On the rainy beach, the sound of a collision that sounded like muffled thunder rumbled out.

Facing Jiang Yinghou, Jiang Zhu Yuan and the others who were rushing over, Li Pure Yang felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his entire body was blown back like a cannonball for dozens of steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

His expression was ice-cold. He raised his head and directed his gaze onto Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Qiuyuan, his eyes flickering with a dignified light.

Regardless of whether it was Jiang Yinghou or Jiang Zhu Yuan, both were stronger than him!

According to Li Chunyang's estimation, Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhuyuan were at least a three star Martial King.

As for Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Qiuyuan, they were similarly shaken by the powerful force and had to retreat a few steps back to stabilize themselves. Raising their heads and looking at Li Chunyang, their eyes were filled with undisguised astonishment. Shocked voices came out from their mouths, "You trash actually stepped into the Void Star Realm and became a Martial King?"

Obviously, they were extremely shocked when they heard that Li Chunyang had stepped into the Void Star Realm and become a martial king.

Who would have thought that the trash they tortured and expelled from the school would one day become a powerful Martial King who stood alone, and his strength was soon going to catch up to them?

Hearing their words, a sneer appeared on Li Chunyang's face uncontrollably, and a cold voice came out from his mouth: "What? Are you two old things very surprised? All of you keep on saying that I'm trash, but all of these years have passed and your strength has not increased even a little. In my opinion, you two should be trash! "

"Hmph, you piece of trash are courting death!"

Li Chunyang's words had undoubtedly angered Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan, causing the killing intent in their eyes to blossom. An aura burst out from their bodies, one on the left and the other on the right, as they charged towards him like wolves and tigers.

Many experts of the Unparalleled Sword Sect who were at the peak of the Spirit Travelling Profound Realm followed closely behind, surrounding and attacking Li Chunyang.

Facing the combined attacks of Jiang Yinghou, Jiang Zhu Yuan and dozens of experts from the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Li Pure Yang's expression was ice-cold, killing intent blossomed in his eyes. While dodging the attacks of Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan, killing intent blossomed in his eyes.

With a fierce stomp, the tyrannical Pure Yang Energy burst forth from the ground like blazing flames, burning the five Peerless Sword Sect experts into nothingness.

"Ahh …"

Their shrill screams resounded throughout the world!

Ten minutes later, the dozen warriors that Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan brought to besiege Li Pure Yang were all taken care of by him. Only Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan were left.

However, Li Chunyang was not in a good mood. Under the siege of Jiang Yingwu and Jiang Zhu Yuan, he had to pay a huge price in order to deal with all of his subordinates.

On his body, there was an eye-catching sword mark that pierced his back. Blood was flowing and his clothes were dyed red. It was left behind from Jiang Yinghou's sneak attack.

Of course, under Li Chunyang's fearless crazy attacks, Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhuyuan were also more or less injured.

There were numerous eye-catching black fist marks on their bodies.

Seeing the many subordinates who had died in the hands of Li Chunyang and the extremely miserable Li Chunyang who was breathing heavily, Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan had ice-cold expressions on their faces. Their fists were clenched so tightly that 'ka ka' sounds could be heard.

They never thought that Li Chunyang would actually possess such terrifying combat strength. He could actually use his iron fists to fight with them to such an extent, and kill all of their subordinates!

One had to know that this guy was only a 1-star Martial King, and they were both 3-star Martial Kings, two whole small realms above him!

"You actually dare to injure so many members of our Unparalleled Sword Sect, Li Chunyang …" If we don't hack you into a thousand pieces today, we won't be human! "

The intense killing intent in their eyes blossomed, and at this moment, all of the True Divine Spirit Qi in their bodies surged crazily into the long sword in their hands, causing it to release a dazzling light, the sharp Sword Qi also surrounded their bodies, and the Sword Qi became more and more numerous, revolving around their bodies at high speeds, forming two Sword Qi tornadoes, causing their aura to rise bit by bit, just like an angry god …

"Unparalleled Sword Art of the Unparalleled Sword Sect?"

Looking at the current state of Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan, and feeling their imposing aura, an unprecedented look of solemnity appeared on Li Pure Yang's face. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the thick turbid air from his mouth, and then spoke with cold words, "Today, I will use my fist to break apart your swords!"

The moment Li Chunyang finished his words, the crimson colored Pure Yang energy spread out from his body like scorching flames, condensing into a scarlet colored flame armor on his body.

Perhaps it was because Li Chunyang's martial arts cultivation was too low, but this flame armor was not exquisite and looked rough, but when it was worn on Li Chunyang's body, it caused his aura to increase …

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The earth trembled, and monstrous Pure Yang energy also appeared from the ground, forming a gigantic phantom image of the Flame God, causing his aura to become even more powerful, the endless Pure Yang energy in his body also crazily poured into his fist, making it look like a burning sun, releasing a terrifying heat and power, as though it was going to evaporate the entire world.

At this moment, Li Chunyang's aura could be said to be extremely strong.

Lifting his head and looking at Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhu Yuan, Li Chunyang's eyes surged with killing intent. The violent energy beneath his feet erupted, and he charged towards them like a flaming god of war, his fists howling as he smashed them, his words were as cold as ice from his mouth.

"Pure Yang Aura Technique First Martial Skill: Fire God!"

"The first martial skill of the Sun God's Tyrant Body Technique: Divine Fury!"


With Li Chunyang's punch, the condensed Pure Yang flame on his fist was like two burning suns as it rushed towards Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhuyuan, finally converging together and becoming even more powerful and violent!

At this moment, Li Chunyang had already perfectly fused the Pure Yang Aura Technique he cultivated with the Yang God's Tyrant Body Technique that Ye Xuan taught him, and displayed a fusion martial skill!

"I never thought that this kid would actually have such a powerful lethality martial skill, but so what!" "The martial arts realm is too low, but we can't …"

Looking at Li Chunyang's incoming martial skill, Jiang Zhu Yuan and Jiang Ying Hou's eyes shined with a cold light. A cruel expression appeared on their faces as they spoke with ice-cold words coming out of their mouths.

"Go, Blade Wind Sand!"

The instant their words left their mouths, they suddenly raised the long sword in their hands and furiously hacked it down towards Li Chunyang.


A terrifying sword Qi exploded out. The sword Qi tornado that had originally surrounded them was now howling and charging towards Li Chunyang, carrying a monstrous amount of yellow sand. It had also become even larger along the way.

In the next moment, an enormous sword qi storm that was a full 200 feet long brought along sand that filled the sky as it collided with the fist light smashed out by Li Chunyang …


A deafening explosion rang out as the terrifying energy weaved through the air. The scorching sun-like fist of Li Chunyang exploded on the spot, causing the gigantic sword aura storm to ignite into a raging flame, becoming even more powerful and imposing …

In the end, the sword energy storm completely engulfed Li Chunyang's entire body!

The sword energy tornado that engulfed Li Chunyang did not stop. Instead, it continued to rush out of the beach and toward the sea. Everywhere it passed, huge waves were stirred up and fiercely crashed into the reefs on the sea.

The huge reef shattered under the impact of the sword energy storm, splashing water everywhere.

When the surface of the sea became calm, the bloody Li Chunyang floated on the surface, appearing in Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhuyuan's line of sight, causing their faces to be filled with smiles.


Jiang Yinghou's shriveled hand suddenly reached out and sucked in a breath of air towards Li Chunyang. Then, he suddenly swung his hand, and Li Chunyang, who was originally heavily injured and was floating on the sea, was pulled by a strong suction force and smashed onto the beach while coughing violently.

"Cough cough …"

At this very moment, Li Chunyang's clothes were completely destroyed as countless wounds appeared on his body. His body was covered with blood as he lay on the beach. Fresh blood constantly flowed out from the wounds on his body, dyeing the beach blood-red.

Li Chunyang resisted the pain in his body and struggled to stand up, but he didn't even have the strength to move his finger.

Perhaps he still had the strength to fight against Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhuyuan alone, but when facing their martial arts realm suppression and combined sword skills, Li Chunyang simply had no chance of winning at all, unless he could cultivate the Sun God's tyrant body technique to an even higher level and use a higher level martial skill!

"Trash, you should have died twenty years ago for nothing. What's laughable is that your damned father is still imprisoned in the Sword Tomb, waiting for you to go back and save him!"

"It's a pity that he won't be able to wait for his entire life..."

Looking at Li Chunyang who was heavily injured and covered in blood, Jiang Yinghou and Jiang Zhuyuan's faces were filled with a thick ruthlessness. Their cold and venomous words came out from their mouths.

As Jiang Yinghou's words fell, killing intent surged in his eyes. The sharp sword in his hand, which carried an endless killing intent, fiercely stabbed towards Li Chunyang's heart …

"Is everything over? Why is my heart so unwilling? "

Hearing the words of Jiang Yinghou and the others, and seeing the sharp sword that was constantly enlarging in his eyes, a strong bitterness and unwillingness appeared on Li Chunyang's face as he muttered to himself.

All of his hard work and effort had only brought him a joke that he found laughable!

Just as the sharp sword was about to pierce through Li Chunyang's body and pierce through his heart, a bone-piercing cold wind suddenly swept past. A voice as cold as ice suddenly rang out at this moment.

"Old thing, if you stab down with this sword, even the Emperor will not be able to save you …"