"What do you mean? "Open the door! Hurry up and open the door!"

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Ye Xuan couldn't swallow his anger and knocked on the door.

Today, he was determined to teach this woman a lesson.

If that note was really left by this woman, then it was clearly playing a trick on him, purposely framing him!

Furthermore, she actually dared to call herself scum. How could Ye Xuan accept such a false accusation?

He was clearly an up-and-coming young man. If he was considered a scum, then would there still be any good men in this world?

Chen Xingran, who was sitting on the sofa, couldn't help but smile playfully when he heard the knocking sound and Ye Xuan's angry voice coming from outside.

To conquer a man, you first had to make him interested in you.

Only by making him interested would he begin to pay attention to himself.

And Chen Xingran's method was undoubtedly extremely successful.

With just her strength alone, she wasn't a match for Ye Xuan. She didn't have any chance to avenge her father or the family, so she could only think of a way out.

From her observations of Ye Xuan just now, she didn't think he was the type of person who was a true lecherous person. He'd be able to subdue him and take her down just by relying on his beauty.

After all, the moment she opened the door, Ye Xuan didn't look at her with the burning greed, nor the lustful desire, and instead, there was only admiration for beauty.

She didn't believe that beauty alone would be able to subdue Ye Xuan. She wanted to slowly make Ye Xuan interested in her and through contact, she would slowly take over his heart, gradually make him submit to her, make him fall in love with her, and finally be killed by the woman he fell in love with …

This was Chen Xingran's preliminary customized revenge plan!

He wanted Ye Xuan to fall in love with him, and then kill Ye Xuan!

From the moment Chen Xingran made a ruckus and left a note at the Divine Medicine industry's Zhao Da Hai's side, her revenge plan gradually began to take effect.

If it wasn't for her causing a ruckus in the Divine Medicine industry and leaving a note, Ye Xuan wouldn't have come to her door, much less have the opportunity to interact with her.

"Open the door. Do you think that you can do whatever you want just because you're beautiful and play with others?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's voice, the smile on Chen Xingran's face grew even wider. She didn't have any intention of opening the door for Ye Xuan at all. Instead, she lazily stretched, turned around, and walked into the bathroom to wash up.

"Do you really think this door can stop me?"

Even after knocking for a long time, it didn't work. Ye Xuan's expression became extremely unsightly as he looked at the tightly shut door. Cold words came out of his mouth.

How could the current him leave so willingly?

Immediately, he took out a steel wire from his ring and pierced it into the keyhole.

"Kacha …."

Following the clear sound of the door being unlocked, the room's door was quietly opened.

Ye Xuan walked in without any obstructions.

Entering the room, Ye Xuan saw an extremely warm and classical living room that gave off an extremely comfortable feeling.

His gaze slowly swept across the room, but he didn't see Chen Xingran. He frowned.

Could this woman have gone back to sleep?

"Splash, splash, splash …"

Just when Ye Xuan was puzzled about this, waves of splashing sounds came from the bathroom, attracting his gaze.

Immediately, he walked to the sofa opposite the bathroom door and sat down. He then looked into the bathroom.

What appeared in Ye Xuan's eyes was a scene that was extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Chen Xingran was currently bending over to brush her teeth, revealing a perfect silhouette to Ye Xuan. Moreover, as she brushed her teeth, the two lumps of softness wrapped around her chest trembled, causing circles of ripples to appear. It was extremely eye-catching …

Unfortunately, from Ye Xuan's position, he couldn't see the soul-stirring arc in front of him.

Just when Ye Xuan was about to retract his gaze, his eyes couldn't help but fall on Chen Xingran's mirror.

Through the mirror, Ye Xuan was able to take in all of the beautiful scenery that Chen Xingran's nightgown revealed.

This woman was indeed sexy and beautiful, and the natural beauty exuded from her body was extremely rare. It could even be said that it was a once in a hundred years.

However, Ye Xuan didn't understand why this woman would cause trouble in the Divine Medicine industry and say that she was pregnant with his child.

He had never interacted with her at all.

Ye Xuan didn't understand this point, causing him to be unable to understand it at all.

Could this woman have taken a fancy to him and wanted to tempt him?

However, from the current situation, it did not seem like it.

Seeing Chen Xingran seriously washing his face and admiring her graceful figure, Ye Xuan's brows were tightly knitted together. His eyes were filled with doubt as many thoughts flashed through his mind.

"Ah... How did you end up in my house? "

When Chen Xin Ran finished washing up and returned to the living room, she couldn't help but be shocked when she saw Chen Xin Ran sitting on the sofa.

"Do you think a mere door can stop me?"

Hearing Chen Xingran's words and seeing her stupefied expression, Ye Xuan slowly stood up. He walked towards Chen Xingran with cold steps. His gaze towards her didn't contain the slightest bit of emotion as he coldly said those words.

"Tell me, why did you come to my company and say you were pregnant with my child? Or could it be that you didn't leave that note, and the person looking for me isn't you? "

"I just can't bear to see a trash like you get used to it. I just want to teach you a lesson!"

Facing Ye Xuan's questioning and feeling his ice-cold gaze, Chen Xingran didn't have the slightest bit of fear as he coldly spoke.

"It's that simple?"

A cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes.

"It's that simple!"

Chen Xingran looked at Ye Xuan as he coldly replied.

"Hmph, how laughable … "I don't know you at all, and I don't have any contact with you. Don't you find it laughable that you would come to my company and slander me for such a reason?"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he spoke in a cold voice, "However, since you said I'm a scum, then I'll do the scum and fulfill your wish!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a cold light flashed in his eyes. He extended his hand and placed it on Chen Xingran's shoulder, then abruptly pushed her onto the sofa.

"Bastard, what are you trying to do?"

Ye Xuan's sudden action undoubtedly scared Chen Xingran. She was just about to struggle to stand up when Ye Xuan's palm grabbed her hand and pressed her body onto the sofa, restricting her movement and causing her to utter angry words.

"What do you think?"

Ye Xuan coldly looked at Chen Xingran as he spoke.

"Swish …"

As his words fell, his palm landed on Chen Xingran's nightgown and he suddenly tore it apart.

The sound of clothes shattering rang out. The strap of Chen Xingran's nightgown was torn apart, revealing her sexy shoulders and a large area of snow-white skin.

"Ah... You scum, hooligan … "Bastard!"

Chen Xingran violently struggled as an angry voice came from his mouth.

"Since you've called me a scumbag, then I'll have to be a scumbag for you to watch …"

"Rip …"

Ye Xuan ignored him and pushed again, pushing Chen Xingran onto the sofa. However, Ye Xuan's eyes didn't show the slightest bit of lust. In the depths of his heart, there wasn't the slightest bit of fire.

All of this was just a test of the woman in front of him.

Ye Xuan's eyes were filled with endless coldness as he looked at the woman who was struggling and cursing loudly. A ruthless voice came out of his mouth. "If you don't give me a reasonable explanation, then don't blame me for being merciless!"

"Damn scumbag, let go of me …"

When he felt the coldness in Ye Xuan's voice and the coldness in his eyes, he noticed that there wasn't the slightest bit of pleasure or lust in Ye Xuan's eyes. At that time, Chen Xingran already knew more about this man. She knew that this man was not the kind of person who was wanted like he was today. He wanted to dominate men.

He was only pretending to force her, giving her the illusion of being a threat!

However, since she wanted to subdue Ye Xuan, how could she not have understood and prepared for his actions?!

At this moment, Chen Xingran angrily said: "If you weren't a trash, would Sister Mo Xue have gone abroad alone?"

"Mo Xue is going abroad? "The Mo Xue you're talking about is …"

Hearing Chen Xingran's words, Ye Xuan was stunned for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

"Of course it's the Qian Mo Xue you're looking for! I am her cousin Shen Xingran! "

Chen Xin Ran coldly said: "If you hadn't abandoned her, would she have gone abroad alone?"

Half a month ago, she had already found Qian Mo Xue and made an agreement with her to send her out of the country.

After all, Qianyue had long wanted to leave this sad place, Xinghai.

Thus, the reason why Chen Xingran loudly cursed Ye Xuan, disliked him, and went to the Divine Medicine industry to cause trouble was naturally solved.

Looking at Chen Xingran's furious expression and hearing his words, Ye Xuan was dumbstruck and didn't know what to do.

Qian Mo Xue went abroad?

This was something he had never expected.

"You're Shen Xingran, you said you're Mo Xue's cousin?" Why have I never heard her mention it? "

Ye Xuan took a deep breath to calm his heart. He looked at Chen Xingran and ignored the beautiful scene before him as he spoke with an ice-cold voice.

Indeed, he had never heard Qian Mo Xue mention her family and friends.

"Will Sister Mo Xue tell you everything?"

Chen Xingran coldly said.

Before Ye Xuan could say anything, she continued, "Scum, aren't you going to let me go?"

Ye Xuan came back to his senses after hearing Chen Xingran's words and let go of Chen Xingran's hand.

"I'll go change my clothes and settle this debt with you!"

Chen Xingran coldly glanced at Ye Xuan, then turned around and walked toward her bedroom …

"Hua …"

However, Chen Xingran had only taken a few steps when her nightgown abruptly fell down due to the broken shoulder straps.

At this moment, the absolutely beautiful scene of her perfect body completely appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight, deeply shaking his eyeballs, causing an unprecedented visual impact.