With Ye Xuan joining the Saint Devil Palace, the entire strength of the Saint Devil Palace's guild would undoubtedly increase.

Furthermore, no one had any objections to Ye Xuan becoming the vice president of the Saint Devil Palace. After all, Ye Xuan had defeated the Buried Love God Stark, Viola, and a Demon King level expert like Titan Madman Hongluo. He had sufficient strength to become the vice president of the Saint Devil Palace.

For a moment, the entire Saint Devil Palace was in an uproar. It was the start of Ye Xuan's welcome party.

At the same time, Ye Xuan had thoroughly become familiar with the members of the Demonic Saint Hall's guild.

At the same time, the news of Ye Xuan defeating the God of Buried Love, Stark, Titan Madman, and Holy Luo spread throughout the game world with a burst of godly power. It caused a huge earthquake that caused countless people to be shocked and shocked.

In the center of the Ancient City of Savage, there were many rankings floating around regarding the battle force of players in the game world. This made a large number of strong players gather here and they often gathered here to watch the data change on the leaderboards.

Amongst the many data lists, there were two that were the most authoritative and most popular!

These two boards were the Asura Heaven and Earth Rankings and the Asura's Bounty Rankings!

The Asura Heaven Ranking was divided into the Asura Heaven Ranking and the Asura Earth Ranking, containing all the top powerhouses within the game.

The ranking was updated once a week, and today was the day it was updated.

Even though the leaderboards hadn't been updated yet, a large number of players had already gathered here. Some quietly waited here for the leaderboards to update, while others gathered in groups of three or five to discuss it.

"Hey, have you heard? This time, the Demonic God Palace was actually not breached? "

"It wasn't broken through? "What the hell is going on? I was not able to come online when the Demonic Palace opened."

"Hey, you guys really don't have much information, you don't even know this? I heard that a guy called Demon Master Ah Xuan single-handedly swept through all the players that had attacked the Divine Demon Palace. The Black Serpent Guild, Buried Awakened Shrine Guild, Sea Goddess Hall Guild, and others were all killed by him alone in the palace. Even Lord Stark, the God of Burying Love, Lord Viola the God of the Seas and Lord Titan Berserk Saint Luo were defeated by him, which is why the Demonic Palace was not breached this time! "

"Damn, is that for real?"

"Of course it's true! Otherwise, why do you think there are so many people here today? Everyone is here to see if Demon Lord Ah Xuan will be able to make it onto the Asura Heaven Ranking! "

Being able to stand out in the Demonic Palace undoubtedly caused Ye Xuan to gain a certain level of fame in the game world.

From what I see, he should definitely be able to be ranked in the Asura Heaven Ranking, but he should only be able to be ranked in the Asura Earth Ranking. After all, the Heaven Ranking is a special place for the Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors and Nine Demon Kings, and it only has twenty rankings!

"That's right, Demon Lord Ah Xuan definitely cannot enter the Asura Heavenly Rankings. In my opinion, it would be difficult for him to enter the top ten of the Asura's Earth Rankings. After all, I heard that he defeated Titan Berserk Demon with the help of the Demonic Saint Palace members …"

"As for the Asura Tribute List, his 100 million bounty is actually enough to enter the top 20!"

It had to be said that the Demon Master Ah Xuan's ranking on the various boards was quite important.

"Look, the Asura's Bounty Rankings is starting to update!"

Just as everyone was discussing, an excited voice was heard from the crowd.

Following the appearance of this voice, everyone simultaneously looked towards the Asura's Bounty Board. Under their shocked gazes, the Asura's Bounty Board erupted with dazzling light, and rows and rows of dazzling words gradually appeared.

Asura Tribute List!

Top1: Emperor Qing's bounty is 3.5 billion Asura dollars!

Top2: Asuras have a bounty of 1.5 billion Asura dollars!

Top3: Sword Emperor's bounty of four billion, nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine million Asura dollars!

Top4: The Evil Emperor's reward is 1.489 billion Asura dollars!

… ….

Top 10: Demon Lord Ah Xuan's bounty of 180 million!

… ….

When the Asura's Bounty Board appeared clearly in everyone's line of sight, and everyone saw Ye Xuan's ranking and his bounty money clearly, they were astonished and stupefied. They obviously didn't expect Ye Xuan's bounty money to increase by another eighty million to rank in the top ten, which completely exceeded their expectations!

After all, most of them thought that Ye Xuan would only be able to enter the top 20!

"Demon Master Ah Xuan is actually ranked tenth, and his bounty has increased by another eighty million yuan. Is it because he defeated Titan Berserk Demon Saint Luo?"

As they looked at the list that appeared, murmurs came from their mouths.

When the Asura's Bounty List was completed, the Asura's Heaven and Earth Board began to update.

The first to be updated was the Asura Earth Board. The players on the board were all extremely powerful existences, and not only were there the many god-level powerhouses of the Western Asura World, but there were also some with the title of Demon King. There were also other players from other places that didn't know their true identities.

However, when they finished looking at the Asura Earth Ranking, everyone was shocked to discover that Demon Lord Ah Xuan's name wasn't on the ranking board. This undoubtedly caused them to be extremely startled!

"Could it be that Demon Master Ah Xuan is not qualified to be on the leaderboard?"

"That shouldn't be the case, he defeated the Titan Berserk Demon, so he should be listed on the list!"

"Could the authorities have placed him on the Asura Heavenly Rankings?"

"Impossible! The Asura Heavenly Rankings is filled with existences akin to the Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors, and Nine Demon Kings! He doesn't have that kind of combat strength!"

It had to be said that many people were extremely shocked that Demon Lord Ah Xuan wasn't listed on the Asura's Earth Board.

At this moment, the Asura Heavenly Rankings was released!

The Asura Heavenly Rankings!




TOP4: Emperor Qing!

TOP5: Sword Emperor!


Top9: XXX

TOP10: Evil Emperor!

TOP11: Asura!

The crowd's gaze followed the list down, finally stopping at the last name on the list.

TOP20: Demon Lord Ah Xuan!

Reason for entry: Demon Lord Ah Xuan defeated the three powerhouses, Burying Love God Stark, Ocean God Viola, and Titan Berserk Saint Luo. His strength is unquestionable! Moreover, according to investigations, he was once the direct disciple of one of the Five Emperors, the Demon Lord!


When everyone saw Ye Xuan's ranking and his reason for being on the leaderboard, the entire crowd went into an uproar. They were extremely shocked, and voices of disbelief came out from their mouths.

"What?" The Demon Lord Ah Xuan is actually the direct disciple of the Demon Lord? "

"How is that possible? Didn't the Demon Lord fall? How could there be a direct disciple? "

"Holy shit, the news of the personal disciple of the Demon Lord appearing in public is too much!"

"Could it be that Demon Master Xuan wants to rebuild the Demonic Palace?"

"Is he so strong? No wonder he was able to be ranked. He is actually the direct disciple of the Demon Lord!"

At this moment, there was no longer any doubt about Ye Xuan's ranking. Just his status as the Demon Lord's personal disciple was enough to qualify him for the ranking.

The moment the news was released, the entire game world, and even the real world, was in an uproar.

Holy Demon Palace Headquarters.

Ye Xuan, Asura, Su Xiaomeng, Di Ying, and many other members of the Saint Devil Palace were currently eating and drinking.

"President, something terrible has happened!"

However, at this moment, an intelligence agent ran in, anxious words coming out of his mouth.

"What's going on?"

The people in the large hall involuntarily stopped their actions when they heard the words of that intelligence officer. They placed their uncertain gazes on him. The Asura spoke in a deep voice at this moment.

"The Asura's Bounty Board and the Asura's Heaven and Earth Board have both been updated. Vice President Xuan has reached tenth place on the Asura's Bounty Board. The bounty is one hundred and eighty million yuan and the Asura's Heavenly Board is twentieth …"

The intelligence agent spoke up anxiously.



However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by the excited cheers and shouts of the crowd.

In their opinion, Ye Xuan being able to be ranked on the two lists was undoubtedly worthy of celebration. This was because it symbolized his prestige, fame, and influence.

"Isn't that great? What kind of disaster is it? "

The Asura asked, puzzled.

"However, Vice President Ah Xuan did it not only because he defeated Titan, Berserk Demon, but also because he was once Lord Devil Lord's disciple. In other words, Vice President Ah Xuan's identity was completely exposed!"

The intelligence agent looked anxious as he said, "Once Vice Chairman Xuan's identity as the Demon Lord's personal disciple is exposed, he will definitely be in great trouble and be affected in the real world. After all, the five great emperors are …"

Hearing the words of the intelligence agent, the expressions of everyone present turned extremely unsightly and grave. Even the Asura couldn't help but frown as his expression became extremely unsightly. It was evident that they didn't expect Ye Xuan's identity to be known so quickly …

However, Ye Xuan didn't think much of it, it seemed like everything was within his expectations. Looking at the unsightly expressions on everyone's faces, Ye Xuan smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, my identity was already exposed in the real world, and that bastard, the Evil Emperor, came looking for me. However, everyone doesn't need to worry about my safety, I'll be fine …"

"It's about time. Some of you should log off!" It is inconvenient to talk about this in this world. If there is a chance, we can talk about some things after we meet in the future! "

Without waiting for Asura's response, Ye Xuan turned his head around and smiled at Su Xiaomeng. He pulled her down the line, turning into specks of starlight and gradually disappearing from their line of sight … …

"Let's go, we'll talk offline!"

As he watched Ye Xuan and the others gradually disappear, the Asura Race expert spoke in a low voice.

Following his words, the many members of the Saint Devil Palace turned into specks of light and gradually disappeared …

In the west was the dark world, Black Dragon City, a certain high-class villa complex!

In a study full of antiquity, a silver-haired man sitting on a chair slowly took off his sunglasses simulator, revealing his abnormally handsome face that had been damaged by an eye-catching knife scar.

The scar extended from his left forehead all the way to his left eye. Like a ferocious centipede, it forcefully split his handsome face into two halves, making him look less handsome and more vicious.

His upper body was bare, revealing his muscular, scarred body.

In this densely packed upper mouth, the two long blades' wounds that were almost 40 centimeters long were extremely conspicuous. They extended from his chest to his lower abdomen, forming an eye-catching "X", causing his body to have an indescribable savageness and wildness.

It was hard to imagine how he managed to survive with so many wounds on his body.

If Ye Xuan were to see him, he would definitely be able to recognize him. He was his former brother, one of the three Demon Kings of the Demonic Palace, one of the nine Demon Kings of the Western Asura World, Saint Devil Derek.

He slowly raised his head and looked out the window at the pitch-black night. His eyes were filled with reminiscence, and within his mind, he recalled the scene from the past as he muttered to himself.

"Is that guy's direct disciple?"

As his words fell, he slowly stood up and draped a silver coat over his body to cover his scars. Standing up, he began to walk out of the room, speaking words that no one could doubt.

"It looks like I should leave this place."

"Ah Ying, follow me to the Sovereign King Palace!"

Author's Note: The Sovereign King Palace is about to appear, do you all dare to make a sound? Finally, he weakly asked everyone for a monthly ticket!