On the wide road, the Black-Edge Battleship was flying at an extremely fast speed in the direction of the Bai Clan.

"Young Master Xuan, why are we going to the Bai residence?"

Li Chunyang was fully focused on driving, and words of doubt came out of his mouth.

"Last time, it was all thanks to Old Bai's help that I was able to resolve my crisis. This time, I came to Su Hai to pay a visit to him, to express my gratitude!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he spoke.

Li Chunyang lightly nodded his head, as if he had thought of something. He continued to ask: "Young Master Xuan, do you know that Ruo Yanran from before?"

"He knows my ass! If he really knows Ruo Yanran, he would have already gone to her office to chat with her. How would he stay with us … "

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Lin Feng teased him.

"Since we don't know each other, then why would she help us? Could he have been asked by Elder Bai? "

Li Chunyang's eyes were still full of doubt.

"It should be because of Old Bai. After all, in this vast sea of Su, the only person we are familiar with is Old Bai."

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. He paused for a moment before continuing, "Pure Yang, don't be in such a hurry to go to the Bai Clan. Go to Su Hai's Black Shop first. I want to buy some gifts for Elder Bai for free."


Li Chunyang nodded lightly and turned around. He then drove his Blackpeak Battleship and sped off into the distance …

The Su Hai Black Shop was located on the black market in Su Hai. Its size was much larger than the Star Sea Black Shop. It could be said that all sorts of goods were available here.

By the time Ye Xuan arrived, the large shop was already packed full of people. People were already inside the shop, picking all sorts of treasures and weapons.

"Young Master Xuan, Lord Crazy Devil, you've finally all come!"

Just as Ye Xuan walked into the store, a familiar and respectful voice rang out.

As the voice rang out, a sexy and beautiful familiar figure filled with professional temptation appeared in his line of sight.

Her hair was wavy red, and her elegant face was filled with an enchanting smile. Her graceful figure was wrapped in a professional uniform and was filled with a strong sense of professionalism. She gave off a feeling of elegance and comfort.

She was none other than the owner of Galaxy Black Shop, Night Rose.

"Rose, why are you here?"

At the sight of the Night Rose that had appeared, Ye Xuan's face was filled with astonishment as he let out astonished words.

He obviously didn't think that he would meet an old acquaintance like Ye Rose here.

"I am here specifically to wait for you! Young Master Xuan, Lord Mad Demon, Sect Master Li … "Please come in!"

Ye Qiuwei had a smile on her face as she gestured for Ye Xuan and the others to enter. She led them towards the VIP box within the store.

"Rose, aren't you in the sea of stars? Why did you come here? "

Inside the cozy room, Ye Xuan sat on the sofa and looked at Night Rose as he asked with a smile.

"It was Master Ainphent who sent me here to assist you. I'm the manager of this shop now!"

Ye Qiangwei's exquisite face was filled with smiles, and words that were so melodious came out of her mouth.

"Oh right, Young Master Xuan … "Master Ainphent told me to pass this to you!"

As if she thought of something, Night Rose walked to a cabinet, opened one of the secret spaces, and took out a black Centurion's Bank Card and a briefcase. She handed them over to Ye Xuan.

"Let me see what good stuff she has prepared for me."

Ye Xuan kept the Centurion's card. In the end, his gaze fell onto the silver briefcase and asked curiously.

"Kacha …."

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he entered a string of passwords and opened the silver briefcase.

The silver briefcase opened and the items inside were clearly visible to Ye Xuan.

The interior quietly contained three unique and precise items. The first thing that entered Ye Xuan's eyes was a noble and precise watch.

The watch was made from the rare and unique star gold and the expensive star diamond collected from the meteorite. Not only did it have the most advanced and limitless satellite communication technology in the world, it also had a lot of black technology, such as holographic shard technology, satellite tracking technology, XPSD technology and so on!

Under the light, the unique watch refracted its brilliance, causing people to feel extremely dazzled.

"This is the Monarch Table?"

Looking at this watch, Ye Xuan's face was filled with nostalgia as he muttered.

The Emperor's Watch that he once wore symbolized his status and identity as one of the Five Emperors. Ye Xuan's consort, Chu Qing, had paid a huge price to request the world's most outstanding master to build it. Not only did it have a powerful function, it was also a supporting weapon!

This watch was full of Ye Xuan's memories.

"Yes, Lord Ainphent spent a lot of effort to get it!" Although it has been damaged, all its functions have been repaired. "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Night Rose lightly nodded her head and smiled.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath to calm his complicated mood, then he removed the watch from his wrist and put it on.

As Ye Xuan wore the Emperor's Crest, his entire demeanor unknowingly underwent a tremendous change. It was as if he gained an indescribable sense of nobility.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto the second item.

This was an extremely rare and cold weapon — — Yue Tai!

It was divided into a straight blade and a reverse blade. The blade was used to kill the enemy, and the reverse was made from black and white Star Iron respectively. It was somewhat similar to the famous Mandarin Yang Yue of ancient times, but it clearly underwent a unique modification which allowed it to have a stronger attack power!

"Black and White Titan?"

As Ye Xuan looked at the weapon that was quietly lying inside the case, a surge of joy emerged on his face.

Both sides possessed a unique attractiveness, the sword's body was extremely extreme and its edge was incomparably sharp. Under the light of the lamp, it reflected a magnificent brilliance, and was one of the Demon Lord's personal weapons, possessing extremely powerful lethality.

With the Black White Trident, Ye Xuan's combat strength would undoubtedly increase by a level. His Soul-Breaking Blade could basically be retired!


Ye Xuan lovingly held the Black Tortoise in his hands and carefully felt its unique ice-cold feeling. In the end, he put it away.

Soon after, his gaze fell onto the third item.

It was a dazzling and unique lighter. It was made of pure gold and had ancient characters engraved on it. This made it even more mysterious, causing Ye Xuan to like it a lot. He couldn't let it go!

"It's called 'Lord Fury,' and it was created by Master Ainphent for you. Not only is it a lighter, it's also a killing weapon. It's equipped with a gold-shaking nanowire and a dragon core bomb …"

"Under normal circumstances, the vibrational golden nanowires can kill people without them noticing. If you encounter an unstoppable danger, you can detonate the dragon bomb inside. The radius of explosion is 500 meters and its power is equivalent to detonating dozens of rattlesnake missiles..."

Seeing Ye Xuan fondly fiddling with the lighter, Night Rose explained in detail.

It had to be said that the items that the Night Goddess, Ainphent, had prepared for Ye Xuan had greatly increased his combat strength. Even Su Hai, who had gathered experts, had the ability to protect himself …

"Ainphent is serious!" Right, Rose, I'm going to the Bai residence to help me choose a present for Old Bai! "

After listening to Ye Qiuwei's introduction, Ye Xuan put everything away, then smiled.

"Good!" Please wait a moment! "

Ye Qiuwei lightly nodded.

Ten minutes later, Ye Xuan and the others left the black shop and headed towards the Bai Clan …