As the deafening collision resounded in the hall, a terrifying energy spread in all directions, creating an incomparably violent wind in the hall. It shattered all the wine and glass in the hall, causing a large number of people to flip over …

A massive amount of thunder poured down, turning the entire hall into a pool of electricity!

Thunder and lightning crisscrossed the air, energy dispersed, and dust flew everywhere!

Some of the more cowardly ones were so scared that they hid under the table while covering their heads and trembling …

Only Lin Tianjie, Lin Haonan, Xu Shiwu, and Liu Siqi, who had some strength, weren't frightened by the collision. They looked at Ye Xuan, who was in the center of the collision, and their gazes were undisguised grave.

"This is the Lei Family's secret, Thousand Bird Lightning Technique?"

Lin Tian Jie's fist was also clenched so tightly that it made 'ka ka ka' sounds, as he spoke out with a solemn and astonished voice.

Obviously, he didn't expect Ye Xuan to possess the Thunder Family's secret, the Thousand Bird Thunder Technique. This was something he absolutely didn't expect.

Could this fellow's true identity be a Lei Clan disciple?

However, this was impossible.

He'd clearly investigated that Ye Xuan was a member of that tiny Ye Family in Xinghai …

At this moment, too many thoughts flashed through Lin Tianjie's mind.

In the center of the battle, the attacks were blocked. Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang's expressions became extremely cold and ugly. They didn't expect Ye Xuan to use such a method to block their attacks.


They gritted their teeth and were about to attack again when their dignified and furious voices suddenly rang out at this moment.

"Boom! Boom!"

"Puchi …"

As this voice rang out, an even more overbearing and wild strength rumbled forth as it brutally charged into their bodies, causing their expressions to change drastically. Their entire bodies seemed to have been struck by lightning as large amounts of jet-black blood sprayed out from their mouths.

"Tap, tap, tap …"


They were forced back dozens of steps in succession, only managing to stabilize themselves after colliding against the load bearing pillars on both sides of the hall.

"Kacha …."

A terrifying collision force spread out in all directions, causing fine cracks to appear on the hard load-bearing pillar. Traces of blood flowed out from the corners of Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang, and the others' mouths …

It was obvious that the two of them had suffered heavy injuries from their clash with Ye Xuan.

They forcefully endured the pain from their bodies as they raised their heads to look at Ye Xuan, only to find him standing straight and graceful with his arms around Ye Xiaoya. Not only was there not a single wound on his body, his aura had become even more domineering and wild.

This result made Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang's faces extremely ugly!

Obviously, they didn't expect that in the exchange, Ye Xuan wasn't injured at all, and his aura had become even more domineering and insolent!

"How do you know the Lei Family's secret, the Thousand Bird Thunder Technique?"

Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang's eyes were filled with killing intent as they looked at the lightning bolts surrounding Ye Xuan. Their expressions gradually turned serious as they spoke in a sinister voice.

They were all knowledgeable people, so they were naturally able to recognize that the martial skill that Ye Xuan had just used was the Lei Family's top secret, the Thousand Bird Thunder Technique!

Ye Xuan didn't care about Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang's words at all, instead, he was sensing the changes in his body. His face was filled with smiles as he muttered to himself, "The Lei Family's Thousand Birds of Lightning is indeed extraordinary.

It was obvious that Ye Xuan was extremely satisfied with the might and effects of the Thousand Birds Lightning Technique.

One had to know that he wasn't staying in the Bai Clan for nothing. Other than chatting with Lei Tianxue and Old Bai, he also cultivated the Thousand Birds Thunder Technique.

"Little bastard, where did I ask you a question?"

Leng Wuque asked again, seeing that Ye Xuan didn't reply.

However, Ye Xuan continued to ignore him, causing his expression to turn ice-cold.

"Thousand Birds Lightning Technique is a secret that is not passed down in the Lei Clan. It is impossible for outsiders to cultivate it …" I presume that this kid secretly learned the Thousand Bird Lightning Technique! "

On the other hand, Leng Tianlong, whose lungs were about to explode from Ye Xuan's anger, had a wise light in his eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Brother Sky Dragon is right, the Thousand Bird Lightning Formula is a secret that the Lei Family does not pass on. This brat's Thousand Bird Lightning Formula must have been secretly learned!"

A wise and farsighted glint appeared in Lin Tianjie's eyes as he spoke in a low voice.

"This brat actually dared to secretly learn the Lei Family's unique skills. Now that he has done it, he will definitely offend the Lei Family …" Brother Tian Jie, Si Qi, Shi Wu, you guys take action together and capture this brat and send him to the Lei Family.

Leng Tianlong's thoughts raced as he looked at Lin Tianjie, Liu Siqi, Xu Shiwu, and the others at the side.

This fellow wanted to drag Lin Tianjie, Liu Siqi, and Xu Shiwu into the water.

As a result, most of Su Hai's forces would be Ye Xuan's enemies. From now on, there wouldn't be any place for Ye Xuan in Su Hai. Even if this guy had a powerful backer, he'd still have to weigh the pros and cons!

Hearing Leng Tianlong's words, Xu Shiwu and Liu Siqi looked at each other before turning to look at Lin Tianjie. It seemed that they were led by Lin Tianjie.

Seeing this, Leng Tianlong spoke with a deep voice, "Now that I'm injured, it would be inconvenient for me to do anything. I'm worried that this boy would run away. If all of you are willing to help me, I, Leng Tianlong, owe everyone a favor …"

"That's right, this kid is cunning, cunning to the extreme. He could escape at any time!" If it's Tian Jie, Shi Wu, or any of you who are willing to help us take down this brat, I, Song Tianyang, will definitely remember your kindness … "

Song Tianyang also spoke with a solemn face.

It wasn't that they couldn't deal with Ye Xuan. Rather, they wanted to drag Lin Tianjie, Xu Shiwu, and Liu Siqi into the water so that they could become Ye Xuan's mortal enemies.

"Heh heh... Brother Tian Yang, Brother Sky Dragon, look at what you have said. This brat has destroyed my banquet, I will not let him go so easily.

Hearing the words of Song Tianyang and Leng Tianlong, Lin Tianjie's train of thoughts flashed past his eyes before he burst out laughing and spoke.

He'd long since chosen his side and offended Ye Xuan, becoming a bad person once!

Thus, he decided to just bring this bad guy to the end!

Soon after, Lin Tianjie turned around and his gaze landed on Liu Siqi and Xu Shiwu. He asked with a deep tone: "Shiwu, Siqi, what do you two say?"

"Haha …" We are all brothers, how can we just sit back and do nothing when we are in trouble? What's more, this guy is bewitching Sisi. I have yet to settle this debt with him! "

Hearing Lin Tianjie's words, Liu Siqi also laughed heartily and said.

"Si Qi isn't wrong. Let's take care of this kid together today!"

Xu Shiwu also chimed in at this moment.

"Brother … …" "You all..."

Seeing this, Xu Shiman and Liu Sisi's expressions couldn't help but change. Just as they were about to speak, they were interrupted by Liu Siqi and Xu Shiwu's cold voices, "It's not up to you two to interfere in this matter …"

As soon as their words fell, they walked toward Ye Xuan with ice-cold steps that were filled with the intent to kill. They surrounded him and sealed off his escape route …

These fellows clearly planned to kill Ye Xuan here.

They were all heaven's pride level experts of the younger generation. If they joined forces, they could even fight a mid-level Martial King, no matter how powerful Ye Xuan was. There was no way he would be a match for them.

"Ye Xiao Ya, I really can't bear to kill you. Now, I will give you one last chance to choose. Do you want to obediently kneel down and apologize, or die with this brat?"

Leng Tianlong stared icily at Ye Xiao Ya, who was standing beside Ye Xuan. His eyes burned with an intense killing intent as he coldly spoke.

"Heh heh... Leng Tianlong, do you think that I, Ye Xiao Ya, am a coward that fears death? "Like I said, I, Ye Xiaoya, will be a woman that you will never be able to get your hands on in this life!"

Hearing Leng Tianlong's words, Ye Xiao Ya turned around and looked deeply at Ye Xuan as she resolutely said this.

"If that's the case … "Then die with him!"

Leng Tianlong was enraged. He clenched his fist so tightly that it made 'ka ka' sounds. Then, a furious voice came out of his mouth.

"Do it, tear them apart!"

With a vicious expression on his face, he rushed towards Ye Xiao Ya like a roaring python. He launched an angry attack at her and launched a fierce slaughter, as if only by cutting her into a thousand pieces would he be able to dispel the hatred in his heart.


In the instant that Leng Tianlong charged out, the energy of Leng Wuzui, Song Tianyang, Lin Tianjie, Lin Haonan, Xu Shiwu, and Liu Siqi exploded forth from their bodies. Each of them carried a sharp killing intent as they launched a crafty attack towards Ye Xuan, wanting to kill him on the spot!

Ye Xuan was clearly just one person, but in the end, these guys attacked in groups. It could even be described as vicious and murderous!


Looking at Leng Tianlong and his group charging at them, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. He completely ignored their attacks, as if he had given up on resisting. He took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it up, and slowly exhaled the thick smoke.

The instant the dense smoke was exhaled, the aura of Ye Xuan's entire body changed, and an even wilder and denser devil aura spread out from his body. Waves of devil aura followed along his feet and filled the sky and the ground, causing his aura to become even wilder, as if he was a raging devil god.

Just as Ye Xuan was about to use the Great Devil Realm to block Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang and the others' assault carried a thick killing intent.

"Leng Tianlong, Lin Tianjie …. Don't you find it annoying to have so many of you attacking one person? The entire young generation has lost all their face because of you! "

"Today, if any of you dare to touch a single hair on Xuan, then my Violent Soldier Alliance will annihilate his entire clan!"

Hearing the two words "Berserker Union", the faces of Leng Tianlong, Lin Tianjie, and the others couldn't help but change as they forcefully retracted their attacks towards Ye Xuan.

Under their cold and unsightly gazes, a white-clothed youth slowly walked over with a strong killing intent.

He was no other than Bai Feng.