Seeing Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao charge towards Ye Xuan, Whitey's round eyes flickered with a dazzling golden light, and it stretched out its golden claws to point at them.

At this moment, the mutated flying dragon seemed to have received some kind of command and control. Its scarlet eyes were dazzling with a strong killing intent. It raised its head and let out an angry roar.

A roar sounded. It dragged its huge body like an angry and desolate beast, charging towards Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao with monstrous power!

"This beast is as reckless as that little beast. Let's kill it first!"

Seeing that, Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao looked at each other and spoke in a deep voice.

The instant they finished their words, a cold air surged out from Leng Yanrui's body. The ice armor wrapped around Leng Yanui like a war god as it charged towards the mutated flying dragon. The fist that was covered in ice ruthlessly smashed towards the dragon's head which was opening its bloody mouth to bite it.

Song Yinghao, who was wrapped in grey sand, suddenly exerted his strength with his foot. He leaped into the air, bringing along a cloud of yellow sand with him as he dove down from mid-air. His right leg was wrapped in grey energy, and like a battle-axe, he chopped down towards the head of the mutated wyvern!


"Aooo …"

In the next moment, their attacks collided with the mutated flying dragon's rampaging charge. Earth-shaking explosions boomed, causing the entire ground to tremble.

Under the astonished gazes of the surrounding people, the earth crumbled and the mutated flying dragon howled miserably. Its huge body was actually smashed into the ground by Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao, leaving only half of its body outside!

No matter how much the mutated flying dragon struggled, it was still unable to break free.

This was because the congealed stone underneath the ground had been frozen into ice by Leng Yanrui, which was equivalent to sealing half of the mutated wyvern's body into the ground.

Who would have thought that the combined attack of Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao would be so terrifying!

Even Ye Xuan was shocked by Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao's powerful attacks.

They were truly worthy of being the deputy heads of the Leng and Song Families. Their strength was truly extraordinary and could not be underestimated.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

"Brat, this mutated wyvern cannot help you now! Now. "You're finished!"

After finishing off the mutated flying dragon, Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao landed stably on the ground. They raised their heads to look at Ye Xuan, whose expression had turned ice-cold and ugly.

"What is it? "I'm not talking anymore. Where did your arrogance go?"

Seeing that Ye Xuan didn't speak, Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao pressed on step by step as they coldly spoke.

"You didn't even give out your last words before you died? "Then go to hell!"

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao exploded forth with their auras full of vigor as they charged towards Ye Xuan with endless killing intent.

In just an instant, they'd already rushed to a location less than five meters away from Ye Xuan. Astral Energy swirled around their fists as they condensed into an ice dragon head and a sand dragon head, furiously smashing towards Ye Xuan!

Dragon Subduing Ice Fist!

A sandstorm!

These two fellows really didn't hold back at all.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan's face went cold. He was just about to make a move when the Tyrant Dragon King Hammer's eyes flashed with a cold light. He coldly snorted and stepped forward. His figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan like a shadow.


Dull collision sounds echoed out. The faces that were originally charging towards Ye Xuan, Leng Yanrui, and Song Yinghao paled. Their bodies trembled and they spat out jet-black blood from their mouths. They were blasted away like artillery shells.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

The two of them had to retreat more than ten steps before they managed to stabilize themselves. Each step left an unfathomably deep footprint on the hard ground.

However, the Tyrant Dragon King's hammer body did not move at all, appearing like a towering iron tower. It did not even take half a step back!

From this, it could be imagined how powerful the physical strength of the Tyrant Dragon King's hammer and its strength was. It was able to block the fatal attack of Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao so casually!

"Tyrant Dragon King's Iron Hammer, what do you mean by this?"

After stabilizing himself, he forcefully suppressed the boiling blood energy within his body. Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao raised their heads at this moment, and their gazes descended onto the Tyrant Dragon King that was blocking Ye Xuan. Cold words came out of their mouths.

They did not expect the Tyrant Dragon King's hammer, which had already stopped interfering in this matter, would make a move at this moment.

"It's nothing. I just want to see you two teaming up to bully a junior. I feel very unhappy!"

The Tyrant Dragon King's hammer coldly swept Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao with his gaze, and a voice filled with disdain came out from his mouth.

"You …"

The Tyrant Dragon King's reply undoubtedly made Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao's faces turn extremely ugly. They clenched their fists until they made cracking sounds, and spoke with a face full of anger.

"Stop bullshitting, this brat is my, Wang Tieshou's, hammer mask today!" "If any of you are displeased, then come and fight me if you have the guts!"

However, before they could finish their words, they were interrupted by the extremely impatient voice of the Tyrant Dragon King.

This guy's temper and character could be said to be incomparably straightforward and fiery hot.


Looking at the Tyrant Dragon King's hammer that blocked his path and hearing his words, a bitter smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face, and a trace of warmth flowed through his heart. Just as he was about to speak, the ice-cold Leng Yanrui spoke up, "Wang Ironhammer, don't forget your status.

"Stop f * cking talking. If you're not satisfied, then attack!"

Unfortunately, before Leng Yanrui could finish his words, he was interrupted by Wang Ironhammer's impatient voice, causing Leng Yanrui's expression to become as unsightly as it could get.

Immediately, Leng Yanrui turned his head and looked at Ruo Yanran before coldly speaking, "Manager Rui, what is the meaning behind the actions of the Tyrant Dragon King's hammer? "Don't tell me you just let him mess around here and provoke our family …"

However, Leng Yanrui's words were interrupted by Ruo Yanran's cold voice before he could even finish his sentence, "Uncle Wang's status and position in the Wild Soldiers Alliance is far above mine. I can't stop him! Since you know that any of his actions represent the Barbarian Alliance, you should understand the meaning behind his words! "

"This Ye Xuan will be safe for the Savage Alliance!"

With her last sentence, Ruo Yanran was resolute and decisive, completely revealing their intentions.

"Seems like your Violent Soldier Alliance really thinks that you're the boss of Su Hai. How could you cover the entire sky here?"

Song Yinghao was also clenching his fists until they creaked, and his expression was ice-cold as he spoke with an ugly expression.

"Is your Berserker Union declaring war on us? If that's really the case, then you people alone are far from enough! "

The Peerless Sword Sect's Limitless Sword Immortal, Wuhen, swept his cold gaze across Ruo Yanran, the Tyrant Dragon King, and Tie Chui as he spoke coldly.

It wasn't that he was arrogant, it was that he didn't care about the group of people Ruo Yanran brought along.

Other than the Tyrant Dragon King's hammer, which made him want to attack, the others left him with absolutely no interest in it.

"And if we're included?"

However, just as Limitless Sword Immortal Sword just finished speaking, a cold and ancient voice sounded out quietly at this moment.

Following the appearance of this voice, everyone present turned to look towards the source of the voice.

Under their shocked gazes, a Rolls-Royce Gutus came to a halt in front of the hotel.

The door of the car slowly opened, and two old men with heads full of white hair slowly walked out with the support of the butler bodyguards, appearing in everyone's line of sight.

Although their pace wasn't fast, it was filled with an indescribable mood, as if the earth was shrinking.

Within a few flashes, he arrived at the hotel's lobby, which was in a state of chaos due to the intense battle.

As they looked at the two old men who came, the expressions of the surrounding people couldn't help changing at the same time. Shock emerged into their eyes, and with a flash of icy coldness and shock, shock and respectful words came out of their mouths.

"Greetings to Old Lei and Old Bai!"

"Greetings, Old Lei, Old Bai!"

The two people who came were none other than Old Man Lei Tian Jue and Old Man Bai, both of whom held extremely high positions in Su Hai.

"Grandpa Lei, Grandpa Bai …"

Seeing the arrival of Old Lei and Old Bai, Ruo Yanran heaved a long sigh of relief. Her face was filled with smiles as she quickly stepped forward and greeted them with respectful words!

"Old Lei, Old Bai!"

The Tyrant Dragon King's Hammer also respectfully cupped his fists towards Old Bai and Old Lei!

"Old Master Lei, Old Master Bai, why have you two come?"

Ye Xuan said with a smile.

"Isn't it because you like to cause trouble!"

Old Bai and Old Lei glared fiercely at Ye Xuan and snappily said.

This little brat was truly too good at causing trouble. He had just killed Leng Tianlong and the others, and had gone against the Unmatched Sword Sect. In the end, the experts from the Leng Clan and the Leng Clan had come looking for him.

If the two of them did not intervene, this brat would probably be in trouble today.

After all, the Peerless Sword Sect's Limitless Sword Immortal Sword was here!

Others might not know about this guy's strength and terror, but the two of them were very clear about it.

Leng Yanrui, Song Yinghao, and the others frowned when they saw the closeness of Elder Lei and Elder Bai to Ye Xuan. Their expressions became extremely unsightly; they obviously didn't expect this kid to have such a special relationship with them.

As for the five Elders of the Peerless Sword Sect, their faces were extremely unsightly to behold.

Even the eyes of the Unparalleled Sword Sect's Jian Wuji narrowed at this moment.

Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao looked at each other, then looked at Limitless Sword God Sword Limitless, then took a step forward and respectfully cupped his fists towards Old Bai and Old Lei, and said with a smile: "Leng Yanrui from the Leng Clan, Song Clan's Song Yinghao, Old Bai greets Old Bai, Old Lei!"

Hearing Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao's words, Elder Lei and Elder Bai slowly turned their heads. Their gazes landed on Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao, and a kind smile appeared on their faces.

Whether it was Leng Yanrui or Song Yinghao, in their eyes, both of them were just juniors.

"Old Bai, Old Lei, this kid called Ye Xuan, he …"

When the words of Elder Lei and Elder Bai fell into the ears of Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao, they could feel the contempt in his words. Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao were both dissatisfied, while Leng Yanrui spoke in a low voice.

"Ye Xuan is someone we have our eyes on!"

However, before Leng Yanrui could finish his words, he was interrupted by Elder Lei's cold and overbearing voice.

"But, Old Lei …"

Leng Yanui still wanted to say something, but Elder Lei did not care about him at all. Instead, his gaze landed on Limitless Sword God Limitless, and smiled as he spoke.

Just as he was about to speak, Old Bai and Old Lei turned around and looked at Jian Wuji.

"Old fart Wuji, we haven't seen each other for so many years. Give me and Old Man Bai some face and the grudge between your Unparalleled Sword Sect and Ye Xuan will be written off immediately. How about it?"