"I'm not familiar with him. He must have snuck in together with Xiao Ya!"

Hearing Lin Tianjie's words, Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang, and the others all had smiles plastered all over their faces. Their gazes at Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised ridicule.

They knew that they had won, and Lin Tianjie had finally chosen them.

Xia Yuyan and Lin Xue Yi also secretly breathed a sigh of relief, especially Xia Yuyan. She originally thought that Ye Xuan's identity wasn't something that belonged to a friend of Lin Tian Jie's. She'd already offended Ye Xuan and the others to death, but it was a false alarm instead.

As for Ye Xuan, when he heard Lin Tianjie's words, he couldn't help but laugh. He couldn't help but think of the scene when he drank with Lin Tianjie at the Green Corridor bar that night. When he thought of what Lin Tianjie said, he felt it was extremely laughable.

Although he had long since understood that many of the Clan Practitioners only thought of benefits, he did not care much about the words of Lin Tianjie and the others.

But now, seeing Lin Tianjie say such words in front of Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang, and the others, Ye Xuan still felt slightly unhappy.

Didn't this guy feel that his background couldn't compare to Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang, and the others?

Maybe this was reality.

He calmly looked at Lin Tianjie, and an indifferent voice came out from his mouth: "I originally thought we would be friends, but now it seems that it is not likely! "Lin Tianjie, I hope that one day you will not regret your decision!"

"Regret? I, Lin Tian Jie, have never regretted anything! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, a hint of a sneer appeared on Lin Tianjie's face as he spoke with an arrogant tone.

"I hope so!"

"Xiao Ya, let's go!"

Ye Xuan nodded slightly. He didn't say anything more and pulled Ye Xiao Ya out of the banquet hall.

"Ye Xuan, you destroyed the Heavenly Jie banquet and caused Shi Man and Sisi to become like this. Do you think you can leave here today?"

However, before Ye Xuan could take a step forward, he was stopped by Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, and Song Tianyang.

"Ye Xuan, you've caused Shi Man and Sisi to become like this. If you don't give me a satisfactory answer today, then don't even think about walking out of here!"

Seeing this, Lin Tianjie's expression also turned cold, as cold and emotionless words came out of his mouth.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The instant his words left his mouth, the bodyguards surrounded Ye Xuan and Ye Xiao Ya, sealing off their escape routes.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xiaoya's expression became extremely ugly. She never imagined that the situation would turn out like this.

As for Xia Yuyan, she watched the scene in front of her with interest. She knew that this time, Ye Xiao Ya had been completely dyed black in their circle. She would never be able to be with them again.

Ye Xuan's brows furrowed. He turned around and his gaze fell on Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi as he calmly said, "The effects of the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill has been fully unleashed. The Gu in their bodies have already been removed. Wash off all the sweat on your body with a warm bath! "

"Heh heh... If you say so, so be it? How do I prove it? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Xia Yuyan sneered.

"Shi Man, Sisi... Do the two of you feel very uncomfortable and uncomfortable all over? "

Ye Xuan paid no attention to Xia Yuyan. Instead, his gaze fell onto Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman as he asked in a low voice.


Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi nodded slightly.

Although they still felt extremely uncomfortable at this moment, they could still feel the changes in their bodies compared to before. There were indeed some good changes, so they still had some trust in Ye Xuan's words.

"That's because your pores are blocked and your body is covered in sweat! Xiao Ya, bring them to take a bath and change their clothes! "

Ye Xuan turned around and said to Ye Xiao Ya.

"Shi Man, Sisi... Believe me, I won't harm you guys. I'll take you guys to take a shower and change your clothes? "

Ye Xiao Ya said in a low voice as she walked in front of Liu Si Si Si and Xu Shi Man.

"Good!" Xiao Ya, we believe in you … "

Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman nodded lightly. Under Ye Xiao Ya's lead, they walked to a suite at the side …

"Hmph, deliberately mystifying!"

Seeing this, Xia Yuyan and Lin Xue Yi couldn't help but let out a cold snort of disdain. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised disdain and indifference.

As for Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang, and Leng Wuque, the three of them were looking at Ye Xuan with interest, waiting for this fellow to take on the wrath of Lin Tianjie.

After all, from their point of view, since Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi had been reduced to this state, they wouldn't be able to return to their original state. If that were the case, Lin Tianjie would definitely go against Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan only coldly smiled, but didn't explain.

A moment later, the tightly shut door of the adjacent suite opened. Ye Xiaoya led Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman out of the suite.

Liu Sisi had a head full of hair and a smile was plastered on her exquisite face. Her sexy figure was completely exposed in her light blue short skirt, especially her two slender and straight long legs, which swayed along with her footsteps. Her eyes were filled with an unprecedented visual impact, and her entire demeanor had been elevated to a whole, filled with a strong sense of nobility and elegance, making her seem like a completely different person from before.

Xu Shi Man had her hair tied up high, her voluptuous body was wrapped up in a pink qipao, showing her impressive figure's curves and curves. Her exquisite face was covered in smiles, and her entire body was filled with a gentle and elegant aura, as though she was the incarnation of a gentle goddess, bathing her in the spring wind.

Their skin was as if they had been reborn. It was snow-white and full of elasticity. It could be said that they had been reborn.

Even though they were all famous great beauties before and were extremely beautiful, their beauty, figure, skin, and demeanor had all increased by a level. They became the brightest existences in the entire plaza.

Even the two great beauties, Xia Yuyan and Lin Xue Yi, couldn't compare to them. Their beauty and temperament were even higher than theirs.

"Are they Sisi and Shiman?"

"How could that be? They actually became so beautiful? "

Seeing Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi walk out under Ye Xiao Ya's lead, astonished voices came out from Xia Yuyan, Lin Xue Yi, and the others' mouths.

Whether it was their stature or temperament, they were all superior to Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi. However, when they saw Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi walk out, they actually felt a deep sense of inferiority, as well as a deep sense of jealousy.

"Damn, she's too beautiful!"

"Is that the effect of the Purple Clouds Immortal Pill?" It's too strong! "

"Goddess, my goddess!" "From now on, Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman are my goddesses …"

"Too beautiful, too sexy, this temperament, this skin color, this figure …" "Awesome!"

The eyes of the people in the banquet hall were shining, and their mouths were filled with excited voices.

Many of the beauties looked at Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi with undisguised jealousy.

Even Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang, Lin Tianjie, and Lin Haonan, who were used to seeing many beauties, were dazed by the beauty of Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman, whose appearances had undergone earth-shattering transformations …

Only Ye Xuan was able to maintain this. Everything seemed to be within his expectations.

"Sisi, Shiman... It's really great that you two are fine! "

After a short period of shock, Xia Yuyan finally came back to her senses. She hurriedly went up to Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman, her face full of surprise and surprise.

However, Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman didn't pay any attention to her. They didn't even look at her directly and quickly walked over to Ye Xuan, bowed slightly, and respectfully said, "Young Master Xuan, I'm sorry … …" Earlier, we almost believed Xia Yuyan's slanderous words and misunderstood you! "

When they were bathing in the suite earlier, they had used their family's connections to investigate Ye Xuan's identity and background. They knew that he wasn't only the disciple of the Demon Lord of the Western Asura World, but also the successor of the Medical Saint. They also knew that Ye Xuan had a deep relationship with the Bai Clan and spent the entire day in the Bai Clan.

Ye Xiao Ya also knew of Ye Xuan's identity. Her gaze towards him was filled with complex emotions. She didn't expect her to have a boyfriend just to pass off as her boyfriend. In the end, this guy's identity wasn't simple at all.

"Haha …" It's just a small matter, there's no need to be polite! "

Hearing the words of Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman and looking at their moving appearances, Ye Xuan hurriedly smiled.

Ye Xuan raised his head and looked at Lin Tianjie. With a cold voice, he said, "Lin Tianjie, are you satisfied now?"

Without waiting for Lin Tian Jie to reply, Ye Xuan turned his head to Ye Xiao Ya and said, "Xiao Ya, since there's nothing left for us here, let's go!"


Ye Xiaoya lightly nodded her head as she grabbed onto Ye Xuan's arm, then turned around and walked out of the banquet hall.

"Shi Man, Sisi... "Let me introduce them to you..."

Lin Tianjie's expression was icy cold as he watched Ye Xuan and Ye Xiao Ya leave. He retracted his gaze, turned around, and spoke to Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman.

"Young Master Xuan, Xiao Ya … We'll go with you! "

However, Liu Sisi and Xu Shiman didn't pay any attention to him. Instead, they quickly chased after Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoya, causing Lin Tianjie to feel incomparably awkward. His expression was extremely cold.

The reaction of Liu Si Si Si Si Si and Xu Shi Man was undoubtedly making him lose face...

"Second Brother, are we just going to let them go like this?"

As he watched Ye Xuan and the others leave, Lin Haonan's expression became extremely unsightly. He couldn't help but ask in a low voice.

"Ye Xuan, we haven't settled the bill yet. Do you think you can leave today?"

Just as Lin Haonan finished speaking, Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang and the others had already taken a step forward and disappeared from where they stood.

When they reappeared, they were already in front of Ye Xuan and the others, blocking their path.

Their hatred was as deep as the sea. Since they had met face to face, how could Leng Tianlong and the others allow Ye Xuan to leave so easily?