Shangguan Jinghong was well aware of Shangguan Hongyu's personality. This matter was definitely caused by Shangguan Hongyu, but Ye Xuan had actually killed him on the spot. This undoubtedly made it difficult for Shangguan Jinghong to accept this.

Although Shangguan Hongyu was a mischievous, arrogant and arrogant person who liked to bully others, in Shangguan Jinghong's eyes, he did not deserve to die.

Not to mention that Ye Xuan had not only killed Shangguan Hongyu, but had also exterminated so many of their clansmen.

If they were to admit their defeat just like that and admit their bad luck, wouldn't that weaken their Shangguan family's reputation and ruin their Shangguan family's reputation? If word of that got out, then what face would their Shangguan family have to stand here?

Although the young man in front of them had an extraordinary strength, it was not to the extent of making them lower their heads in fear.

Immediately, Shangguan Jinghong spoke in a deep voice: "Although it was wrong for Hongyu to provoke you first, he did not commit the crime to the point of death. But you killed him without any hesitation and even killed so many people from my Shangguan family. This is a bit too much. "

"If they didn't provoke me and didn't want to kill me, why would I kill them? Shangguan Family Head, it looks like you're planning on making life difficult for me? "

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed through them. He raised his head and directed his gaze onto Shangguan Jinghong as he coldly spoke.

"I, Shangguan Jinghong, am not an unreasonable person. Kid, if you can take three of their moves, then let's forget about this matter!"

Shangguan Jinghong's face turned cold, he pointed at the old man and the old woman behind him.


As Shangguan Jinghong's words fell, the old man and the old woman also stepped forward, spreading out their powerful aura without restraint, and creating violent gales of wind in all directions.

"What a terrifying aura. Although he hasn't reached the level of a Sky Star Realm Martial King, does he still have a peak Profound Realm Martial Saint?"

"Two Peak Martial Saints, the Shangguan Family's foundation is indeed very strong!"

"If these two were to join hands, I'm afraid they could even barely fight against a Void Star Realm martial king!"

Feeling the aura of the old man and the old woman, the expressions of the surrounding people couldn't help but change. Shocked words came out of their mouths.

The two Peak Martial Saints did indeed possess a considerable amount of deterrence.

"Young Master Xuan …"

Even Li Chunyang's eyes narrowed slightly. He could feel the extraordinary strength of this old man and this old woman, and it was not something an ordinary peak Spirit Traveling Profound Realm Martial Saint could compare to.

Li Chunyang was about to speak, but was cut off by a wave of Ye Xuan's hand, "Alright, I'll take three of their moves!"

He slowly stood up after Ye Xuan finished speaking. His gaze fell onto the old woman and the old man as he indifferently said, "Let's do it!"


Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at his indifferent appearance, the old woman and the old man coldly snorted.

Boundless gray and strange cyan qi spread out from their bodies, finally condensing into an illusionary gray eagle and an illusionary green snake behind them. A violent aura spread out from the bodies of the gray eagle and Green Snake, causing the old man and the old woman's auras to soar.

"This is the Flying Divinity Condor and the Purgatory Green Snake?"

"Are the two of them the Snake Sculpture Exemplaries on Wu Ling Mountain?"

"Have the Snake Sculpting Sisters long retired from the martial arts world?" They actually came out of the mountains and joined the Shangguan Family to serve them? "

Seeing the ferocious grey condor and Green Snake behind the old woman and the old man, the expressions of the surrounding people could not help but greatly change. Their gazes towards them were filled with undisguised shock.

Even Li Chunyang's expression was extremely unsightly. He said in a deep voice, "Young Master Xuan, be careful. These two fellows train in ruthless poison attacks. Their True Divine Spirit Qi contains highly toxic poison …"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded without the slightest fear.

Because of the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, even though Ye Xuan had only cultivated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the Divine Forging stage, his cultivation realm was comparable to a Spirit Traversing Profound Realm martial artist. His strength wasn't the slightest bit weaker than a Martial Saint.

If Ye Xuan were to use his full power, he would be able to battle a Martial King of the Void Star Realm.

Recently, Ye Xuan had a faint feeling that he was on the verge of a breakthrough. If he was able to break through to the early stage of the Divine Forging stage, then his combat strength would undoubtedly increase once more.

If Ye Xuan was able to break through to the fourth level of the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, he wouldn't need to be afraid even if he was a 9-star Heavenly Star Realm Martial King. He wouldn't be far away from becoming the number one Martial King among Martial Kings.

"Brat, if you apologize to our Shangguan family now, you might come back! Our Patriarch will definitely forgive you for your magnanimity … "

At this moment, the Devil Snake Hawk duo stared at Ye Xuan with cold and stern gazes as they spoke icily.

"Cut the crap, go ahead! If you do not attack, then I will attack! "

A trace of impatience flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes.

"Arrogant!" Since you insist on seeking death, we shall grant your wish! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Devil Snake Sculpture's expression became extremely unsightly. A strong killing intent burst forth from its eyes. Terrifying force exploded from beneath its feet as it charged towards Ye Xuan with the force of a bolt of lightning.

Flying Claws!

Poison Snake Tooth!


The moment they rushed out, the grey condor flapped its wings as it flew through the air and extended its sharp claws to grab at Ye Xuan.

The extremely venomous Green Snake suddenly opened his large mouth and charged towards Ye Xuan to tear him apart.

One eagle and one snake, their auras ferocious, making people retreat and not dare to fight them!

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes when he saw this. With a thought, the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique circulated within his body, and a golden sun revolved around his fist.

The number one martial skill of Yin-Yang Tyrant Body Technique — Burning Sun!

He did not have the patience to receive the two Viper Eagle's three moves. Instead, he wanted to cripple them in one move!


"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

The gray eagle shattered, the green snake collapsed!

The faces of the Snake Eagles paled as if they had been struck by lightning. Blood sprayed from their mouths and they flew out like two cannonballs. They smashed onto a table in the distance, shattering it into pieces.

"Cough cough …"

Their originally powerful aura instantly weakened, and traces of jet-black blood flowed out from the corners of their mouths without end …

"This... How was this possible? actually lost to the Snake Condor? "

"What happened just now?"

The expressions of the surrounding people could not help but change as they looked at the miserable state of the snake eagle duo and felt the aura of the snake eagle duo becoming weaker. Shocked words could be heard from their mouths.

Obviously, no one thought that the final loser would actually be the Snake Sculpting Dun.

Ye Xuan promised to take three of their strikes. However, looking at their current appearances, there was no way for them to use the second and third strikes.

Compared to the heavily injured Snake Condor, Ye Xuan was completely unscathed.

"Shangguan Family Head, it seems like they won't be able to use the second and third move. The grudge between us should be written off right?"

Ye Xuan said as he raised his head, his gaze landing on Shangguan Jinghong, and smiled.

"Since you possess such strength at such a young age, may I know what your name is?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at his indifferent appearance, Shangguan Jinghong spoke in a low voice.

"Ye Xuan!"

Ye Xuan swept a glance at Shangguan Jinghong and lightly replied.

"Good!" Ye Xuan, I'll keep this debt in the mind of the Shangguan Family for now. "Let's go!"

Shangguan Jinghong was a man of his words, he waved his hand and quickly left with his men.

"Tsk, that's all?"

"This Shangguan family is too cowardly, isn't they?"

"The Shangguan Family is so cowardly, aren't they afraid of losing face for the Shangguan Family?"

Looking at Shangguan Jinghong who left, the surrounding people couldn't help but speak with one another.

Shangguan Jinghong, Shangguan Hongwei, and the Snake Eagle, the four of them had extremely shocking hearing. Naturally, they could hear the discussions of the people behind them and their complexions became extremely ugly.

Shangguan Hongwei could not help but speak up: "Leader, let's just let it go like this, are we really going to let that little brat go?"

"How can we let him go? Don't you all remember whose territory this is? "

Hearing Shangguan Hongwei's words, Shangguan Jinghong spoke with a cold expression.

Ye Xuan, a mere member of Galaxy, was far from being able to cause the Shangguan family to fear him.

"Chief, this hotel is opened by the Violent Soldier Alliance, what do you mean?"

Shangguan Rongwei's face was filled with shock, and a bright light shone in his eyes as he spoke solemnly.

"Our men were involved in an incident in the territory of the Violent Soldiers' Union. Naturally, we have to find them to seek justice for us!"

Shangguan Jinghong answered with an ice-cold look on his face.

With that said, Shangguan Jinghong brought his men directly to the office of the manager of the Modern Hotel.

General Manager's Office.

Ruo Yanran had her hair tied up in a bun, revealing her mesmerizing and exquisite face. She lazily sat in the owner's chair and carefully read the information of the recent guests. Finally, she stopped at Ye Xuan's name.

She really didn't understand just how unique this fellow was to have the people up there personally speak and take special care of him.

Ruo Yanran was originally a beauty that was one in a thousand. Her slender and graceful body was wrapped in a professional uniform and was filled with a professional allure. When paired with her puzzled expression, she could be said to have a different kind of beauty.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

As she was deep in thought over Ye Xuan's information, the crisp sound of someone knocking on her door rang out.

Along with the knock on the door, the door of the office quietly opened. Shangguan Jinghong and the others walked in with a helpless and furious look on their faces.

"Manager Ruo!"

Seeing Ruo Yanran lazily lying on the office chair, a respectful voice came out of Shangguan Jinghong's mouth.

Although Ruo Yanran was only the general manager of the Modern House, her status was not low at all. Not only was she Su Hai's famous beauty, she was also the main pillar of the Rampage Alliance. Of course, the most important thing was her identity …

"Mr. Shangguan, what are you doing? "Are you not comfortable staying in this shop?"

Looking at the furious Shangguan Jinghong and the withering snake eagle duo, Ruo Yanran asked in confusion.

"Sigh …"

Hearing Ruo Yanran's question, a look of helplessness appeared on Shangguan Jinghong's face. He sighed lightly and said in a low voice: "I know that if you were extremely busy every day, manager, we wouldn't have come to disturb you unless we had no other choice …"

"Mr. Shangguan, there's no need to be so polite. If you have any problems, just tell me directly. We will definitely do our best to help you solve them!"

Seeing this, Ruo Yanran stood up and said with a serious face.

"If you are the manager, I will not hide the truth … "In this modern hotel, we lost 20 Shangguan Family members, and one of them was a young master who had the direct bloodline of my Shangguan Family."

Shangguan Jinghong said with a bitter face.

"What?" How could this be? What had happened? Could it be food poisoning? "

Hearing Shangguan Jinghong's words, Ruo Yanran's expression changed.

"It's not about the food poisoning, it's about a bastard kid doing it! "This is the territory of the Ferocious Weapon Association, so it's inconvenient for us to take action. We don't want to make a ruckus and snatch the main body away, please help us, Manager Ruo to administer justice!"

Shangguan Jinghong cupped his fist towards Ruo Yanran with a serious expression.

"Who dares to do such a thing?! How dare he do such a thing in my Modern House?! Yu'er, bring someone with you! Let's go out and take a look!"

Hearing this, Ruo Yanran's eyes flashed with coldness as she coldly spoke.

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked straight out of the office, Shangguan Jinghong and the others following closely behind …