"Now that your subordinates are dead, it's your turn now!"

Inside the cold and lonely hall, the God of Burying, Stark, stared coldly at Ye Xuan, who'd effortlessly killed his five generals. His fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard.

He had never thought that this ant-like trash would be able to stand in front of him and declare war on him!

One had to know that he was one of the thirty-six Gods of the Western Asura World, the God of Burying Love, Stark, a supreme expert under Emperor Qing.

Stark, the God of Burying Love, was furious after being declared war by the ant-like trash in front of him. Waves of boundless energy emanated from his body as he said in a bloodthirsty voice, "Good, very good! Very good!" A trash would actually declare war on this god. Little bastard, I will make you feel endless regret for your foolish actions. "


As the Buried God Stark's words fell, a violent surge of energy surged through his body. Gray scales grew on his arms, a bit like snake scales, but more like skin on a toad's face, making his aura rise bit by bit.

In the next moment, he fiercely stomped with his legs. A powerful jumping force instantly erupted, causing him to shoot towards Ye Xuan like a shooting rocket. His speed could be said to be extremely swift.

In just an instant, the Buried God of Love, Stark, arrived in front of Ye Xuan. He clenched his scales into a fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan with violent intent to kill.

"Go and repent in hell, you little bastard!"

Stark's sinister voice rang out from his mouth, making his fist strike speed up and his strength increase. He was like a python that was about to bite.


However, facing the God of Buried Love Stark's powerful punch, Ye Xuan didn't care at all. The moment his fist came crashing over, Ye Xuan's palm shot out and easily grabbed it.

"Eight... How is that possible? "

The absolutely powerful attack was lightly deflected by Ye Xuan in such a manner that Stark's expression couldn't help but greatly change. Shocked, he lost his composure from his mouth.

"Aooo …"

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan's hand that was holding onto his fist suddenly exerted force, forcefully pulling him over. At the same time, Ye Xuan moved to the side, and the elbow on his right hand carried a powerful force as he charged towards the Buried God, Stark.

A powerful elbow strike!

"Puchi …"

Painful screams and howls came from Stark's mouth. He spat out large amounts of blood. He was sent flying like a cannonball and crashed onto the throne in front of the hall.

Chi chi chi …

After sending the Buried God Stark flying with a single strike, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. The Cold Ice Sword in his hand suddenly unsheathed, and a large amount of slaughter sword qi turned into streaks of light that enveloped the Buried God Stark, making it impossible for him to dodge. He could only cross his arms and allow the sharp slaughter sword qi to strike his body.

Cracks appeared on the throne due to it being unable to withstand the attack of the slaughtering sword qi, it finally collapsed!

Dust flew, sword qi spread in all directions!

A cool breeze blew the dust away, revealing Stark, the god of buried love.

At this moment, he looked extremely pathetic. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were torn by sword Qis, revealing his robust body. The wounds on his body from the sword Qis were healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

His gaze was gloomy as he stared at Ye Xuan, his voice filled with incomparable rage.

"You damned bastard, you have completely infuriated this god!"

"Toad Sound Wave!"


The moment Stark's words left his lips, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath. His cheeks swelled up like two balloons. Then, he opened his mouth and let out an angry roar …

The violent sound waves spread out from his mouth in a circle. They continuously swept in all directions, causing a sharp, blade-like cold wind to blow in the hall …

Ye Xuan, who was continuously attacking the Buried God Stark, was struck by the sound wave. His body quietly froze as if his eardrums were about to shatter. His head shook so much that it felt like it was about to explode.

The Toad Sound Wave was one of the best attack techniques of the Buried Love God Stark. Not only did it have tremendous destructive power, it could directly harm a person's body. It could also directly destroy a person's mind, causing them to lose consciousness and control over the body in an instant …

Right now, Ye Xuan had lost control of his body under the toad's attack, causing his brain to become sluggish, his consciousness to become fuzzy, and large amounts of memory fragments to appear within his mind …

These memory fragments didn't come from his previous life's memories, but from the memories of his body's master. After all, due to the accident, this body's memories were partially damaged …

"Little bastard, you're finished!"

Seeing Ye Xuan lose his movement after being hit by the toad's sound wave, the God of Buried Love, Stark, had a cold light in his eyes. A pitch-black trident appeared in his hand as he raised the long halberd and charged towards Ye Xuan with boundless killing intent.


In just an instant, Stark rushed in front of Ye Xuan. He watched as the trident in his hand was about to pierce into Ye Xuan's body, causing a bright light to erupt. However, Ye Xuan suddenly swung the Ice Sword in his hand to block in front of him, blocking his trident.

"How is this possible? This guy was hit by my voice and his consciousness is in a mess. He should have already lost control of this body … "

The killing blow was once again blocked by Ye Xuan. The God of Burying Love, Stark, revealed a face of deep astonishment as he spoke with an incredulous tone.

No one knew better than him how powerful his frog sound wave was. Moreover, Ye Xuan had completely lost control of his body after being hit by the frog sound wave.

However, his attack was blocked even in such a situation. This was no doubt beyond the comprehension of the Burial Goddess, Stark. That was why he was so shocked.


After a brief moment of shock and amazement, the Buried God of Love, Stark, quickly returned to his senses. He released an explosive shout, waved the trident in his hand, and unleashed a fierce and frenzied attack at Ye Xuan.

From afar, the densely packed spear shadows wrapped around Ye Xuan and started a fatal attack.

"Ding ding ding …"

However, no matter how quick, ferocious, and crafty the Buried God Stark's attack was, it was blocked by the Ice Sword in Ye Xuan's hand with a series of metallic clicks.

"How is this possible? "After this damned fellow lost his consciousness, this body of his was actually completely moved by his body's fighting instinct. Just how powerful and terrifying is his fighting consciousness?"

After continuously attacking, the God of Burying, Stark, finally understood Ye Xuan's current state. He clenched his fists until they made cracking sounds. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he furiously spoke.


The instant the words left his mouth, his foot abruptly exerted force. A powerful jumping force exploded out as he explosively retreated, quickly pulling away from Ye Xuan.

As the distance between the Buried God Stark and Ye Xuan widened, Ye Xuan who was originally brandishing his sword to battle the Buried God Stark also stopped moving. He'd even kept his eyes tightly shut the entire time.

"As expected, he is fighting by relying on his body's combat instincts..." If that's the case, then this god will kill you in one move! "

Seeing this, the God of Burying, Stark, revealed a fierce glint in his eyes. Violent energy surged from his body as a terrifying energy was continuously injected into the trident in his hand, causing his aura to soar and his hair to float in the wind …

He's going to use his strongest move to kill Ye Xuan!

Although for some reason, he wasn't able to display all of his combat strength in the real world, Stker still thought that it wouldn't be a problem for him to kill a mere Ye Xuan.

As an unending stream of energy flowed in, the veins on his arm that was holding the trident bulged. Large swathes of grey scales grew out from the energy, causing the strength of his arm to soar. The trident in his hand also emitted a bright black light at this moment.

The black rays merged together to form a giant black python. It seemed to have come to life as it wagged its tail and wriggled its massive body, merging into one with the trident in Stark's hands …

At this moment, the Burial Goddess of Love, Stark, was no longer holding a trident in his hand. Instead, he was holding a terrifying black python …

"According to my calculations, that kid should be recovering his consciousness soon. I can only take advantage of this situation and finish him as soon as possible!" I never thought that this guy would actually force this god to use this move! "

"To be able to die under this move of this god, boy, you are truly arrogant!"

The God of Burying Love, Stark, stared malevolently at Ye Xuan, who stood there with eyes that flickered with killing intent. He gnashed his teeth in anger!

"Swallow it, wild python of the night!"

The instant the Buried God Stark's words left his mouth, he took a step forward and bent his right leg forward. He leaned back and raised the trident high into the air with his right arm, then used all of his strength to throw it towards Ye Xuan.


Following a python like roar and roar, the trident in the Buried God Stark's hand was suddenly thrown out, transforming into a gigantic black python. It opened its huge mouth, revealing its terrifying sharp fangs, and charged towards Ye Xuan to tear him apart.

In just an instant, the trident charged towards Ye Xuan, who was less than three meters away from it, carrying a violent killing intent. An intense sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing him to instinctively take two steps back. Facing such a terrifying attack, even his body's combat instincts didn't know how to respond effectively …

As Ye Xuan watched the giant black python's trident swallow up Ye Xuan's body, his tightly shut eyes abruptly snapped open.

A scarlet light flashed in his eyes as a killing intent that seemed to be solid shot out from them.

Killing intent filled Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the trident that was constantly growing larger in his pupils. Without any hesitation, he slashed out with the frost sword in his hand!


Without any warning, a five-foot-long stream of slaughter sword Qi shot out from the Ice Sword, chopping the trident into two. At the same time, it rushed towards the Buried God Stark without losing any of its killing intent, causing his expression to change drastically!

As he stared at the incoming killing sword aura, a thick sense of life and death filled the Buried God Stark's heart. His mind was also affected by the sword aura, as countless corpses appeared in his eyes. The killing sword aura was like a god of death bringing along a large number of undeads as he charged over, attempting to completely devour him, causing his hands and feet to go numb.

This was the purest killing intent that Ye Xuan had tempered through his sword!

"No …."

Seeing the Swordqi getting closer and closer, Stark felt like he was going to be eaten by the countless undead. He let out a scream of despair …

"If you kill me, the sea goddess of the fourth floor, Viola, will never let you go! "No …."


In the next moment, his body was struck by the sword qi of slaughter. It shattered into pieces and exploded, transforming into a rain of blood that slowly sprinkled down from the sky …

He died on the spot!

The large amount of equipment and weapons he carried along with him, as well as gold coins, all fell to the ground, emitting a dazzling light.

After all, this fellow had plundered the entire third floor of the Demonic God Palace …

"No …."

The moment Stark died in the game world, a voice filled with extreme grief, love for life, fear of death, and unwillingness rang out from the Burial Hall. It fell into the ears of every guard of the Burial Hall, and they couldn't help but shiver …

Whispers of discussion could be heard from the mouths of the guards.

"Lord Stark's scream is truly tragic..."

"From the looks of it, Lord Stark was probably killed in the game world …"

"Poor Lord Stark..."

"Hey, who do you think could kill Lord Stark in the game world?"

"I heard that injuries and death can be seen perfectly in the game world. Judging from Lord Stark's screams, his death this time would be even worse than the last …"

"For the past few years, Lord Stark has been addicted to women and was killed even in the game. Our Temple of Buried Awakening has been declining ever since. In my opinion, we should find a way out of this earlier, right?"

With the death of Stark in the game, his screams resounded throughout the Temple of Eros. His image and authority in the hearts of his subordinates had been greatly influenced, causing him to gradually decline …