In the main hall of the bar, due to Mad Demon Lin Feng's actions and his previous unique identity, the situation at the scene quietly changed.

The faces of Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie, the two brothers, turned extremely grim and ugly at this moment.

Although they were considered to be top geniuses among the tens of thousands and their strength could be considered among the younger generation, there was still a gap between them and the Mad Demon Lin Feng, who had once been renowned throughout the world.

Even if the current Mad Demon Lin Feng's strength was below his peak, it was still not something they could contend against.

Even if it was a three star Martial King Old Qin, he did not have the slightest confidence in being able to find out the true strength of this insane Lin Feng.

"Second Young Master, Third Young Master... What do we do now? "

At this moment, Old Qin also spoke with a grave expression.

Not only did the opponent have a figure like Crazy Devil Lin Feng, he also had a 1-star Martial King like Li Chunyang, who'd advanced to the Void Star Realm, and an extremely mysterious Ye Xuan whose strength was unfathomable.

Even if he, Old Qin, the Buddha and Lin Haonan attacked together with Lin Tianjie, they wouldn't have much confidence. If they really fought, both of them would suffer.

Although they weren't afraid of getting into trouble, it was obviously unwise for a small fry like Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie to make enemies out of Ye Xuan's group.

Making enemies out of thin air was not Lin Tianjie's style of doing things.

But how could they lose their face if they immediately admitted defeat?

At this moment, many thoughts flashed through the minds of Lin Tianjie and the others.

Lin Tian Jie's gaze was ice-cold as he stared at Ye Xuan. His eyes flickered with a cold light and he couldn't help but clench his fists tightly.

A cold voice came out of his mouth. "Ye Xuan, are you really planning to become enemies with my Lin Family?"

Hearing Lin Tian Jie's words and seeing every single expression on his face, Ye Xuan couldn't help but slightly smile. He knew that Lin Tian Jie had already relented.

Since this was the case, Ye Xuan would give Lin Tianjie a way out. After all, he didn't want to get into a fight with the Lin Family.

Immediately, Ye Xuan said in a low voice, "Of course we don't have any plans to make an enemy of the Lin Family. We just want a fair statement! Since you are the Lin Family's second young master, then I hope that you can take care of this matter in a fair manner. Don't side with him just because Lin Haonan is your younger brother! "

"Second Young Master Lin, why don't you first ask your younger brother what exactly happened tonight? Who was right and who was wrong?"

"Alright, my Lin Family has always been impartial. I will ask him!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, a wisp of wisdom flashed in Lin Tianjie's eyes. He lightly nodded his head, then turned his head to look at Lin Haonan. He asked in a low voice, "Third brother, what's going on?"

As the third young master of the Lin Family, Lin Haonan naturally had quite the EQ methods. Knowing Lin Tianjie's intentions, he immediately recounted everything that had happened tonight in detail.

Finally, his cold gaze fell on Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie who were standing at the side. With a stern voice, he said, "What are you two standing there for? Hurry up and kneel down and kowtow to Young Master Xuan and apologize! "

Hearing Lin Haonan's stern shout and his ice-cold gaze, Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie knew that he had given up on protecting them. They immediately rushed to Ye Xuan's side and knelt down to apologize.

"Young Master Xuan, we have eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai. If we offend you, then please forgive us, and don't bother with us!"

"Young Master Xuan, just spare us the magnanimity!"

Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie kowtowed to Ye Xuan while apologizing and begging for mercy. They looked sincere, and it could be seen from one glance that they were extremely eager to live.

"Young Master Xuan, these two fellows have offended you, so I, Lin Haonan, do not dare to be biased in the slightest. Now that I've handed them over to you, you can do whatever you want with them. If you want, kill them all then listen to your orders!"

Lin Haonan spoke to Ye Xuan in a low voice.

A single Sect Master of the Gale Sect, Li Chunyang, and a Berserk Devil Lin Feng didn't want to be easily made an enemy of Ye Xuan.

Now, it could be considered that he'd taken a step back and expressed his stance towards Ye Xuan.

"Pure Yang, you know what to do right?"

Ye Xuan nodded slightly. He looked at Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie who were kowtowing and begging for mercy as he coldly spoke.

Li Chunyang lightly nodded, under the panic-stricken and despairing gazes of Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie, he grabbed two red wine bottles and slowly walked towards them, a cold voice sounded from his mouth: "Offending Young Master Xuan, you can avoid death, but you can't escape death!"

"Sect Head Li, I beg you, please spare us …"

"Sect Leader Li, we were wrong …"

Zhang Haowen's and Zheng Shujie's faces changed drastically as they saw Li Chunyang walk over with a bottle of red wine in his hand. Their eyes were filled with fear, while their mouths were filled with endless pleas for help.


"Kacha …."

However, before they could finish their words, Li Chunyang smashed the bottle of red wine onto their heads.

Muffled collision sounds rang out as the wine bottles exploded on the spot, splitting their heads open. Large amounts of fresh red blood, mixed with red wine, flowed down from their faces, completely wetting their clothes …

"Puchi …"

Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie felt as if they were struck by lightning. A large amount of blood sprayed out of their mouths. Their eyes were closed as they collapsed on the ground, fainting on the spot.

He had to pay the price for doing something wrong.

Lin Haonan looked at the unconscious Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie with an ice-cold expression. His fists were clenched so tight that 'ka ka' sounds could be heard. However, he didn't say anything.

After all, these two fellows were indeed the ones who caused the trouble.

"I saw their apologies. What about yours?"

Looking at the unconscious Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie, Ye Xuan's expression didn't change in the slightest. His gaze fell onto Lin Haonan's voice, and an indifferent voice came out of his mouth.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie's expressions went cold and became extremely unsightly.

Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie had already apologized to Ye Xuan and received the punishments and punishments they deserved. However, they didn't expect Ye Xuan to still be so unforgiving. He actually wanted Lin Haonan to personally apologize.

However, if they were from Ye Xuan's point of view, they would be able to understand his feelings.

After all, it wasn't only Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie who had done something wrong and offended Ye Xuan, but also the head of the family, Lin Haonan …

If he hadn't coldly watched from the side, instead of having Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie apologize to Ye Xuan in this manner, then nothing would have happened now.

However, at that time, Lin Haonan didn't do that. Instead, he protected Ye Xuan and wanted him to apologize and even deal with Ye Xuan. This was obviously wrong.

Although Zhang Haowen and Zheng Shujie had already apologized and been punished, it was only right and proper for Ye Xuan to have Lin Haonan apologize.

Ye Xuan's request was completely reasonable.

Could it be that because of the Lin Family's strength, Lin Haonan is the third young master of the Lin Family? If his identity offends Ye Xuan and doesn't even apologize, then how will Ye Xuan deal with him in the future?

Wouldn't people say that Ye Xuan bullies the weak and is afraid of the strong?

That's why Ye Xuan insisted for Lin Haonan to apologize!

Even if it was just a simple sentence.

Furthermore, if Lin Haonan was truly willing to apologize to him, then Ye Xuan would definitely give him a high enough standard. He wouldn't lose any face and lose the face of the Lin Family.

The crux of the matter was how Lin Haonan did it.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie's expressions became extremely cold and ugly. Even though it was just a simple apology, in their eyes, it was related to their reputation …

However, Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie could be considered characters that could be placed on the ground.

Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie looked at each other and lightly nodded their heads.

Then, Lin Haonan took a step forward and cupped his fists towards Ye Xuan as he apologetically said, "Young Master Xuan, it's all my fault for being too selfish and unfair. I had just offended you, so I hope Young Master Xuan will forgive me!"

"Haha …" "Lin Sanjiu is being too polite. As the saying goes, do not admit each other if you don't hit them, right?"

Hearing Lin Haonan's words, Ye Xuan's face couldn't help but be filled with smiles. He laughed heartily, extended his hand and patted Lin Haonan's shoulder as he laughed loudly.

Ye Xuan's sudden amiable attitude caused Lin Haonan to be stunned. He obviously didn't expect Ye Xuan to change his attitude so quickly. Ye Xuan had given him face, causing him to respect Ye Xuan even more from the bottom of his heart.

Even Lin Tianjie silently nodded in approval of Ye Xuan's attitude.

If it were anyone else, they would've slapped their faces. However, Ye Xuan's performance didn't cause them to lose the face of the Lin Family. Instead, it eased their relationship, causing the misunderstanding and conflict between the two sides to be resolved.

Without a doubt, this method was imperceptibly brilliant.

"Haha …" That's right! To be able to befriend such a straightforward person like Young Master Xuan, I am also very happy. Tonight, I will invite … "

At this moment, Lin Haonan also burst into laughter as he spoke.

However, before he could finish his words, Ye Xuan's outspoken voice interrupted him. "How can I let you spend the money?"

Ye Xuan faced the crowd and spoke boldly, "It was I who disturbed everyone's mood tonight, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves to their heart's content. But it doesn't matter. Let's continue. Tonight, I, Ye Xuan, will pay for all of our spending! "


"Young Master Xuan is mighty!"

"Young Master Xuan is domineering!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's outspoken words, everyone present was extremely excited as they screamed out in excitement.

The entire bar once again regained its previous liveliness and liveliness as the blood-boiling DJ music once again rang out in the dance hall.

The canteens in the bar once again began displaying their loud and clear singing throats. Those sexy and beautiful big sisters also began their seductive dance once again, twisting their sexy and slender waists …

Midnight's energy was once again perfectly displayed in the bar. It was even more lively and passionate than before.

As for Ye Xuan, Lin Haonan, and Lin Tianjie, they majestically headed upstairs to their private rooms. They wanted to properly drink a few cups …