"Xiao Ya, why have you just arrived?"

"Yeah, Xiao Ya, you're late!"

"Xiao Ya, is this your boyfriend? "He's pretty handsome!"

"Xiao Ya, hurry up and introduce him to us!"

Seeing Ye Xiao Ya walk over while holding Ye Xuan's arm, her friends all gathered around her. They looked curiously at Ye Xuan's body as they smiled.

"Let me introduce him to everyone. This is my boyfriend, Ye Xuan!"

Ye Xiao Ya took a deep breath when her best friends asked her. She glanced at Ye Xuan before introducing him to her friends with a serious expression.

Hearing Ye Xiaoya's introduction, the group of her best friends frowned. They didn't seem to have heard of the name Ye Xuan at all …

"Ye Xuan, this is my best friend, Xia Yuyan. This is my good friend, Xu Shiman, Lin Xue Yi, Liu Sisi …"

After that, Ye Xiao Ya introduced her good friends to Ye Xuan one by one.

It had to be said that the phrase "like a group, like a group" was not wrong at all.

Ye Xiao Ya was originally the best among beauties, and her group of friends, without exception, were all rare beauties.

For example, Xia Yuyan. Not only was she elegant, beautiful, and moving, she was also sexy, bold, open, and extremely manly. She was very liked by men.

However, she didn't think highly of Ye Xuan. Her gaze was filled with disdain and indifference.

From what Ye Xiao Ya said, this woman's father was one of the top ten businessmen in Su Hai and she was the CEO of a certain company. Her business skills were not ordinary and her popularity was great. She had a lot of suitors.

For example, Liu Sisi. She had a sweet appearance, a tall figure, a sexy figure, a noble temperament, and two long legs that would make one's mind wander …

For example, Xu Shiman. She was as gentle as water, had a graceful figure, and a smile that made her seem very friendly. She could be said to be the most approachable of goddesses ….

For example, Lin Xue Yi. She was also sexy, beautiful, charming, and had a unique identity. She was Lin Tian Jie's younger sister, the young miss of the Lin Family. However, she was the most low-profile existence in the group and rarely spoke, nor was she interested in Ye Xuan.

After Ye Xiao Ya finished introducing her friends to Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan smilingly extended his hand out to Xia Yuyan and the others. "My lovely sisters, it's a pleasure to meet you. Xiao Ya will have to trouble you to take care of me in the future!"

However, Xia Yuyan didn't even bother shaking hands with Ye Xuan. Instead, she coldly smiled and glanced at Ye Xuan with disdain. She turned her head to the side and started chatting with Lin Xue Yi.

Obviously, she didn't place this unknown Ye Xuan in her eyes at all.

This scene undoubtedly caused Ye Xiao Ya to furrow her brows.

On the other hand, the gentle and amiable Xu Shiman reached out her hand to grasp Ye Xuan's hand, smiled, and said, "Ye Xuan, Yu Yan has such a personality, don't bother about her … …" My name is Xu Shiman, and I'm very pleased to meet you! "

"Yeah, Ye Xuan, don't bother with Yu Yan and Xue Yi. They are both very arrogant …" My name is Liu Sisi, and I'm very happy to meet you! "

At this moment, Liu Sisi extended her hand to grasp Ye Xuan's hand, smiling as she spoke.

"Haha …" Do you think I'm that petty of a person? "

Hearing Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's words, Ye Xuan couldn't help but tease them. He beckoned with his hand and magically took out two crystal clear jade bottles from the ring, respectively passing them to Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi. He smiled as he said, "We were in a hurry and weren't able to bring gifts to the little sisters. This is a token of my appreciation. Please accept it!"

"Wah …" What a beautiful jade bottle, just like a crystal gourd! "

Looking at the jade bottle that Ye Xuan passed over, Xu Shiman exclaimed in surprise.

"That's right, she's so beautiful and unique. You should have to spend quite a bit of money, right?"

At this moment, Liu Sisi also spoke up with a smile.

"It's only two crystal bottles, how much can it cost? You two look so useless! "

Looking at Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's expressions and hearing their exclamations of surprise, Xia Yuyan opened her mouth and spoke with disdain.

This woman didn't give Ye Xuan any face.

Lin Xue Yi also smiled, but she did not say anything.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaoya wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by Ye Xuan, "Miss Xia is right. They are indeed only two crystal bottles. They aren't worth much …" However, what I really gave Shi Man and Sisi were not these two small bottles, but the contents of the bottle! "

"The thing in the bottle? There's still something in the bottle? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi couldn't help but be shocked as they curiously asked.

"Of course, both of you should open the bottle and take a look!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he nodded, his face brimming with a confident smile.

Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi opened the jade bottle and poured the contents out.

It was a pellet overflowing with light, like a pearl. Under the light of the lamp, it gave off a dazzling brilliance, and a rich medicinal fragrance was also released from the pellet.

This caused many of the surrounding people to involuntarily turn their gazes in the direction of the medicinal fragrance. When they saw the pills in Xu Shiman's and Liu Sisi's hands, many of the women present immediately became spirited and let out excited shrieks.

"Oh my god, is that the Holy Loulan Slash Beauty Pellet?"

"How is this possible? Hadn't the pill disappeared long ago? How could there be more? "

"No, that's not the face nourishing pill. Its aroma is at least a hundred times stronger than that of the face nourishing pill!"

"Oh my god. Rumor has it that the 'Holy Beauty Nurturing Pill' was developed by a medical saint. It can improve a woman's physique, slow down the aging process of her face, enhance the color of her skin, and have a huge effect of reverting children back to their youth. Even a fifty year old woman can turn back into a thirty year old face after taking one pill. "The medicinal fragrance of this pill is a hundred times stronger than that of the Holy Mantle Beauty Pellet. Just how powerful is her effect?"

"Now that I think about it, this isn't the face nourishing pill, but another more effective face nourishing pill that the Medical Saint developed. However, it was not released to the public, and its name is called 'Falling Feather Pill'!"

"Falling Feather Pill?"

"That's right. Rumor has it that it's even more effective than the Holy Loulan Beauty Pellet, developed by the Medical Saint for his lover. It can keep his appearance young and young forever, and is also known as the Purple Clouds Celestial Pellet. After consuming it, he'll be as beautiful as the Purple Clouds Fairy …"

In a split-second, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi, who held medicinal pills in their hands, became the focus of attention for all the beauties in the banquet hall.

"Violet Cloud Immortal Pill?"

Even the normally haughty Xia Yuyan and Lin Xue Yi's expressions changed when they saw the pills in Xu Shiman's and Liu Sisi's hands. Shock and astonishment filled their mouths.

They had heard about this pill before, and it was something that they had dreamed of. Unfortunately, no matter how much they had paid, they hadn't been able to get it back.

Now that Ye Xuan had casually taken out two Purple Dawn Immortal Pills, how could they not be shocked and shocked?

As for Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi, they were already stunned. They'd never imagined that the items Ye Xuan gave out would be so valuable.

Ye Xiao Ya, who'd hired Ye Xuan as her temporary boyfriend, also had a face full of shock and astonishment. Her gaze when she looked at Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised shock and astonishment …

"Lord Ye, this Purple Clouds Immortal Pill is too expensive. We can't take it!"

After a brief moment of shock and astonishment, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi finally recovered from their shock and hurriedly brought the Violet Cloud Immortal Pill to Ye Xuan with a smile.

Now, they've even changed their way of addressing Ye Xuan.

"It's only two Purple Clouds Immortal Pills, how can it be considered precious. Although Shi Man and Sisi are like ducks and ducks now, and are as beautiful as a fairy, this is still a small part of my heart. I hope the two beauties will give me some face and not refuse!" Xiao Ya, what you say, right? "

Hearing their words, Ye Xuan smiled and lightly shook his head. He turned around and said to the shocked Ye Xiao Ya.

Since he was now the other party's boyfriend, as a professional actor, he couldn't let Ye Xiao Ya lose face, right?

"Ye Xuan is right. This is just a small token of his appreciation. You guys don't have to be polite with him and just accept it!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Ye Xiaoya recovered from her shock and spoke with a smile.

"Thank you, Lord Ye!" Xiao Ya, you've really found a good boyfriend! "

Ye Xuan's previous words had undoubtedly made Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi have a good impression of him and caused their faces to be filled with smiles.

Just as they were about to put away the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill, Xia Yu Yan opened her mouth and said: "Shi Man, Sisi... Don't be too happy too early, this Purple Clouds Immortal Pill has long disappeared with the medical saint! "Even if there is, it is still a sky-high price. It is definitely not something that an ordinary person can afford!"

"Kid, you're just a nameless person and you've never heard of his name before. I can determine that the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill he took out is fake, and that she intentionally took it out to bluff you all!"

After hearing Xia Yuyan's words, Lin Xue Yi also smiled and said: "I think Yu Yan is right. The two of you have to be careful. If this pill is fake, be careful of ruining your beauty, so you won't have the face to meet anyone in the future …"

It had to be said that Xia Yuyan and Lin Xue Yi's words were very useful, causing Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi to hesitate. They seemed to be stuck between a rock and a hard place …

The Purple Clouds Immortal Pill was a rare medicine that was priceless in the market. The fact that this man casually took out two of them was indeed suspicious.

If this medicine was real, then what if he used it to ruin their looks?

But, what if this pill was real? Wouldn't that mean they'd missed a massive opportunity?

Looking at Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's troubled expressions, Ye Xuan seemed to know their thoughts and worries. He smiled and said, "What Miss Xia and Miss Lin said made sense …" However, it's a pity that my Purple Dawn Immortal Pills are genuine goods. "

Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi. He said with a serious expression, "If Shi Man and Sisi were willing to believe my words, but were able to consume it in front of everyone, it would have miraculous effects in three minutes! Would you both believe me? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi looked at each other before lightly nodding. "We're both good friends with Xiao Ya. Since you're Xiao Ya's boyfriend, we'll believe you this time!"

As soon as Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi finished their words, the two of them opened their mouths and swallowed the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill in front of everyone …

As the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill dissolved in their mouths, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi felt their bodies become extremely hot and dry as large amounts of sweat started to appear on their foreheads …

In the next moment, a scene that caused an uproar amongst the surrounding people abruptly occurred ….

A large amount of black perspiration actually appeared on the pores of Xu Shiman's and Liu Sisi's skin, causing their beautiful faces to gradually turn ugly, as though they were clay figures …

Seeing this, the surrounding people's faces couldn't help but change. Their gazes towards Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi were filled with undisguised fear …

Who would have thought that the originally beautiful Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi would now be covered in black sweat and become clay figures?

This banquet was organized by her elder brother, Lin Tianjie, and she was the younger sister of Lin Tianjie, so she could be considered as half a master. If anything really happened to Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi, then they would undoubtedly bear a huge responsibility.

Xia Yuyan's expression turned cold as she pointed her finger at Ye Xuan, her voice filled with ice-cold anger.

"Bastard, this Purple Dawn Immortal Pill is fake. You actually dared to harm Shi Man and Sisi!"