"No one dares to touch my people, not even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors!" Today, you all must die! "

As the cold and overbearing voice sounded out, a slender figure slowly appeared at the entrance of the hall under the cold and unsightly gazes of the Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo and the others. He strode over with a cold killing intent.

He had long, flowing hair, a cold and handsome face, and his slender and straight figure was wrapped in a battle armor surrounded by black demonic energy. He held a crystal clear sword that seemed to be crafted from ice in his hand, releasing an endless amount of power and sharpness, just like an unsheathed peerless sharp sword, which gave people an invisible pressure.

Without a doubt, he was the one who defeated Viola, Ye Xuan.

Above his head, there was the nickname that had turned blood-red in the game — Demon Master Xuan!

The reason why he was here was not only because he had spent a lot of time dealing with the sea goddess, Viola, and the others. It was also because he had used potions on the way here to restore his physical strength to its optimum state, allowing him to maintain his maximum combat strength.

"Demon Master Ah Xuan?"

"Su Mengmeng, he's that friend of yours, right?"

"Damn, this is really him! He actually barged in here …"

"What a strong aura, wasn't that strike by him the one that killed Sturrock?"

Looking at Ye Xuan's arrival, many of the members of the Saint Devil Palace had faces full of shock, and their mouths were filled with excited words.

It was obvious that the sword strike Ye Xuan had used to kill Stirrok had left them feeling exhilarated and shocked.

"Ye Xuan you bastard, why did you only arrive now? I almost …"

Su Xiaomeng was excited as well. As she watched Ye Xuan slowly walk over, tears welled up in her eyes as she thought about what she'd just experienced …

In the end, this girl was still a little girl.

Following Ye Xuan's arrival, the toughness she tried her best to pretend to had vanished like smoke in thin air. Her heart was filled with a deep sense of grievance.

"Silly girl, don't cry. Didn't I come?"

Ye Xuan walked in front of Su Xiaomeng and looked at her crying face. Then, he put his hand on her head and touched it as he smiled.


The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, he thought of something and took out a cloak from the system's backpack to cover up Su Xiaomeng's beautiful appearance.

"Demon Lord Ah Xuan, I didn't think that this brat would actually barge his way here." Could it be that Lord Stark, the God of Burying Love, and Lord Viola, the God of the Seas, have been completely defeated? "

"Tsk, how could Lord Stark and Lord Viola possibly lose? That kid must have sneaked up here while they weren't paying attention."

"But this guy just killed Sturrock with a single sword strike!"

"Stirrok is merely an existence in the middle to lower rankings of the seventy-two Earth Fiend Rankings. How can he be compared to Lord Stark and Lord Viola?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was coaxing Su Xiaomeng, the members of the Sword Emperor Guild, led by Titan Berserk Demon Saint Ro, all had extremely cold and ugly expressions. Many of them even started discussing amongst themselves.

Although Ye Xuan had just killed a large number of Styrofoam members with a single sword strike, that was only a small portion of the Titan Berserk Demon Saint Ro's group that had gathered here.

After all, the core warriors under the command of Titan Berserk Saint Ro wasn't limited to just him alone. There were also three men who stood behind him respectfully, looking like Dark Blade Masters.

Their faces were cold, and their eyes were sharp. Their robust and agile bodies were wrapped in dark attributed clothing, and each of them carried a longsword with a different shape on their back. They clearly seemed to be very eye-catching existences, but they seemed to have merged with the environment around them, making it so that no one paid attention to them.

Because they all loved the sword as if it were crazy, they cultivated the way of the sword. As a result, people called them Sword Heroes, Sword Demons, Sword Addicts, and Asuras Three Sword Slaves. The three of them were respectively ranked twelfth, eleventh, and eighth on the Western Asura World's seventy-two Earth Fiend Ranking!

The three of them were proficient in joint offensive sword skills. Being able to form a sword formation had a strong killing power. If they worked together, they would be able to fight against a portion of the thirty-six Deities of the Western Asura World.

"Master Xiluo, hand that kid over to us three!"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was comforting Su Xiaomeng, the three Asura Swordsmen wanted to take a step forward to attack him, but Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo reached out his hand and stopped them.

The bone-chillingly cold voice came out from the mouth of Titan. "Brat, I didn't expect you to be able to avoid Stark and Viola's line of sight. You are indeed quite capable to have barged in here! However, do you think that your arrival will be able to change the outcome? "

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Titan Berserk Saint Ro turned his head around and looked at the heavily injured member of the Demonic Saint Palace. He mockingly said, "You guys can't be hoping that this kid will be able to turn the tables for you, right?"

Hearing Titan's words, the faces of the members of the Saint Devil Palace turned ashen. They clenched their fists until they could hear the crackling sounds. Their eyes were filled with rage and unwillingness.

"Alright, it's alright. An Xin will stay here. Leave everything to me!"

After Ye Xuan consoled Su Xiaomeng, he slowly turned his head and his gaze fell onto Titan Berserk Demon Saint Ro's body. He coldly said, "Avoid Stark and Viola's line of sight?"

"I think you're mistaken. I didn't avoid their line of sight, but rather killed them!"

"Haha …"

"You killed Lord Stark and Lord Viola?"

"Stop joking. Don't you know that once you enter the Demonic Palace, if a person above the level of Sky or God dies, the system will send you a message?"

"If you really killed those two lords, why didn't the system notify you? "He's clearly a rookie, don't pretend to be a big tailed wolf just to scare us off."

As soon as Ye Xuan's words entered the ears of the members of the Sword Emperor Pavilion, they burst out in laughter as if they'd heard the funniest joke in the world.

The Shura Swordsmen looked at Ye Xuan with contempt and disdain.

Originally, they were slightly interested in Ye Xuan. However, after hearing his words, they didn't have the slightest bit of interest in Ye Xuan. They didn't place any importance on this fellow who only knew how to speak loudly …

"Did you see that?" This is the reinforcement that you guys have worked so hard to get, only pretending to be Big Tailed Wolves! "

Titan Berserk Saint Luo turned his head around and looked at the Saint Devil Palace Lord Di that was leading the guild members. His cold and playful voice came from his mouth.

However, Lord Di and the others couldn't find any words to refute him, because according to the rules of the God Demon Palace, once a God level character was defeated and perished, there would be a system notification.

However, Ye Xuan had just said that he'd killed the Burying God Stark and the Sea God Viola, but they didn't get any system or hints. This undoubtedly made them all think that Ye Xuan was just bragging.

"System Notification: The God of Burying Love Stark and the guild members of the Burying Eros Temple have all been defeated by Demon Master Ah Xuan. They have fallen and died! At the same time, the God of the Seas, Viola, was defeated by the Demon Lord Ah Xuan. All of the members of the Sea Goddess Guild perished. "Because the player Demon Master Ah Xuan severely damaged the game's balance and experience, his bounty has now been increased to 100 million gold coins … …"

However, just when Titan's Berserk Saint Luo, the Asura's Three Sword Slaves, and the others were attacking and ridiculing Ye Xuan's words while Lord Di and the others were unable to find the words to help Ye Xuan fight back, the system's notification sound suddenly rang out at this moment, causing their expressions to involuntarily change. Their faces were filled with shock and astonishment.

Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with shock as voices of disbelief sounded out from their mouths.

"How is this possible?"

"So what that kid said was actually true?"

"The God of Burial, Lord Stark, and the God of the Seas, Lord Viola, were defeated by him?"

The originally contemptuous and disdainful gazes disappeared, and replacing them was an ice-cold and serious look. The sword fanatic stuck out his bright red tongue and licked the corner of his mouth as he spoke in a bloodthirsty voice, "I didn't expect you to actually be able to defeat Lord Stark and Lord Viola. What a good prey!"

"Master Saint Luo, leave this brat to us, the three sword slaves!"

Hearing the Shura Three Sword Slaves' words, Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo looked at Ye Xuan with a gaze that was filled with boundless coldness. He said in a ruthless voice, "Don't play him to death. I'll make sure these trash from the Demonic Saint Palace watch as their savior is tormented …"


However, before he could finish speaking, a cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes. The wind rose beneath his feet as he instantly disappeared from where he stood, bringing with him a strong killing intent as he charged towards Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo. The ice sword in his hand was violently swung with boundless killing intent.

The slaughter sword!

An incomparably pure killing intent infused with the sword aura from Ye Xuan's slash, carrying an endless amount of killing intent and fury, rushed towards Titan Berserk Demon Saint Ro. It could be said to be incomparably swift, as lightning.

"Kacha …."

However, Titan Holy Luo didn't seem to care in the face of Ye Xuan's powerful sword attack. His eyes flickered with a cold light and his large and powerful hand abruptly reached out, crushing the Swordqi attack that was aimed at him into powder.

This guy's physical defense and strength were actually this terrifying!

"Tsk tsk, to actually dare to provoke the dignity of Lord Saint Luo. He's really courting death!"

The three Shura slaves took advantage of this gap to rush at Ye Xuan. The swords on their backs were suddenly unsheathed and grasped in their hands as they shot dazzling sword lights towards Ye Xuan to surround him, causing Ye Xuan to instantly fall into their encirclement.

The speed of these three fellows was truly fast. Their strength were also quite extraordinary, making them a bit difficult to deal with.

Facing the three of them, even a Divine Level expert would not dare to be the slightest bit careless. This was because the three of them would always suddenly display a combined sword skill, causing their killing power to suddenly increase, making it hard for others to guard against them.

Ye Xuan didn't dare to lower his guard in the slightest against the three Asura Sword Slaves. The three of them used three different sword skills, but they were still able to strangely fuse them together …

"Ding ding ding …"

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! The air produced beautiful sparks, and in an instant, Ye Xuan had exchanged almost a hundred blows with the Shura Swordsmen.

Looking from afar, the sky was filled with the shadows of the fierce battle that the four of them had left behind, as well as the densely packed sword images that filled the sky. It was incomparably dazzling, cool, and beautiful …

An unending stream of sword Qi expanded out from the center of their battle and spread out in all directions, hitting the surrounding walls and causing dust to fill the air. It tore a eye-catching hole in the hard wall …

The three of them looked at each other for a moment, then exchanged glances. They had actually strangely changed the style and rhythm of their attacks, and the force in their bodies was surging, at this moment, the three swords in their hands circled around each other, revolving at high speeds, creating a violent sword aura tornado, and suddenly thrusted towards Ye Xuan.

Combination Sword Technique: Sword Qi Wind Blade!

A strong sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to turn ice-cold. A trace of impatience flashed through his eyes.

Facing the powerful combined sword skills of the Asura Three Swords, Ye Xuan didn't retreat in the slightest. He tightly gripped the Ice Sword in his hand and fearlessly charged towards them.

The instant Ye Xuan charged out, his body actually transformed into countless clones, carrying an unparalleled killing intent as he charged straight towards the Asura's Three Sword Slaves.

Thirty million blade light and sword shadows, nine days of massacre!