On the second floor of the Starlight Villa, in the game's training room.

When Ye Xuan arrived, Su Xiaomeng was lying on her game seat, breathing heavily. Perhaps it was because she was experiencing a bitter battle in the game world, but a large amount of sweat was continuously emitted from her body, wetting her clothes and revealing an attractive sight …

She wore a smart ponytail, and because she had a game simulator, her exquisite and beautiful cheeks were partially covered, revealing her incomparably sexy and charming mouth.

Her delicate body was wrapped in a black lace dress, revealing her sexy snow-white shoulders and collarbones, her long straight legs, and her alluring underwear straps.

Because the middle part of her black lace dress was hollow, the leopard-print undergarments that she wore were faintly discernable. The luxurious mountain peak that couldn't be covered with the leopard print undergarments trembled one after another as she gasped for air, creating ripples that captivated one's soul …

Coupled with the sweat that emitted female hormones, it made the scene in the game training room incomparably beautiful, causing one to be unable to stop themselves from sinking into it.

From afar, Su Xiaomeng looked like a degenerate goddess who had fallen into a desire, swaying in the air on a chair. It was hard for people to resist her.


Even with Ye Xuan's extraordinary mental fortitude, he felt his throat dry up and subconsciously gulped.

His gaze slowly swept across Su Xiaomeng's exquisite and cute face, snow-white neck, and sexy shoulders. Finally, it landed on her luxurious black lace and sexy leopard print undergarment, which was continuously rippling. It was as if he was under magic, and his gaze could not move away at all …

The raging flames ignited in his body, making him feel like he was about to erupt like a volcano …

With great difficulty, the Divine Medicine industry left to calm the flames brought by the Demoness' group. However, they didn't expect that they would have to face an even stronger and more visually shocking allure after returning to the Starlight Villa...

Ye Xuan felt as if he was about to explode. He really wanted to charge over and ruthlessly enjoy that beautiful and delicate body.

However, this little impulse was quickly suppressed by his reason.

"Seriously... "Such a young girl doesn't know how to dress conservatively. Do you take yourself to be a child?"

Looking at Su Xiaomeng, who was gasping for breath, moving back and forth in a luxurious manner, Ye Xuan spoke with extreme dissatisfaction.


As the words left his mouth, he rushed into the bathroom and took a cold shower …

There was no helping it, the fire was too strong and his body was too hot. If he did not cool it down in time, it might actually explode.

After taking a cold shower, Ye Xuan finally felt a lot more relaxed. Only then did he leisurely walk into the game's training room.

"Cough cough …" Don't think too much into it, she is the younger sister of that little brat Feng Shen … "

Ye Xuan repeatedly warned himself not to look at Su Xiaomeng's alluring aura. In the end, he picked up his game simulator and put it on his head.

"Simulator matched!"

"Map loaded!"

"Welcome to the Fiendgod world!"

As the mechanical voice of the system's little sister rang out in Ye Xuan's mind, he felt his consciousness being sucked into a unique whirlpool, disappearing without a trace.

When Ye Xuan came back to his senses, he was already in the ancient and majestic Savage Ancient City.

For some reason, the Ancient City of Wilderness was no longer bustling with noise and excitement like when Ye Xuan entered last time. The wide, ancient street no longer had the same bustling streets that it used to be; it was incomparably deserted.

Occasionally, one or two flying beasts would flash past in the sky and let out low roars of protest towards Ye Xuan, who was at the center of the city.

"What's going on? Why is there no one here? "

Looking at the empty surroundings, Ye Xuan frowned and muttered.

"Ding dong!" Respected Brave Warrior player, your good friend Su Mengmeng has invited you to speak with her. Would you like to connect? "

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a system notification sounded out.


Ye Xuan lightly said.

At the end of his words, Su Xiaomeng's anxious and exhausted voice resounded in his mind, "Ye Xuan, why are you so slow? Why are you only coming over now?"

"Cough cough …" Something happened and it was a bit late. Why is there not a single soul in the Ancient City of Everlast? " In Ye Xuan's mind, he couldn't help but think of Su Xiaomeng lying on a chair, gasping for breath. He immediately coughed twice and changed the topic.

"Of course there's no one in the city right now. When the Demonic Palace opens, all the players are attacking the Demonic Palace. Now that they have reached the fifth floor, we can't hold on any longer."

"I... I'll send you the coordinates, hurry over … "

Su Xiaomeng's voice was extremely urgent and low. To Ye Xuan's ears, it could be said that she had gained some sort of magic.

Before Ye Xuan could reply, the call between him and Su Xiaomeng was cut off.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan received Su Xiaomeng's coordinates.

"It's actually so far away?"

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the coordinates on the map.

Who knew how long it would take for them to reach the city if they travelled on foot?

Ye Xuan used the game gold to buy a limited edition Hell Wyvern mount.

"Let's go!"


Following Ye Xuan's command, the Hell's Flying Dragon flapped its enormous wings, causing a gust of wind to surge upwards as it explosively shot towards the distance.

The Demonic Palace was located on the ghost island hundreds of kilometers away from the Savage Ancient City, and was extremely mysterious and ancient. It was the true design of the Demonic Palace's headquarters in the Western Asura World that was one hundred percent restored. It was divided into nine floors, guarded by the eight great war gods and three great demon kings respectively.

Furthermore, the game's playing style borrowed the story of the four Emperors led by Emperor Qing leading the many experts to attack the Demonic Palace. It let the players work hard to raise their strength and equipment to besiege the Demonic Palace and enjoy the pleasure of trampling the Demonic Palace beneath their feet.

It had to be said that the design and development of this game was extremely successful. Almost all of the powerhouses of the Asura World of the West had been absorbed, and even a large number of powerhouses from the outside world had been sucked inside …

After all, attacking the Demon God's Hall and conquering it was a matter that made one's blood boil just by thinking about it!

It had to be known that the Divine Demon Palace was once one of the overlords of the Asura World in the West.

The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in this game is indescribable.

Who would have thought that after being destroyed by Emperor Qing and the others, the once glorious and majestic Demonic God Palace would be turned into a game and trampled upon?

When Ye Xuan, riding a Hell's Wyvern, arrived at the Demonic Palace, he was shocked and attracted by the magnificent Demonic Palace that was constructed in this game world.

The Demonic Palace was divided into nine levels, and each level consisted of a unique structure, a huge, mysterious, ancient, and majestic palace.

From a distance, they looked like nine peerless divine swords that shot into the sky, standing tall and straight. They emitted a mysterious power that made people feel a strong desire for them.

At the top of the city gate tower, there was a huge statue. He held a unique looking blade in his hand, like a king looking down on all living beings, as if everything else would be under his control.

This statue was created by imitating the appearance of Ye Xuan's previous Demon Lord. It was the belief of the Demonic Palace.

Ye Xuan once lived in the Demon Sovereign Palace on the ninth floor!

Outside the Demonic Palace, a large number of game players were gathered together. They were madly attacking and destroying the Demonic Palace, and some were even mercilessly killing members of the Demonic Palace.

After all, this game was designed to restore the original hall of the Demonic God Palace. Even if it was guarded inside, the design would be the same as the original hall of the Demonic God Palace, and some specific personnel would even be able to clearly mark their names …

Under the slaughter of numerous players, the guards of the Demonic Palace fell one after another. Their corpses were trampled on by the players, and their faith was stepped on by the players …

Those players were like madmen enjoying this carefree battle as they crazily rushed towards the depths of the Demonic Palace.

The once mysterious and majestic palace of the Godfiend Palace had turned into a sea of smoke in the blink of an eye …

Looking at the towering hall that pierced the clouds, at the smoke from the battle, at the many players madly slaughtering their way through, the past flashed past Ye Xuan's mind like a movie, causing him to clench his fists tightly. He felt an indescribable pain in his heart as the flames of pain burned within his heart.

"Did the Demonic Palace get trampled and destroyed like this after I died?"

Cold, bone-piercing words came out of Ye Xuan's mouth.

"I didn't have time to participate in the protection of the past, but now let me make up for it in this illusory world!"

The demonic energy in Ye Xuan's body surged as he controlled the Hell Wyvern. With boundless killing intent, he suddenly dove down towards the densely packed headquarters of the Demonic God Palace as he muttered some words.

At the entrance of the Demonic Palace, tens of thousands of players were fighting fiercely.

Every time they killed a Demonic Palace guard or Demonic Palace Demonic Beast, they would gain a large amount of gold coins and experience. Furthermore, they would constantly get stronger. This kind of carefree feeling made them excited as insolent words came out of their mouths.

"Haha …" Was this the once inviolable and powerful guard of the Demonic Palace? In my opinion, they are just a bunch of weak trash.

"That's right. The Divine Demon Palace is a group of trash here to begin with. But, the feeling of killing trash is simply too great!"

"I've heard that there are a lot of beauties in the Demonic Palace, and they have also been restored in this game. If we brothers kill our way in and find a few beauties from the Demonic Palace to play with, I think it would be very exciting …"

"Wah! This suggestion isn't bad. What's the name of the Infernal Queen's Infernal Queen?"

"He's called Chu Qingxin, but it's a pity that such a beautiful woman died from a single sword strike to save the Demon Lord!"

"What a pity. Isn't he still alive in the game? Come, let's go and knock her over! "

A group of black snake players wearing the same uniform with a badge on their chest slaughtered the guards of the Demonic God Palace. At the same time, a wanton and unbridled smile appeared on their faces. Evil, carefree words came out.

They were members of Black Snake Guild!

When their voices landed in the ears of Ye Xuan, who was riding a Hell's Flying Dragon, it caused his expression to turn extremely cold. The violent killing intent in his eyes burned fiercely at this moment.

This bunch of bastards actually dared insult the woman he loved, causing the killing intent in Ye Xuan's heart to surge!

Monstrous demonic energy spread out from his body, circling around the Hell Wyvern and allowing it to dive down even faster, charging straight towards that group of fellows …

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"Ahh …"

In the next moment, a deafening explosion and a blood-curdling scream resounded, filling the sky with dust.

It was the group of Black Snake Guild members being stepped on by the Hell Wyvern that Ye Xuan was riding.

By the time the dust settled, the members of Black Snake Guild had already been crushed into mincemeat by the Hell Wyvern. Only one middle-aged man with dyed yellow hair was barely alive.

He raised his head and looked at Ye Xuan. His eyes brimmed with killing intent as he furiously said, "You damned bastard, you have no eyes. You want to follow our Black Serpent Guild …"

"Chi! Chi!"

However, before he could finish his words, a beam of sword light flashed past him, causing his head to fly into the air.

He quietly died, turning into stars that filled the sky and gradually dissipated …

"Then... Then … Is that guy crazy? To think that... You actually dare to provoke Black Serpent Guild? "

"It's difficult... Doesn't he know that most of the players on the first floor of the Demonic Palace are from Black Snake Guild? "

This sudden turn of events caused the numerous game players who were fighting the Demonic Palace's guards to involuntarily change their expressions. Incomparable shock came from their mouths.

At the same time, a powerful voice filled with rage came from the distant battlefield.

"Fuck, which blind bastard dares to cause trouble for my Black Snake Guild?"