The King's Pavilion was one of the most famous places for entertainment in the capital.

In a certain luxurious box in the King's Pavilion, Song Yuanhang was wearing a white suit and was having a good relationship with a few friends. He was enjoying a massage while leisurely chatting and drinking with a few friends.

Ever since he had left Galaxy and returned to the capital, this guy had been enjoying life there.

After all, this guy's martial talent was limited, so he wasn't considered the best among the younger generation of the Song Family. If he wanted to compete for the position of the future head of the family, he could only rely on relationships and connections.

"Brother Yuanhang, I heard that a few months ago, you went to the Star Sea to see the trash that Leng Qingcheng married?"

The person who spoke was a young man with delicate features and narrowed eyes who sat beside Song Yuanhang.

His name was Su Changqing, and he was a son of the Su Clan's direct descendant. At the same time, he was also one of Su Xiaomeng's cousins and was considered rather well-known in the capital.

"Yes." Song Yuanhang raised his head and drained the cup of wine in one gulp, nodding slightly.

"I heard that trash is a vegetable, is he still lying on the sickbed?" A young man beside Su Changqing with eyes filled with violence asked curiously.

His name was Song Wengang, and he was Song Yuanhang's follower. His strength was quite strong, but he did not have any brains.

"I woke up a long time ago, and … "You have some brains and tricks. Not long ago, that guy unified Galaxy, and I heard he even wiped out the Xu family in Southwest Yu State …" Song Yuanhang said with a cold expression.

He'd fought with Ye Xuan before and thought that the guy was trash. He never imagined that the speed of his growth would be so fast, far surpassing his imagination.

"What the f * ck? That brat is really powerful. It seems like the rumors in the outside world cannot be trusted. I've already said it before, why would Leng Qingcheng be willing to marry that brat …"

Hearing Song Yuanhang's words, Song Wen said with a face full of shock.

As for Su Changqing, he narrowed his eyes and did not say anything. Instead, he raised his wine cup and placed it by his mouth and took a small sip.

After a long while, he finally said slowly, "A while ago, I heard that that brat crippled Leng Yunfei and the Leng Clan sent Leng Wuqing to bring the Star Xuan Sovereign over. I'm afraid that kid has already gotten cold?"

"With Leng Wuqing and the Star Xuan Sovereign around, that brat is obviously going to die. I heard that the person from the Leng Clan is still unable to forget about Leng Qingcheng. If that trash, Ye Xuan, dies, will Leng Qingcheng be brought back to the Leng Clan? "

Song Yuanhang's eyes flashed with wisdom. He pondered for a moment before replying.

"I am not sure about that. However, that woman Leng Qingcheng is not bad …" However, it's a pity that you married a trash. " Su Changqing sighed softly …

"Sigh... Back in the days, Leng Qingcheng was a big figure in the capital. Now, she was drifting in the sea of stars... This is truly lamentable! "

Hearing Su Changqing's words, Song Yuanhang and Song Fanggang all felt touched and could not help but gently sigh.

After all, back then, they had regarded Leng Qingcheng as a goddess and their admiration for her had increased …

"Oh right, I heard that Leng Tianlong went to the demon's lair alone and returned alive?"

As if he had thought of something, Song Yuanhang changed the topic.

"Yes, this year's dark horse ranking list will definitely be his." Su Changqing's eyes narrowed and he gently nodded.

"Indeed, he's the only one who's been able to walk out of this place alive all these years …" No one in the capital could compete with this guy's fame. Even Song Tianyang had been left in the dust. If your Su Family's genius, Su Luo, was still here, he might have been able to suppress his fame. It's a pity that after he went to the Western Asura World, there was no news of him … "

Song Yuanhang sighed.

Su Changqing smiled and did not mind, but he did not reply.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

While the few of them were chatting happily, their phones vibrated at the same time …

When they took out their phones to look at the messages sent over, their expressions all changed. Song Yuanhang even uttered words of disbelief.

"Leng Wuqing and the Star Xuan Sovereign were killed by that kid Ye Xuan!"

"Leng Tianlong wasn't at the top of the Black Horse Ranking, but that trash, Ye Xuan, is actually at the top?"

"Holy shit, this …" Is there something wrong with that? Not only did that trash kill Leng Wuqing, the Star Lord, Ancient Sword Saint, and Chen Xuanzun all died in the hands of that brat? "

It was obvious that the news that came from the phone was too shocking for them.

Song Yuanhang stared blankly at the phone. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was agape. It was as if he had seen a ghost, and he could not recover for a long time.

Su Changqing's eyes narrowed into a line at this moment.

A moment later, the shock and shock on his face disappeared, and replacing it was a meaningful smile as he muttered words.

"Things seem to have gotten interesting all of a sudden."

A similar scene quietly occurred within the capital. Ye Xuan's name slowly entered the eyes of many of the young masters within the capital …

However, Ye Xuan, who was in seclusion, didn't know anything about the outside world.

In a secret room that was filled with rich energy.

Ye Xuan was sitting cross-legged in a huge wooden barrel.

The wooden barrel was filled to the brim with spirit liquid refined from a large amount of heaven and earth treasures.

The originally jade-green spirit liquid gradually turned transparent after being absorbed by Ye Xuan's body.

After these past few days of closed door cultivation, not only had Ye Xuan's injuries recovered, his strength had even increased. He was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Enveloped by the black and white energy dragons formed from the extreme yin and yang energy, an unending stream of energy crazily flowed into his body, flowing through his limbs and bones before finally converging into his dantian.

With his previous life's cultivation experience, Ye Xuan didn't need any so-called state of comprehension or anything like that because he'd already reached this level. He only needed to fill up the energy in his body and continue to break through.

Therefore, his cultivation speed was much faster than in his previous life. It could be said to be twice the result with half the effort!

"Boom! Boom!"

As the seal on Ye Xuan's hand abruptly changed, a boundless suction force exploded out from within his body. The energy that was gathering within the secret chamber seemed to be attracted by some sort of force as it turned into a torrent that endlessly poured into his body. Even the black and white dragons that were surrounding him violently charged into his body.

As the endless energy and the black and white dragons rushed into Ye Xuan's body, his aura also began to surge crazily, causing his long hair to flutter in the wind and his aura to rise bit by bit.

From the Large Success of the Qi Resisting Realm, his cultivation rose exponentially, finally stopping at the peak of the Qi Resisting Realm.

At this moment, the medicinal liquid within the wooden barrel had completely turned transparent, much like clear water.

Obviously, the medicinal liquid inside has been absorbed by Ye Xuan.

"Peak Qi Resisting Realm huh?"

Ye Xuan, who originally had his eyes tightly shut, slowly opened them at this moment. He carefully examined the situation within his body, and couldn't help but frown as he muttered some words.

Obviously, he was extremely dissatisfied with this breakthrough after the war.

After all, his former formidable enemy, the Evil Emperor, had appeared in this battle before. He swept through the entire audience, and his heroic aura pressured Ye Xuan greatly, causing him to be even more eager to increase his strength.

After pondering for a moment, a trace of decisiveness flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes.

He did not choose to come out at this time. Instead, he took out a large amount of medicinal ingredients from his storage ring and threw them into the wooden bucket. Then, he took out two more medicinal pills and threw them into his mouth.

This time, he wouldn't leave his seclusion until he could break through to the third stage of the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, the Spirit Forging Stage.

Xiao Bai, who woke up from its sleep in a corner of the room, looked deeply at Ye Xuan. As if it felt Ye Xuan's determination, it opened its mouth and spat out an incomparably pure golden stream of air.

The golden aura silently merged into the air and was gradually absorbed by Ye Xuan's body.

As Whitey breathed out this golden stream of air, its aura quietly became dispirited, as if all the essence energy in its body had been sucked out, causing its body to appear somewhat smaller. It lay powerlessly on the ground, its tiny golden claws holding onto the Dragon's Tears on its neck as it foolishly licked them …

Ye Xuan was completely unaware of Little White's actions. He only felt that his cultivation had become incomparably smooth, as if there was a golden dragon roaming within his body that was continuously improving and guiding his body, causing him to feel incomparably comfortable and comfortable.

Time passed by bit by bit, and in the blink of an eye, seven days had quietly passed by.

However, Ye Xuan was still in closed door cultivation and hadn't come out yet.

In the main hall of the Wild Dragon Institute.

Dragon Lord, Qingyu, Kuang Tie, and Li Chunyang were leisurely sitting in the main hall, drinking tea and chatting.

In these past few days, they had just dealt with the many remaining matters after the great battle. It could be said that it was a rare occasion for them to relax.

After Ye Xuan's transformation, the Li family's old man had gradually adapted to Ye Xuan's somewhat different body, completely regaining his former vigor. Moreover, his strength completed a self-baptism and ascension after his transformation.

After waiting for a few days and not waiting for Ye Xuan to come out of seclusion, the Li family's old man brought Li De Zhong and the others out of the Star Sea.

Of course, not only did Old Man Li's strength increase, but also Lord Long, Qing Yu, Kuang Tie, and Xia Nan's strength had undergone a baptism of war, and with Li Chunyang's guidance, they had also completed a breakthrough.

Xia Nan had already cultivated the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique that Ye Xuan taught him to the peak of the Qi Resisting Realm. Dragon Lord, Kuang Tie, and Qing Yu had cultivated the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique to the advanced Qi Resisting Realm.

With the help of a large amount of resources after the war, the strength of the entire Wild Dragon Guild had increased by a large amount.

Right now, Li Chunyang, Master Long, and Xia Nan were discussing about joining forces to annex the Ancient Sword Sect.

After all, there were quite a number of medicinal pills within the Ancient Sword Sect. If they were able to attack the Ancient Sword Sect, it would undoubtedly raise the strength of the entire Wild Dragon Association by a large amount …

As for the Chen family in the northeast, they had completely disbanded. Many of their resources had been cut off by the local families, causing the huge family to collapse in just a few days, causing an uproar in the outside world …

As for the Night Goddess Ainphent and Mad Demon Lin Feng, they were also in closed door cultivation, and just like Ye Xuan, they hadn't come out yet.

"Elder Long, there's a person claiming to be the Ancient Sword Sect's Vice Sect Leader outside. He brought a few elders with him!"

Just as Li Chunyang was discussing with Master Long about how to take down the Ancient Sword Sect, a brother of the Raging Dragon Gang rushed in, respectfully saying something from his mouth.

"The Ancient Sword Sect's Vice Sect Leader?"

After hearing the Raging Dragon Club's brothers' report, Lord Dragon, Xia Nan, and the others frowned without leaving a trace. Their gazes fell onto Li Chunyang's body, inquiring his opinion.

After all, they didn't know much about the Ancient Sword Sect.

Furthermore, what were these fellows doing here at this time?

"Bring them in!"