Galaxy International Exhibition Conference Center!

When Ye Xuan brought Leng Qingcheng and Mei Yao here, the place was already packed with people. As far as the eye could see, it was filled with the elites of all walks of life.

Medical companies, medical experts, medical professors, hospital presidents, etc...

After all, the meetings that Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan, and Leng Qingcheng were attending weren't local or national. It was an international event that had an extremely great influence.

"Director Ye, Director Leng … "You're finally here. This way, please!"

Although the conference room's entrance was extremely crowded, it was arranged for personnel from the Divine Medicine Industry to receive them. Seeing Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng's arrival, the staff quickly walked up to them and led them to the conference room on the third floor.

"What's the situation like?"

Under the guidance of the personnel department's subordinate, Leng Qingcheng and the others were unhindered throughout the entire journey. Very quickly, they took the private elevator to the third floor, and headed straight for the meeting room.

"Director Ye, Director Leng … "The situation doesn't seem too good for us..."

After hearing Leng Qingcheng's question, a bitter smile appeared on the HR Department member's face as he slowly said: "We, the Divine Medicine Industry, were originally one of the hosts of this conference. We have the right to make a series of speeches, but they canceled our right to speak. They even changed the time for the meeting room. We originally agreed that the meeting would start at 3 o'clock, but they started at 2: 30 without giving us any notice or any intention of waiting for us … … "

"We, the Divine Medicine industry, seem to have been isolated by them. Furthermore, I've heard that they even wanted our Divine Medicine Industry to go berserk, saying that our Divine Medicine Industry has broken the industry's rules!"

"Alright, I got it!"

Leng Qingcheng's countenance was as cold as ice. She lightly nodded her head before rushing towards the conference room.

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed at this moment. A trace of coldness flashed through them, and a trace of coldness appeared on his face.

The conference room, which was filled with advanced technology, was filled with many elites from the medical community. They were either the manager's representatives or the CEO of a medical company.

Of course, other than these, there were also the representatives of the major medical circles, the professors of medicine, the medical experts, the hospital's president, and so on.

There was a podium in front of the meeting room. At that moment, a middle-aged man around the age of fifty was giving a series of speeches.

His name was Wang Jianlin, and he was the most famous entrepreneur in the country. He was the chairman of the Wang family's Biopharmaceutical Group, and his price had already reached one hundred billion yuan. He had great influence both at home and abroad.

His company had sent people to the Divine Medicine Industry to work with Leng Qingcheng on many occasions, wanting to buy the Divine Medicine Industry. However, they were all rejected by Leng Qingcheng in the end, which made Wang Jianlin extremely dissatisfied.

Today, Wang Jianlin was speaking passionately on stage. The Divine Medicine industry had been called out many times in his speech, and his words were intended to attack the Divine Medicine industry.

"Recently, the Divine Medicine industry of Xinghai rose rapidly without anyone noticing. They have developed several new drugs, which has increased the cure rate of many patients. This should be an exciting thing for the medical world, and even for the medical world. In order to let more patients use the new drugs produced by their company and bring out the greatest value of these new drugs, we, the Wang family's Biopharmaceutical Industry Group, have many times thought about cooperating with the Divine Pharmacy, hoping to reach a partnership with them to mass produce the drugs and spread them all over the country or even around the world … "

"However, they refused our offer of cooperation many times! "Of course, I believe that not only our Wang family's Biopharmaceutical Group, but many other companies here have also been rejected by the Divine Medicine Industry. Am I right?"

Wang Jianlin turned the microphone towards the podium.

Perhaps many companies had experienced the same thing as him, so when his words fell, many people in the company agreed with him.

"That's right, our Dingchun Pharmaceutical Group had once offered to cooperate with the Divine Medicine industry, but they rejected it!"

"Our Longevity Medicine Group is the same …"

"Our Wanning Pharmaceutical Group has also been rejected …"

"They are going too far. They want to monopolize the market by themselves. They don't want to promote their drugs to more patients. They don't want to relieve their illness …"

There were also many reporters from the media taking notes or taking pictures with their cameras at this moment.

This scene made quite a number of the medical director or the person in charge, who had cooperated with the Divine Medicine Industry, frown. It was obvious that they were not in favor of Wang Jianlin's words; after all, they were very clear that the prices of many medicines were raised by these medical companies.

The corners of Wang Jianlin's mouth curled up slightly as he heard the angry comments from the audience. A sneer emerged on his face before he said solemnly, "My lord, you're right. This is a monopoly!"

"The reason why the Divine Medicine industry has rejected our cooperation is because they want to rely on a series of new drugs to monopolize the market in order to increase their influence and position! But how can we let them have their way? "

"That's why we, the biopharmaceutical industry, have joined forces with one of the three giants of international medicine, the Baikang Pharmaceutical Group. Through the research of many new drugs launched by the Divine Pharmacy industry, we have developed 11 new drugs! They can completely replace the new medicine from the Divine Medicine Industry Group, I hope everyone here can … "

"I'm sorry to interrupt!"

However, before Wang Jianlin could finish his words, the door of the meeting room was interrupted by a slightly apologetic voice.

As this voice sounded out, under everyone's astonished gaze, the door to the meeting room was pushed open. A cold and handsome young man, accompanied by two beauties with extraordinary temperament, walked in with large strides.

They're Ye Xuan, Leng Qingcheng, and the Charm Demon that rushed over!

Ye Xuan, Leng Qingcheng, and the others, who had suddenly barged in, undoubtedly caused quite a stir in the meeting room. Many people had cold smiles on their faces as they spoke out words of ridicule! "

"Hey look, aren't those people from the Divine Medicine industry?"

"Someone from the Divine Medicine Industry? Why are you here at such a time? "

"Did we invite them to this meeting?"

"It seems like there are no seats for them in this meeting room!"

"Tsk tsk … "Just a moment ago, Wang Jianlin was talking about the godly medical profession and now that they are here, I'm afraid there's going to be a good show to watch!"

It had to be said that most of the people in the conference hall were filled with hostility towards the Divine Medicine industry because they had broken many of the rules of the medicine world.

"Are they the ones who developed the new drugs that you are researching and testing?"

Not far away, a beautiful woman with blonde hair and delicate features, who wore a work uniform, looked at Ye Xuan and the others that barged in, and asked the secretary beside her.

"Yes, Miss Lorna! They are our target! However, it's too difficult to form a partnership with them. All the companies here seem to have failed … "

The female secretary answered in a low voice.

The blonde woman gently nodded her head. She didn't say anything but lowered her head to read the information in her hand.

"What's going on with you guys? Can't you see that we're in a meeting? Security, get them out of here! "

Looking at Ye Xuan, Leng Qingcheng, and the other two who had suddenly barged in, Wang Jianlin, who was at the rostrum, furrowed his brows. A trace of anger flashed through his eyes as he spoke with a look of displeasure.

However, his status in the medical field was extraordinary, so he naturally did not know about Leng Qingcheng. Even if they wanted to cooperate with the Divine Medicine Industry, they had only sent their subordinates to discuss about it …

"Then... That Wang Dong, they are people from the Divine Medicine industry, they came to the meeting! "

Hearing Wang Jianlin's words, a security guard walked in from outside the door. His face was filled with a wry smile as he spoke with an apologetic expression.

"Someone from the Divine Medicine Industry? Hmph, are all the people in your company so unpunctual? The meeting starts at half past two, and comes at three! "

Wang Jianlin swept his gaze across Ye Xuan, Leng Qingcheng, and the others. He didn't give them any face as he reprimanded them.

"What meeting starts at two-thirty? The meeting started at three o'clock. You guys changed the time secretly, so you didn't inform us at all … "

In the face of Wang Jianlin's reprimand, Leng Qingcheng, Mei Yao and the rest all had ashen faces.

"Although we have temporarily changed the meeting time, we have already informed you …"

Wang Jianlin frowned as he looked at the personnel of the Divine Medicine Industry with a cold and displeased expression.

He actually had the audacity to retort in front of so many people.

"But we, the Divine Medicine industry, never received the notice at all!" That personnel of the Divine Medicine Industry clenched his teeth and asked.

The guy in front of him had gone too far.

"All the companies here have received it, but only you guys haven't. That's strange! Do you mean that we are all targeting you? "Hurry up and get there..."

Wang Jianlin's face turned cold as he said angrily.

That personnel of the Human Resources department felt unresigned in his heart, yet he didn't know how to reply. Leng Qingcheng and Mei Yao had ashen expressions on their faces.

"Aren't you guys targeting us?"

Just as Leng Qingcheng was about to speak, Ye Xuan coldly smiled and walked up to Wang Jianlin, tit for tat, and said.

Before Wang Jianlin could reply, Ye Xuan continued, "If you're not targeting our Godly Doctor Group, then what did you mean by your statement just now?"

"When did our Divine Medicine industry ever say that we wanted to monopolize the market? And you just said that your Wang family's Biopharmaceutical Industry has joined forces with one of the three giants of international medicine, the Baikang Medicine Group. Through the research of many new drugs launched by the Divine Medicine Industry, we have developed 11 new drugs? If this isn't targeted at our Godly Medicine industry, then what is it? "

"Although I don't know what kind of bullshit the 11 new drugs you have developed are, but if they are trying to replace the new drugs that we have launched, then I can tell you very clearly, your goal cannot be achieved, and there is no other drug that can replace the drugs of my Divine Pharmacy. If you don't believe it, we'll see!"

Ye Xuan coldly swept a glance at Wang Jianlin. He strode to the rostrum and took down the microphone as he spoke in a magnetic tone.

"In addition, I have to correct this. We, the Divine Medicine industry, have never had the intention to monopolize the market, and we have never refused to have any other companies form a partnership with us. We only have our own conditions and bottom line!"

"Condition?" Bottom line? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, everyone present frowned without a trace and voiced their doubts!

"What condition?" What bottom line? "