On the fifth floor of the Demonic God Palace, intense battles were going on.

Under the combined attacks of the Sword Emperor Guild and the powerful enemies led by Titan Berserk Saint Ro, the Saint Devil Palace Guild that Su Xiaomeng joined was completely defeated.

A large number of Demonic Saint Hall's players had been massacred by them!

Originally, out of the over a hundred players in the Saint Devil Palace Guild, there were less than ten who were struggling to survive.

Even Lord Di, the president of the Demonic Saint Hall guild, fell into an unprecedented bitter battle under the berserk attacks of Titan Berserk Saint Ro.

The whole situation on the battlefield was undoubtedly extremely terrible for the Saint Devil Palace.

Their morale could be said to have dropped to the extreme.

If they didn't have enough healing potions, they would have all perished long ago.

Even so, everyone in the Saint Devil palace was covered in wounds, gritting their teeth and painfully enduring.

The entire fifth floor had already fallen into the hands of the Sword Emperor Guild led by Titan Berserker Saint Ro. They definitely could not back down and allow these fellows to rush to the sixth floor to carry out a massacre!

"Bam bam bam!"

With a dull thud, Su Xiaomeng, who was fighting against one of the core members of the Sword Emperor Pavilion, was hit by the powerful force. Her mouth sprayed out a large amount of blood, and she was sent flying like a cannonball.

When the dust settled, Su Xiaomeng was stuck in the wall with wounds all over her body.

"Cough cough …"

The intense pain caused her to cough violently while clutching her chest. Traces of blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth.

Even though she had obtained the inheritance of the Wind God Token and was equipped with many high grade equipment from the game world, and her strength had increased by a huge amount, she still wasn't a match for that core powerhouse from the Sword Emperor Guild.

He looked to be in his forties, with tanned skin and a strong build. There was an ugly scar on his face, and his name was Styrofoam, one of the 72 Earth Fiends of the Western Asura World. He had an extremely powerful strength, ranked 51st on the Earth Fiend Board!

Looking at the seriously injured Su Xiaomeng stuck in the wall, looking at her chest that kept rising and falling due to her heavy breathing, a wicked smile appeared on Styrofoam's ugly face. His eyes flickered with a strong greed and passion, and a mocking voice came out from his mouth.

"Tsk tsk, big chested loli, don't be afraid. Uncle Stirrok will definitely care for you and make sure you are satisfied. Hehe …" "

At the end of his words, Stirrok burst out laughing, his face full of greed and passion.

He had never experienced such a cute, big-chested loli. He had no idea how great it would be when he played with her. Just the thought of it made him excited.

Su Xiaomeng stared coldly at Styrofoam's ugly face. She didn't say anything but tried her best to recover her energy.

After experiencing so many battles in the game world, she was no longer the flower that was once nurtured in a greenhouse. Instead, she had grown up a lot. She was no longer afraid, but rather filled with courage and decisiveness.

Until the very last moment, she would never give up so easily.

"Tsk tsk, big-chested loli …" I can't see that she's rather stubborn, but I still like that timid and soft look of the loli, so you should just obediently turn into the one I like first. That way, uncle will properly love you, gently stroke you, slowly twitch you, haha … "

Looking at Su Xiaomeng's stubborn look, Stirrok's face was full of playfulness. He stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his lips as he spoke sinisterly.

"Boom! Boom!"

The instant he said that, his foot suddenly exerted force. A powerful force exploded out from him, rushing towards Su Xiaomeng with a strong killing intent. His right fist was filled with strength as it smashed towards Su Xiaomeng.

This guy wanted to beat up Su Xiaomeng so he played around with her slowly.

"Wind Shadow Fist!"

Su Xiaomeng's eyes were filled with a cold light as she looked at the man who was charging at her with a strong killing intent. She gritted her teeth and a green energy surged around her right hand. With a strong determination, she threw a punch at him.


"Puchi …"

The next moment, a dull thumping sound came out. It was Su Xiaomeng's and Stirrok's two fists that were out of proportion in size.

"Tsk tsk, not bad strength. It's a pity that it has no effect at all …"

He knew that this was Su Xiaomeng's last counterattack. He looked at her chest, which was soft from the impact, and the evil look in his eyes became even more intense. He then said with a hint of greediness, "This scene is so spectacular that even uncle can't resist it!"


"Puchi …"

The moment Stirrok's words left his mouth, even more berserk energy surged out from his fist towards Su Xiaomeng, causing her to feel as if she was struck by lightning. Her chest felt stuffy, her face turned white, and blood spurted out of her mouth.

The armor on her body collapsed under the impact, revealing a white shirt underneath. The bright red blood dyed her white clothes red.

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng was seriously injured and couldn't move at all!

"Su Mengmeng..."


Seeing Su Mengmeng, who had been heavily injured, enter the wall, the members, led by the Saint Devil palace's guild leader, Lord Di, could not help but change their expressions. Worry could be heard from their mouths.

"You guys actually have the leisure to care about others at a time like this. You are really reckless!" Since that's the case, we shall help you! "

In the instant that the Demonic Saint Hall's guild members were distracted by Su Xiaomeng's serious injuries, the Sword Emperor Pavilion powerhouse led by Titan Berserk Saint Ro seized the opportunity to launch a berserk attack at them!

"Bam!" "Clang!"

"Ahh …"

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the dull sound of a fist hitting flesh, and miserable shrieks of blood continuously rang out at this moment.

The members of the Saint Devil Palace suffered heavy injuries and suffered a devastating blow. They spat out large amounts of blood, and were sent flying back like dead dogs …

Su Xiaomeng's defeat was like a fuse that triggered a series of chain reactions, causing the Saint Devil sect members who had been struggling to hold on to to survive from the damage.

"Puchi …"

Even the powerful President of the Demonic Palace, Lord Di, was heavily injured by Titan Berserk Demon Saint-level at this moment. He was heavily smashed into the wall and sunk into a grievous injury. His powerful aura instantly weakened … …

"Guild leader, everyone …."

Looking at the heavily injured Lord Di and his many companions, Su Xiaomeng's face turned pale, and anxious words came out from her mouth.

"Cough cough …" Mengmeng, we're almost at our limits. Why hasn't that friend of yours arrived yet? "

Lord Di's pale face was full of pain. His palm was clutching his chest with difficulty as he spoke weakly.

Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo carried the blood of the Titan Tribe. He was extremely powerful and strong. He was not his match at all. He had already reached his limit in being able to last until now …

"Guild leader, everyone, you guys hold on! He'll be here soon!"

Hearing Lord Di's words, looking at his painful and weak appearance, and looking at his defeated companion, Su Xiaomeng clenched her jade-like hands and spoke between clenched teeth.

"Right away? Big Sis Big-chested, don't dream about it. He won't barge his way here! "

Titan Berserk Saint Luo's greedy and passionate gaze swept across Su Xiao Meng's chest, which was so high that it seemed as if her clothes were about to be torn apart. His playful and playful words came out of his mouth.


Su Xiao Meng asked subconsciously.

"Stirok, you tell her!"

Titan Berserk Saint Ro turned his head and looked at Styrofoam, speaking neither too slowly nor too slowly.

"Tsk tsk … My little darling, I'm afraid you don't know yet? Maybe that guy can get past the first and second layers, but there's no need for him to even think about the third and fourth layers, because the ones guarding that place are the Burying Goddess Stark and the Burying Goddess Eros, as well as the Sea Goddess Viola and the Sea Goddess Shrine she commands! "

Stirrok licked his lips with his bright red tongue and walked towards Su Xiaomeng step by step, the words coming out of his mouth were filled with endless playfulness.

"Two legendary figures, as well as many core cadres and subordinates, do you think that you can break through by yourself? "So, feel despair!"

When Stirrok's words fell into the ears of Su Mengmeng, Lord Di and the other Saint Devil Palace members, their expressions changed as astonished words came out of their mouths.

"How could this be?"

"The God of Burial, Stark, and Viola, the God of the Seas, are on the third and fourth levels?"

"When did they come?"

After that, their expressions became incomparably gloomy and dejected.

Although they had heard from Su Mengmeng that her friend was very powerful and that he was wanted by the system for killing too many people in the Demonic Palace, it was impossible for him to reach the fifth floor by himself.

After all, killing him would result in countless bounty rewards. The ones guarding the third and fourth level were the two Western Asura World's thirty-six Gods.

[He must be too busy to take care of himself.]

At this moment, a deep sense of despair and helplessness filled the hearts of Lord Di and the others. If they were strong enough, how could they have failed to defend the Demonic Palace and fallen to such a state …

They hadn't been able to defend their homeland in the real world during the battle at the Demonic God Palace's headquarters. And now, in this illusory world, they were no different …

"Big... "Don't be discouraged, everyone. Ye Xuan will definitely come. He will definitely not let me down!"

Feeling the sadness, despair and depression of Lord Di and the others, Su Xiaomeng tried her best to resist the pain coming from her body as she spoke while gritting her teeth.

"Haha …" If that's the case, then you can slowly wait! As for us … "

A greedy smile appeared on Stirrok's face as he heard Su Xiaomeng's words. He walked up to her and looked at her proudly. He subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

"Hehe, big-chested little loli, it's time for you to celebrate with our Sword Emperor Pavilion's big fellow." Brothers, enjoy it to your heart's content! "

Then, he laughed sinisterly, his mouth filled with fiery words.


As Titan's voice fell, Stirrok and the other members of the Sword Emperor Guild let out excited roars. They stretched out their Demon Claw and charged towards Su Xiaomeng like wolves and tigers, wanting to ravage and devour her petite and fiery body.

"Stop right there, you bunch of damn bastards!"

Seeing this scene, the faces of Lord Di and the other members of the Saint Devil Palace couldn't help but change drastically. They screamed out anxiously and rushed towards Stirok and the others without a care, wanting to stop their atrocities. However, they were sent flying by the force of the wild Titan Saint Ro's hand … …

"I won't kill you guys, just obediently stand on the side and watch as that little girl gets played around!"

A cold and mocking voice came out from the mouth of the Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo.

"Ye Xuan, come save me!"

Looking at the greedy and evil face of Styrofoam and other members of the Sword Emperor Guild, Su Xiaomeng's cute face turned pale, and her eyes were filled with fear. She was afraid that she would be trampled on and brutalized like a tiger.

"Haha …" "Cry, my little darling, and cry as much as you like!"

"Girl, it's useless calling anyone, but your call really made me excited …"

"Come, my little darling, enjoy the ravages and caresses of uncles!"

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's desperate cries and seeing her frightened crying appearance, the vicious and savage words came out from Stirok and the others.

At the same time, they pounced towards Su Xiaomeng at an even faster speed and reached out their evil hands towards her towering snow-white hand …

"Swish …"

Seeing that their palms were about to land on Su Xiaomeng, a resplendent ray of sword light shot towards them from the fifth floor's entrance without any warning.

"Ahh …"

In the instant that Styrofoam and the others had no time to react, their bodies were engulfed.

Shrill screams rang out, and the heads of Stirrok and the others flew off their bodies.

Bright red blood spurted out from their severed necks like a fountain …

A voice filled with endless coldness and dominance rang out at this moment!

"No one dares to touch my people, not even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors!" Today, you all must die! "