On the fifth floor of the Demonic Palace, Su Xiaomeng was engaged in a bitter battle. There were many wounds on her body. She looked extremely weak, but she was clenching her teeth and persevering.

Even though she had obtained the Wind God's inheritance and was equipped with a large amount of top-grade equipment, it was still difficult for her to take the initiative in the face of a formidable enemy …

She was surrounded by her comrades, all of whom were members of the Demonic Saint Palace. They were fighting with all their might to protect the Demonic Palace and to resist their attacks.

The leader was a man covered in a silver white armor, wearing a helmet that covered his face. He was the president of the Saint Devil palace, no one knew his real name, only his game nickname was Lord Di!

Currently, all the members of the Saint Devil Palace were engaged in a bitter battle. Even the president, Lord Di, was the same. The situation was extremely urgent … …

This was because the enemy they faced was extremely powerful. They were facing the strongest fleshly body in the Sword Emperor Pavilion, Titan Holy Luo, as well as the many generals and members of the Sword Emperor Pavilion …

Titan Berserk Holy Luo, a core member of the Sword Emperor Pavilion. Although he was not one of the nine great Demon Kings officially announced by the Western Asura World, he possessed strength comparable to the nine great Demon Kings. Therefore, the Sword Emperor bestowed the title of Titan Berserk Demon, indicating that his status was comparable to the nine great Demon Kings of the Western Asura World …

"Su Mengmeng, is that friend of yours still not here yet?"

Now, the entire Saint Devil Palace Guild had been forced into a corner. Saint Devil Palace's Chairman, Lord Di, had an ugly look on his face as he turned to look at Su Xiaomeng beside him.

"It should be soon!"

Su Xiaomeng said in a low voice.

Just as she finished speaking, the mechanical voice of the System resounded in their ears.

"Player Devil Lord Ah Xuan has severely damaged the balance of the game by killing more than ten thousand players in the Demonic Palace. He is now classified as an [A] class black player. Whoever kills him will be rewarded with 80 million gold coins and a thirty-six Asura level weapon!"

This sudden voice caused everyone present to be extremely shocked. Many of them couldn't help but reveal expressions of doubt, while the Holy Demon Palace members let out astonished voices.

"Demon Lord Ah Xuan? Who is this person? You actually killed over ten thousand players in the Demonic Palace, and are classified as an [A] Class black player.

"Holy sh * t, this is an awesome guy! He's going to kill a player?!" Isn't this the style of our Saint Devil Palace's guild? "

"Boss, this guy has almost killed as many players as you have. Do you know him?"

Even Titan Berserk Demon Sheng Luo frowned without being noticed. A trace of doubt flashed in the eyes of the many experts behind him.

Devil Lord Xuan?

This person seemed to have never been mentioned before.

"Haha …" Here he comes, everyone cheer up! As long as we can hold on until that guy arrives, those guys will be done for! "

Only Su Xiaomeng's face was filled with joy. She was laughing out loud.

"He is here? Su Mengmeng, is that Demon Lord Ah Xuan, the one with the bounty, the reinforcements you mentioned? "

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, many members of the Saint Devil Palace couldn't help but ask curiously.

"That's right, he's my brother-in-law. He's so strong, yet he wants to take care of all the trash from the Sword Emperor Pavilion. This is simply a piece of cake. Even if this guy has the courage to do so, he'll persevere!"

Su Xiaomeng nodded and laughed.


Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, the members of the Saint Devil Palace couldn't help but feel overjoyed. They started shouting excitedly, raising the morale of their troops.

"Persisted?" I want to see how you can persevere. "Kill them all!"

Hearing this, a sneer surfaced on Titan Berserk Saint Ro's face. He looked at Lord Di, Su Xiaomeng, and the others with undisguised mockery in his eyes.



As the sound of his voice faded, the large group of experts from the Sword Emperor Pavilion behind him charged towards Su Xiaomeng, Lord Di, and the other Saint Devil members with intense killing intent.


Seeing this, a cold light flashed in Lord Di's eyes as he shouted.

The moment he finished his words, he brought Su Xiaomeng and the other members of the Demonic Saint Palace with him as he fearlessly pounced towards Titan's Berserk Saint Luo and the others … …

A world-shaking battle once more broke out on the fifth floor of the Demonic Palace.

On the third floor of the Demonic God Palace.

Compared to the second floor of the Demonic Palace, the second floor was much larger and more luxurious.

However, there were only a few hundred people who had barged in.

Most of them were wearing the same set of clothes. Only the six men sitting in the front of the hall had slightly different clothes. Their style of dressing was unique and was filled with a dazzling sense of beauty.

However, like everyone else, there was an eye-catching rose pattern on the chest area of their clothing, shining brightly in the light.

This meant that they belonged to the same guild, and the guild's name was the 'Buried Love Shrine'. Their president was the Western Asura World's 36 Gods, Burying Love God Stark. He was also an important core member of the Azure Emperor Pavilion.

Stark, the current leader of the group, was lazily sitting on a throne in front of the hall. He was leisurely tasting the beauties in the cup and enjoying the service of the beauties in his arms.

Stark, the God of Buried Love, had long black hair and a tall, muscular body. He was wrapped in a white suit with an eye-catching rose pattern on the chest and a pair of black leather shoes, which made him look like a gentleman.

If one only looked at his face, then he must be the dream god of countless women. However, he had an ugly face covered with an evil smile, like a toad, which made him seem especially out of place, breaking that unique gentleman's beauty.

As for the five men sitting below the Buried God Stark, they were the core members of the Buried Ai Shrine. They were all one of the 72 Earth Fiends of the Western Asura World, and their ranks weren't low either!

Their names were Louis Dick, Louis Kesha, Louis Fenghua, Louis Dica, and Louis William. They were known as the Five Devils of Louis.

They had originally been important members of the Louis family, but with the destruction of the Louis family, they had been subdued by Stark, the God of Burial and Love.

Even in this game world, they all adopted their real names.

Currently, the entire third floor of the Demonic Palace was occupied by the temple of buried love led by the God of Burial Love Stark. The reaping of this place was rather bountiful, and Stark and the others enjoyed and satisfied with it.

Lord Stark, right now, the entire third floor is occupied by us. Big fellows have quite a bountiful harvest, and we've played around with all of the maids and maids on the third floor.

"I heard that the person guarding the fourth floor was once the logistics department head of the God Demon Palace, Weiya. That woman is desperate for her life. If we can have some fun, then …"

Louis Dick threw aside the corpse of the Demonic Palace maid he had toyed with to death. He raised his head and looked at Stark, evil words coming out of his mouth.

Hearing Louis Dick's words, Stark's ugly face was filled with a sinister smile. He licked his lips with his bright red tongue and said with an unsatisfied voice, "Weiya is indeed a rare beauty. Back then, I followed Lord Emperor Qing Di and attacked the Demonic Palace before capturing her. "Now that I think about it, that feeling is so pleasurable that it makes me think about it …"

"Although I've played with countless beauties since then, I can't find any more beauties that can compare to that woman Weiya …" If there was one, it was that woman called Su Mengmeng. However, since that woman joined the Demonic Saint Palace, it was rather hard to get her hands on her. Previously, if it wasn't for that trash called Demon Lord Ah Xuan, I could have played with Su Meng a bit! "

"If I have the chance to meet that bastard, I will tear his body into ten thousand pieces!"

By the end of his speech, the God of Buried Love, Stark, had turned exceptionally cold and sinister.

Just as he finished speaking, the mechanical voice of the system resounded in his mind: "Player Devil Lord Ah Xuan has caused a huge damage to the game balance by killing over three thousand players in the Demonic Palace. He is now classified as an [A] class black player. Anyone who kills him will be rewarded with eighty million gold game coins and an Asura Level 36 Divine Weapon!"

Hearing the system's voice that suddenly rang out, the God of Burying Love, Stark, gradually became malevolent. His eyes flickered with a strong and vicious light and a voice filled with boundless killing intent came out of his mouth, "I didn't think that this bastard would actually come online. Furthermore, he's in the Demonic Palace!"

"Little ones, follow me to find Demon Master Xuan!"

"There's no need to look for me, I'm already here!"

However, just as the Buried God Stark finished his sentence, his ice-cold voice rang out silently.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

As this endless cold voice rang out, the rustling of footsteps rang out, and a figure filled with boundless killing intent slowly appeared at the entrance to the third floor of the Demonic God Palace.

Above his head, there were a few large blood-red words — Infernal Master Xuan!

Because he was wanted by the system, he could no longer hide his identity.

He was begging for monthly tickets, begging for monthly tickets!