In the black night, the Black-Edge Battleship sped forward like the wind.

Ye Xuan sat in the front passenger seat and looked at Li Chunyang, who was seriously driving. His face couldn't help but reveal a slight smile as he spoke in a calm voice, "Chunyang, do you have any doubts in your heart?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Chunyang turned around and lightly nodded his head. He then said, "I really don't understand why Young Master Xuan let Su Changqing go. Is it because of Miss Su?"

"He has something to do with Su Xiaomeng, and part of the reason is because he's a little interested, so I can't figure it out."

Ye Xuan took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. He slowly exhaled the thick smoke.

The reason why Su Changqing attacked Yun Mo wasn't only to help Ye Xuan obtain a good impression of Ye Xuan, but also to intimidate him.

According to Ye Xuan's estimation, Su Changqing's strength should not be the least bit inferior to Leng Tianlong.

That guy seemed gentle and casual, but Ye Xuan knew that he was a ruthless person.

As for why he expressed goodwill towards Ye Xuan, it was because he didn't want to become enemies with Ye Xuan at the moment!

Ye Xuan knew what that fellow was thinking. He wanted to sit back and watch the fierce battle between Ye Xuan and the Leng and Song families to clear the way for him.

However, even though Ye Xuanming knew what that fellow meant, there was nothing he could do. After all, his grudge with the Leng Clan and the Song Clan had already reached an irreconcilable extent.

Unless Ye Xuan could think of a way to drag Su Changqing or the Su Family down with him.

However, Ye Xuan didn't have the energy. He could only temporarily let that guy have his way and let him watch the show.

Of course, if that guy really did let Ye Xuan down, then Ye Xuan wouldn't mind giving him a ruthless lesson.

"There's actually someone else you can't see through, Young Master Xuan?"

Li Chunyang couldn't help but be shocked and smile when he heard Ye Xuan's words.

"What do you think about Su Changqing?"

Ye Xuan's gaze descended onto Li Chunyang as he asked with a smile.

"Although he is not as famous as Leng Tianlong in the Su family or the capital, his ambition is even greater and he is even more dangerous than Leng Tianlong. He is a ruthless character with an extremely huge amount of goals."

As for his strength, that guy is also extremely well hidden. That Yun Mo is around the Large Success of the Divine Profound Realm and he can instantly kill him, so I'm afraid that his true strength is at the peak of the Divine Profound Realm, and he might even be a martial king that has stepped into the Void Star Realm. His fighting prowess far surpasses that of the same level, and even if he was placed in the capital, he would definitely be ranked in the top five.

Li Chunyang thought for a moment and answered with a deep voice.

Ye Xuan agreed with Li Chunyang's analysis and appraisal and lightly nodded his head.

"Oh right, Young Master Xuan … "Who do you plan to bring to Su Hai's auction?"

As if he had thought of something, Li Chunyang asked again.

"In the next two days, you will take time to arrange everything in the Astral Energy Sect and come with me to Su Hai to participate in the auction!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered as he spoke in a low voice.

"Just me alone? "This trip to Su Hai is extremely dangerous …."

Li Chunyang was stunned for a moment after hearing Ye Xuan's words, then said in a low voice.

"That's why I only brought you with me!"

Before he could finish his words, Ye Xuan interrupted him. "As for Long Er and Tian Nan, although their strength has increased greatly, they are still lacking by a large margin! "Besides, Galaxy needs them to guard its base!"

"Of course, there will be one more person who will go to Su Hai!"

"Are you talking about Lord Crazy Devil Lin Feng?"

Li Chunyang lightly nodded, as if he had thought of something.

"Hmm, he already left two days ago to find out about the situation over there. We'll meet up with him then!"

Ye Xuan stretched lazily, yawned, and said with a smile.

Two days ago, he had that guy, Lin Feng, head over to Su Hai to find out more about the situation. After all, there were many dragons and snakes mixed in with each other and there were many dangers.

Not to mention that this trip to Su Hai involved the top aristocratic families and top sects in the country.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Chunyang quietly let out a sigh of relief.

After hesitating for a moment, he said with a look of admiration: "Young Master Xuan, the Yang God's Tyrant Body Technique you taught me is too mysterious. It complements my Pure Yang Energy Art and makes my cultivation speed increase by who knows how many times, greatly increasing my strength! Now, there are even signs of a breakthrough! "

"Is he about to break through again?"

Li Chunyang's words caused Ye Xuan to be stupefied, and he looked at him with a strange expression.

This fellow had just broken through not too long ago, and now, he was about to do so again.

This cultivation speed made Ye Xuan feel terror!

To be able to subdue Li Chunyang and make him willingly serve him, Ye Xuan felt as if he'd picked up a treasure.

"That's right. If nothing unexpected happens, it will be in the next two to three days!"

Li Chunyang's face was full of joy as he nodded.

"If I'm not wrong, this time you have broken through to the peak of the Spirit Traveling Profound Realm. If you break through again, you will step into the Void Star Realm and become a Martial King?"

Ye Xuan slowly spoke after pondering for a moment.

If Li Chunyang could break through to become a martial king, then he would have more confidence in their trip to Su Hai.

"Hm!" However, once you reach the Void Star Realm, your cultivation will be much slower. After all, the Void Star Realm is divided into nine small realms, and each small realm that you break through to becomes one more star. There are a total of nine stars, and only those who have reached the peak of the 9-star level can enter the next realm! "

Li Chunyang stepped on the throttle and, with the transmission in hand, drove the battleship towards Starlight Villa.

"If I give this to you, it should be able to help you increase your chances of breaking through by thirty percent!"

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then a thought occurred to him. The ring on his hand lit up, and a small purple gourd appeared in his hand. He handed it over to Li Chunyang.

"This... This is a Void Spirit Pill? "

After receiving the small gourd from Ye Xuan, he looked at the medicinal pill that emitted dazzling starlight, and a voice that was filled with shock sounded out from Li Chunyang's mouth.

It had to be known that the road of martial arts was vast and endless. Every step forward was extremely difficult, and the further one went, the harder it was to cultivate.

Furthermore, if an accident happened during the process of breaking through, then his efforts would be for naught.

The Void Spirit Gathering Pill was an extremely precious pill. It contained an incomparably rich amount of star power, and it could help a Spirit Travelling Profound Realm martial artist increase their chances by thirty percent when breaking through to become a martial king. Even on the black market, it was difficult to buy one, and it was once sold for a sky-high price of one hundred million!

Even with Ye Xuan's current identity, it would be difficult for him to obtain this Void Spirit Pill. It was given to him by the Night Goddess, Ainphent, before she left.

It wasn't of much use to Ye Xuan right now. Since Li Chunyang was about to break through to the Martial King realm, Ye Xuan generously gave him this pill, wishing him a helping hand!

"Yes, it's precisely the Void Spirit Pill!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Young Master Xuan, this thing is too expensive, I can't take it!"

Although the Void Spirit Gathering Pill was of great use to Li Chunyang, but it was too precious and he didn't dare to take it.

"I've already passed on the Sun God's Tyrant Body Technique to you, do you think I care about a single Spiritual Pill?" "Since you've chosen to follow me, you can take the things I've given you with ease. Only by breaking through will you be able to help me!"

Ye Xuan was, without a doubt, gratified to see that Li Chunyang was able to maintain his seduction and rationality when faced with a treasure like the Spiritual Gathering Pellet.

"In that case, I will accept it, rather than accept it!"

Ye Xuan's words made it impossible for Li Chunyang to refute. He didn't say anything more and didn't take the oath. Instead, he silently warned himself that he must work for Young Master Xuan.

Ye Xuan pulled out a storage ring from his pocket and passed it to Lord Dragon. "Right, these items are for Dragon 2 and Xia Nan. They contain weapons and equipment that I've customized for them. Help me pass them to them …"

"Okay, young master Xuan, don't worry, I will personally hand it over to them!"

Li Chunyang received the storage ring from Ye Xuan and said with a serious expression.

"Alright, I've reached the place. You can go back now!"

While they were talking, the carriage had arrived at Starlight Villa. Ye Xuan smiled as he spoke.

"Young Master Xuan, I'll send you off!"

Li Chunyang immediately wanted to get out of the car to help Ye Xuan open the door, but he was stopped by Ye Xuan.

"There's no need to be so polite, let's go!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he waved towards Li Chunyang. He turned around and walked towards the Starlight Villa, disappearing from Li Chunyang's line of sight.

However, when Ye Xuan returned to the Starlight Villa, he was stunned.

There was no one in the villa. There were all sorts of decorating equipment and tools, and it was obvious that they were in the process of being renovated.

Only now did Ye Xuan remember that his battle with Leng Tianlong had destroyed many of the decorations in the mansion, making it extremely messy.

The house was currently being renovated and refurbished. Apparently, Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng didn't live here anymore.

Ye Xuan could only take out his phone and call Su Xiaomeng.

"Hey, Ye Xuan, why are you calling me so late at night? I just fell asleep, and you woke me up already!"

When the call connected, Su Xiaomeng's dissatisfied voice came through the phone.

"Well, when I got back to the Starlight Villa, I found that it was being renovated. I don't have anywhere to live now!" Ye Xuan said helplessly.

"Aren't you in the hospital?" Su Xiaomeng said snappily.

"I've recovered, I've completely recovered. Can I leave the hospital now?"

Ye Xuan replied in annoyance.

"Oh, Sister Qingcheng and I are staying in the hotel. There are no more rooms here, so you don't need to come. You can find a solution for yourself tonight!"

Perhaps it was because Su Xiaomeng wasn't happy with Ye Xuan's tone, but before Ye Xuan could reply, she hung up the phone, leaving him speechless.

He lowered his head to check the time on his watch. It was already 12: 30 in the morning …

Ye Xuan decided to stay in a nearby hotel for the time being …

"Bastard, let go of me!"

However, before Ye Xuan could find the hotel, he was attracted by a voice filled with anger.

Ye Xuan turned around to look at the voice. What appeared in his line of sight was a mature and sexy figure.

Her hair was loose and wavy, revealing her face which was full of mature and fiery charm. Her lips were covered with Chanel's red lipstick, making her look extremely sexy. Her exquisite cheeks were filled with a hint of drunkenness.

Her voluptuous body, which looked like a ripe peach, was wrapped up in an azure shirt and a light short skirt. She was filled with mature and sexy career temptations.

At the moment, she was being pestered by three lackeys who had just come out of a bar drunk.

Ye Xuan was flabbergasted as he looked at the mature beauty that he had entangled.

"It's her?" "Dong Hui, the manager of Finance Department?"