Three days later, when the news of the Ancient Sword Sect being destroyed spread out, the martial arts world in China was in an uproar.

Although the Ancient Sword Sect couldn't be considered to be a large sect, it had at least been established for a hundred years, and was many times stronger than those gangs.

Although the fall of the Ancient Sword Saint would inevitably lead to the decline of the Ancient Sword Sect, the ordinary enemies would not dare to attack them with the help of a new Martial Saint like Gu Tianyan, who had just entered the Spirit Travelling Mysterious Realm.

However, who would've thought that the Ancient Sword Sect would be destroyed in just three days!

The one who caused all of this was a man named Ye Xuan.

For a time, Ye Xuan's name quietly spread through many sects. He was listed as a person that couldn't be provoked by many sects, and no one dared to repeat the same mistake that happened with the Ancient Sword Sect and Chen family.

Ye Xuan didn't care about the opinions and rumors of the outside world. At this moment, he was standing on the back mountain of an ancient sect, the Ancient Sword Sect, and looking at the scenery in the distance.

It had to be said that the Ancient Sword Sect was indeed located in a place of great treasures, causing Ye Xuan to sink into a long period of silence and contemplation.

In his heart, he had already decided to develop this place into a branch of the Wild Dragon Association.

After all, the guild headquarters was located in the heart of the city, so many things weren't too convenient to deal with.

The Ancient Sword Sect was located in a secluded and hidden place at the peak of the Ancient Sword Mountain.

"Older brother Xuan!"

"Young Master Xuan!"

Just as this thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind, the high-spirited Lord Dragon, Xia Nan, and Li Chunyang rushed over and clasped their hands respectfully at Ye Xuan.

"Has the matter been settled?"

Ye Xuan withdrew his gaze from the distance and turned around. His gaze descended onto Master Long, Li Chunyang, and the others as he calmly spoke.

"Older brother Xuan, the matter has been settled!" "Other than some of the remaining elders and disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect who were killed and escaped, there are a total of six Elders of the Ancient Sword Sect who are of the Carefree Sky Realm. One thousand and six hundred disciples are willing to serve brother Xuan!"

"In addition, we searched their sect's treasury. In total, we obtained a thousand flying swords, over a hundred martial skill manuals, about a billion dollars from the sect, as well as a large amount of heaven and earth treasures and various pills …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's question, Master Long, Li Chunyang, and Xia Nan respectfully reported.

"What pills are there?"

The corner of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as a satisfied smile appeared on his face. It was obvious that he was extremely satisfied with the Ancient Sword Sect's harvest.

He was also extremely interested in the medicinal pills he had obtained. After all, all of these could help the Raging Dragon increase its strength.

"There are 600 Body Refinement Pellets, 500 Bone Refining Pellets, 1100 Energy Cultivation Pellets, and 50 Body Enhancing Pellets! Young Master Xuan, all of the spoils of war that have been looted from the treasury are in these rings.

Xia Nan took out a bag filled with storage rings and handed it over to Ye Xuan with a respectful expression.

"Body Refinement Pellet, Body Refinement Pellet, Bone Refining Pellet, and Body Sculpting Pellet are all excellent pellets that can improve the physique and shape the bones of the human body. With these pellets, we Raging Dragon will be able to cultivate a large number of warriors with extraordinary strength."

After hearing Xia Nan's report, Ye Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. Then his gaze fell onto Li Chunyang as he smiled and said, "You can take these items first, and give Sect Head Li thirty percent of them. After all, the Gale Qi Sect of the Ancient Sword Sect has put in a lot of effort to flatten them!"

"Young Master Xuan, there's no need for this. Right now, the Berserk Dragon Society is rapidly growing. These resources are of great use to the Berserk Dragon Guild, Young Master Xuan definitely does not need to do this!"

Li Chunyang quickly refused.

"If it wasn't for Sect Master Li's help last time, I'm afraid that we would have already … If it wasn't for Sect Head Li bringing a disciple of the Aura Sect to help us this time, we wouldn't have been able to take down the Ancient Sword Sect so smoothly. It can be said that the person with the greatest contribution here is Sect Head Li, and I have no way of repaying you for those things. If Sect Head Li doesn't accept these things, I feel uneasy in my heart! "

Ye Xuan said honestly.

If it wasn't for Li Chunyang helping to stall for time for Ye Xuan and helping him deal with the Chen family's ancestor, he wouldn't have had a chance of survival against the combined forces of Gu Jian Zun and the Chen family's ancestor, let alone the events that would happen later on …

Therefore, Ye Xuan clearly remembered Li Chunyang's kindness deep in his heart.

"Haha …" I am only willing to give it my all. I only hope that Young Master Xuan can understand my intentions and allow me to stay by Young Master Xuan's side to serve Young Master Xuan! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Chunyang loudly laughed as he looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised sincerity.

"Sect Leader Li, as the Sect Leader of a sect, has a respected status. Don't joke with me …"

Li Chunyang's words undoubtedly caused Ye Xuan to be shocked, then he lightly shook his head.

Honestly speaking, Ye Xuan admired Li Chunyang a lot.

When he fought against Gu Jian Zun and the others, Li Chunyang had already expressed his desire to follow Ye Xuan. However, Ye Xuan didn't take it seriously. After all, Li Chunyang's strength was extraordinary, not to mention, he was the sect master of the Gale Sect …

"Young Master Xuan, I don't have any intention of joking with you. I, Li Jun, have always believed that Xuan doesn't have the elegance of a current and bright monarch. In the future, I will surely make a name for myself!" If Young Master Xuan does not mind, then please allow me to follow you! "

Li Chunyang seemed to know what Ye Xuan was thinking. He respectfully cupped his hands towards Ye Xuan and spoke with a serious expression.

He sincerely wanted to follow Ye Xuan. From his point of view, Ye Xuan's potential was limitless.

Only by following Ye Xuan would he be able to go further, and make the Astral Energy Sect even more glorious!

He had his selfishness, but also his loyalty!

"I am sincerely following, I hope young master Xuan will accept me!"

Noticing that Ye Xuan had sunk into silence and didn't say anything for a long time, Li Chunyang abruptly clenched his teeth, cupped his hands, and knelt down before Ye Xuan.

He's telling Ye Xuan that he's serious!

"Older brother Xuan, Sect Master Li is completely loyal, so you …"

"Yeah, Older Brother Xuan, Sect Leader Li's strength is formidable, if he is able to lend you a hand …"

Seeing this, Master Long and Xia Nan also spoke up for Li Chunyang.

"If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble Sect Master Li to take care of me in the future!"

Ye Xuan lowered his head to look at Li Chunyang's honest appearance. In the end, he lightly nodded his head and extended his hand to help Li Chunyang up.

"Thank you, Young Master Xuan!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply, Li Chunyang's face was filled with ecstasy.

"Master Li cultivates the most positive Pure Yang energy. I have a cultivation method that might be beneficial to your cultivation. Without my permission, it cannot be spread outside, so listen carefully …"

Ye Xuan smiled and pondered for a moment before passing the Sun God's Tyrant Body Technique to Li Chunyang.

"This... This cultivation technique is actually this amazing? "

After listening to Ye Xuan's teaching, Li Chunyang's eyes were wide open, his mouth wide open in disbelief.

The moment his words fell, he actually had an epiphany on the spot. He quickly sat down cross-legged and a strong Pure Yang energy surged out from his body, circling around him to form a long dragon, greedily devouring the energy of heaven and earth …

"Kacha kacha …"

"Crack, crack, crack …"

All sorts of strange phenomenon appeared behind Li Chunyang's back. At this moment, all of the bones in his body emitted a crackling sound, as if some kind of powerful force was gradually awakening. It caused his clothes to flutter and his hair to flutter, making him look extremely sacred …


Powerful energy continuously spread out from Li Chunyang's body. Under the shocked gazes of Ye Xuan, Xia Nan, and Master Long, golden lines actually appeared on the surface of Li Chunyang's skin, causing his aura to become even stronger …

In the blink of an eye, those golden lines disappeared without a trace …

"This fellow is actually breaking through?"

As Ye Xuan looked at Li Chunyang's rising aura, a deep sense of astonishment appeared on his face, while his shocked voice came out of his mouth.

The Pure Yang Qi practiced by Li Chunyang was the most powerful Yang Qi cultivation technique. Although it had a great effect on the body, it was still the best way to improve internal energy.

The Sun God Tyrant Body Technique that Ye Xuan imparted to him was a fierce and overbearing external technique. Li Chunyang originally possessed unparalleled martial talent, and with the enlightenment from the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique that Ye Xuan imparted to him, it could be said that he was enlightened. It was inevitable that he would have some breakthroughs.

However, Ye Xuan didn't expect Li Chunyang's breakthrough to be so sudden.


As the Supreme Force Elder surrounding Li Chunyang was sucked into his nose, his aura crazily rose at this moment …

From the Small Success Stage of the Mysterious God Stage to the Large Success Stage of the Mysterious God Stage, he didn't stop. Instead, he continued to soar …

In the end, he had reached the peak of the Profound Realm before gradually coming to a stop …

At this moment, Li Chunyang, who was originally sitting cross-legged, gradually opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, two scorching streams of pure Yang energy burst out from his eyes like golden flames, leaving two holes in the ground.

One could only imagine how powerful the current Li Chunyang was.

Li Chunyang slowly stood up, raised his head, and silently looked at Ye Xuan who stood opposite him …

Ye Xuan's expression was calm as he silently looked at him …

A unique aura filled the air between the two of them, as if time itself had stopped at this moment.

The Dragon Lord and Xia Nan, who stood to the side, frowned. They quickly stood in front of Ye Xuan and placed their palms on their spears. If Li Chunyang dared to make any movements, they would instantly pull them out and shoot …

Looking at the calm Ye Xuan and feeling the formless aura emanating from his body and the gradually brimming smile on his face, Li Chunyang clasped his hands together and knelt before Ye Xuan as he spoke respectfully and decisively.

"Many thanks for Young Master Xuan's guidance. Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. Li Chunyang vows to follow after them with his life on the line!"

Only passing down a cultivation method to him would allow him to instantly break through two realms. He'd directly broken through from the early stage of the Spirit Traveling Profound Realm to the peak of the Spirit Travelling Profound Realm, becoming a Peak Martial Saint. Such a rapid breakthrough was practically equivalent to ten years of his painstaking cultivation.

This undoubtedly strengthened Li Chunyang's determination to follow Ye Xuan.

"Get up. I hope you will remember what you said today. What I hate the most is other people's betrayal!"

Ye Xuan indifferently swept his gaze at Li Chunyang and coldly said.

"Yes sir!"

Li Chunyang respectfully nodded and stood up.

"Right, has Lin Feng and Ainphent come out yet?"

Ye Xuan asked in a low voice as if he'd thought of something.

"Reporting to young master Xuan, they are still in closed door cultivation, but there is still no news from Miss Ye Rose's side."

Lord Dragon respectfully replied to Ye Xuan's question.

"What about the Tyrant Sky Saber God Lei Ba and the rest?"

The wisdom in Ye Xuan's eyes surged as he continued to ask.

"They are being held in the underground dungeon under the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Society. I have sent men to guard them."

At this moment, Xia Nan also clasped her fists and said.

"Then I will go back to meet them immediately!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as he walked down the mountain.

As if he had thought of something, his footsteps paused and he opened his mouth. "As for this Ancient Sword Sect …" Tian Nan, I'll leave it to you and Sect Head Li to handle temporarily. I want to turn it into a branch power organization to transport the talents of the Raging Dragon's Association. "

"Older brother Xuan (Young Master Xuan) rest assured, leave it to us!"

Xia Nan, Li Chunyang, and the others respectfully spoke as they gazed at Ye Xuan's leaving figure.