In a presidential suite.


Ye Xuan had gone through great difficulty to bring the poisoned and unconscious Lan Wanting and Yi Yi Yi to a nearby restaurant. He'd given them a bed just now, and it could be said that he'd let out a long sigh of relief.

Although Ye Xuan's physical strength was extraordinary and it wasn't a problem for him to casually fight against two people, Lan Wanting and Yi Yi were the world's rarest beauties.

Especially during the process of carrying them to their rooms, their bodies would occasionally come into contact with Ye Xuan's body. That unique soft touch was really irresistible. It was filled with a unique stimulation and temptation that was extremely distracting.

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at Lan Wanting and Yi Yi, who were both unconscious on the bed.

Even though Ye Xuan had taken the Hundred Transformations Poison Avoidance Pill before, he'd still been infected. If it wasn't for his strength and the Nine Transformations Soul Needle in his body, he'd probably have died in that guy's hands today.

Overall, Ye Xuan was too careless.

He didn't think that such a thing would happen just because he had an appointment with Lan Wanting to eat with Yi Yi. Someone had gotten in his way and wanted to assassinate him.

Now, even if Ye Xuan wanted to help Lan Wanting, Yi Yi Yi, and the others remove the poison from their bodies, it would undoubtedly be extremely troublesome and would require Ye Xuan to expend a huge amount of energy.

After resting for a moment, Ye Xuan extended his hands and placed them on Lan Wanting and Yi Yi Yi's wrists.

Right now, their bodies are in a worse condition than Ye Xuan imagined. It's as if their bodies've taken a sleeping pill. The metabolism of their organs is weakened and disrupted, some organs even stopped working, making it difficult for them to breathe. Their pulses are extremely weak.

However, they couldn't use the same method to save the patients who took an overdose of sleeping pills to cause shock, which undoubtedly gave Ye Xuan a huge headache.

"Damn it!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but let out an angry curse. With a thought, the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle appeared in his hand. He fiercely pierced it into the foreheads of Yi Yi Yi and Lan Wanting, then quietly activated the thirteen heaven-defying needles.

Thirteen Injections Against Heaven: One needle to nourish your body!

With Ye Xuan's action, a steady flow of life force flowed through the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle into Lan Wanting and Yi Yi's bodies to treat them. It helped alleviate the condition of their bodies and allowed them to slowly recover their organs …

However, the effect was too slow!

Thirteen Heaven Defying Needles: Two Needles to drive away evil gods!

Ye Xuan dispelled two of the Crossing Disaster Gold Needles and pierced them into Lan Wanting and Yi Yi's Qi Sea respectively. He allowed the thirteen heaven defying needles to undergo treatment and recuperation.

Thirteen heaven defying needles. Three needles to change fate's soul!

As more and more life force poured into their bodies, Ye Xuan's complexion gradually paled and became weak. Fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Obviously, treating two people at the same time consumed a huge amount of energy!

"Huff, puff, puff …"

Over ten minutes later, Ye Xuan slowly withdrew the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle. His entire body was drenched in sweat. His head was covered with sweat and he was extremely exhausted. He sat on the bed, gasping for breath.

This type of consumption is too great. If he were to endure for another ten minutes, Ye Xuan would probably faint from exhaustion.

Fortunately, Ye Xuan's treatment wasn't ineffective!

Whether it was Yi Yi, Yi Yi, or Lan Wanting, all of the poison in their bodies had been purged by Ye Xuan, allowing them to recover and circulate their body functions. They would be able to wake up after a few hours.

After that, Ye Xuan would only need to treat them once more and properly recuperate to allow them to fully recover.

Seeing Yi Yi Yi and Lan Wanting peacefully sleeping on the bed, Ye Xuan extended his hand to cover them with the blanket, then turned around and walked out of the room.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Ye Xuan was sitting on the sofa in the living room, smoking a cigarette when his phone vibrated. It was Master Long.

"Older brother Xuan, the things you ordered have been investigated!" Dao Ba was a professional killer in his early years and was quite famous in the assassination world. For some reason, he was subdued by Wang Jianlin, the chairman of the Wang family's pharmaceutical industry, and secretly helped him clear a lot of obstacles! "

"The reason he attacked you this time, brother Xuan, is probably because you offended Wang Jianlin at the conference center. That's why Wang Jianlin was so furious and wanted Dao Ba to kill you!"

Master Long's respectful words came over the phone. It was undeniable that his investigation was extremely quick and detailed.

Without waiting for Ye Xuan to ask, he continued, "Brother Xuan, Wang Jianlin has invited a lot of medicine company's CEOs to hold a party in his villa tonight! I've already sent the address of his villa to you on your cell phone. "

"In addition, I've already ordered someone to drive your car to the hotel where you are currently staying!"


Ye Xuan lightly nodded, hung up the phone, and quickly went downstairs.

Xinye No.1 villa, the most expensive villa in Galaxy.

Today, a lively private party was being held in the villa of Xinye 1.

The sponsor of the private party was Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wong Pharmaceutical.

As for the participants, they were the people invited by Wang Jianlin, who were the bosses of many medical companies.

Wang Jianlin stood in front of the hall and looked down at the people whose businesses had been affected by Ye Xuan's attack. His face was full of smiles as he raised his wine cup high and said in a strong voice, "You don't have to worry. Even though the higher-ups have intentions of reorganizing the medical community, as long as we work together, we can definitely revive the glory of our medical industry …" As for the Divine Medicine industry that you all have always hated, I believe that they will be eliminated very soon! "

"Mr. Wang, why do you say that the Divine Medicine industry will be relegated soon? Now that that kid, Ye Xuan, is talking big, the Divine Medicine industry's reputation can be said to be at its height. I even heard that one of the world's top three medicine giants, Wan-Ke Biological Medicine, will form a partnership with them … "

"Yeah, Mr. Wang... With a shitty little mouse like the Divine Medicine Industry, our days will not be so easy in the future! "

"I heard that the supply of medicine issued by the Divine Medicine Company is short of demand. They've sold out already, but we..."

"Although you, Wang Dong, have developed a new drug to replace the drugs in the medical field, no one wants it at all. If this goes on, we won't be able to get any food …"

Hearing Wang Jianlin's words, the directors of the medical companies smiled bitterly.

"Everyone, don't worry. Believe me, within a week, the Divine Medicine industry will be out of the picture!"

Hearing the complaints of the crowd below, a faint smile emerged on Wang Jianlin's face as he spoke with a smile.

"Why? "Wang Dong, did you send someone to attack the Divine Medicine industry?"

"Since Wang Dong dares to say such words, he must already have a plan to deal with the Divine Medicine industry, right?"

"As long as we can destroy the Divine Medicine industry and kill that trash Ye Xuan, I'll support whatever decision you make, Wang Dong!"

Everyone said angrily.

It was obvious that they hated the Divine Medicine industry and Ye Xuan to the extreme.

"Everyone here is one of us, then I, Wang, will not hide anything from you! I sent someone to assassinate that brat Ye Xuan tonight. As long as he dies, then the Divine Medicine industry won't have a backbone. Leng Qingcheng, that woman, won't be able to make it even the slightest bit of trouble.

Seeing this, Wang Jianlin's face was full of smiles as he spoke calmly and slowly.

"Haha, Mr. Wang will definitely succeed! Wang Dong, let's toast to you with this cup of wine! "

Wang Jianlin's words made everyone ecstatic. They raised their glasses and said to Wang Jianlin.

"Haha …" We're all on the same side, why be so polite! "Come on, in order to celebrate that damned bastard Ye Xuan's death and the impending collapse of the Divine Medicine industry, let's go!"

Wang Jianlin laughed and gulped down the red wine in his glass...

"Boom! Boom!"

The others also picked up their glasses and raised their heads to drink the red wine in it. However, at this moment, a dull explosion suddenly rang out.

With the sudden explosion, Wang Jianlin and the rest stopped in their tracks. They were shocked and turned their heads to look at the source of the explosion...

Under their shocked gazes, the villa's door, which had been turned into a pile of sawdust, suddenly broke apart. A cold, slender figure appeared in their sight, causing their expressions to change drastically.

"Ye Xuan?"

"Damn it, why did this guy barge in here?"

"Didn't Wang Dong already send someone to kill him?"

Obviously, Ye Xuan's arrival was too sudden and shocking to them.

Even Wang Jianlin's expression couldn't help but drastically change. When he looked at Ye Xuan, his gaze was filled with undisguised shock and terror. Words escaped from his mouth as he said, "This guy has come here. Could it be that Dao Ba failed?"

"Everyone, your party is going well. Why didn't you call me?"

Ye Xuan's gaze swept across the villa's hall icily. In the end, his gaze fell onto the leader, Wang Jianlin.

"Ye Xuan, why did you come here?" Get out of here, you're not welcome here! "

Wang Jianlin sucked in a deep breath of air, forcing himself to remain calm. He clenched his fist until it creaked. He extended a finger and pointed furiously at Ye Xuan as words of anger came out of his mouth.

"That's right, you're not welcome here!"

"Wang Dong told you to scram, didn't you hear?"

The others furiously glared at Ye Xuan as they echoed his words.

"I only came here to send you to hell!"

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he looked at the furious crowd. His ice-cold voice sounded out.


As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he stomped his foot fiercely, and pitch-black, scorching devil flames emerged from the ground without any warning. Under the terrified and desperate gazes of Wang Jianlin and the others, the flames entered the ground without any warning, and engulfed their bodies …

"Ahh …"

"No …" Don't kill me! "

"I don't want to die …."

In a split-second, mournful and miserable screams sounded out continuously.

Under the roasting and burning of the devil fire, Wang Jianlin and the others struggled crazily as they screamed miserably. Their bodies gradually turned into nothingness and disappeared into thin air …

The originally lively hall was now deserted, cold and empty!

Ye Xuan coldly swept the hall with his gaze before turning around and leaving, vanishing into the boundless night …