Although an hour had passed since the battle between Ye Xuan and the killer Black Flood Dragon, the guard, Xiao Wu, was still unable to recover from the shock of the intense battle.

The scenes of the dangerous battle between Ye Xuan and the Black Jiao were still playing in his mind like a movie. It gave him an unprecedented shock and shock.

Whether it was reason or the police officer who came after him with the beautiful flower captain Han Lu, everything clearly told him that what he saw before wasn't an illusion, but reality. It caused Ye Xuan's already lofty image in his heart to become even more lofty, making others look up to him.

Moreover, he clearly remembered the shocked and shocked expression on the beautiful captain Han Lu's face when she brought the police over to verify the Black Jiao's identity, as well as her incomparably strange gaze when she looked at Ye Xuan!

He was not an ordinary assassin, he was a famous silver level assassin!

What happened tonight undoubtedly left a deep impression on Little Wu and the others.

As for the captain of the Black Flood Dragon's security team, Zhao Da Hai, he hadn't received any serious injuries either. The Black Dragon had only knocked him out, and hadn't harmed his life.

Under Ye Xuan's profound medical skills, he quickly woke up.

"What happened?"

After waking up, Zhao Da Hai looked around blankly. His gaze fell onto Ye Xuan and the security guard Xiao Wu as he asked in confusion.

He vaguely remembered being attacked and then falling down, unconscious, not knowing what had happened afterwards …

Hearing Zhao Da Hai's question, the guard Xiao Wu slowly recounted what he had seen.

This guy even vividly depicted the battle between Ye Xuan and the killer Black Jiao. Zhao Da Hai was stunned, and his heart was similarly filled with shock and astonishment.

"Where is the killer?" Zhao Da Hai asked.

"They were taken away by the police!" Small security martial arts.

"Huff …"

Hearing the security guard Xiao Wu's reply, Zhao Da Hai let out a long breath.

Then, he turned around and looked at Ye Xuan. His eyes were filled with undisguised shock and reverence: "Brother Xuan, it's all thanks to you this time, otherwise …"

"There's no need to be polite, isn't that what we should do!?" Let's go. Since we have nothing better to do here, why don't we go have some supper? "

Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he stretched out his arm to embrace Zhao Da Hai and the guard Xiao Wu's arms, teasing them.

He didn't tell them that the hitman was after him, nor did he ask who sent her, the hitman Black Jiao. Ye Xuan didn't think it was necessary.

There were too many people in this world that wanted to kill him. What he needed to do was to kill all of them in the future and raise his strength so that he could recover as quickly as possible.

"This... Brother Xuan, aren't we still on duty? "

Zhao Da Hai was a little embarrassed.

"It's still in the middle of the night, it's fine! "Besides, we'll have something to eat in front of us. It's not like we can see it from a distance …"

Ye Xuan smiled as he pulled Zhao Da Hai and the security guard, Xiao Wu, towards the roadside stall.

After supper, the three of them took turns to be on duty!

Perhaps it's because Ye Xuan was bored while he was on duty, but under Zhao Da Hai and the guard Xiao Wu's puzzled gazes, Ye Xuan took out a special material and his incomparably sharp blade and began carving.

Gradually, that piece of special material was carved by Ye Xuan's saber and turned into a very impressive command medallion.

On the token, there were two eye-catching words: "Emperor Qing!"

"Older brother Xuan, what is this carving? How domineering!"

The security guard, Xiao Wu, couldn't help asking curiously as he looked at the intricately carved command token in Ye Xuan's hand.

"Azure Emperor Token!"

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"Azure Emperor Token?" What's the use of it? "

The security guard, Xiao Wu, curiously asked as he held the emblem in his hand and felt the unique and ice-cold sensation.

"It's used to scare people!"

Ye Xuan teased.

This object was a symbol of status in the Western Asura World. In order to meet some kind of powerful enemy from the Western Asura World, just in case, Ye Xuan had created it.

When Ye Xuan finished imitating the Azure Emperor Token, the sky turned bright and it was time for them to get off work.

As Ye Xuan had been assigned to work for 24 hours, he could rest for the day.

Ye Xuan returned to his residence by the river and coincidentally met Leng Qingcheng when he left for work. He teased her, "Qingcheng, you're out so early. Have you eaten breakfast yet?"

Today, she was wearing very beautiful clothes, with a head of unbound hair. She wore a trendy sweater, black leather pants, and high-cut boots. She was extremely sexy. Her perfect figure and unique aura were all in contrast, making it difficult for Ye Xuan to shift his gaze away from her.


Leng Qingcheng indifferently replied before walking towards the elevator, leaving Ye Xuan with a beautiful view of her back.

This woman had changed a little from before. At the very least, she'd given Ye Xuan a reply!

"This woman … It's so cold! "

Ye Xuan couldn't help but mutter to himself as he watched Leng Qingcheng leave. He walked into his room, washed his face, and then went to sleep!

Perhaps it was because he had been on duty all night, but he slept until noon.

After he packed up and changed his clothes, he walked out of the bedroom and saw Su Xiaomeng sitting on the sofa in her child's pajamas. She was engrossed in playing games, so she didn't notice that Ye Xuan had entered the living room.

"Hey, Su Xiaomeng, how old are you this year? You're still obsessed with games every day!"

Ye Xuan said in annoyance as he looked at Su Xiaomeng's serious expression.

"Seventeen years old... "What's wrong?"

Su Xiaomeng answered without raising her head.


Ye Xuan's eyes couldn't help but twitch when he heard Su Xiaomeng's reply. He didn't expect her to be seventeen years old. After all, the two peaks on her chest were too shocking. Many women would find it difficult to reach in their entire lives.

"Are you for real?"

Ye Xuan had a face full of doubt.

"Of course it's true. Next month's 27th is my 18th birthday. " Su Xiaomeng did not raise her head.

Thinking about what happened to Su Xiaomeng, her reaction, and her reaction, Ye Xuan gradually believed that Su Xiaomeng was only seventeen years old.

Immediately, he puzzledly asked: "Being seventeen years old and playing games all day like you, shouldn't you be studying at school?"

"Boss, it's summer vacation now!" Su Xiaomeng ended the battle within the game and put down her tablet. She raised her head to look at Ye Xuan with eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

"According to your age, you should have gone to or graduated from high school?" Ye Xuan was curious.

"I just graduated from high school. I studied at Xinghai University, so I came here to play and get familiar with the environment!" It's a pity that Sister Qingcheng has to be busy at work every day, and doesn't have the time to accompany me around, causing me to be extremely bored staying at home all day! "

Su Xiaomeng's face was filled with excitement as she looked eagerly at Ye Xuan. "That's right, Ye Xuan, you don't have to work today, right?"

"That's right!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Then let's go play!"

Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan with an even more fervent gaze.

"Where to? What do you want to play? " Ye Xuan asked.

"How about we go racing? "I heard that there's a racetrack called the Life Chasing Valley in Galaxy, but it's so fun!" Su Xiaomeng stood up. Her big, watery eyes were filled with eagerness as she stared at Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan couldn't refuse.


Ye Xuan nodded his head in agreement.

"Good job!" "Wait for me, I'll go pack up and change my clothes …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply, Su Xiaomeng was overjoyed. She ran into her bedroom and started washing up and changing.

Ten minutes later, Su Xiaomeng finished packing and changed her clothes before walking out of the room. Her beautiful appearance caused Ye Xuan to be stunned.

Su Xiaomeng's beautiful hair was braided into two little braids, and her petite and voluptuous body was wrapped up by a silver lace dress. A sapphire blue diamond necklace hung around her slender, snow-white neck, accentuating her noble temperament, making her look like a noble, cute, and beautiful little princess.

This kind of costume was extremely lethal for any man. It was definitely not something those sexy and seductive women could compare to.

"Ye Xuan, let's go!"

Su Xiaomeng walked over to Ye Xuan with a smile.


Ye Xuan nodded lightly and brought Su Xiaomeng out of the room.

Zhui Ming Valley was located at the outskirts of Galaxy City, fifty kilometers away from the center of the city. The terrain here was dangerous, and there were many car accidents all year round. As another highway was opened, there were very few cars on this road, making it a paradise for racing enthusiasts. This caused a large number of racing enthusiasts to gather here.

When Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng first ate lunch and watched a movie in the center of the city, they did a lot of shopping and swept the valley. It was already dusk by the time they arrived.

Although it was still early evening, the Chasing Haze Valley was still bustling with activity. A large number of racing fans were gathered around, and there were all kinds of top tier cars parked to play some exciting music. It made Su Xiaomeng excited and looked around like a curious baby.

From the looks of it, this little girl had been wanting to come here to play the whole time, but she had never come here.

Ye Xuan smiled as he followed Su Xiaomeng around.

This place was indeed a paradise for racing fans. In the middle of the valley, there was a huge open-air square. There were all kinds of expensive cars parked here, as well as all kinds of entertainment facilities and entertainment venues.

Not only were there racer betting areas, recreational areas, but there were also dining areas, karaoke areas, registration areas, and so on. It was comparable to many large recreational areas, and could be called a large entertainment complex.

"Ye Xuan, let's go to the bet area. I want to buy a fully modified Super-Runner Hornet to win. Four exhaust pipes to spew fire. It's too cool!"

Su Xiaomeng said excitedly as she looked at the huge screen in the middle of the square, which showed a modified Bumblebee sports car.

Ye Xuan smiled helplessly as he followed Su Xiaomeng into the betting area.

This little girl was a wealthy lady, she had exchanged a million worth of chips for entertainment. She had spent two hundred thousand dollars on what she thought was a very cool modified Bumblebee sports car, and it had been a complete defeat at the last minute by an Aston Tin.

She took part in a few more bets, but in the end, not a single one was won. She had lost everything, making her extremely depressed.

"No meaning..." "It's not funny at all."

Seeing the last of the chips being eaten reluctantly, Su Xiaomeng pouted and said unhappily.

"Stupid girl, it would be weird if you bought a sports car like you and modified it to look like you want it to be cool. Although the performance of a car was of paramount importance, it was the Driver who played the decisive role! An outstanding racer would be able to bring the car's performance to its peak. Even if there was a difference in performance, he would be able to level it up with skill! "

Looking at Su Xiaomeng's depressed expression, Ye Xuan couldn't bear to continue teasing her. "Go and exchange more chips. I'll win a few million back for you …."

A true expert was finally going to make his move!