"Fuck, which blind bastard dares to cause trouble for my Black Snake Guild?"

Along with this berserk voice, a three-meter-tall man, who was completely covered in an alloy armor, with a black snake symbol on his chest, charged towards Ye Xuan like a heavy truck with a strong killing intent.

"He's the captain of Black Snake Guild, Tank Dragon!"

"The tank's strength is extraordinary. Not long ago, it even acquired an alloy armor. Its strength has long since reached diamond level pinnacle, I'm extremely afraid …"

"That brat actually dared to find trouble with the Black Serpent Guild. Now that Tank Dragon has made his move, his fate will undoubtedly be extremely miserable …"

Looking at the tank that was charging towards Ye Xuan with an intense killing intent, an incomparably shocking sound echoed out from the mouths of the surrounding players.

In just an instant, the tank charged towards Ye Xuan with intense killing intent. Its eyes were filled with killing intent as it clenched its fists tightly and smashed its way towards Ye Xuan like a giant god.

"Swish …"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he watched the charging tank. A light sword appeared in his hand as he fiercely slashed it out!

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, under the incomparably shocked gazes of the surrounding people, the tank that was brandishing a fist and furiously smashing towards Ye Xuan was sliced into two halves on the spot. Blood spurted out as it quietly died.

"How... How is that possible? "

"Tank Long was actually killed in a single strike?"

Looking at the tank that died from being cut in half and looking at Ye Xuan who wasn't injured in the slightest, the surrounding people all opened their mouths wide as if they'd seen a ghost, and words of disbelief came out from their mouths.

However, just as they finished speaking, a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as a strong killing intent filled the air. He abruptly waved the long sword in his hand, causing a terrifying sword aura to sweep out unrestrained!

"Ahh …"

"No …."

"Wha …. "Why do you even want us to …"

In the next moment, a terrifying sword qi engulfed all of the players within fifty meters of Ye Xuan and killed them all!

"Damn it, where did this crazy brat come from?!" Could he be a member of the Demonic Saint Palace's guild? Young ones, kill him together! "

Tank Long's death fell into the eyes of the Black Serpent Guild's vice president, Man Ke, who was currently fighting in the distance. A fierce light flashed across his eyes as killing intent surged in all directions. Rage was coming out of his mouth.

"Let's attack together and kill him!"

"Kill him, kill him!"

"Let's kill him together! He's a member of the Saint Devil Palace!"

Following Barbarian's words, all of the surrounding players surged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill.

Ye Xuan acting towards other players was undoubtedly considered as a member of the Demonic Saint Hall's guild. Only members of the Demonic Saint Hall's guild would protect the Demonic Palace and kill other players.

At this moment, all of the gathered players at the entrance of the Demonic Palace charged towards Ye Xuan. Their terrifying momentum was like a swarm of locusts crossing the border, incomparably savage, leaving not a single blade of grass behind!

Seeing these ants madly charge towards him, Ye Xuan's eyes surged with killing intent. A trace of impatience flashed within his eyes!

He didn't have the leisure to get entangled with these ants!

"Demon Dragon Rage!"

In the instant they charged over with intense killing intent, Ye Xuan's entire body was filled with dense demonic qi. He crazily poured it into his right fist, then smashed it onto the ground!

"Boom! Boom!"

"Kacha …."

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In the next moment, the earth cracked open as monstrous amounts of demonic energy, with Ye Xuan's fist as the center, spread out in all directions. It swept out in every direction and engulfed all of the oncoming players …

"Ah... "No!"

"I... I don't want to die! "

A voice filled with despair rang out at the entrance of the Demonic God Palace.

Even if some people were able to escape the devouring of the demonic qi, they wouldn't be able to escape the earth that was cracked by Ye Xuan's fist and fall into the massive ravine …

If there was, then what awaited them was Ye Xuan's merciless sword light!

In just a short moment, hundreds of thousands of players died.

When the mournful screams gradually stopped, Ye Xuan had already cleared the entire entrance to the Demonic God Palace.

Ye Xuan, who had an overall increase in strength, didn't even put these guys in his eyes …

Ye Xuan didn't even turn around as he walked into the Demonic Palace with boundless killing intent.

After walking through the door, what appeared before Ye Xuan was a scene that made him incomparably furious.

The entire palace was filled with players, most of whom were members of Black Snake Guild.

Currently, the guards and magical beasts had all been massacred. On the opposite side were piles of corpses, and fresh red blood dyed the ground red.

They had already massacred the first level of the Demonic God Palace …

However, this wasn't the reason why Ye Xuan was truly angry.

It was these damned fellows who had killed all the guards and magical beasts on the first floor, leaving behind a large number of maids and maids from the Demonic God Palace.

The blood-curdling screams of the maids and their female servants, as well as the unbridled laughter of the beasts, filled the hall with the carefree roars of tigers.

"Ah, no. Don't. "No way …"

"Let us go … Let us go, the Demon Lord and the others will definitely not let you off! "

"You bunch of animals!"

"Beast? The Demon Lord will definitely not let us off? "Haha, your Lord Devil Lord has already died. You are just prey set by us in the game world!"

"Haha …" That felt good... The experience of this game world is actually the same as in the real world! "

"Is this the bodies of the maids in the Demonic God Palace? So cool... "Haha …"

"Little bitches of the Demonic Palace, why don't you yell a little louder for us …"

As he looked at this incomparably lecherous scene in the main hall … Chaotic images looked at the familiar faces that were constantly struggling and crying, looked at the wild laughter of the beasts, listened to their presumptuous words, looked at their ugly movements and postures, and felt unprecedented rage. Violent killing intent spread out from Ye Xuan's body …

A violent killing intent that seemed to have substance set off a bone-chilling cold in the main hall!

Although Ye Xuan clearly knew that everything in front of him was an illusion from the game world, the appearance of these maids and maids were exactly the same as the Demon God Palace.

He could not forget the adorable maids who had served him and greeted him everyday, the gentle and considerate maids …

After his fall, when many of the powerful enemies led by Emperor Qing attacked the Demonic Palace, were they doing the same thing as the ones in front of them?

Ye Xuan didn't need to think to know the answer.

"What's going on?"

"What's going on?"

"What a terrifying killing intent!"

As Ye Xuan released his killing intent, the faces of the people who were playing around with him couldn't help but change. Shocked words came out of their mouths.

They turned to look at the source of the killing intent. What appeared before them was a cold figure that was surrounded by endless black killing intent!

"Who is it?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was surrounded by a violent killing intent, an enraged voice sounded out from their mouths.

"All of you deserve to die!"

However, the response they got was Ye Xuan's ice-cold words that seemed to have come from the ninth heaven and hell.

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he charged towards the crowd with intense killing intent. Waving the light sword in his hand, a sharp sword qi suddenly bloomed, causing large amounts of blood to blossom and take away many lives.

Dozens of players had died on the spot!

However, there wasn't the slightest bit of emotion in Ye Xuan's eyes. There was only boundless rage.

He had never been so angry before.

Having been as angry as he was now,

that had been repressed like this,

He wanted to kill someone as much as he did now!

At this moment, he was like a cold and merciless demon!

He wanted to slaughter everything!

"F * ck!"

"Do it, kill him!"

"You reckless fool!"

Ye Xuan's sudden move caused the expressions of everyone present to greatly change. Their mouths were filled with incomparable rage.

As their words fell, everyone entered into battle mode. With weapons in hand, they released their strongest attacks, like wild wolves revealing their incomparably sharp fangs. They charged towards Ye Xuan and started an intense slaughter, wanting to make him submit to their claws and become their prey!

Chi chi chi …

"Da Da Da …"

In an instant, large amounts of Sword Qi, berserk Sword Qi, and even many sharp bullets madly rushed towards Ye Xuan, enveloping him completely and attacking him.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was dragged into a whirlpool of death.

However, he was completely unmoved.

There was not even a hint of fear in his eyes, not even a hint of retreat.

Some of them were just ice-cold …

There is only ruthlessness,

There was only killing intent!

"Boom! Boom!"

In the instant that the numerous attacks descended, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. Wind rose and clouds surged beneath his feet, lightning crisscrossed the sky, and he instantly disappeared without a trace. As he dodged the attacks, he swung the light sword in his hand …

An enormous sword beam suddenly bloomed, engulfing dozens of players who were unable to dodge in time.

In the next moment, even more sword qi was released from the light sword in Ye Xuan's hand.

For the furious Ye Xuan, this was a merciless massacre!

No matter how many people there were or how strong they were ….

He wasn't afraid in the slightest!

Once upon a time, the Demonic Palace had been besieged. He had no time to protect or participate.

Now, in this virtual game world, he had to at least get the owner of the Demonic God Palace to help him!

Violent killing intent spread out from Ye Xuan's body like a tidal wave. As he continued to slaughter and slaughter, it gradually fused into the light sword in his hand.

With every swing of the Light Sword in his hand, when the Sword Qi was released, a stream of killing intent would fuse into the Sword Qi, attacking the enemy together with the Sword Qi!

No one could block Ye Xuan's one sword strike.

If there is,

Then two swords!

Ye Xuan was like an untiring killing machine as he unceasingly attacked the enemies in the hall, causing one player after another to fall under his sword …

In a short period of time, nearly a thousand people had died.

However, Ye Xuan's slaughter still continued.

The sword qi from the light sword in his hand did not weaken in the slightest. Instead, it became stronger and sharper, and the killing intent within the sword qi became purer!

"Then... Who the hell is that guy? "

"He... Is he a devil? "

"Our attacks didn't have the slightest effect on him?"

"This madman, he's already killed to the point of turning red!"

"What should we do? If we can't beat them, should we retreat? "

"What the heck? If I log off now, I won't get the system reward anymore?"

Seeing Ye Xuan kill gods, buddhas kill buddhas, and the unstoppable Ye Xuan, many shocked and terrified voices sounded out from the mouths of the people in the hall.

They were completely shocked by Ye Xuan's heartless and merciless methods.

"Swish …"

Half an hour later, following Ye Xuan's merciless slash, sword qi spread out and killed the last enemy in the first floor's great hall.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan's clothes were dyed red by the blood, as if he was wearing a blood-red robe.

There were no emotions on his face at all as he walked towards the passageway that led to the second level.

"Ah... "Don't..."

However, just at this moment, a familiar ear-piercing sound abruptly sounded out, causing Ye Xuan's ice-cold eyes to flash with a trace of fluctuation.

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, Ye Xuan's killing intent transformed into a gale of wind that rushed towards the source of the sound.

It would be a baptism of blood there!