The moon was like a silver plate, filling the sky with stars.

In the elegant hospital garden, Ye Xuan wore hospital gown and was accompanied by Lan Wanting as he chatted while strolling, enjoying this rare moment of tranquility and leisure.

Although his internal injuries had mostly healed after his treatment, he wasn't in a hurry to leave the hospital. Instead, he was still recuperating in the hospital.

Since the opening of Su Hai's auction was approaching, he didn't have much time left in Star Sea. Therefore, he planned to take advantage of this incident of being injured to recuperate for a while and chat with everyone …

"Ye Xuan, how's your injury?"

Lan Wanting, who walked beside Ye Xuan and looked at his profile, had a face full of worry. Worry filled her mouth.

"Don't worry, it's almost done."

Ye Xuan replied with a smile when he heard Lan Wanting's question.

"Really? You didn't lie to me? "

Lan Wanting was still worried.

"Of course it's true. Why would I lie to you?" Don't you think I'm fine now? "

Ye Xuan stopped and spread out his hands with a smile on his face.

Seeing this, Lan Wanting let out a sigh of relief secretly.

As if she had thought of something, she paused for a moment before continuing, "I heard that Su Hai Auction is about to begin in a while. You've received the invitation right?"

"En!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"When are you leaving?" Lan Wanting couldn't help but ask.

"In a few days, you should be able to settle the matters here!" Ye Xuan pondered for a moment.

"The situation over at Su Hai's side is much more complicated than that of Galaxy, even compared to the capital city. As the second strongest city in China, I've prepared some information about Su Hai's forces. You can take a look when you have time!"

Lan Wanting pondered for a moment, then took out an exquisite USB drive from her pocket and handed it over to Ye Xuan. Her gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised tenderness as she smiled.

She knew that she didn't have the ability to help Ye Xuan, so she could only spend time and effort to prepare all the information regarding Su Hai for him.

"Wan Ting, thank you!" "You've troubled yourself!"

Looking at the smile on Lan Wanting's delicate face and hearing her words, Ye Xuan was moved and filled with tenderness. He extended his hand to receive the USB, then carefully put it away.

"It's getting late, you should go back to the ward to rest. I should leave too..."

Lan Wanting looked up at the sky that gradually turned pitch black, then looked at the time on her watch and said.

"Alright, I'll send you off then!"

Ye Xuan didn't urge him to stay and instead smiled.

"You don't need to trouble yourself. Hurry back to the ward to rest, I'm leaving!"

Lan Wanting didn't get Ye Xuan to send her off. She instead left a message before leaving in a hurry …

Although she had a million things she wanted to say to Ye Xuan, she didn't know where to start.

She was well aware of the relationship between Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng. She could only bury her feelings deep within her heart.

Ye Xuan obviously didn't understand Lan Wanting's thoughts. A faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he watched her leave. He was just about to turn around and walk towards the ward, as if he'd sensed something.

Suddenly, his eyes turned cold. Wind and thunder surged under his feet. His body rushed towards Lan Wanting like a roaring dragon.


In the next moment, an ear-piercing gunshot was heard.

"Swish …"

A sniper bullet filled with killing intent flew at an extremely fast speed towards Lan Wanting.


Just as the sharp bullet was about to hit Lan Wanting and pierce her heart, Ye Xuan's palm suddenly extended out to embrace her. He threw her to the side, causing the sniper bullet to fly past his clothes!


A dull explosion echoed as the trash can next to them exploded upon being hit by the sniper bullets.

"Barrett's heavy sniper gear?"

Looking at the broken trash bin, Ye Xuan's face went cold. He held onto Lan Wanting's sexy and fiery figure and started rolling on the ground, evading the bullets!

"Swish, swish, swish …"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The sniper bullets struck the ground, causing holes to appear in the ground. The destructive power of the bullets could not be described as weak, nor could it be described as weak.

Moreover, from the trajectory of the bullets and the direction of the gunshots, it was clear that it wasn't just a sniper, causing Ye Xuan's expression to become extremely unsightly.

Although he had already predicted that there would be a person who would impatiently attack him while he was injured, he hadn't expected the other party to arrive so quickly.

"Wan Ting, hide here and don't move... I took care of those rats! "

After rolling Lan Wanting to a fake mountain in the middle of the garden, Ye Xuan turned around and said to her.


She didn't try to be brave at this moment, as she couldn't help Ye Xuan on the battlefield. She was only a burden and would only obstruct his way, so all she had to do was learn how to protect herself from Ye Xuan's distraction.


The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, the storage ring on his hand flashed. The Black Edge Battle Dragon quietly appeared, and Ye Xuan's palm quickly pressed down on the Transfiguration button.

Following Ye Xuan's actions, the originally cool Black Edge Battle Dragon underwent a bizarre transformation and turned into a pitch-black spear that was embedded with red crystal gems. It was even more dazzling than Barrett's sniping equipment as it emitted a sharp light.

Ye Xuan's temperament changed as he became extremely cold and unfeeling. He was like a ghost that was hibernating in the darkness as his ears slightly trembled, as if he was listening to something.

A moment later, he picked up a stone and threw it out from behind the rockery.


The moment the stone was thrown, an ear-piercing gunshot rang out. Before the stone could land on the ground, it was shot by the bullet and shattered into pieces.


A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. He exerted strength into his leg and leaped up, landing on the fake mountain. At the same time, he aimed his gun towards the source of the sound and pulled the trigger as fast as lightning without aiming.

As the sharp sound of gunfire rang out, the head of a sniper that was about to fire at Ye Xuan from the top floor of the distant building exploded, turning into a headless corpse.

Ye Xuan's body was like a nimble ape as he leapt down from the fake mountain. He nimbly rolled over, and then hid within the grass to the side, disappearing without a trace.

"Call lynx, call lynx …"

The Mountain Eagle, the sniper, was hiding in the bedroom of a nearby building. While aiming his Barrett Cannon in Ye Xuan's direction, he called out his companion's name. However, he didn't receive any response, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly.

The target's counter attack ability was too strong.

"Damn it!" Eagle, can you hear me? The lynx is dead! "

An exasperated voice came out of the assassin eagle's mouth.

Eagle, lynx, and Eagle were the top assassination teams in the country. They had killed countless targets. However, they never thought that the idea they had today would be so powerful that they could kill their companion, lynx!

This was undoubtedly a huge blow to them.

Taking a deep breath, he forcefully suppressed the rage within his heart. The eagle aimed its eyes at Ye Xuan's hiding spot in the grass, its eyes flickered with a cold light, and a cold voice sounded from its mouth.

"Viper, the target is hiding in the grass at 9 o'clock. He probably hasn't found us yet. You will be responsible for the bait and I will be responsible for his assassination. Do you understand?"

"Roger that!"

From the walkie-talkie came the emotionless voice of the eagle.

"I will count to three. After three, you will be responsible for shooting!"

The falcon's face was ice-cold as it coldly spoke.




However, just as the eagle counted to two, it was interrupted by an ear-piercing gunshot.

"No …."

A beautiful flame bloomed in the distant hospital garden. Before the eagle could even react, a sharp bullet was shot at it with the intent to kill.

The sniper bullets in his eyes continued to enlarge, causing him to let out a cry of despair, piercing through his scope and entering his right eye. The powerful energy from the bullets ignited his head, turning it into a rain of blood!

Even before he died, Ye Xuan didn't understand how Ye Xuan had found his location and killed him.

After all, he was not in the top floor of most of the snipers' houses but in the bedrooms of the residents downstairs.


This sudden and unexpected change caused everyone who was hiding in the darkness to cry out in alarm as they prepared to fire at the eagle. There were anxious shouts coming from their mouths, but they did not receive any response.

He knew that Eagle was also dead!

Looking at the hospital's peaceful and harmonious garden in the distance, Mountain Eagles had an ugly expression on his face. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as he subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

He was distracted by the fatal mistake made by the sniper when the falcon died.

After he lost his focus, he completely lost track of Ye Xuan's position!

He didn't know where Ye Xuan was hiding now, what he was going to do next, or whether he'd found Ye Xuan's location.

At this moment, the eagle had already lost two of its companions. It had lost its will to fight, and now it wanted to retreat.

His opponent's ability to counter sniper attacks could be described as terrifying. He was simply an existence that he could defeat.

With regards to accepting this bounty mission, Mountain Eagles regretted so much and decided to give up.


He carefully shifted his body and was just about to leave when an ear-piercing gunshot rang out, causing his expression to change drastically. He hurriedly pulled his head back like lightning.

"Boom! Boom!"

Unfortunately, Ye Xuan wasn't aiming at his head, but at the wall that covered his body.

In the next moment, the wall that he had been hiding behind exploded as the bullet hit it. The bullet pierced through his body after it smashed into the wall, causing a large amount of blood to spray out of his mouth.

"What a terrifying weapon. "How did that guy know I was here?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, the eagle closed its eyes and died!

"Alright!" "It's over!"

After taking care of the eagle, Ye Xuan put away his Blackpeak Panther and walked out of his hiding place with a smile on his face.

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a cold and mocking voice sounded out.

"Done? You just took care of the three pieces of trash that we arranged! "