In the palace of the Gods and Demons, Ye Xuan moved forward like a god of death. As he mercilessly killed all the players he passed, his clothes were dyed red from the blood, making them look like an eye-catching blood-red robe.

The light sword in his hand had been damaged after killing too many enemies and going through too many battles. The glow it emitted had also become weak.

It was a good thing that Ye Xuan had many weapons in his system's backpack. He'd promptly changed to a sword called Frost. This sword had a frost effect, making it look pretty good for Ye Xuan.

Along the way, Ye Xuan finally arrived at the second floor.

There were fewer players gathered here than on the first level, but each of them was much stronger. Even the weakest among them was still at diamond rank.

As for the Black Snake Guild, they would similarly massacre the second level of the Demonic God Palace, the guards and the magical beasts, and would leave the beautiful maids and maids here to play around as much as they liked.

The entire second floor's hall was a complete mess. Extremely evil! There were Demonic Palace's maids, maids, and even the cries of pain and laughter of the players all over the place. They were all unbridled and laughed complacently.

All the desires in their hearts had undoubtedly been released and satisfied in this place.

In the real world, there were those who were as timid as mice, those who were vicious and cruel, those who were dark and despicable, those who were hypocrites, and they yearned to destroy and violate everything in their hearts …

However, due to various reasons in reality, they did not dare to do so. They could only suppress the thirst in their hearts, and now, they were completely venting it out in the game world …

They wantonly trampled the Divine Demon Palace that they could only look up to and submit to in the past, mercilessly slaughtering the guards and members of the Divine Demon Palace. They ravaged the coveted maids and beauties of the Divine Demon Palace to their heart's content, enjoying the pleasure their tender bodies brought to them.

All of this was undoubtedly an insult across history to the Divine Demon Palace, but to them, it was a form of mental and physical satisfaction …

The person who created this game was undoubtedly someone who could be punished by his heart. He didn't know what kind of hatred he had towards the Demonic God Palace, making it into a game for others to trample on …

The once sacred and inviolable Divine Demon Palace was trampled and trampled on countless times by others, and the tragic scene of the Divine Demon Palace being besieged by Emperor Qing and the others appeared once again …

"Chi! Chi!"

Dense killing intent filled Ye Xuan's heart. He didn't say anything at all, and as the people in the hall trampled over the maids and maids, the frost sword in Ye Xuan's hand was suddenly unsheathed.

Blood-red sword lights bloomed, instantly tearing apart dozens of players who were enjoying the thrill, causing them to either be seriously injured or die on the spot.

"Ahh …"

In a split-second, mournful screams filled the hall.

"Who is it?"

This sudden turn of events caused the expressions of everyone in the hall to change. They all turned their heads to look at Ye Xuan as they shouted in anger.

"Boom! Boom!"

However, what responded to them was a blood-red sword qi.

Even though the frost sword in Ye Xuan's hand was ice attributed and the sword qi should be frosted over, under the influence of his killing intent, the sword qi had a qualitative change, becoming even more lethal and attacking …

The blood-colored sword Qis whistled through the air, engulfing the bodies of many people before they could even react, causing the deaths of dozens of players on the spot …

"F * ck!"

"F * ck him!"

"Fuck, let's kill him together!"

In the next moment, a large number of players all held ferocious weapons in their hands as they charged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill. Their mouths emitted angry roars.

Chi chi chi …

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as his killing intent filled the air. He gripped the Ice Sword like a devilish god who had no feelings whatsoever. Carrying an endless amount of killing intent, he charged straight for the numerous players in front of him, waging a bloody battle with them.

From afar, it looked as if Ye Xuan had transformed into hundreds of shadows that shuttled back and forth on the battlefield. He waved the ice sword in his hand and mercilessly reaped lives …

No one could block his ice sword that was filled with endless killing intent!

A large number of players fell under his sword, dying quietly with fear and unwillingness to die.

However, this kind of slaughter was too slow for Ye Xuan. It consumed too much of his patience, causing him to feel extremely dissatisfied. His eyes flashed with a strong sense of impatience.

"Boom! Boom!"

At some point in time, after Ye Xuan had killed more than ten players, a unique feeling filled his heart, causing the Ice Sword in his hand to flash with a dazzling light, causing Ye Xuan's aura to instantly change. His clothes fluttered, and his hair fluttered in the wind, as if he were a bloodthirsty demon god.

With a thought, the energy within his body surged into the Cold Ice Sword in his hand. A boundless suction force quietly came from the Ice Sword.

Under the incomparably shocked and astonished gazes of the people around, the blood that was flowing on the ground poured into the ice sword and was absorbed by it, causing its body to turn completely blood-red, just like a devil sword that was consuming blood, emitting a terrifying aura that made people tremble, making them unable to resist!

Even though the strength of the numerous players present were extraordinary, they were all shocked by the aura and might of the Ice Sword that had changed after absorbing the fresh blood from Ye Xuan's hands. Their mouths trembled in fear as they spoke.

"This... What exactly is this sword? "

"What a terrifying sword, what a terrifying slaughtering sword Qi …" "

"Could it be that this fellow had achieved a breakthrough in his comprehension during the battle, and comprehended the Sword Qi of slaughter? Then he must use his sword moves?"

It had to be said that there was no lack of people with outstanding eyesight and vast experience among this group of people!

At this moment, Ye Xuan was in an extremely profound state. Because of his emotions and constant slaughter, he had indeed comprehended the killing sword intent, and now even fused it into his sword moves …

"This guy is trying to comprehend the sword intent, unleashing sword moves. Quickly kill him!"

"Let's attack together and kill him!"

In the next moment, this group of people charged towards Ye Xuan like madmen, unafraid of death, releasing their strongest attacks.

Dense sword energy, resplendent saber light, and sharp bullets enveloped Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan completely ignored him. A scarlet light flickered in his eyes, and as the innumerable attacks closed in on him, he suddenly thrust the blood-colored ice sword in his hand towards the ground, and emotionless words came out of his mouth!

"Slaughter Domain!"

"Boom! Boom!"

"Ah... "No …."

"Don't kill me, I … I don't want to die! "

In the next moment, the ground collapsed and blood-red sword qi emerged from the ground without any warning. The sword qi engulfed all of the players that were attacking Ye Xuan, forming a blood-red domain that enveloped the entire second floor of the main hall.

In this blood-colored domain, the numerous players that attacked Ye Xuan struggled madly, screaming and screaming, but to no avail.

In the end, they were devoured by Ye Xuan's terrifying Swordqi. They died in pain, bit by bit becoming nothingness, as if they'd never appeared before.

When the blood-colored domain that covered the entire second floor dissipated, all of the enemies on the second floor had disappeared without a trace. All of them had died, as if they had never existed.

The ice sword in Ye Xuan's hand that had absorbed the fresh blood returned to its original deep blue color. It reflected a dazzling light, appearing exceptionally conspicuous.

With this move, Ye Xuan killed thousands of strong players in an instant.

However, there wasn't the slightest bit of surprise on his face, only endless indifference and an unconcealable killing intent.

His cold eyes swept across the hall as he strode towards the entrance to the third floor. The System's mechanical voice rang in his ears.

"System Notification: Because you have killed too many players and disturbed the game's order and balance, your game information will be sent to all the players online and you will be placed on the Internet as a bounty and wanted … …"

Ye Xuan ignored the system prompt and continued forward.

At the same time, all the players in the game world received a system bounty message at the same time:

"Demon Master Ah Xuan has been listed as an [A] class black player due to his ability to destroy tens of thousands of players in the Demonic Palace. Whoever kills him will be rewarded with 80 million gold coins and a thirty-six Asura-class weapon!"

When this news came out, the entire world was in an uproar.

It had to be known that the gold coins inside the game could be converted into cash. The 80 million gold coins could be converted into 80 million Asura coins, which was equivalent to 640 million Chinese dollars!

As for the thirty-six divine weapons, they were the top-tier divine weapons in the game. They could greatly increase a player's combat prowess and were extremely valuable.

However, now that such a huge bounty had suddenly appeared, how could it not be shocking and shocking?