"Bastard, this Purple Dawn Immortal Pill is fake. You actually dared to harm Shi Man and Sisi!"

Hearing Xia Yuyan's furious question and seeing Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi covered in sweat, Ye Xiaoya also looked anxious. She never expected things to turn out like this.

If Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi met with a problem, then she would undoubtedly be held responsible and would regret and blame herself for the rest of her life. After all, she was the one who brought Ye Xuan here.

"Smoke …" "This..."

Ye Xiao Ya opened her mouth wanting to explain something to Ye Xuan. However, before she could finish, she was interrupted by Xia Yuyan's angry voice.

"Ye Xiao Ya, I didn't expect you to be such a vicious person. You actually teamed up with this brat to harm Shi Man and Sisi. Their family had been working with you all this while, and they even helped your company! If something were to happen to the two of them, your family and your business would be bound up in it … "

Although Xia Yuyan and Ye Xiao Ya were close friends and had a good relationship on the surface, due to Ye Xiao Ya becoming closer and closer with Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi all these years, she received great cooperation and support from the two great families in her career. This affected many of the Xia family's businesses and caused their benefits to decline, making Xia Yu Yan already bear a grudge against them.

Now that she finally had a chance to bring down Ye Xiao Ya, how could Xia Yuyan not be angry at this moment? She threw a stone at Ye Xiao Ya, putting a hat on her head.

"It's not like that. Smoke, listen to my explanation …"

Hearing Xia Yuyan's words, Ye Xiao Ya's face changed and she quickly opened her mouth to explain.

However, before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by the pained screams of Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi.

"Ah... "My body is so hot, my head hurts, I feel so uncomfortable …"

"What the hell was that pill just now?" "It feels so bad..."

At this moment, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's bodies were covered in black sweat. Their expressions were filled with pain, and hugging their stomachs made them feel extremely uncomfortable …

"Shi Man, Sisi... How are you two? That medicine is fake. Ye Xiao Ya actually joined forces with others to harm you. But don't worry, I already called an ambulance. If you two persist, it will definitely be alright! "

Hearing Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's shrieks and seeing their painful expressions, Xia Yuyan hurriedly walked in front of them and comforted them.

"Xiao Ya, Sisi and I trust you so much. I didn't expect you to be such a person …"

"Xiao Ya, how could we ever let you down? You actually tricked us …"

Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi had painful expressions on their faces. One of their hands was covering their stomach while the other was pointing at the anxious Ye Xiao Ya as painful words came out of their mouths.

"No …" It's not like that … Shi Man, Sisi... The two of you, listen to my explanation … "

Hearing this, Ye Xiao Ya's expression became anxious as she hastily opened her mouth to speak.

In the end, she turned around and looked at Ye Xuan, who was standing at the side with a calm expression the entire time. Angry words came out of her mouth, "Ye Xuan, just what did you feed Shiman and Sisi? Why did they become like this?"

Don't worry, they're fine, it's just that there's too much poison in their bodies, and now that the effects of the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill has spread and helped them remove the poison in their bodies, I just didn't expect that the effects of the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill would actually be poisoned by someone, and collide with the poison in their bodies, it'll be fine!

Hearing Ye Xiaoya's angry words, Ye Xuan slowly withdrew his gaze from Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi, and instead turned around to gaze at Ye Xiaoya. Looking at her angry face, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile and speak at a moderate pace.


However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Xia Yuyan sternly shouted.

Then, she turned to Lin Xue Yi and said, "Xue Yi, you are one of the hosts of this banquet. Not only did Ye Xiao Ya join forces with this brat to disrupt the banquet, she even put Shi Man and Sisi in danger. Let's quickly have them captured first!"

Hearing Xia Yuyan's words, Lin Xue Yi coldly glanced at Ye Xiao Ya and Ye Xuan before lightly nodding. She coldly said, "Men! Capture both of them for me!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Following Lin Xue Yi's words, a large number of black-clothed bodyguards rushed into the banquet hall, surrounding Ye Xuan and Ye Xiao Ya …

The huge commotion caused by this caused Lin Tianjie, Lin Haonan, Leng Tianlong and the others who were happily drinking to the side to frown.

It was obvious that he did not expect something like this to happen at the banquet.

"Sky Dragon, Sky Sun, Flawless … You two drink first. Haonan, come with me to see what's going on. "

Lin Tianjie immediately put down his wine cup and stood up, bringing Lin Haonan with him as he strode towards where Ye Xuan and the others were.

"Haha …" "Tianjie, you two brothers shouldn't try to run away. Let's go with you and take a look!"

Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang, Leng Wuque and the others also put down their wine cups at this moment, stood up, and walked towards Ye Xuan and the others.

"Xue Yi, what happened? Why did you call the bodyguards in?"

Lin Tianjie walked up to Lin Xueyi and asked solemnly.

"Bro, you came just in time. Ye Xiao Ya brought this brat to attend the banquet and gave Shi Man and Sisi fake medicine, causing them to become like this!"

Upon hearing Lin Tianjie's words, Lin Xue Yi hurriedly spoke up.

"Big brother Tian Jie, Xue Yi is right. Look at Ye Xiao Ya's ruthless heart. She actually teamed up with this brat to harm Shi Man and Sisi …" Hurry up and get someone to arrest them. If anything happens to Shiman and Sisi, we won't be able to explain ourselves to their families! "

Xia Yuyan also quickly spoke at this moment.

Hearing Lin Xue Yi's words and seeing Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's painful expressions, Lin Tian Jie's expression chilled. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he shifted his gaze to Ye Xiao Ya. Just as he was about to speak, his gaze fell on Ye Xuan who was beside Ye Xiao Ya. A trace of astonishment flashed across his face. "Brother Ye, when did you come? I didn't see you. Why didn't you greet me?"

"I came with Xiao Ya. Seeing that you were drinking, so …"

Ye Xuan helplessly smiled and lightly said.

"Brother, you two know each other?"

Looking at Lin Tian Jie's stupefied expression and hearing his words with Ye Xuan, Lin Xue Yi and Xia Yuyan's brows furrowed. They obviously didn't think that Lin Tian Jie would actually know Ye Xuan.

Lin Tianjie lightly nodded his head. Just as he was about to speak, his ice-cold voice sounded out at this moment, "Ye Xuan, I didn't expect you to be here as well. "However, isn't it a little too arrogant of you to cause trouble at a banquet held by the Heaven, isn't it?"

"What a sinister brat, he actually dared to use such a vicious method against two great beauties!"

As the cold voice sounded out, Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang, and the others walked over. Their gazes toward Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised hostility and coldness.

"Big brother Tianlong, big brother Wuque, big brother Tianyang …"

Looking at the three people who had come, Lin Xue Yi and Xia Yu Yan were even more excited as they spoke.

Especially Xia Yuyan. Her gaze toward the three of them didn't contain the slightest hint of disdain or coldness from Ye Xuan. Instead, it was filled with adoration and tenderness …

She was well aware that regardless of whether it was Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, or Song Tianyang, they were all Heaven's Pride within the capital. Their status was in no way inferior to Lin Tianjie's.

Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang, and the others nodded lightly. Their gazes swept across Ye Xiaoya before finally falling onto Ye Xuan. Leng Tianlong even spoke in a cold voice, "Xiao Ya, this kid is extremely vicious. Do you know him?"

Obviously, the three of them knew Ye Xiao Ya, especially since Leng Tianlong had a good impression of her. Moreover, when he came to Su Hai, he had already paid a visit to the Ye family and proposed marriage to the Ye family's old man.

Now that she's standing with Ye Xuan, there's undoubtedly a surge of anger in her heart.

"This is my boyfriend! Ye Xuan! "

Feeling the gazes of Leng Tianlong and the others, and hearing Leng Tianlong's words filled with rage, Ye Xiao Ya took a deep breath, tightly held her jade-like hand, and held onto Ye Xuan's arm as she spoke.

Her actions and words had undoubtedly enraged Leng Tianlong. Just as he was about to speak, Leng Wuque reached out a hand to press down on his shoulder, calming him down.

As for Song Tianyang, his gaze turned extremely ugly at this moment. Lin Tianjie and Lin Haonan also furrowed their brows without anyone noticing …

Lin Tianjie was about to speak, but Song Tianyang was the first to speak: "Tianjie, do you know this brat?"

Following Song Tianyang's words, Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Xia Yuyan, and Lin Xueyi all couldn't help but cast their gazes towards Lin Tianjie, awaiting his reply.

As for Ye Xuan, he calmly looked at Lin Tianjie, waiting for his reply.

After all, Song Tianyang's words were clearly asking Lin Tianjie to choose his side.

After hearing Song Tianyang's question, Lin Tianjie sank into a long silence, as if he was making a difficult choice. The atmosphere at the scene seemed to turn silent and oppressive because of Song Tianyang's words.

If he were to say that he was familiar with Ye Xuan, then he would undoubtedly offend Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuqing, Song Tianyang, and the others. Furthermore, they were all Heaven's Pride from the younger generation of the Leng and Song Families.

Furthermore, the most important thing was that she had a good impression of the Leng Clan's Eldest Young Miss, Leng Qingguo …

If he had made this choice, then his happiness would not have been for naught.

But if he were to say that he wasn't familiar with Ye Xuan and didn't know him well, then he would undoubtedly offend Ye Xuan.

The reason for the banquet this time was to call Ye Xuan over to reconcile with Leng Tianlong and resolve the enmity between them. However, Ye Xuan hadn't arrived yet, so he thought that Ye Xuan wouldn't be coming.

From the looks of it, the enmity between him and Leng Tianlong and Song Tianyang had already reached a point where they couldn't be reconciled …

Lin Tianjie knew that he had to make a choice between Ye Xuan and Leng Tianlong.

Although Ye Xuan's potential was good, in the end, he couldn't compare to the Leng Clan, the Song Clan, which had already risen to prominence!

Thus, in a short period of time, Lin Tianjie made a decision in his heart. His gaze was fixated on Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke those words.

"I'm not familiar with him. He must have snuck in together with Xiao Ya!"