"Attack! Leave no one alive!"

As the endless cold voice sounded out, the powerhouses in the jeep didn't hesitate to pull the triggers on Ye Xuan, Liu Siqi, Liu Siqi, Ye Xiaoyan, and the others. They madly fired shots!

"Da Da Da …"

"Swish, swish, swish …"

In the blink of an eye, the muzzles of many of the guns emitted beautiful flames. Sharp bullets carried a intent to kill as they explosively shot towards Ye Xuan, Li Chunyang, Liu Sisi, Ye Xiaoya, and the others. Their pupils continuously dilated as a thick sense of danger permeated their hearts, causing their expressions to abruptly change.

"Xiao Ya, Sisi... "Be careful!"

Anxious voices came out of Liu Siqi's mouth. He pulled his sister, Liu Sisi, by the hand and rolled away without hesitation. He narrowly avoided being attacked by a few bullets.

Ye Xuan also grabbed Ye Xiao Ya's soft body and dodged to the side.

As for Li Chunyang, he too rolled to the side, and at the same time, threw a punch across the air towards the surrounding Kip Wranglers.


A dull sound of fist colliding rang out as a terrifying force was released. One of the doors of the Jeep Wrangler was immediately caved in.

However, it was only a depression. After all, the strength that Li Chunyang could display after being seriously injured was limited.

"Ahh …"

"No …."

Miserable screams of despair continuously rang out at this moment.

Although Ye Xuan, Liu Siqi, and Li Chunyang had relied on their outstanding strength and movement techniques to dodge the bullet, the subordinates that Liu Siqi had brought along weren't so lucky.

Some of them had their limbs pierced by the bullets and were no longer able to move!

Some had their bodies penetrated by the bullets and were severely injured. They no longer had the strength to struggle!

Some died on the spot.

To the experts of the Leng and Song families who sat high up in the jeep's Wrangler's car, this was just a brutal massacre.

The roar of the machine gun rang out unceasingly, while the miserable shrieks of the bullets piercing through the body rang out unceasingly.

In just a short span of time, other than Liu Siqi, Ye Xuan, Li Chunyang, Liu Sisi, and Ye Xiaoya, everyone else was either severely injured and had lost all ability to resist, or they were shot through and died on the spot.

Fresh red blood unceasingly flowed out from their bodies, dyeing the ground red.

"Da Da Da …"

"Swish, swish, swish …"

The experts of the Leng Clan had malevolent expressions on their faces as they pulled the triggers of their guns and fired at Ye Xuan and the others. Sharp bullets continuously shot out and completely sealed off Ye Xuan and the others, leaving them with no place to escape!

If this continued, Ye Xuan and the others would undoubtedly die!

"Pure Yang, Siqi, protect Xiao Ya and Sisi well. Leave these guys to me!"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the ice-cold corpse on the ground. Violent killing intent surged out from his body. Monstrous devil flames spread out from his body, condensing into an exquisite black demon armor.

His body moved like a ghost, dodging a series of bullets that swept towards him. He was like an angry dragon that rushed towards the Jeep Wrangler that was circling around them at a high speed, raising dust and dirt in the air.

The instant he charged out, Ye Xuan's waist moved like a dragon's tail, and his body fiercely shook. Violent energy whistled as they swept out, seeming to be attracted by something as they frantically gathered on his fist, condensing into a dazzling golden sun that exploded with a resplendent light!

Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique's number one martial skill: Burning Sun!


In the next moment, a deafening collision sound rang out. Ye Xuan had avoided the bullet attack, but under the shocked gaze of the experts from the Leng and Song families, he heavily smashed his fist onto the door.

Terrifying strength swept across and the hard door instantly cracked and distorted. A power that could topple mountains and overturn the seas poured into the Wrangler's car, sending him flying dozens of meters away with a punch. The moment he landed, he naturally exploded …

The expert in the car had died on the spot!

Ye Xuan's punch instantly opened up a gap in their encirclement.


Li Chunyang and Liu Siqi were even keenly aware of the fact that they had to escape through the gap in Ye Xuan's encirclement with Ye Xiaoya and Liu Siqi in tow!

"Damn it!"

This sudden turn of events caused the expressions of many experts from the Leng and Song Families to involuntarily change. Their mouths involuntarily let out an angry curse.

They were just about to take out their guns and shoot at Li Chunyang, Liu Siqi, and the others who escaped, when a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. He stomped his feet on the ground, and monstrous devil flames surged out from the ground without warning.

"Ahh …"

Under the Devil's Flames, many of the experts from the Leng and Song Families had painful expressions on their faces. They issued mournful screams as they quickly abandoned their cars and jumped out of their vehicles.

The caravan, which had been in an orderly and reckless, suddenly collapsed.


Dull collision sounds and deafening explosions rang out one after another. It was the cars that had lost control of themselves colliding together, igniting into raging flames before exploding.

More than half of the experts from the Leng Clan died on the spot!

"Da Da Da …"

However, there were still many experts with extraordinary strength who escaped from the car. They furiously glared at Ye Xuan with guns in their hands as they fired madly at him. They wished they could turn him into a hornet's nest.

The dense barrage of bullets that contained endless killing intent caused Ye Xuan's face to go ice-cold.

Although his strength had increased greatly, comparable to a Void Star Realm martial king, and every bone in his body had been tempered, these bullets were still able to cause him some danger and harm. When they struck his body that was wrapped in the magic armor, a heart-wrenching pain could still be felt.

"Ding ding ding …"

As Ye Xuan looked at the numerous experts from the Leng and Song Clans who were firing at him at high speeds, coldness surged within his eyes. With a wave of his hand, the Black Edge Dragoneer appeared in his hand.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

While he was rolling and dodging on the beach, he didn't hesitate to pull the trigger of the Black Edge Battle Dragon in his hand, firing at the enemies with great difficulty.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

The sound of black-edged bullets tearing through the air rang out continuously. Before the experts of the Leng and Song Families could even make a move to dodge, they were shot through the forehead, and their heads exploded from the bullets!

Compared to a cold weapon that can't see blood, Ye Xuan preferred a hot weapon that was simple and crude, domineering and straightforward.

There was no enemy that he couldn't finish off with just one shot. This was because someone once had an effective count of his shooting stats. The rate of him using the Black Vanguard Battle Dragon's headshot was as high as 96%!

If anyone had been lucky enough to avoid his first shot, it would have been the second.

Right now, Ye Xuan could be said to be using his shooting skills to the extreme. Without the interference of the Jipu Wrangler and the family members, Ye Xuan could be said to have shot his head off!

Every time he pulled the trigger on the Black Edge Dragon, one of the experts from the Leng and Song Families would die.

In merely a short moment, over ten experts from the Leng and Song Families had died. Their combatants were rapidly declining, causing the expressions of the many experts from the Leng and Song Clans to turn extremely ugly.

On the far shore was a cool Mercedes G, with two cool men in it.

They were Hei Qi and the Dark Tiger who were in charge of leading this mission!

They were sitting in the car with binoculars watching the battle on the beach. Their faces were dark and dark.

They originally thought that their plan this time wouldn't be a mistake and would definitely be able to eliminate Ye Xuan and the others. However, they didn't expect Ye Xuan and the others to be able to break out of the encirclement.

Hei Qi was the leader of the Leng Clan's Twelfth Squad. He had been carrying out all kinds of assassination missions for the Leng Clan, and his status and strength were far above the deceased Hei Lin and Du Shou. He was highly valued by the Leng Clan and was now Leng Yanrui's right-hand man.

He rarely went out on missions, but was responsible for cultivating assassins and elites for the Song Family. He was a well-known assassin, proficient in all kinds of assassination methods, and his status and strength far exceeded Hu Pao. He was one of the experts that had been brought here from the capital.

After being besieged by the Unparalleled Sword Sect, and Ye Xuan rushing over from the Modern House to support Li Chunyang, they immediately took action. They were prepared to fight to the death with the Unparalleled Sword Sect before taking Ye Xuan and the others down when both of them were injured.

However, they didn't expect that when they arrived here, they wouldn't see anyone from the Unparalleled Sword Sect, so they could only give the order to slaughter Ye Xuan and the others. However, they didn't expect that the strength Ye Xuan displayed was even stronger than what they'd seen in their records.

With their extraordinary eyesight, they were naturally able to see that the Black Edge Battle Dragon that Ye Xuan was using was extraordinary. The strength of the spear was extremely terrifying and it had a powerful armor-piercing ability.

However, if this continued, many of their subordinates would most likely die in that kid's hands. After all, that kid's spear skills were too accurate, and his attacks were too ruthless!

However, the two of them did not intend to drive their Mercedes-Benz to get in the way at the moment. Instead, they observed the development of the situation from the sidelines.

They wanted to tire Ye Xuan to death and slowly toy him to death!

As for now, they needed to increase the difficulty of the game for Ye Xuan!

Immediately, a cold light flashed across Hei Qi's eyes. He pressed the communication button on his watch and said with an extremely cold voice, "Wildcat, are you there yet? Use your sniper rifle to remove that brat's hands and feet! "

Dark Tiger also ordered coldly while holding the walkie-talkie.

"Send the fifth team out and cut those trash into eight pieces!"

"Yes sir!"

A respectful voice came from the tactical communications watch.

As the respectful voice sounded out, the three boats on the distant sea charged towards the beach that Ye Xuan and the others were at with the intent to kill …