The capital was incomparably prosperous and prosperous. It was a place that countless people yearned for!

To be able to settle here was a symbol of status and power!

In the most bustling center of the capital, a huge crystal palace stood erect like an iceberg, pointing straight at the sky. It was one of the most spectacular wonders of the capital.

Everyone thought that this was a wondrous sight that the government had spent countless amounts of time to create. However, they did not know that this enormous crystal palace was the work of a single person.

He also didn't know that there was a group of outstanding people living in this enormous crystal palace.

Many buildings surrounded this enormous crystal palace, forming a huge mansion. This huge courtyard was called the Leng Residence, or the Leng Residence!

In the Leng Clan's courtyard, many Leng Clan members came and went, some were reading, some were painting, some were practicing their swordplay, some were chatting, the entire courtyard was peaceful and full of vitality, giving people the feeling that it was a paradise …

As disciples of the Leng Clan, they had to be willing to learn. They had the ability to use it, or else they would be expelled from the clan!

Of course, if there was a price to pay to the family, then there would be a generous reward!

Among these rewards were money, status, power, as well as generous pills, weapons, martial skills, and so on.

Even the Leng Clan's Thirteenth Guard also evaluated their members by combining their contributions with their own strength. Every three years, any member of the Leng Clan's younger generation, whether from a branch family or a direct descendant, would have the qualifications to participate in the selection...

It was because of the Leng Clan's series of measures and rewards that the Leng Clan had become increasingly powerful. Now, it even held the title of the number one clan in the capital.

In the courtyard of the Leng Clan, there was a small lake. In the center of the lake, there was a pavilion, and within the pavilion, five young, handsome, and beautiful men and women were leisurely tasting refreshments while chatting.

The leader was a young man with a cold and arrogant appearance. He had a head full of flowing black hair, had a oval shaped face with sharp eyebrows, and an air of pride and heroic spirit.

His slender figure was wrapped by a white robe, on the chest area of the robe was imprinted a golden dragon, with sharp claws, and the body of the dragon winding. The dragon's majestic head opened its huge mouth, charging into the sky, as if wanting to bite his neck, causing his entire body to exude an extraordinary aura.

He was the second ranked Leng Tianlong of the Leng Clan's Thirteen Supreme Protectors!

Relying on his exceptional performance, almost every issue of the Black Horse List released on the official website of the Chinese martial arts world, he would firmly occupy the top position on the Black Horse List. He was an extremely eye-catching existence, and his strength was deep beyond measure.

Beside Leng Tianlong sat a peerless beauty with light purple hair and a sexy figure. Her large eyes were filled with gentleness as she sat in the pavilion and played a tune, which would make one's heart tremble …

Her name was Leng Qingguo, and she was Leng Qingcheng's younger sister. At the same time, she was also the eldest miss of the Leng Clan, and possessed an extremely huge amount of power.

The reason why Leng Qingcheng was expelled from the Leng Clan was also a part of her reason!

Other than Leng Tianlong and Leng Qingwu, there were also three other handsome and extraordinary youths. Their names were Leng Xiao Shuang, Leng Xiao Hu and Leng Xiao Tian.

They were all the elites of the Leng Clan's younger generation. They were one of the candidates to be nominated to be the Thirteenth Security Officer of the Leng Clan …

"Second brother, let me toast you and congratulate you on your safe return from the Otherworldly Demonic Cave. I'm afraid this year's top rank in the Black Horse List will belong to you."

Leng Xiaohu raised his wine cup and said to Leng Tianlong.

"Little Hu is right, you are the only one among the younger generation who can safely return from the devil cave alone. The leader of the dark horse ranking in the martial world must be second brother!"

"That's right. Ever since big brother disappeared, the younger generation of our Leng Clan all relies on you, second brother. Come, let's toast to you!"

Hearing Leng Xiaohu's words, Leng Xiaodi and Leng Xiaotian raised their wine glasses and echoed his words.

With that said, Leng Tianlong raised his wine cup to indicate to them, before raising his head and draining it in one gulp.

"I guess it's time for the ranking to go up too. Who's going to bring their cellphones and quickly log in? Let's see if Song Tianyang has lost to second brother again and is stepped on by him!"

At this moment, Leng Qingguo spoke up with a smile.

"I've brought them, I'll go in and take a look!"

Leng Xiaohu quickly took out his phone and logged onto the official website of the Chinese Jianghu.

However, when he couldn't wait to click open the current Black Horse Ranking, his entire face was filled with astonishment. He stood there in a daze as an incredulous voice came out of his mouth, "How … How could it be him? "

"Xiaohu, what's wrong?"

"Who is he?"

Seeing Leng Xiaohu's stunned appearance, and hearing his words, Leng Qingguo, Leng Xiaodi and the others all frowned without leaving a trace as they asked in doubt.

Leng Tianlong also turned his head around and cast his gaze onto Leng Xiaohu.

"This... This year's number one on the Dark Horse List was not second brother, and … It's that piece of trash! "

Leng Xiaohu took a deep breath, suppressing the shock in his heart as he spoke in a low voice.

"What? The number one on the Dark Horse List is not second brother?" How is that possible? "

"Is there something wrong with that? Second Brother is the first one to walk out alive from the demon's lair!"

"Wait, who is the trash you're talking about?"

Hearing Leng Xiaohu's words, the complexions of Leng Qingguo, Leng Xiaodi, and Leng Xiaotian all changed, and they could not help but ask quickly.

"Yes …" It's that trash we thought was trash, Ye Xuan! "

Leng Xiaohu placed his phone in front of them and spoke with a stunned expression.

"What is that trash, Xinghai?" Is there a mistake? This trash can make it onto the list? "

Leng Qingguo stood up, flabbergasted, and spoke.

"That's impossible, didn't Brother Thirteen take Old Xing to get rid of that kid?"

Leng Xiao Shuang and Leng Xiao Tian asked at this moment.

Leng Tianlong's eyes also flickered with a cold and sharp glint. He had thought that he would be able to become the top ranker, but to his surprise, that trash Xinghai had snatched the limelight away from him.

If it wasn't for the fact that he wanted to complete the nine times ranking, he wouldn't have left that place and continued to train here, just like the other guys!

That was because it was a completely different world from the outside world!

"Thirteenth Brother and Old Xing died. They were … I was killed by that trash of a kid! "

Leng Xiaohu swallowed his saliva with great difficulty, as hoarse words of interference came from his mouth.

"That kid can kill Thirteen and Elder Xing. That's impossible, I don't believe it!"

Leng Qingguo grabbed the phone with his hand and looked at it carefully...

"How can this be? "That's impossible!"

"That brat was only a piece of trash. How could he possibly destroy the Chen family, kill Chen Xuanzun, kill the Ancient Sword Sovereign, kill Thirteen, and slaughter Elder Xing?" I don't believe it! "

"Leng Qingcheng that slut. That person was clearly married to a trash! "

When Leng Qingguo clearly saw Ye Xuan's reason for being on the leaderboard, his entire body felt as if it had been struck by lightning. Disbelief and shock flowed from his mouth.

Even Leng Tianlong was stunned. He quickly grabbed the phone and started scrutinizing it.

When he finished reading the contents of the book, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Clank, clank, clank …"

Before he could say anything, the ancient bell within the crystal palace in the center of the Leng Residence quietly rang out, causing the expressions of countless clansmen to change. Their eyes were filled with deep shock …

It had been many years since someone had rung the ancient Desolate Bell inside their crystal palace.

"This... What in the world is going on? "

"Why did the Desolate Bell ring at this time? Could it be that the Thirteen Guardian Selection has started? "

"Hey hey hey, do you know what happened?"

All sorts of discussions could be heard from the mouths of the members of the Leng Clan.

In the next moment, a large number of members of the Leng Clan ran in the direction of the crystal palace …

"Let's go. It seems like the clan knows about this!"

Seeing that, a cold glint flashed in Leng Tianlong's eyes as he walked slowly towards the crystal palace.

Leng Qingguo, Leng Xiaotian, Leng Xiaohu, Leng Xiaodi, and the others followed closely behind …

Moments later, the first floor of the crystal palace was filled with a large number of Leng Clan members. They were all gathered together, discussing what had happened …

As an old man dressed in black walked out from the side, the originally noisy crowd gradually quietened down.

His sharp eyes swept across the many clansmen present, and a voice filled with grief and vicissitudes of life came out from his mouth.

"Leng Thirteen and Old Xing are dead! The Thirteenth Squad of the Shadow Kylin Army has been annihilated!"

The moment he said this, the entire audience went into an uproar.

The 'Leng Thirteen' that this old man spoke of was the 'Leng Wuqing'.

"This... Is this for real? "

"Leng Wuqing and Elder Xing died, and the Thirteenth Squad of the Shadow Kylin Army was annihilated?" How is that possible? "

"Didn't Thirteen take Old Xing, Hei Lin, and the others to the sea of stars? Is there anyone else in Xinghai who can kill them? "

"F * ck, who dares to make a move on our Leng Clan members? Do you think you have the guts to take the heart of a bear or a leopard?"

"Old Xing and Hei Lin are Martial Saints at the Spirit Travelling Profound Realm. Who can destroy them?"

A voice filled with shock and doubt came out from the mouths of everyone present.

This news was simply too shocking to them. After all, no one had ever dared to lay their hands on a member of the Thirteenth Guard. They were the representatives of the Leng Clan.

To attack them would be to start a war with the Leng Clan!

"The one who killed Leng Thirteen, Old Xing, and the others' killer, Ye Xuan, is Xing Hai!"

Ignoring the shocked crowd, the old man continued to speak.

"It's him?" How is that possible? "

"Ye Xuan?" The trash who married the First Miss? "

"I don't believe it. How could that trash kill Thirteen?"

"That trash was trampled and humiliated by us all those years ago. Now he wants to declare war and take revenge on us, the Leng Clan?"

All sorts of comments came out from people's mouths.

However, the old man completely ignored their reactions, as ice-cold words came out of his mouth.

"The Patriarch has given the order that if the young generation of the Fan family can take back Ye Xuan's head, they can be placed as the Thirteenth Imperial Guard, enter the Crystal Palace, and train on the fifth floor to become the next Patriarch of the Leng Clan!"