"How... How could this be? "

Seeing Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang, who had been burned to death and vanished without a trace by the devil flames, looking at Ye Xuan, who stood upright and emotionless like a demon god, Xia Yuyan had a face full of terror. Her throat rolled, and her knees went weak as she sat on the ground.

How could she have imagined that Ye Xuan would have such a powerful, iron-blooded ability. Not only did he kill Leng Tianlong, he even mercilessly killed Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang.

"He... He dares to kill Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang. Isn't he afraid of the revenge of the Leng Clan and Song Clan? "

Xia Yuyan seemed to have lost her soul as she sat blankly on the ground, mumbling something.


Xu Shiwu, Liu Siqi, and the others also had faces full of shock and fear. They dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan, who was as cold and emotionless as a supreme god, and couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

"He... He really did it! "

Lin Tianjie's face was also filled with shock, as a strong sense of helplessness and laughter surfaced on his face. Beside him, Lin Haonan couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

Ye Xuan even dared to kill a top young master like Leng Tianlong and Leng Wuque, Song Tianyang and the others. If he were to kill them, wouldn't he have no qualms?

After seeing Ye Xuan's bloody methods and Leng Wuque's fate, their hearts were filled with reverence towards Ye Xuan, but at the same time, they were also filled with fear.

At this moment, they felt extremely fortunate for their decision to submit to Ye Xuan.

As for Lin Xue Yi, Xu Shi Man, Liu Sisi, and Ye Xiao Ya, they blankly stared at Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang's group, who had been burnt to ashes by the demonic flames. They were unable to recover for a long time …

How could they have imagined that the normally amiable Ye Xuan would have such a cold-blooded and heartless side to him?

Only Bai Feng remained calm, as if he had already anticipated the fates of Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang. Even so, he still felt a headache coming on.

Leng Wuque, Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang, and the others were all killed by Ye Xuan, but even if he didn't make a move on the scene, he could still be considered half an accomplice …

When that happened, the rage of the Leng and Song families would not be easily dealt with and extinguished...

He was very clear that the Leng Clan and Song Clan had brought a large number of elite experts with them on this trip to Su Hai.

"Kacha …."

After easily exterminating Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang, Ye Xuan's expression didn't change in the slightest. His gaze slowly swept across the banquet hall. Looking at the frozen people, his brows furrowed without a trace.

With a thought, he waved his sleeve, and black devil flames burst out from his body without any warning, causing a wave of demonic flame winds to sweep across the hall …

"Kacha …."

The sound of ice shattering could be heard. When the devilish fire storm disappeared, the people who had been frozen into ice sculptures were immediately freed, regaining their freedom.

"Ugh …" Saved? "

"Ssss, I'm going to die from the cold. Finally, I am free from the ice..."

"It's so cold, who has clothes for me to wear?"

In an instant, the crowd stretched their arms and legs in surprise, their mouths uttering the words of someone who had just survived a disaster.

"How … Thank you, Young Master Xuan! "

"Thank you, Young Master Xuan!"

"Long live Young Master Xuan. We will remember your great kindness in our hearts!"

In the next moment, everyone seemed to have thought of something and stopped what they were doing at the same time. Afterwards, they all knelt down towards Ye Xuan as respectful words came out of their mouths.

The scene of Ye Xuan killing Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, and Song Tianyang had deeply shaken their hearts. Furthermore, it was Ye Xuan who saved them from the ice. How could they not feel grateful?

They felt gratitude and fear towards Ye Xuan.

"No need to be so polite, get up!"

Ye Xuan indifferently swept his gaze over the crowd and spoke in a dull tone.

"Let's go!"

Then, he raised his head and waved towards Bai Feng to greet him. Then, he walked out of the banquet hall …

From start to finish, he did not even glance at Xia Yu Yan.

This woman couldn't even enter her eyes. Even if she was forced to kneel down and apologize, Ye Xuan wouldn't be the least bit interested.

"Young Master Xuan, we'll send you off!"

Bai Feng was just about to speak to send Ye Xuan off, but Lin Tianjie, Xu Shiwu, and Liu Siqi quickly leaped off the building and chased after him with smiles all over their faces …

To this, Bai Feng could only helplessly smile.

"Let's go, I'll take you home …"

Following which, he turned around and spoke to Ye Xiao Ya, Liu Sisi, and Xu Shiman, who still had a look of shock on their faces.

What happened here today should have had a huge impact on the three of them.

"Young Master Xuan, take care!"

"Young Master Xuan, we'll treat you to a drink another day. You have to show us your face!"

Lin Tianjie, Xu Shiwu, and Liu Siqi couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief when they saw Ye Xuan to the entrance of the hotel and saw him off in his Blackedge Battleship.

They hadn't felt it before, but now that they were with Ye Xuan, they felt too much pressure.

After all, he and Ye Xuan had been drinking and chatting at the same table a few days ago. They were of the same generation, and there was nothing they wouldn't talk about …

However, Lin Tianjie didn't feel that way anymore. He only felt that he was the same as Ye Xuan, the same as heaven.

The mistake he'd made back then had undoubtedly estranged his relationship with Ye Xuan, making it impossible for him to return to the past.

"Sigh …"

Thinking up to this point, Lin Tianjie couldn't help but let out a soft sigh, appearing extremely depressed.

"Second brother, don't sigh in depression. You can't be blamed for this …"

Seeing that, Lin Haonan who had walked out could not help but reach out and pat Lin Tianjie on the shoulder as he consoled him.

Lin Tianjie's face was filled with helplessness. He immediately turned his head around and his gaze landed on Bai Feng, who was accompanying Ye Xiao Ya, Liu Sisi, and the others as they walked out of the hotel.

After pondering for a moment, he quickly walked in front of Bai Feng and said with a serious face: "Brother Bai, you and I have known each other for many years. Could you tell me what Young Master Xuan's true identity is?"

Hearing Lin Tianjie's words, Xu Shiwu, Liu Siqi, and the others all simultaneously cast their gazes on Bai Feng, waiting for his reply.

"To be honest … Young Master Xuan has too many identities, even I don't know where to start … "

Hearing this, a helpless and bitter smile surfaced on Bai Feng's face.

"Brother Bai, that's not enough for you. You should at least reveal a little to us right?"

Lin Tianjie could not help but smile bitterly as he said.

"Alright, then I'll just reveal a little of it to you. If nothing goes wrong, Young Master Xuan might be the next monarch of the Sovereign King Palace!"

Bai Feng thought for a moment and said.


"He will be the next monarch of the Sovereign King Palace?"

After hearing Bai Feng's words, the complexions of Lin Tianjie, Xu Shiwu, Liu Siqi, or even Lin Haonan, Ye Xiaoya, and Xu Shiman all changed drastically as shocked exclamations came out from their mouths.


Bai Feng gently nodded his head and did not explain anything. Instead, he quietly left with big steps …

After all, in the past hundred years, that guy was the first man that that adult had taken a liking to.

And that lord's identity …

Of course, Ye Xuan didn't know about Bai Feng and the others' conversation. After leaving the Kempinski Holiday Inn, Ye Xuan drove his Blackpeak Warship through the vast city of Su Hai, heading straight for his temporary hotel.

"Young Master Xuan, it's best if you don't go in. For the time being, let's switch to another hotel!"

However, just as Ye Xuan parked his car and was about to enter the lobby of the Modern House, he was stopped by a wounded Li Changfu, who was squatting in front of the hotel's entrance.

"What's wrong? How did you end up in such a sorry state? "

Looking at Li Changfu, who was covered in wounds and in an extremely sorry state, Ye Xuan frowned and asked in confusion.

It was obvious that he did not expect Li Changfu, who had parted ways with him at the hotel, to end up in such a miserable state.

"Hai, don't mention it anymore …" It was all done by that bastard Shangguan Jinghong and the people from the Peerless Sword Sect. Young Master Xuan, the Shangguan Family and people from the Unparalleled Sword Sect are looking for you everywhere now.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Changfu bitterly smiled.

"The Shangguan Family still hasn't given up?"

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes.

"How could they possibly die after suffering such a huge loss? That son of a b * tch Shangguan Jinghong had a deep grudge, not to mention that their backer, the Peerless Sword Sect, was already here! Right now, Shangguan Jinghong and the people from the Peerless Sword Sect are waiting for you in the main hall of the inn! "

Li Changfu hurriedly explained.

"Let's go in and take a look!"

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly spoke.

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking and was about to walk into the hotel's lobby, Li Changfu hurriedly reached out to stop him, "Hey …" Young Master Xuan, don't go in … There are many experts among them, and there are quite a few Martial Kings at the Void Star Realm. If you go in by yourself, you won't be their match, but … "

Hearing this, Ye Xuan followed the direction Li Changfu was pointing towards, and saw that the lobby was indeed filled with people. Their entire bodies emitted a strong aura, and they were like drawn swords, especially the five elders that brought Ye Xuan a deep sense of danger, and the Tang suit wearing old man. Their strength was unfathomable, even Shangguan Jinghong had to respectfully stand by their side …

Needless to say, this faction was indeed powerful!

"Are those fellows from the Peerless Sword Sect?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan said in a low voice.

"Yes, they arrived this afternoon. I heard that their Young Master arrived last night too, and seems like he went missing with them. He hasn't appeared even now … "

Li Changfu lightly nodded his head and then said in a low voice: "Young master Xuan, they have the numbers and strength. If we go in like this, we will be at a disadvantage and you are alone. Why don't we leave first?"

"Do you think I'm the kind of person who is afraid of things?"

However, Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he shook his head and walked towards the main hall.

"Sigh... this Young Master Xuan … "

Li Changfu helplessly sighed as he watched Ye Xuan's back as he walked towards the hotel's lobby. He quickly followed.