Inside the ancient hall, Master Long, Li Chunyang, and Xia Nan were sitting on the sofa with great interest, looking at Gu Tianyan, the vice sect master of the Ancient Sword Sect, who had brought two elders with him. They didn't take the initiative to speak first, causing the atmosphere in the hall to be extremely oppressive and depressing.

Standing opposite of him, the vice head of the Ancient Sword Sect, Gu Tianyan, and the two elders he brought with him all looked at Master Long.

Their status in the Ancient Sword Sect was extraordinary, when had they ever received such cold treatment before?

If they didn't see Li Chunyang at the side, they probably wouldn't be able to hold back and turn hostile on the spot.

Thinking of their purpose for coming this time, Gu Tian Yan and the two elders of the Gu Sword Sect exchanged a look. Only then did Gu Tian Yan forcefully suppress the anger in his heart as he cupped his fists towards Li Chunyang and Master Long and said, "Gu Tian Yan of the Gu Sword Sect greets Sect Master Li, Master Long!"

In the end, these fellows still gave up on their haughty attitude.

"I wonder why Vice Sect Master Tian Yan and the two Elders have suddenly come to visit?" Could he be here to denounce the death of the Ancient Sword Sovereign? "

Master Long's expression was calm, without a single ripple on his face. A dignified voice came from his mouth.

"Heh heh... Even though the death of the Sect Master was a bit of a pity and a pity, he actually colluded with the Chen family and almost destroyed the foundation of our Ancient Sword Sect! Now that he's dead, it can be said that he deserves it! "

Gu Tian Yan hurriedly said with an apologetic smile when he heard Grandpa Long's words.

Their Ancient Sword Sect was currently weak, unable to contend against Ye Xuan and the others. He and a few other elders of the Ancient Sword Sect had unanimously decided to resolve the grudge between them and Ye Xuan, which was why Gu Tianyan had brought the two elders here personally.

"Really?" Since that is the case, why have all of you come here? "

Master Long took a sip of the tea on the tea table and calmly said.

"To tell you the truth, this time we came to see Young Master Xuan. We want to personally go with him!"

Gu Tian Yan lowered his posture, a harmless smile plastered on his face.

"Young master Xuan is in closed door cultivation and no guests are here. Please leave!"

Elder Long waved his hand impatiently.

"Long Er, don't you dare be so arrogant. In our eyes, you are just a dog. If it wasn't for Li Chunyang …"

Seeing Master Long's attitude, the domineering Elder of the Ancient Sword Sect, who had always been aloof and haughty, could no longer bear the humiliation of being humiliated and exploded on the spot …

As the sound of his voice faded, the aura of the Small Success Martial School of the Carefree Sky Realm spread out from his body without hesitation.

"If it wasn't because Sect Head Li was here, what would you have done?"

Master Long did not become angry, but looked at the elder and spoke coldly.

"This Elder will definitely shock you …"

That elder's eyes were wide open as he tightly gripped the sword in his hand.


"Puchi …"

However, before he could even finish his words, he felt something flash before his eyes. A powerful force had struck his chest, and a large amount of blood had sprayed out of his mouth. His entire body was like a cannonball as it was sent flying by the powerful force.

It was Master Long who had made his move just a moment ago.

"You …"

After being heavily injured, the Elder from the Ancient Sword Sect was extremely furious. He forcefully suppressed the pain in his body and suppressed the boiling blood energy in his heart. Just as he was about to pull out his sword, Master Long's figure suddenly appeared in front of him like a ghost.

Before he could even react, his claw, which was surrounded by Divine Sun Aura, shot out like lightning and landed on the Ancient Sword Sect Elder's neck, lifting him up with one hand.

"Damn bastard, you …"

The Elder from the Ancient Sword Sect had a savage expression on his face when he was grabbed by Master Long. He struggled violently as he cursed out loud.


"Clang clang!"

However, before he could finish his words, Master Long swung his hand with all the force he could muster.

The Ancient Sword Sect Elder's body was smashed into the hard ground, causing the sound of bones breaking and floor shattering to ring out.

Dark black blood continued to pour out from the mouth of the Ancient Sword Sect Elder.

It was obvious that this Elder from the Ancient Sword Sect was severely injured.

"If you want to kill me, you don't have the qualifications! "Since you are here to apologize and beg for forgiveness, you should show an apologetic attitude!"

Master Long coldly swept a glance at the heavily injured Elder of the Ancient Sword Sect as he walked back to his seat with large strides. His words were extremely domineering.

Hearing Lord Long's words and seeing the severely injured elder lying on the ground, the vice sect master of the Ancient Sword Sect, Gu Tianyan, had an extremely ugly expression on his face. His eyes were even more serious.

He originally thought that apart from Li Chunyang and Ye Xuan who sat in seclusion at the side, there was no one else who could enter his eyes. However, he didn't expect that Dragon Lord was actually so strong.

Xia Nan, Qing Yu, and Kuang Tie, who were sitting beside Master Long, also seemed to be quite strong.

His eyes were cold as he stared at the tyrannical and insolent Lord Long. His face was ice-cold as he clenched his fists so hard that they crackled. It was clear that he could not withstand the anger in front of him …

A voice as cold as ice came out of Gu Tianyan's mouth, "Long Er, aren't you being too arrogant? Do you really want to start a war with my Ancient Sword Sect? "

"To start a war with your Ancient Sword Sect? Your Ancient Sword Sect is still not in my eyes! "

However, just as Gu Tianyan finished speaking, words that were even more overbearing and wild than Master Long's suddenly rang out.

This sudden and familiar voice made Master Long, Qing Yu, Kuang Tie, and Li Chunyang unable to contain their joy. They raised their heads to look towards the source of the voice, but what appeared before them was a slender and tall figure.

"Older brother Xuan!"

"Older brother Xuan!"

In the next moment, everyone in the hall stood up and cupped their fists towards the figure, as they spoke with incomparable respect.

The person that arrived was the person that had just returned from closed door cultivation, Ye Xuan.

With Little White's help, Ye Xuan had already broken through. He had successfully cultivated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the third layer, and had reached the Deity Forging stage.

Even without the use of the Great Devil Realm, Ye Xuan still possessed the strength to battle a Spirit Travelling Profound Realm martial artist. Even if he faced a Void Star Realm martial king, the current Ye Xuan could still barely fight him.

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he looked at Lord Dragon, Li Chunyang, and the others that respectfully cupped their fists. He lightly nodded his head before striding to the throne at the front of the hall.

"You're Ye Xuan?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who sat at the head of the table, Gu Tianyan forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart as he uttered words that were neither humble nor haughty.

After all, Ye Xuan's words when he first appeared really made his heart burn with anger.

This guy actually said that the Ancient Sword Sect did not enter his eyes!

"It looks like you don't have any plans to apologize …"

Hearing Gu Tianyan's words and looking at his unsightly expression, Ye Xuan calmly spoke.

"Although the sect head is dead, not everyone in our Ancient Sword Sect can pinch him so hard!"

Gu Tianyan carefully felt the aura on Ye Xuan's body. After finding nothing special, he coldly spoke.

Although he was not as powerful as Gu Jian Zun, he was still a new Spirit Travelling Profound Realm Martial Saint and had a high position throughout the year. He naturally felt proud and proud. How could he be humiliated like this?

"Is that so?"

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly, and a trace of a smile that didn't take offense appeared on his face.

"Vice Sect Leader, what are you wasting time with them? Just directly kill them!"

The Ancient Sword Sect Elder that had been severely wounded by Elder Long had a malevolent look on his face. He stood up with great difficulty, his mouth emitting an incomparably angry and sinister voice.

"That's right, Vice Sect Leader, there's no need to go through all this trouble. Let's go all out and fight with them!"

Another elder of the Ancient Sword Sect also clenched his fist so hard that it made 'ka ka' sounds, and echoed the same question.


"Puchi …"

However, just as they finished speaking, muffled colliding sounds and the sound of blood spewing could be heard. It was as if the entire body had been hit by a punch as large amounts of blood sprayed out of their mouths. They were sent flying by the terrifying force.

It was Xia Nan, who was standing to the side, who had made his move at this moment.

"Dammit, Ye Xuan …" Don't try to push me too far. Do you really think that my Ancient Sword Sect has no one? "

Looking at the two elders who had instantly been severely injured, Gu Tianyan's eyes were filled with killing intent. He clenched his fists so hard that they made 'ka ka ka' sounds. The aura of a Spirit Travelling Profound Realm expert burst out from his body without reservation, causing a strong gust of wind to blow in all directions in the hall …

Li Chunyang frowned when he saw this. He was about to make a move when Ye Xuan waved his hand to stop him.

"A Spirit Traversing Profound Realm Martial Saint. I never thought that other than the Ancient Sword Lord, your Astral Energy Sect would also have a Martial Saint!"

Looking at Gu Tianyan's explosive aura, a teasing smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face, and a calm voice came out of his mouth.

"It's good that you know it. If you want to make a move on our Ancient Sword Sect, you will have to lose a bone yourself. If worst comes to worst, we can just die together!"

Gu Tianyan seemed to have lost his mind after being swallowed by anger as furious words came out from his mouth.

"Death by fish?" Do you really think you have the qualifications to do so? "

Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but have a faint smile appear on his face. He paused for a moment before continuing, "Since you're so confident in your strength, how about we make a bet?"

"Betting on what?"

The Qi in Gu Tianyan's body exploded. Crimson flames burned on the surface of his body as his long hair fluttered in the wind. A sinister voice came from his mouth.

"If you are able to receive a punch from me, the grudge between your Aura Sect and I will be written off. If you are unable to receive my punch …"


However, before Ye Xuan could finish his words, Gu Tianyan's voice cut him off.

"Aren't you going to ask me the result if you can't handle this punch of mine?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile.

"There's no need for that. Not to mention your fist, even if it's me, I have the confidence to withstand it!"

Gu Tianyan proudly said.

He clearly understood the process of Ye Xuan's battle, and knew how much effort he'd expended to kill Gu Jian Zun.

Although his strength couldn't compare to Gu Tianyan's, he definitely wouldn't have a problem forcefully receiving one of Ye Xuan's punches, which was why he quickly agreed.

"If that's the case, then watch carefully!"

Looking at Gu Tianyan's arrogant appearance, a faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he calmly spoke.

The moment his words left his mouth, he dashed forward like an angry dragon. He clenched his right hand into a fist and swung it at Gu Tian Yan in a simple and unadorned manner.

This simple punch did not cause the slightest ripple. When it landed in Gu Tian Yan's eyes, it caused his face to be filled with a thick disdain.

However, he wasn't the slightest bit careless. Instead, he fiercely drew his sword and released a resplendent sword light. The longsword in his hand carried a sharp killing intent as it fiercely thrust towards Ye Xuan …

One slash in the air!


In the next moment, Gu Tian's flame thrust collided with Ye Xuan's fist, unexpectedly producing a crisp metallic sound.

"Ye Xuan, I've blocked your attack!"

After blocking Ye Xuan's fist, Gu Tianyan spoke in a low voice.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"

However, just as Gu Tianyan finished his words, he was shocked to see that the long sword in his hand actually began to crack before finally shattering into pieces.

Meanwhile, Ye Xuan's fist didn't slow down in the slightest as it smashed towards his head, causing his expression to change drastically as he screamed in despair.

"No …."

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, Gu Tianyan's head exploded like a watermelon after being struck by Ye Xuan's fist …

Fresh red blood slowly dripped down as Gu Tianyan quietly transformed into a headless corpse.

Ye Xuan's calm and domineering voice sounded out.

"If you can't take this punch of mine, then I will destroy the Ancient Sword Sect!"

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