he stared at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"Emperor Qing is indeed a fellow who possesses great prestige. His strength is extremely outstanding and he is the strongest of the Five Emperors. However, does he specialize in medicine?" Putting aside the fact that he was skilled in the Way of Medicine, he didn't even understand a single word of it! And I am the successor of the Medical Saint … "

Ye Xuan sneered.

"Capture them!"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the Heaven Saber God Lei Ba, who seemed to have lost all will to fight to the death.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell, Li Chunyang was the first to charge towards the Tyrant Swordmaster Lei Ba, while Lord Dragon and the others followed closely behind.

Looking at Li Chunyang, Lord Dragon, and the others who were charging toward them, as well as Old Bai, Bai Feng, and the others who were standing to the side, the Heaven's Saber God Lei Ba hesitated for a moment as he thought of Ye Xuan's words. Then, he gently made a gesture, causing the Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue, and Old Pig Zhang Wang, who were both prepared to fight to the death, to give up.

In the end, the three of them were captured by Li Chunyang and his group, and they were chained up!

"Young Master Xuan, since the curtain has been drawn on this matter, we will first take our leave!"

Old Bai, accompanied by Li Qiushui, walked over and bid farewell to Ye Xuan and the others with a smile when he saw that they'd been captured.

"I'll have to trouble Master Bai and Miss Qiushui this time. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid that I would have …"

Ye Xuan looked at Old Bai and Li Qiushui with eyes full of gratitude.

"Young Master Xuan, there's no need to be so polite. This time we weren't able to help out much. It's quite rare for Xuan to smile …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Old Bai repeatedly waved his hands.

Being unable to deal with the Evil Emperor was a huge blow to him. He had humiliated their ancestor, the White Emperor!

"Old Bai, you're the one who's being too courteous and modest. Ye Xuan will remember this kindness in his heart. Just tell me where you can find me in the future."

Ye Xuan said with a face full of sincerity.

"Haha, definitely! If Xuan ever gets the chance to come to the Galaxy, remember to come to my Bai residence as a guest and have a drink! "

Old Bai stretched out his hand and patted Ye Xuan's shoulder. He admired Ye Xuan a lot as he spoke with a smile.

"Haha …" If Old Bai wants to drink wine, we can go now.

Ye Xuan laughed.

Su Hai still has a lot of things to take care of. After a while, Su Hai's auction will begin and I'm sure young master Xuan will be included in the list of invitations to this auction. When that time comes, we will have more chances to drink! Let's part ways here today! "I hope young master Xuan will take good care of Autumn Water!"

Old Bai laughed, and then looked at Li Qiushui meaningfully as he spoke.

"Old Bai, don't worry. If Miss Qiushui has any requests, Ye Xuan will naturally give it his all!"

Ye Xuan cupped his hands with a solemn expression.

"Then young master Xuan, we'll be leaving first!"

Old Bai nodded slightly and smiled.

"Young Master Xuan, goodbye!"

Li Qiushui lightly smiled as she bid farewell to Ye Xuan.

In the end, Old Bai accompanied by Li Qiushui and Bai Feng quietly left, gradually disappearing from Ye Xuan's line of sight.

"Let's go back!"

Not long after Old Bai and the others disappeared, Ye Xuan quietly left with his men.

After Ye Xuan and the others left, the battle that was sponsored by the Chen family, the Ancient Sword Sect, and the Leng family's Thirteenth Guard, Leng Wuqing, finally came to an end.

Ye Xuan and the others didn't celebrate unrestrainedly after returning to the Raging Dragon's headquarters. Although this battle was a victory for them, they had completely destroyed the Chen family and killed the Ancient Sword Sovereign!

However, the Evil Emperor's power was clearly imprinted in everyone's mind, spurring them to grow, making them anxious to become stronger.

The first thing Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and Night Goddess Ainphent urgently did after returning to the headquarters was to cultivate and recuperate from their injuries. They handed over many of the matters after the battle to Dragon Lord and Xia Nan.

In the blink of an eye, three days quietly slipped away.

The news of Ye Xuan leading the Raging Dragon Gang and a large group of experts from the Chen family to destroy the Chen family and even kill the Ancient Sword Lord spread throughout the entire country.

After all, too many powers and powerful figures were involved in this war.

Not only Chen Xuanzun, the Patriarch of the Chen Clan, Li Chunyang, the Sect Leader of the Aura Sect, the Ancient Sword Faction, and even Tyrant Lord of the Western Asura World, Lei Ba, as well as the Goddess of the Night Ainphent, Lin Feng and the others who had disappeared without a trace, appeared as well.

In the end, it was rumored that one of the Three Sovereigns of the Asura World, the Evil Emperor, had appeared.

There was even news that even the capital city's Thirteenth Guard, Leng Wuqing, had fallen to his death!

As the news spread, the entire martial arts world in China was in an uproar.

After all, the lineup and scale of this battle had far exceeded that of Yu State City. The Chen family was the ruler of the Northeast. Their lineup was tens of times greater than that of the Xu family.

In the eyes of many people, the war in Yuzhou City was just a trivial matter.

However, the Star Sea War this time was completely different. It could be said to be the most powerful and complicated battle that had erupted in the country in recent years.

Ye Xuan's name had completely entered everyone's field of vision and was known by everyone.