As the cold voice sounded out, killing intent blossomed in Du Shou's eyes. Violent force swept through his legs, and the blood-red spear in his hand fiercely charged towards Ye Xuan like a poisonous dragon hunting for its prey.

In the instant that Du Shou dashed forward, a black astral energy surged from his body. He raised the spear in his hand, causing the black astral energy to encircle his blood-red spear and condense into a black poisonous dragon. It let out an angry roar, causing Du Shou's aura to become even more overbearing.


As the Poison Dragon's angry roar faded, Du Shou abruptly aimed his spear at Ye Xuan and stabbed him. A voice filled with boundless ice-cold killing intent was emitted from his mouth.

Myriad Poison Spear!


At this moment, the poisonous dragon that was condensed from Supreme Qi from the long spear in Du Shou's hand seemed to have come to life, moving at an extremely fast speed as it pierced towards Ye Xuan, tearing and biting him.

A wild wind of force was stirred up wherever the wind passed by.

Just as Du Shou's attack was about to pounce towards Ye Xuan, the martial skill that Hu Pao had prepared was finally finished.

Seeing that Du Shou's attack wasn't even three meters away from Ye Xuan, Hu Pao suddenly opened his mouth and let out a roar that was like a dragon or tiger.

As this roar sounded out, his enormous frog-like body, which had a bulging belly, suddenly began to shrink. The terrifying sound wave, which was ten times more powerful than the sonic wave and tiger roar that he had released earlier, swept out towards Ye Xuan from his position. At the same time, it spread out in all directions, causing a frightening wind to blow over.

Sound waves crisscrossed in all directions, accompanied by a whistling sound.

Fierce beast silhouettes condensed from all kinds of sound waves energy ran around the hall. They roared furiously, making people feel as though they were in a terrifying monster park. Facing a ferocious monster that was as fierce as a tiger, they could only run in despair …

"Ahh …"

Miserable screams rang out in the hotel lobby one after another. It was the onlookers that were hit by the sound wave and heavily injured.

Some of them even had blood flowing out of their orifices, and some of them had ruptured blood vessels, dying on the spot.

Under the terrifying whistling sound wave martial skill, at least half a hundred people were injured in that short period of time.

Even if some people quickly used their hands to cover their ears and wrapped their ears with their Astral Qi, it would still be useless. This was because Hu Pao's sonic wave martial skill not only had an impact on his eardrums, it had also used his boundless Spirit power. It could directly injure one's spirit and cause one to lose control of their body.

This was even a trace of energy that spread out from the center of the sound wave. It was hard to imagine how Ye Xuan would react to Hu Pao's sudden sound wave attack, which was in the middle of the sound wave attack.

Hu Pao's sound wave attack effectively targeted Ye Xuan's body and mind, causing his mind to be damaged, his body to be paralyzed, his movements to become sluggish, and he lost control of his body.

In addition to the extremely destructive power of the Thousand Poison Spear that Du Shou had used, even a four star Martial King mid-grade Martial King could only temporarily evade its sharpness.

The perfect combination of their two martial skills wasn't something an ordinary person could withstand. It could be said that this was an absolute killing ground that they'd use against Ye Xuan!

In the eyes of the surrounding people, even if Ye Xuan's strength was extraordinary, he was powerless against the combined efforts of Du Shou and Hu Pao. He would undoubtedly die!

"Such terrifying cooperation, such deep planning! At the beginning, Hu Pao had purposely used a sound wave martial skill, causing Ye Xuan to think that the sound wave martial skill's might was mediocre and that it was only a sound wave attack! However, the sound wave martial skill that Hu Pao was using wasn't only aimed at the physical body, but also the mind. If Ye Xuan had used the same method as before, then it wouldn't have any effect at all … "

"Normally, when Ye Xuan is affected by Hu Pao's sound wave martial skill, he'll die along with Du Shou's Thousand Immunity Spear!"

"The combination of these two people could be said to be flawless. Now, Ye Xuan is finished!"

Looking at Du Shou, who charged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill, and Hu Pao, who used a sonic wave martial skill, the surrounding experts couldn't help but frown and speak in a low voice.

"That brat is in danger! Uncle Wang, prepare to help! "

Ruo Yanran's lily-white hands subconsciously clenched tightly as she looked at Ye Xuan with eyes full of worry and seriousness. A low and deep voice came out of her mouth.

With Ye Xuan's current strength, dealing with Hu Pao and Du Shou, two experts who'd long since become famous, was undoubtedly too difficult!

Tyrant Dragon King Ironhammer's eyes narrowed as a sharp light flashed in his eyes. He gently nodded!

"Haha …" "That kid is dead for sure!"

Seeing this scene, the Fifth Elder Jiang Qiuyuan from the Unparalleled Sword Sect laughed out loud with a face full of satisfaction and hatred.

"With the combination of Hu Pao's sonic wave martial skill and Du Shou's finishing move, even a four star Martial King would only be able to temporarily avoid the attack. Although that kid's strength is extraordinary and possesses the strength to fight across borders, he will undoubtedly die under the combined efforts of Hu Pao and Du Shou!"

"However, letting that kid die just like that is letting him off easy …"

Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao looked at each other and sneered.

No one thought highly of Ye Xuan. It wasn't because he wasn't strong enough, but because the martial skills that Hu Pao and Du Shou executed were simply too powerful.

Especially Hu Pao's sonic wave martial skill, which was famous for being difficult to deal with in the martial arts world. Its power was in no way inferior to the Lion King's Lion Roar. It was incomparably violent and violent.

With the assistance of such a martial skill, coupled with Du Shou's ultimate attack, who would be able to withstand it?


A terrifying sound wave howled out, and a powerful Spiritual Force attack whistled out, causing Ye Xuan's face to become icy cold. However, he wasn't affected much.

Even if Hu Pao's sound wave attack was unparalleled, not only targeting the physical body but also the spirit of the body, but Ye Xuan's body had already been tempered by the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique and was impregnable. How could this sound wave be damaged by such an attack?

As for spiritual energy?

Ye Xuan's Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique had already reached the third realm, Spirit Refinement, and he was cultivating at that realm. Ye Xuan had already entered his Spirit power and converted most of it into higher levels of soul force, so how could Hu Pao's Spirit Power be comparable to it?

To others, Hu Pao's sound wave martial skill was difficult to deal with, but it didn't affect Ye Xuan in the slightest.

If there was, it would only make him feel that it was a bit ear-piercing!

"Is this even worthy of being called a sonic wave martial skill? It's even worse than a dog's bark! "

A sneer surfaced on Ye Xuan's face as he looked at Hu Pao, who was exerting all his strength to execute his Sound Wave martial skill and unceasingly roaring at him. He spoke with an ice-cold tone.

Immediately, he raised his head and looked at Du Shou, who was holding onto his spear and was rushing towards him with endless killing intent. With a cold glint in his eyes, he held onto the Black and White Titan in his hands and spoke coldly: "Do you think that your lousy spear art is worthy of being used as an axe in front of me? They are simply overestimating themselves! "

"Today, I'll let all of you broaden your horizons!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a dazzling, cold light blossomed in his eyes. Wind and lightning surged beneath his feet as he moved, transforming into a black and white light that shot towards the Poison Hunter that was wielding the spear.

The instant Ye Xuan dashed out, an ancient and mysterious demon god's figure appeared behind him, causing his aura to become even more domineering and insolent.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's speed had reached its limit. No one was able to see his figure, and all they could see were two rays of black and white light bloom in midair!

Universal divine Luo, black and white profound light!

"Swish …"

The next moment, the sound of a knife slicing through the clothes and throat was heard.

Under the shocked and shocked gazes of the surrounding people, the body of Du Shou, who was wielding a long spear as he attacked Ye Xuan, suddenly froze.

Numerous cracks appeared on the blood-red spear in his hand, before it shattered with a loud bang.

His body trembled, and large amounts of blood spurted out of his mouth. There was even a thin wound on his neck, and bright red blood spurted out from it like a broken water pipe.

"How... How … "How could this be …"

He lowered his head with great difficulty, looking at his neck that was continuously bleeding, and wanted to reach out and cover the bleeding wound with his hand. His hoarse and weak voice also came from his mouth.

"Plop …"

However, before Du Shou could finish his words, the life force in his body was completely drained, turning him into an ice-cold corpse that fell heavily to the ground ….

"Du Shou!"

This scene caused Hu Pao's expression to drastically change. His face was filled with shock as he angrily yelled out.

"He's dead, now it's your turn!"

However, before he could even finish speaking, a cold voice sounded in his ear. He didn't know when Ye Xuan had appeared before him, causing Hu Pao's expression to greatly change. An unprecedented fear filled his heart.

"You …"

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but before he could finish his sentence, a resplendent black and white profound light appeared before his eyes …


In the next moment, Hu Pao's head flew off his body and turned into a headless body that landed heavily on the ground.

Bright red blood spurted out from his broken neck and dyed the ground red.

His face was filled with disbelief and the fear and despair of facing death.

Perhaps even before he died, he still didn't understand why the sound wave attacks he was so proud of were completely ineffective against Ye Xuan and couldn't cause the slightest bit of damage to him, causing him to be completely unaffected in the slightest …



"Hu Pao and Du Shou actually lost!"

"Hu Pao and Du Shou are both dead! That kid killed them!"

"Did you guys clearly see what he did just now? What kind of martial skill did you use? "

"That brat called Ye Xuan is way too terrifying and powerful. He's only at the Spirit Traversing Profound Realm, but he actually killed two Void Star Realm martial kings, Hu Pao and Du Shou!"

The surrounding people involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air when they saw Hu Pao and Du Shou dead on the ground. Their throats rolled as incomparably shocked words were emitted from their mouths.

They originally thought that Ye Xuan would undoubtedly die under the combined efforts of Tiger and Roar Du Shou, but they never imagined that Ye Xuan would be able to kill them both in the opposite direction. He ended their lives!

"This kid's body has already been cultivated to the state of being impregnable, and his spirit has completed the evolution of sublimation and become soul force …" It can be said that he is a rare martial artist with a dual soul and body cultivation! "

Tyrant Dragon King Ironhammer's eyes flashed with wisdom, muttering some words from his mouth.

His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with praise!

Fifth Elder Jiang Qiuyuan was even more shocked. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with astonishment and shock. The other elders' expressions all became serious and cold.

This kid's strength was probably not on par with their Young Lord's!

"We can't let him go!"

The killing intent in Limitless Sword Immortal's eyes surged, and cold words came out of his mouth.

"How could this be?"

As for Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao, when they saw this result, their expressions couldn't help but change. Shocked words came out from their mouths.

They were well aware of Hu Pao and Du Shou's strength. Even if the two of them teamed up, they would still be able to fight a fourth star middle rank Martial King. Now that they'd fallen at the hands of Ye Xuan, how could they not be shocked and shocked?

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

After easily killing Hu Pao and Du Shou, Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face. He held the black and white battle axe in his hand as he expressionlessly walked toward Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao, domineering words emanating from his mouth.

"Those two just now were not enough to fight at all. You should all fight together!"