"The three of you, aren't you going a little too far by doing this?"

As the cold voice sounded out, a slender figure gracefully jumped down from the second floor and landed firmly beside Zheng Shujie under the shocked gaze of the crowd.

He had a head of elegant long hair, sharp eyebrows, and starry eyes. His slender figure was wrapped in a blue tailcoat, and his left hand held a string of emerald green buddhist beads, giving his entire being an indescribably noble and proud and unique temperament.

His name was Lin Haonan, the third son of the Lin Family that belonged to one of the three big families in Su Hai. His name was Lin Haonan, the third son of the Lin Family that belonged to the three big families in Su Hai.

"Damn, I didn't expect to wake this person up from upstairs …"

"Who is this?" Even Zheng Shujie was taken care of, how dare he intervene at this time? "

"Brother, how did you do it? You don't even know the Lin Clan's Third Young Master?"

"The Lin Clan's Third Young Master? Which Lin Clan? "

Which Lin Family can it be? Of course it's the Lin Family of Su Hai's three great families! "

"Rumor has it that Zheng Shujie is on good terms with the third young master of the Lin Clan. Seems like he isn't lying!"

As they gazed at Lin Haoran, who had leaped down from the second floor, the eyes of the crowd were filled with undisguised shock and astonishment as they discussed amongst themselves.

Ye Xuan's and Lin Feng's words caused them to furrow their brows. It was evident that they didn't expect to fight with the Lin Family, one of the three great families of Su Hai, in such a short period of time.

"Young Master Lin …"

Seeing that Lin Haonan had arrived, Zheng Shujie's face lit up. He was about to speak up, but Lin Haonan waved his hand and cut him off.

Afterwards, Lin Haonan paid no more attention to Zheng Shujie. Instead, his gaze fell on Ye Xuan. His eyes flashed with coldness, and he said with a cold and arrogant voice. "You're the leader, right?"

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Lin Haonan continued, "Shu Jie is my man. Apologize to him!"

Lin Haonan's words were spoken in an commanding tone, not giving Ye Xuan any room to negotiate with him.

"Heh, who do you think you are for you to want us to apologize?"

Hearing Lin Haonan's tone, a trace of coldness flashed through Li Chunyang's eyes as he coldly spoke.

No matter what, he was the Sect Leader of the Aura Sect, a one star Martial King of the Void Star Realm. Wherever he went, he would always be an existence of a big boss.

Others had caused trouble for them, and they actually wanted them to apologize?

How could Li Chunyang endure this?

"Since you don't know who I am, let me introduce myself! Me, Lin Haonan, the third son of the Su Family, do you understand now? "

Looking at the ice-cold face of Li Chunyang, Lin Haonan gripped the buddhist beads as he spoke, neither too fast nor too slow.

Lin Haonan's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as he coldly said, "Since you understand, then just obediently apologize. I don't like to use my power to suppress others!"

The third young master of the Lin Clan, who was one of the three great clans of Su Hai, indeed had the ability to rule over Su Hai. Even the young masters of the Lei and Bai Families would give him face.

In Lin Haonan's opinion, apologizing to Li Chunyang and Ye Xuan was already giving them a lot of face.

"You …"

Just as he was about to speak, Ye Xuan's cold voice interrupted him. "Since you are the third son of the Su Clan's Lin Clan, then I won't make things difficult for you on behalf of the Lin Clan! It is impossible for us to apologize! On the other hand, if you want to take these two away, then apologize obediently to the three of us! "

Although Su Hai's Lin Family was extremely powerful and possessed a rich foundation and strength within Su Hai, Ye Xuan and the others weren't the kind of people who could be easily bullied.

Although they came to Su Hai to avoid trouble, they were never afraid of it. Since trouble had come to them of its own volition, they did not cower because of it.


The moment Ye Xuan said this, the entire audience went into an uproar. All of them looked at Ye Xuan in shock. They didn't expect him to dare to not give Lin Haonan any face and openly challenge him!

"Good heavens, what background does this brother have? He actually dared to openly challenge Lin Haonan, and even wanted him to apologize!"

"This brother has a temper, I like it!"

"Tsk tsk, Lin Haonan relied on the support of the Lin Family. He is used to rampaging about like a tyrant, but now someone dares to challenge him. This is truly rarely seen in a hundred years!"

"From the looks of it, the three of them should be from outside the city. There's going to be a good show tonight!"

"What do you think Lin Haonan will do next?"

A flurry of comments came out from the mouths of everyone present.

"You actually dare to ask me to apologize? Should I call you ignorant, or should I say brave? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Lin Haonan's expression instantly turned icy cold and unsightly. He gazed at Ye Xuan as he coldly and mercilessly spoke.

"Ah Da, Ah Wang!"

As Lin Haonan's words fell, two incomparably sturdy figures leapt over from upstairs and firmly landed beside Lin Haonan. They placed their hands together, slightly bowed towards him, and respectfully said: "Third Young Master!"

Looking at the two figures descending from the sky, a cold light flashed in Li Chunyang's eyes, his expression gradually turning serious.

He could sense several powerful auras in this bar, and the two figures in front of him were two of them.

They looked to be in their thirties with bald heads and eight eye-catching scars on their heads. They wore a monastic robe, one of them held a string of large buddhist beads, the other a shabby long blade.

Powerful invisible auras spread out from their bodies.

Their names were Ah Da and Ah Wang. They were Lin Haonan's trusted aides, constantly protecting his safety.

They were the most outstanding disciples of the Ancestral Dragon Temple. They received the teachings of the buddhist faith, and with one cultivating the devil prayer beads and the other cultivating the sabre, they were extremely popular in the martial world. Within three years, they had reached the peak of the Mysterious God stage and were known as the Twin Priests of the buddhist faith.

Right now, their strength was probably even more terrifying.

"It's them, the buddhist duo!"

"Three years ago, the two buddhist powers retired from the martial arts world and disappeared without a trace! I never thought that they would be subdued by Lin Haonan, and then followed by his side … "

"If it wasn't for the arrival of the auction house Su Hai and the large influx of experts from Su Hai, I'm afraid Lin Haonan wouldn't have brought the Two Sovereigns of the Buddhist Sect with him!"

"Rumor has it that the two buddhist cultivators, the Demon Recovering Pearl and the broken ring blade, are both extremely powerful and terrifying. I wonder if tonight will be able to broaden our horizons!"

Looking at the buddhist pair standing behind Lin Haonan, shocked and excited voices came out from the mouths of the surrounding people, causing their expressions to become extremely excited.

As for Li Chunyang, Mad Demon, Lin Feng, and Ye Xuan, none of them had any expression on their faces. They were only frowning for a brief moment.

From the appearance of the two Demonic Lord and the Demonic Lord, it seemed that the Lin Family did indeed have some strength and background.

"Last chance. Apologize?"

Lin Haonan condescendingly looked at Ye Xuan. His eyes flickered with a cold light, and an ice-cold voice came out of his mouth.

"It seems like you don't understand. The one who should apologize is you!"

Facing Lin Haonan's ice-cold gaze, Ye Xuan merely smiled, lazily stretched, and said in a leisurely manner.

"Since you all insist on courting death by provoking this young master's authority, then don't blame me! "Ah Da, Ah Wang …"

Ye Xuan's reply caused killing intent to blossom in Lin Haonan's eyes, and extremely cold words came out of his mouth.

"Amitabha, use no words from your family!" The two of us really do not want to hurt them, so the three benefactors should just obediently apologize to the third young master! "

The two buddhist cultivators walked out at this moment and their gazes landed on Ye Xuan, Mad Demon, and Lin Feng. Their voices were filled with the vicissitudes of life as they spoke.

"Fake monk, don't talk so much here!" If you want to fight, just do it! "

Li Chunyang's eyes flashed with a cold light as he took a step forward. A scorching pure Yang energy surged out from his body, causing his clothes to flutter even though there was no wind. He was like a man who was immune to all poisons.

"Since that's the case, then Benefactor, I'll be offending you!"

After hearing Li Chunyang's words, the two buddhist brothers' eyes flashed with a cold light, and a cold and indifferent voice came out from their mouths.


The instant their words left their mouths, their feet moved, transforming into two streaks of lightning as they attacked Li Chunyang at an extremely fast speed.

His palm that was filled with buddhist light also fiercely shot towards Li Chunyang!


Seeing this, Li Chunyang's eyes flashed with a cold ray of light, his nose snorted, he did not have any intention to dodge at all, his palms were surrounded by the Yang energy, he fiercely slapped towards the buddhist brothers!


In the next moment, the sound of a heavy collision rang out. The surging energy spread out in all directions with Li Chunyang and the buddhist brothers as the center. It created a violent wind that blew everyone's eyes open.

Many of the wine glasses and bottles on the tables were shattered by the powerful energy.

The confrontation between the three of them was this terrifying.

Their joint attack had actually been blocked by Li Chunyang alone. The two buddhist masters and the others could not help but have a flash of astonishment in their eyes as their expressions became serious.


Just as they were about to attack again, Li Chunyang's expression suddenly turned cold, and a trace of impatience flashed in his eyes. He straightened his waist, and his shoulders fiercely shook like a brush. An even more tyrannical Pure Yang energy began to spread out from his body.

Before the buddhist brothers could react, the domineering and scorching pure Yang energy rushed into their bodies …

"Puchi …"

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Black blood sprayed out of their mouths. They were knocked back dozens of steps consecutively before they managed to stabilize themselves.

Raising their heads to look at the upright and unmoving Li Chunyang, their eyes were filled with an undisguised seriousness.

Even Lin Haonan who was standing to the side and watching couldn't help but shiver. His gaze on Li Chunyang was filled with undisguised astonishment as he muttered in his heart: "Such a tyrannical aura! This guy is actually able to attack the buddhist brothers by himself. Just what is his background? "

If it was said that he looked down on Li Chunyang, Ye Xuan, and the others before, then now this contempt had vanished with Li Chunyang's actions.


"So strong?"

"He actually has the upper hand against the two buddhist masters by himself?"

"Who is this guy?" You are definitely not a nameless person! "

Looking at Li Chunyang, who had forced the two buddhist masters to retreat, the surrounding people were also in an uproar as shocked words came out from their mouths.

The two buddhist masters' faces were ice-cold. Killing intent flashed in their eyes as they stared at Li Chunyang, and ice-cold words came out of their mouths: "To be able to block our golden buddhist palms, Almsgiver is truly a good man! Next up, we will be using our best abilities. Benefactor, you need to be careful! "


As their words fell, they violently stomped their feet. Resplendent Buddhist light enveloped their bodies, causing their auras to rise bit by bit …

With the buddhist beads in hand, Ada threw the string of buddhist beads into the sky. With a violent shake of her hands, the buddhist beads shattered and were surrounded by the golden buddhist light as they floated in the air, brimming with a strong killing intent.

The long blade held in his hand also moved as fast as the wind and thunder. The shadows of the blade filled the sky and surrounded the golden buddhist light, surrounding his body and making him look very imposing.

In the next moment, cold light flashed in their eyes as they launched their most powerful attacks towards Li Chunyang. Cold words came out of their mouths!

"Thunderbolt Buddha Bead!"

"Thunder Break Ring Blade!"