"What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and capture this brat!"

Following the words of Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui, a large group of experts from the Leng Clan and the Song Clan carried sharp killing intent as they charged towards Ye Xuan.

They wanted to capture him on the spot!

"Everyone stop!"

Seeing this scene, Ruo Yanran's expression turned cold. She stepped forward and stood in front of Ye Xuan as she let out an ice-cold, angry shout.

Along with Ruo Yanran's action and her stern shout, the Song Family and Leng family experts that were charging towards Ye Xuan couldn't help but stop their movements. Their gazes fell onto Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao's bodies as they awaited their instructions.

After all, not only was Ruo Yanran's experience in a modern hotel, she was also an important member of the Savage Alliance and had an extraordinary background. It was not something that a small character like her could afford to offend.

"Manager Ruo, what do you mean?"

Both Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao's gaze turned cold, and their gazes landed on Ruo Yanran as cold words came out of their mouths.

"What do I mean? This is the territory of my Savage Alliance. I would like to ask Vice Head Leng, what is the meaning of having all of you force your way in here with people? "

Facing Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao's questioning, Ruo Yanran's expression was cold as she asked, knowing the answer.

"Ye Xuan killed two of our Leng Clan's heaven's pride experts, Leng Tianlong and Leng Wuque, as well as Song Tianyang of the Song Clan. We're looking for him to settle the score right now!"

Leng Yanrui coldly gazed at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

Song Yinghao also used an ice-cold gaze to stare at Ye Xuan. A strong killing intent surged within his eyes.

"What?" Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque, and Song Tianyang, the three prodigies of the capital, are dead? "

"And it was even Ye Xuan who killed them? Damn, isn't this fellow too awesome! "

"Damn, is there a mistake in killing Leng Tianlong, Leng Wuque and Song Tianyang?"

"No wonder the Leng and Song Families rushed here in such a rage!"

"That brat just fought with the Wushuang Sword Sect, and now even the experts from the Leng Clan have come. How many people did this guy offend?"

When Leng Yanui's words entered the ears of the surrounding people, it caused an uproar among the surrounding people. They looked at Ye Xuan with shock and discomposure, and their eyes and mouths were wide open, as if they'd seen him.

This fellow was way too capable and insane!

They actually dared to kill Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang, and Leng Wuque. One had to know that they were the young masters of the Leng and Song Families.

Wasn't this equivalent to offending the Song and Leng families?

At this moment, the entire venue was in an uproar!

It was no wonder that they did not have any experience and had never seen any big scenes before. It was because Song Tianyang, Leng Wuque and Leng Tianlong were extremely famous among the younger generation.

However, Ye Xuan had killed them. How could this not shock them?

"What the f * ck..."

Li Changfu was even more upset. He stretched out his palm and smacked his forehead, unable to stop himself from swearing out loud.

Wasn't this young master Xuan a little too crazy!

He actually killed a top young master like Leng Tianlong and Song Tianyang?

This is the end of the Leng Song and Leng Song families!

"This little beast..."

Even the few Elders of the Unparalleled Sword Sect were taken aback, and couldn't help but curse in their hearts.

Only Jian Wuji remained calm. However, when he looked at Ye Xuan, his gaze became even colder and an idea flashed through his mind, "This kid's strength is extraordinary. He's able to fight with the Fifth Elder and even kill Leng Tianlong and the others. This child must not be allowed to live! "

At this moment, Jian Wuji already had the intent to kill Ye Xuan!

If this child were to survive, then there would be endless future troubles!

Even the Tyrant Dragon King, Hammer, couldn't help but glance at Ye Xuan. This kid actually had the guts to kill Leng Tianlong, Song Tianyang, and the others. His courage was quite good.

In the entire scene, the only one who could still be considered calm was Ye Xuan!

A cold smile appeared on his cold face that was as sharp as a knife. He said in a calm voice: "The three of them had joined forces to kill me. They even failed to defeat me with your family's secret techniques. If you don't have any skills, you will die!"

"What is it? This little one can't beat you, but now you bunch of half-elders are coming out? [Aren't you ashamed of being some kind of noble family in the capital?] Even if all of you do not lose face, I will still lose face for all of you! "


Ye Xuan's domineering words caused an uproar in the surrounding people's ears. They didn't think that Ye Xuan would have the guts to speak like this to the Leng Clan and Song Clan under such circumstances.

Wasn't this fellow afraid of angering these fellows and killing him on the spot?

"Little bastard, you …"

Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui's expressions were ice-cold when they heard Ye Xuan's words. Killing intent that seemed to be solid surged from their eyes. They were just about to speak, but were interrupted by Ye Xuan's even more domineering voice.

"Today, I, Ye Xuan, will tell you this. Whether it's your Leng Clan or Song Clan, as long as no one dares to take advantage of their seniority, I, Ye Xuan, will take on as many of your juniors as you want!" I'll kill as many of you as you can come! "

How domineering!


When Ye Xuan's words entered the surrounding people's ears, they couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with admiration and adoration.

This guy was too domineering. He dared to threaten to take over everyone in the young generation of the Leng and Song Families, and even said that he would kill as many of them as they came.

At this moment, even Ruo Yanran's gaze towards Ye Xuan had changed.

"Brat, you have guts!"

The Tyrant Dragon King hammer on the side even gave Ye Xuan a thumbs up, then said with a face full of praise.

He particularly admired Ye Xuan's courage.

Moreover, this brat's intelligence was extremely high. He wanted to use these words to enrage Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao, and make them fall for it.

Once they're hit, then they can only have the younger generation of the family attack Ye Xuan!

However, if those two fellows were able to take the position of vice head, they probably wouldn't fall into such an easy trap, right?

A thought flashed across Tyrant Dragon King's Hammer's mind.

"Little bastard... Stop changing the topic here, we have come here to settle the score with you, not to listen to your nonsense! "

"That's right, kid. Today is the day you die!"

Sure enough, just as the Tyrant Dragon King had guessed, Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui didn't try to goad Ye Xuan into doing so. Instead, they coldly spoke.

"What are you all standing there for? "Capture this brat!"

Following the end of their words, the experts of the Leng Clan and the Leng Clan all charged towards Ye Xuan.


Seeing this, Ruo Yanran's brow furrowed without any trace as she coldly spoke.

"What is it? "Manager Ruo, I have already explained the reason for this matter to you clearly. Are you still planning to protect this brat and interfere in the grudge between us?"

Hearing Ruo Yanran's words, Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui's expressions turned cold, and Leng Yanrui spoke coldly.

"Heh heh... I am not the least bit interested in the feud between you. It's just that this is the territory of my Violent Soldiers Guild, and no one is allowed to fight here! Right now, Vice-head Song and Vice-head Leng want to fight in my territory. Doesn't this mean that they are ignoring my rules and making things difficult for me? "

Ruo Yanran said with a cold smile.

After a pause, she continued, "Besides, Lord Ye is a VIP guest of our Modern House. If he stays in our hotel, we will be responsible for his safety! If he ever walks out of the hotel, you can do whatever you want to him. It's none of our business! "

What Yanran said could be said to be well-ordered and powerful. She temporarily expressed her stance to protect Ye Xuan, and didn't offend the Leng Clan so that they wouldn't be able to find any words to refute.

Furthermore, she had unknowingly changed the name she used to address Ye Xuan from 'Sir Ye'. From this, it could be seen that she had a certain amount of respect for Ye Xuan!

"Then if he doesn't leave this hotel for the rest of his life, then wouldn't that mean we won't be able to do anything to him?"

Song Yinghao's expression was ice-cold, and the expression on his face was already filled with impatience.

"Manager, on the account of the Rampage Alliance and your ancestors, we do not wish to make things difficult for you! Obediently hand Ye Xuan over to us, then we'll immediately leave with our people! "

Leng Yanrui said coldly at the same time.

"If I can't?"

The sneer on Ruo Yanran's face became even denser.

"In that case, don't blame us for breaking the rules of this place. As long as we forcefully take this brat down, you should not blame us if any losses were to occur at that time!"

Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui looked at each other and made their decision in an instant. Cold words came out of their mouths.

"Are you guys threatening me?"

A trace of anger had already appeared on Ruo Yanran's face.

"You can think of it that way!"

Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui answered in unison.

Ye Xuan had killed the most important person in their family, and would become the pillar of the family in the future.

"Alright... "Today, I want to see which one of you dares to fight against me!"

Ruo Yanran's eyes turned cold as she coldly said!

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As the sound of her voice faded, the experts that she brought with her all stepped out, releasing their powerful auras.

"Tsk tsk … "I haven't had a fight in a long time, today is the perfect day to do some stretching!"

The Tyrant Dragon King took a step forward, rubbing his fists and twisting his neck, allowing his bones to emit crackling sounds like beans as he spoke, neither too fast nor too slow.

"Humph, Tyrant Dragon King's Iron Hammer, I've been wanting to experience it for a long time!"

Seeing this, Song Yinghao and Leng Yanrui snorted coldly and took a step forward. A powerful aura was released without restraint, creating a violent gale in all directions.

Their powerful auras brought an enormous pressure to the people around them, causing them to subconsciously take a few steps back. Ruo Yanran also frowned at this moment.

These guys are really determined to take Ye Xuan away!

"Heh heh... "Manager Ruo, this little bastard has already angered the masses, I think it is better for you to obediently hand him over. Otherwise, don't blame our Peerless Sword Sect for taking advantage of him and not giving him face. After all, our Peerless Sword Sect has deep grudges with this brat …"

At the same time, the Great Elder Jiang Anshi also understood what was going on. He brought the experts of the Unparalleled Sword Sect to surround Ye Xuan, and cold words came out of his mouth as well.

Although the Berserker's Alliance was powerful and none of their families could do anything to him, if all three of them were to join hands now, it would not cause much fear.

Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao were undoubtedly pleasantly surprised by the news of the Peerless Sword Sect joining them. In their hearts, they grew a little more confident as unquestionable threats came from their mouths.

"Manager Ruo, if you can't protect Ye Xuan, obediently hand him over. Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite!"