Eight o'clock at night. Starlight culinary arts!

By the time Ye Xuan and Yi Yi Yi arrived, Lan Wanting was already in the room they'd reserved.

"Ye Xuan, over here …."

Lan Wanting smiled as she waved at Ye Xuan.

"Wan Ting, you were so enthusiastic when you heard that I'm treating you to a meal. You've been wanting to kill me for a long time, haven't you?"

Ye Xuan brought Yi Yi Yi to a nearby table. Looking at the smiling Lan Wanting, Ye Xuan couldn't help but tease her.

"That's not it! I've been looking forward to your meal for months. "

Lan Wanting also teased Ye Xuan when she heard his words.

"Hehe …" It seems like Ye Xuan is usually a money grubber and is reluctant to treat Sister Wan Ting to a meal for a few months! "

Yi Yi Xin chuckled. He looked exceptionally charming and adorable. When matched with her pure face, he looked exceptionally charming, giving off a feeling of being moved.

"Am I a money grubber? Look at me carefully, do I look like that sort of person? "

Looking at the two beauties Yi Yi and Lan Wanting singing together, Ye Xuan pointed at his cold and handsome face and said with a face full of dissatisfaction.

"Yes! And it's very similar! "

Yi Yi Yuan and Lan Wanting answered in unison with smiles plastered all over their faces.

"Sigh... It's meaningless for you two to bully me together! "

Seeing this, a trace of a helpless smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face. He lightly sighed as he spoke with a wronged expression.

"We didn't bully you, look … We've all been sitting here for a long time, and we're all hungry. In the end, you still haven't ordered anything, but you're planning to let us eat after we're full alone. That way, we'll save you a bit? "

Lan Wanting, who wore an azure long skirt that revealed her perfect figure, turned her eyes and teased.

"Cough cough …" This … This is just my negligence. I don't think I'm going to let you guys starve to death. I'm just afraid that you guys won't be able to finish all of it! "

It was only after being joked by Lan Wanting that Ye Xuan realized he didn't order any dishes. He quickly waved his hand towards the waiter and said with a smile, "Waiter, give us one of your specialties …."

"Don't order so many, the three of us can't finish them all!"

Lan Wanting hurriedly said after hearing Ye Xuan's words.

"That's right, don't order so many. We can't finish them all. Are we wasting our time?"

Yi Yi Chenzi also chimed in.

"Don't worry, no problem …" If you guys don't want me to treat you guys to a meal again, then you'll just have to open your stomachs and eat. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for a few more months before I can treat you guys again! "

Ye Xuan said with a generous smile.

"How many months do we have to wait? "Ye Xuan, are you leaving?"

Yi Yi couldn't help but be surprised after hearing what Ye Xuan said.

Obviously, she didn't know that Ye Xuan was leaving for Su Hai to participate in the auction.

"Um... The Su Hai Auction is about to begin, I am invited to attend! "

Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

Yi Yi could not help but flash a look of sadness and disappointment in his eyes.

Seeing Yi Yi's reaction, she seemed to understand her feelings. Lan Wanting put her arm around her shoulders and said, "Relax, Ye Xuan is only going to participate in the auction and will be back soon. We'll be able to see him soon!"

"Esteemed person, after I leave, I leave many matters related to me in the company to you to handle. You'd better not neglect your duty!"

Ye Xuan reached out his hand to stroke Yi Yi's small head as he smiled.

"En, don't worry. I will definitely do my job well!"

Receiving Ye Xuan's encouragement and Lan Wanting's consolation, Yi Yi clenched her jade-like hands tightly. She raised her head to look at Ye Xuan and spoke with a serious expression.

"Haha …" Then I'll be waiting for your good performance! "Come on, the dishes are almost done. Let's hurry up and go, don't starve these two beauties to death!"

Ye Xuan was the first to pick up his chopsticks as he laughed loudly.

Soon after, the three of them ate delicious dishes while leisurely chatting with each other, seeming very unhappy.

"Ye Xuan, I …" Why do I feel so dizzy? "

Halfway through the meal, Lan Wanting felt that something was wrong with her mind. Her whole body was gradually losing strength, which made her ask in doubt.

"I... "I also feel so dizzy, and my entire body is weak …"

Yi Yi Xin was also shaking his head. She pointed at the red wine on the table in front of them and said weakly, "Have we drunk too much?"

"Could it be that the wine is poisonous?"

Looking at the expressions of Lan Wanting and Yi Yi, Ye Xuan's expression became incomparably gloomy. His eyes flickered with a cold light and an extremely bad premonition welled up from the bottom of his heart.

However, he had carefully tasted all the wine that he had asked for, and there hadn't been anything out of the ordinary about it.

"Ye Xuan …." I want to sleep! "

"I... I want to sleep too! "

Before he could do anything else, Lan Wanting and Yi Yi Yi froze and fell unconscious on the dining table.

"Wan Ting, who is it …"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan was just about to stand up and help them up, but just as he moved, he felt a strong wave of dizziness. It was as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out, causing him to feel powerless and unable to stand properly.

Without a doubt, Ye Xuan and the others were poisoned!

The other party did not poison their wine, and instead poisoned the dishes they ate.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's expression became ice-cold. He beckoned with his hand and the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle appeared. He quickly pierced it into the acupuncture points of his body, trying to force the poison out of his body.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

However, at this moment, there was a crisp knock on the door.

Following this knock on the door, a waiter dressed in a restaurant's uniform walked in.

His gaze quickly swept across the room and said with a smile, "Hello, do the three of you have any other needs?"

"No need, get out!"

Ye Xuan secretly circulated his Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique and replied in a low voice.

"Kacha …."

However, after hearing Ye Xuan's words, the waiter didn't leave and instead locked the room's door from the inside.

Looking at the unconscious Lan Wanting and Yi Yi, a sneer surfaced on the male waiter's face. He turned around and his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan, who was secretly detoxifying the poison. A teasing voice came from his mouth. "I wonder if you two are satisfied with this meal?"

Before Ye Xuan could reply, he continued to tease, "I didn't expect your endurance to be so good. I've poisoned every dish. You've eaten so much, yet you're still able to persist until now …"

"Who are you? Who sent you? "

Ye Xuan coldly stared at the male waiter as he spoke in an unquestionable tone.

"Who am I? "Maybe you won't know me!"

A cold smile surfaced on the male waiter's face when he heard this. He extended his hand and placed it on the person's face. The leather mask was torn off, revealing a cold, scarred face.

An eye-catching knife cut across the bridge of his nose, causing him to look extremely ferocious.

Dao Ba, the professional killer, was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert who had reached the pinnacle of the Carefree Sky Realm. Not only did he possess extremely powerful strength, he was also good at using poison, and as a result, he developed a colorless and intangible poison that could enchant even the Martial Saints of the Spirit Travelling Profound Realm. As a result, he became famous in the assassin world.

Usually, the people who could get him to assassinate them were the successful big bosses!

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Dao Ba, I am a killer, I will take your life!"

His ugly, scarred face looked at Ye Xuan and smiled sinisterly as he coldly spoke.

As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled out the silencer from his pocket and pointed the muzzle of the gun straight at Ye Xuan's head, then pulled the trigger at Ye Xuan as fast as lightning.

"Swish …"

The sharp bullets carried an inexhaustible killing intent as they shot towards Ye Xuan at an extremely fast speed. A dense sense of danger permeated his heart, causing his expression to turn icy cold. It was extremely difficult to see him.

"Swish …"

The next moment, he gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. He leaned his body to the side and the bullet flew past him and hit the wall.

"My poison is colorless and odourless. Even Martial Saints would not be able to move once they were poisoned by my poison in a short period of time. I didn't expect you to be able to dodge my bullets. This is truly out of my expectations."

As he watched Ye Xuan barely dodge the bullet, Dao Ba's eyes flickered with coldness. A cold smile appeared on his face as he spoke playfully.

"However, how long can you hide?"


The instant his words left his mouth, he continuously pulled the trigger of the silencer in his hand. Sharp bullets that carried killing intent surged toward Ye Xuan, causing his expression to become extremely cold.

"Ding ding ding …"

In the face of danger, he could only take a deep breath and roll on the ground to avoid the bullet.

The bullet hit the floor with a crisp sound.

"Brat, if you dare to hide any longer, this little girlfriend of yours will die for you!"

Just as Ye Xuan was about to counterattack, his ice-cold voice quietly sounded.

As the voice sounded, Dao Ba's eyes flashed with a cold light. He suddenly pointed his silencing pistol at Lan Wanting who was lying on the dining table in silence, and aimed the black muzzle at her head.

This scene caused Ye Xuan's expression to instantly become gloomy and unsightly. An intense coldness emitted from his eyes as he coldly said, "Do you know what I hate the most? "It's my honor to have you take both of my threats and my friends who are pointing swords and guns at me …"

"So what?"

Ye Xuan hadn't finished speaking when Dao Ba's cold voice interrupted him.

"So... You can die now! "

Ye Xuan replied with an ice-cold expression.

"Swish …"

The instant his words left his mouth, his body shook violently as a powerful force exploded out. The Crossing Disaster Gold Needle that had stabbed into his body was also blasted away like lightning, piercing through the center of Dao Ba's eyebrows with a speed that did not cover one's ears.

"This... This … "What exactly is it that was sent out?"

Dao Ba's eyes widened and a look of astonishment and puzzlement appeared on his face. He then slowly fell to the ground, unwilling to give up on his life …

Ye Xuan walked over to Dao Ba's side and carefully searched his body, trying to find the antidote on his body. Unfortunately, he didn't discover anything, causing Ye Xuan's expression to turn icy cold!


Immediately, with a thought, black devil flames burst out from the ground without any warning, burning his corpse into nothingness, making it seem as if he had never appeared before, completely erasing all traces of him …

After completely exterminating Dao Ba, Ye Xuan sat on the chair and let out a long sigh of relief.

After he had expelled all the poison from his body, he took out his phone and dialed Master Long's number. A voice as cold as ice came out of his mouth.

"Long Er, use all your connections to find out who ordered this killer named Dao Ba to assassinate me within an hour!"

Ye Xuan quickly hung up the phone without waiting for a reply.

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at Lan Wanting and Yi Yi, who were sleeping on the dining table.

They had been poisoned by Dao Ba, and the situation was somewhat grave and dangerous, so it was not easy to get rid of it.

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xuan stood up. He embraced Lan Wanting and Yi Yi's seductive bodies as he walked out of the room …

He had to first find a place to remove the poison from the two of them!