Within the Starlight Villa, in a room that was filled with movement and fashion, Ye Xuan slowly took off the game simulator he was wearing. He looked out the window at the night sky that had turned completely dark, and his brows knitted together without a trace.

He clearly didn't expect that he would have stayed in the game world for so long, from day to night.

However, entering the game world was a huge gain for Ye Xuan.

Not only had he comprehended the Slaughter Sword Intent, he had also created a powerful martial skill like the Slaughter Domain. He had also joined the Saint Devil Palace Guild and confirmed Asura's identity, knowing that he was his former brother, the Saint Devil Derek.

Although there were some things in the game that they weren't able to communicate and reveal due to being afraid of leaking out, Ye Xuan believed that with that guy's personality, Shengmo Daluo would definitely take some actions to investigate him and even come to find him.

Thinking about how he was still alive and was able to reunite with him, the corner of Ye Xuan's mouth couldn't help but curve slightly, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

"Ye Xuan, what are you looking at?" I'm hungry. "

Su Xiaomeng removed the game simulator and turned her head to look at the stunned Ye Xuan outside the window. Her beautiful eyebrows slightly creased as extremely dissatisfied words came out of her mouth.

"Hungry? Then, let's go downstairs and see if Qingcheng and the rest have returned … If they haven't come back yet, then we can only leave and go eat without them! "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ….

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, Ye Xuan stood up and stretched lazily, teasing her.

"Un, good …" Then I'll go take a shower and change my clothes first! "

Su Xiaomeng nodded with a smile and yawned, stretching herself lazily.

Following this action, the perfect curve of her body was revealed. The towering softness of her chest was also revealed, as if she was about to burst her clothes.

Ye Xuan turned around just in time to see this scene. His eyes widened until they were round, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

This girl was already dressed to the point of being sexy. Coupled with her stretching movements, it was as if she wanted to take one's life.

Fortunately, Su Xiaomeng didn't notice Ye Xuan's abnormality. She stretched for a bit, then turned around and headed downstairs to the bathroom.

In addition, Ye Xuan had fought with the sea goddess Viola for free in the game world. The thrill had completely relaxed his spirit, and his needs had been resolved. Now, he wasn't as easily fired up as before.

Ye Xuan yawned, stretched lazily, and then walked downstairs.

Leng Qingcheng, Mei Yao, Yu Ji, and the others hadn't returned yet because they had matters to attend to. This caused the large villa to seem somewhat deserted, causing Ye Xuan to feel somewhat bored as he sat alone in the main hall.

Fortunately, after Su Xiaomeng finished bathing and changed her clothes, she walked out of the room. Only then did Ye Xuan's boredom disappear.

This little girl still had a ponytail, and an enchanting smile hung on her delicate and cute little face. Her petite body was wrapped in a white fairy dress, and her entire body gave off a small but incomparably exquisite sense of beauty. She was just like a little fairy that had descended from the Immortal World, giving off an extremely comfortable feeling that caused Ye Xuan's eyes to light up.

"Not bad, Little Meng. You look more and more like you!"

Seeing Su Xiaomeng walk over like a fairy, Ye Xuan couldn't help but tease her.

"Tsk, can't you be more straightforward? You think you're beautiful just because you praise me?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Su Xiaomeng pouted with a mischievous expression.

Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but shake his head with a bitter smile. He stretched out his hand to rub Su Xiaomeng's head and said, "I won't praise you. I'm afraid you'll be arrogant!" Haha... "Let's go and eat!"

"Alright, let's go!" I want to eat hotpot! "

Hearing the word "eat", Su Xiaomeng's big eyes lit up with excitement.

After they finished speaking, they started walking out of the villa.

Starlight World, Red Pepper Old Hot Pot, one of the most famous Old Hot Pots in Galaxy. It had an overbearing taste, a rich fragrance, and a unique taste.

Although it was already 9: 30 at night, when Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng arrived at the restaurant, it was still brightly lit and packed with people. Long lines lined up at the entrance.

Fortunately, the restaurant had the brilliant and explosive performance of the big sisters on the Internet, so the people waiting to line up didn't feel bored at all.

When Ye Xuan and the others saw the number on the list, they were stupefied. It was because they had the number 468. They didn't know how long they'd have to wait and simply felt despair.

"Fellow student Xiao Meng, where's the number 400? I wonder how many people are there in front of us. Let's go somewhere else?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but bitterly smile.


Although Su Xiaomeng really wanted to taste this place, the long wait left her in despair, so she agreed to Ye Xuan's suggestion.

"Sigh... The two of you, please wait! "

The nearby waiter noticed that Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng were about to leave. He seemed to have thought of something and a hint of happiness couldn't help but surface on his face. He immediately dashed forward and shouted.

Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but stop in their tracks, and their gazes towards the attendant were filled with doubt.

"Excuse me, are you the chairman of the Divine Medicine Industry Group, Ye Xuan?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, the attendant's expression became extremely agitated, as if he'd seen his idol.

"Mm, what's wrong? Is something the matter?"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Haha …" Is it really you? That's great. My mother took the medicine you developed and cured her disease. You all want to eat hotpot, right? "Wait a moment, I'll go and report to the boss. She's your loyal fan and will definitely arrange things for you."

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply, the waiter's expression became even more excited. Without waiting for Ye Xuan's reply, he hastily ran into the store …

Not long later, under the guidance of the waiter, a sexy and beautiful girl that looked extremely young walked out of the shop with quick steps and arrived in front of Ye Xuan.

"Mr. Ye Xuan, I've heard a lot about you!" I am the boss of this hotpot restaurant, Hong Min, and I am also your loyal fan! I used to be weak and sickly, and I almost died. But thanks to your company's new drug, which cured my condition, I was able to take care of this shop … "Please come in!"

Hong Min's beautiful face was filled with smiles as she gestured for Ye Xuan to come over.

"Boss Hong, you're too polite, sorry for the trouble …"

Hearing Hong Min's words, Ye Xuan's face was filled with smiles as he replied.

Very quickly, under Hong Min's guidance and arrangements, they arrived at an extremely comfortable private room.

"Mr. Ye Xuan, Miss Su Xiaomeng …. Eat here, and I won't disturb you! I will arrange for a person to be at the entrance of the private box. Also, don't fight with me for this dinner tonight! "

Hong Min looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised admiration and reverence, then smiled.

"Alright, then I'll be troubling Boss Hong!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. Hong Min turned around and left with a smile.

Only Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng remained in the room.

"Tsk tsk … Ye Xuan, I didn't expect you to be so popular right now. Even the beautiful owner of this shop is a fan of yours … "

Su Xiaomeng teased him while she was washing the hotpot.

"Of course, why don't you see who I am!"

Ye Xuan said with a complacent expression.

With such a beautiful boss as a fan, he did feel a sense of accomplishment.

"Ahh …"

"Beating someone up, beat them up..."

Just as Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng were enjoying their meal, ear-piercing screams and chaotic noises came from downstairs, causing them to frown.


"Clang clang …"

Just as Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng were about to get up to check out the situation, the door to their private room was slammed open. A wretched figure slammed into the door, causing a dull thud to echo out.

"Boss Hong?"

"Boss Hong, how are you? What happened? "

Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng's expressions couldn't help but change as they watched the figure that crashed into the room's door and fell to the ground. They hurriedly rushed over to help her up, then spoke words of concern.

"Cough cough …" I... "I'm fine …"

At this moment, Hong Min no longer had her beautiful appearance from when she received Ye Xuan. Instead, her face was pale and her hair was disheveled. Her mouth was smeared with blood, making her look extremely pitiful.

"What's going on?"

Ye Xuan helped Hong Min up and said with a face full of concern.

"Cough cough …" Mr. Ye Xuan, Miss Su, thank you for your concern. I'm fine.

Hong Min wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth with her hand. A forced smile appeared on her exquisite face. She walked out of the private room while enduring the pain from her body …

"Bang …"

"Puchi …"

Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng frowned as they watched Hong Min's retreating back. A trace of pity flashed in their eyes. He was just about to speak when Hong Min, who'd walked to the door of the room, was violently kicked by someone. She spat black blood from her mouth and heavily smashed into the room …


This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's face to go cold. He moved his feet and instantly appeared before Hong Min to embrace her. Worry filled his mouth as he asked, "Boss Hong, how are you feeling?"

"Damn you, bitch …" It's fine if you don't give me the money, but you actually dare to find a man behind my back and bring me a green hat? "

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, before Hong Min could respond, a voice filled with killing intent and fury resounded.

As the voice sounded out, under Ye Xuan's and Su Xiaomeng's cold and ugly gazes, a thirty year old, fierce-looking man with a broad back, a huge machete in his hand, and a slightly drunk man with long hair, dyed with yellow hair, and earrings charged in front …

"Boss Hong, what's this all about? Do you know these people? "

Looking at the robust middle-aged man who barged in with a large group of lackeys, as well as the extremely weak Hong Min who was being beaten up, killing intent surged within Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Cough cough …"

Just as she was about to speak, the brawny man took the initiative and said, "We don't just know each other. Kid, let me tell you, she's my wife!"

"I would actually like to ask you, what is your relationship?"

Hearing the words of the brawny man, Su Xiaomeng and Ye Xuan couldn't help but be shocked. They didn't expect the brawny man to have such a relationship with Hong Min.

Red Min's beautiful face was filled with despair. She struggled to stand up and looked at the man with undisguised hatred and disgust. Weak words came out of her mouth.

"Zhang Dazhuang, if you want money, I can give it to you. However, this has nothing to do with Mr. Ye Xuan and the others, so don't involve them …"

A mocking expression surfaced on his large and strong face when he heard this. He suddenly grinned and spoke with ice-cold, bloodthirsty words.

"Don't drag him in? If he dares to touch my woman, he must die! "

As Zhang Dazhuang's words fell, he suddenly raised the machete in his hand and fiercely slashed it towards Ye Xuan!