"Kid, did you cause trouble for my third brother?"

Hearing Lin Tianjie's words and feeling his ice-cold gaze, Ye Xuan furrowed his brows. He could feel a substantial killing intent coming from Lin Tianjie.

This killing intent was completely different from the killing intent that those people usually emitted. It was formed after experiencing a true slaughter, and it became purer, sharper, colder, and more tyrannical.

Evidently, this Lin Tianjie had experienced countless baptisms of war, and had endured countless bloody battles to reach his current state.

His strength wasn't any weaker than the Leng Tianlong that Ye Xuan encountered, giving Ye Xuan a hidden sense of danger. He'd probably already entered the Void Star Realm long ago, becoming a martial king.

"He took the initiative to cause trouble for me!" Although I don't like to cause trouble, I'm never afraid of trouble! Although your Lin Family is powerful in Su Hai, but I, Ye Xuan, am not someone to be trifled with! "

Ye Xuan looked straight at Lin Tianjie. There wasn't a single trace of fear in his eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Did he just state his name?"

"He said his name is Ye Xuan?" "The guy who set off a storm in the sea of stars?"

"The head of the Black Horse List in the martial arts world, Ye Xuan?"

"The guy that annihilated the Ancient Sword Sect and Chen family?"

"So he's Ye Xuan. No wonder he didn't even have the slightest intention of backing down when facing Lin Haonan!"

"So the one who just fought with the Two Sovereigns of the Buddhist Sect is the Supreme Wind Sect's Sect Leader, Li Chunyang?"

"In such a short period of time, the Sect Leader of the Aura Sect, Li Chunyang, has stepped into the level of the Void Star Realm and become a one star Martial King?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, everyone present couldn't help but open their eyes wide. Their mouths were wide open in shock as they looked at Ye Xuan in shock.

Although they'd heard quite a few rumors about Ye Xuan, they'd never seen him in person. Never would they have thought that the man in front of them was the person who'd caused so much trouble just a few days ago, Ye Xuan, who was at the top of the Black Horse List.

It had to be said that this piece of news was extremely shocking to everyone present.

"Is he the Star Sea Lord, Ye Xuan?"

"This... How is that possible? "

As for Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie, who were the first to stir up trouble, they were already shocked speechless.

If they knew that the fellow was Ye Xuan, they definitely wouldn't be so arrogant and provoke him.

This was especially so for Zhang Haowen. His heart was already green with regret, and his heart was full of fear.

Although Ye Xuan wasn't able to do anything to Lin Haonan and the others, he was afraid that Ye Xuan would come after him and settle the score!

Even Lin Haonan couldn't help but be stunned. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with astonishment.

However, this trace of astonishment quickly turned into iciness.

Since this guy was Ye Xuan, then his identity would be completely different from what he'd imagined. There wouldn't be any huge power or family backing him, causing him, Lin Haonan, to have no worries. He had to take revenge on Ye Xuan.

Lin Tian Jie's gaze couldn't help but tremble as he looked at Ye Xuan with a hint of curiosity. With a cold voice, he said, "I wonder who dares to cause trouble in my territory. So it's the person who caused such a storm, Ye Xuan!"

"Perhaps, you have the final say in the Star Sea. But this is Su Hai, my territory! "Ye Xuan, you can't possibly think that you can act wantonly and cause trouble here with just your strength and status, right?"

Although he knew of Ye Xuan's identity, Lin Tianjie still didn't fear him in the slightest.

It was just as he'd said. Perhaps Ye Xuan had the final say in everything in the sea of stars, but this was Su Hai, Lin Tian Jie's territory.

"Heh heh, I was acting recklessly to cause trouble? You sure can distort the facts! "

Hearing Lin Tian Jie's words, a trace of a cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he coldly spoke.

Hearing that, a cold light flashed in Lin Tian Jie's eyes, as he said with an ice-cold expression: "I do not care what the reason is, I have only seen my third brother being bullied, and his two trusted aides suffering injuries!" Since you've just arrived at Su Hai, Ye Xuan, I won't mind apologizing to my third brother for you! "

Lin Tian Jie admitted that he had already given Ye Xuan face by doing this, so he didn't make things difficult for Ye Xuan and only told him to apologize.

In this way, not only did it show the status and tolerance of Lin Tianjie and the Lin Family, it also gave some of the fellows who came to Su Hai a secret warning. At the same time, it didn't embarrass Ye Xuan and the others, giving them face.

"Pure Yang, what do you think about him asking me to apologize?"

A hint of a cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face. He turned around and his gaze fell onto Li Chunyang as he spoke in a leisurely manner.

Although the Lin Family's influence in Su Hai was extremely formidable, if they insisted on riding on Ye Xuan's head to shit, then Ye Xuan would have no choice but to follow them.

"We weren't wrong about this, they were the ones who provoked us first. Even if they are apologizing, they should be the ones apologizing!" Although the Lin Family is powerful, but I, Li Zhanyang, am not afraid of trouble! "

"Young Master Xuan, Pure Yang is willing to use my old life to seek justice for Young Master Xuan!"

Li Chunyang's eyes flickered with an intense cold light as he heard Ye Xuan's words. His words were ice-cold and firm.

"Boom! Boom!"

Following the end of his words, Li Chunyang's imposing aura, as a 1-star Void Star Realm martial king, burst out without restraint, and scorching pure Yang energy spread out from his body, causing the entire bar to feel as if it was being burned by invisible pure Yang flames, making people feel as if they were being roasted by scorching flames.

It had to be said that Li Chunyang's strength was like the difference between heaven and earth!

"Apologize to Young Master Xuan!"

Li Chunyang looked straight at Lin Haonan, his face was cold and solemn, and from his mouth came a strong and imposing voice.

"A one star Martial King, because of its tyrannical cultivation method, its aura is actually comparable to a two star Martial King. However, do you think that you, a one star Martial King, can do whatever you want in Su Hai? Old Qin! "

Feeling Li Chunyang's imposing manner and hearing his domineering words, Lin Tianjie's gaze turned solemn as ice-cold words came out of his mouth.


As Lin Tianjie's words fell, Old Qin, who was standing behind him, took a step forward at this moment. A formidable aura unreservedly spread out from his body, and a blue coloured aura that was like water also spread out from his body, spreading out in all directions … …

As Old Man Qin released his aura, the originally hot bar suddenly became incomparably cool. It was as if they had gone from a scorching summer to an ice-cold winter.

Li Chunyang only felt his aura being suppressed, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly. He looked at Elder Qin with a serious expression, and from his mouth came an ice-cold and serious voice: "A three star Martial King?"

"Your eyesight is not bad! "It's a pity your master is nothing. He dares to offend the second young master, you're disrespectful to him …"

A cold smile appeared on Old Qin's face as he coldly stared at Li Chunyang. From his mouth came a ruthless voice.


The moment Old Man Qin's words left his mouth, an even more majestic aura surged out from his body and engulfed Li Chunyang. He was determined to teach him a lesson.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

A formless collision of auras caused Li Chunyang to frown, and his expression turned ugly. He was shaken by the terrifying aura to the point that he subconsciously took two steps back …

"Pure Yang, what are you doing here at such a young age? Go to the side and rest …"

Seeing this, Mad Demon Lin Feng who was sitting at the side frowned. He stood up and yawned lazily as he stretched lazily, standing in front of Li Chengyang with a drowsy look.


"Puchi …"

Following Lin Feng's words, a terrifying black astral energy and aura unknowingly spread from his body like a black, furious dragon, sweeping towards Old Man Qin. A rich sense of danger filled Old Man Qin's heart, causing his expression to involuntarily change.

In the next moment, he was hit by the black astral energy released by the insane devil Lin Feng. He spat out a mouthful of black blood as his body was forced back more than ten steps by the powerful force before stabilizing his body … …

"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

Strands of jet-black blood flowed from the corners of his mouth.

Evidently, he had suffered some serious injuries under the attack of the Insane Demon Lin Feng.

"Hua …"

"It can't be, Old Man Qin was actually injured from the shock?"

"Just who is that guy to be able to injure Old Qin?"

"There's such an expert by Ye Xuan's side?"

"What a terrifying aura, just like a black dragon. Just who is he?"

Seeing Old Man Qin being knocked back by the Insane Demon Lin Feng one after another, the entire crowd was in an uproar. Everyone looked at Lin Feng in shock, their eyes filled with unconcealable shock and seriousness, as they spoke out in an agitated and astonished voice.

As for Lin Tianjie and Lin Haonan, their countenances were extremely unsightly to behold.

He didn't expect Ye Xuan to have such an expert beside him.

Steadying his body, Old Qin extended his hand to wipe the blood at the corner of his mouth, he raised his head and looked at the Mad Demon Lin Feng. Looking at the fingertip blade in his hand and the sword in front of him, he spoke in a solemn voice: "Dragon Subduing Sword, fingertip blade, the Mad Demon name, it really lives up to its name! I am enlightened! "

"Insane demon?"

"That guy is actually insane?"

"The demon that was once one of the nine great demon kings of the Western Asura World?"

"Didn't the rumours say that the insane devil had already died?"

"What kind of information channel are you talking about? Didn't the Jianghu Online mention about mad demons before?"

"I didn't expect the insane devil to be together with Ye Xuan. I heard that he was once the disciple of the Devil Lord of the Asura World's Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. It seems that the rumors are true indeed!" Who said Ye Xuan doesn't have any backing? "

"I heard that Ye Xuan had a feud with the capital's Leng and Song families. These two families seem to be drinking in a room upstairs. It looks like there'll be a good show tonight!"

After hearing Old Qin's words, everyone stared blankly at the attacking Mad Demon Lin Feng. Shock and shock voices came out from their mouths one after another.