On the huge plaza, countless people stared blankly at the red Ferrari 488 descending from the top of the mountain at an extremely fast speed. Unconcealed shock and shock surfaced on their faces, but their hearts could not calm down even after a long time.

Ye Xuan's red Ferrari would be unable to advance even a tiny bit under the combined efforts of the racers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Bugatti Wyvern, who was being driven by Song Yuanhang, was left far behind, causing this match to be without any suspense.

But they never would have imagined that this match would have an unexpected turn of events. Not only did Ye Xuan drive Ferrari 488 to surpass them, he even completely overturned them.

The difficulty of the process and Ye Xuan's outstanding driving speed had completely exceeded their expectations, causing them to stare in shock. The lime and the tire burst screw were all useless against him …

Now, Ye Xuan was driving his Ferrari towards the peak of the mountain where Song Yuanhang was piloting the Bugatti Wyvern.

The match host's voice rang out at this moment, "I originally thought this was a match without suspense, but the red Ferrari 488 driver, Ye Xuan, brought us extraordinary visual impact and outstanding performances … …"

"However, our Young Master Song's Bugatti Wyvern has already finished three-fifths of the entire track, whereas Ye Xuan and his Ferrari 488 have only completed one-half of the track, so …." In my opinion, there is no suspense in this match. Our Young Master Song will win in the end! "

Although Ye Xuan had already dealt with four of the obstacles, he was left far behind by Song Yuanhang. Coupled with Song Yuanhang's decent driving skills and his powerful Bujadimei Wyvern, Ye Xuan simply wasn't able to catch up to him.

"I didn't expect this piece of trash to have some tricks up his sleeve. He even managed to get rid of the No.1 racer!" However... If you want to catch up to me, this piece of trash is far from enough! "

Song Yuanhang, who was sitting on the Bugatti Wyvern, looked at the indiscernible red Ferrari 488 in the rearview mirror. A cold smile appeared on his face as he coldly said those words.

"Of course. Young Master Song, you're a man who's able to woo professional racers. How could that piece of trash compare to you? "

Hearing Song Yuanhang's words, a beautiful woman who had quite a bit of looks and wore a halter dress that was especially sexy laughed and spoke from the passenger seat.

"Only your mouth is sweet!"

Song Yuanhang reached out his hand and grabbed the beauty's chest.

"Young Master Song, should we give that guy a surprise?"

Song Yuanhang's flirting with beauties was very enjoyable. He turned his eyes and said with a smile.

"Darling, watch your performance!"

Song Yuanhang smiled, and lovingly touched her face that was covered in a thick layer of powder. From his mouth came some teasing words.

"Cluck, cluck …"

The beauty giggled, grabbed the tire iron that was lying on the side and tossed it out of the window …

Not only that, she took out a barrel of oil from under the seat, unscrewed the lid, and poured it out the window.

"Boom! Boom!"

After doing all this, she took out a special lighter and threw it out the window. The oil she poured on the road was instantly ignited, causing a sea of fire to spread behind her …

This was the surprise they'd prepared for Ye Xuan.

"Darling, well done! "Come, this young master will treat you to lollipops …"

Seeing that, a sinister smile emerged on Song Yuanhang's face. He extended his palm and pressed the beauty's head against his crotch …

Not long after, the beautiful woman started to get busy, which made Song Yuanhang feel quite happy.

This guy was rather carefree!

However, he didn't know if this guy would be able to laugh to the end.

In the black night, the red Ferrari was like a runaway wild horse galloping at top speed.

Ye Xuan sat in the driver's seat as he watched the winding road down the mountain. His cold face was like a clear spring without the slightest ripple. His pitch-black eyes were like obsidian in the darkness that flickered with a sharp brilliance.

His left hand controlled the steering wheel, his right hand grasped the transmission, and his foot stepped on the accelerator as he continuously drove the Ferrari. Even though it was currently downhill, Ye Xuan didn't show any signs of slowing down. Instead, he continuously sped up.

Su Xiaomeng looked out the window at the rapidly changing scenery, then looked to the side at Ye Xuan, who was seriously controlling the Ferrari. Her delicate and lovely face was filled with deep complexity, worry, and a trace of concealed fear …

Earlier, when Ye Xuan decisively killed the racer that was obstructing him, the scene of the two cars colliding with each other still echoed in her mind, making her feel as if it wasn't real …

Because just now, Ye Xuan had killed someone!

Moreover, he was so calm after killing someone that he didn't seem to care at all. It was as if everything that had happened had nothing to do with him.

In Su Xiaomeng's view of the world, who hadn't experienced any hardships, Ye Xuan was like a murderer.

As if he knew what Su Xiaomeng was thinking, Ye Xuan turned around to look at her, who was still in shock. He calmly said, "Xiao Meng, do you think I'm cruel?"

"Actually, it's not that I'm cruel, but that the world is this cruel to begin with! If I hadn't acted just now, the ones who would have died in the car accident wouldn't have been them, but us! "

"The current you is still young, and has been pampered since childhood. You're like a flower in a greenhouse that has never experienced wind and rain, never knowing the dangers of this world. You'll slowly understand it in the future …"

"Sit tight. There are many bends in front of us. We are still a thousand meters away from that bastard Song Yuanhang. We need to catch up as soon as possible..."

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, without waiting for Su Xiaomeng to reply, he sped up and rushed to the bend in the road.

"Creak …" "Swish, swish, swish …"

One of his feet lightly touched the brake, while the other lightly pressed on the gas pedal, causing the wheels to move at an extremely fast speed. The moment the car entered the bend, the vehicle's exhaust vented out a large amount of exhaust, but the entire car strangely started to drift …

Su Xiaomeng, who had regained her senses, saw the scenery outside the window changing at an even faster speed. Sitting inside the car, it was as if she was flying. Her hair was floating.

"The competition has already proceeded to three-quarters of the way. Young Master Song is now driving his Bujardi Wyvern into the final five kilometer long curve. As long as you pass through this continuous curve, you will reach the end of the road in a straight line! I believe that victory will belong to our Young Master Song … "

"Cough cough, let's take another look at Ye Xuan's Ferrari 488. I reckon that he's already been left far behind by Young Master Song. I'll have to trouble the photographer to switch to the Ferrari 488 lens …"

When the camera turned to Ye Xuan's Ferrari 488, the host was completely stunned. His face was filled with horror and shock, as if he'd seen a ghost. He muttered in disbelief, "What the hell? What did I see?"

"S ring shaped big drift … Heavens, what the hell! "

"Oh my god, this time it's S-shaped drift, C-shaped drift, lightning drift..." The heck, what is going on? Did that guy get possessed by a car god? "

At this moment, whether it was the host or the audience watching the live broadcast, they were all stunned. They stared blankly at the scene of the red Ferrari 488 flying at an incredible speed and in the midst of an indescribable car skill. Their hearts were shocked to the extreme, unable to recover from their shock for a long time …

The zigzag techniques and car skills displayed by the speeding red Ferrari were simply refreshing their knowledge.

In the last game, Song Yuanhang drove the No. 6 car, Audi R8, down the mountain from last place to complete the final comeback.

However... The technique of drifting that Ye Xuan displayed now was definitely something that Song Yuanhang wasn't able to compare to.

The speed of this guy at the bend was even faster than in a straight line.

This guy, has the car god possessed him?

"With a series of dazzling lightning arcs, continuous S-ring drifts, and ultra-fast C-word drifts, the red Ferrari closed the distance between it and the Bugatti Wyvern in an instant, perfectly rushing out of the bend. As long as you go straight down the slope in front of you, you will reach the final continuous long bend …"

Even the host who was leaning towards Song Yuanhang became excited at this moment. He continued to narrate his thoughts. After all, he was a host. This was his natural instinct.

However, when he saw the fire and tire screws on the ground in front of them, he couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, since he was sweating cold sweat for Ye Xuan and the others.

"Dig in, what's going on? There was a fire along the way, and under the flames were countless tire studs. With Ferrari's current speed, there was no way he could slow down at all. He would definitely be under it. It was over … This time, the red Ferrari was completely finished! This sea of fire is the burial ground that Young Master Song has prepared specially for him … "

At this moment, quite a few people's hearts were raised.

If Ye Xuan's Ferrari were to charge into the sea of flames, it would only be a narrow escape. There would definitely be a car accident, and the chances of survival were slim. Everyone couldn't help but sigh.

Although that guy suddenly possessed the car god's body and possessed powerful driving skills, he was still unable to reverse the situation!

"Ye Xuan …." The road ahead is on fire, and there's still a lot of shiny things to be seen.

Seated in the first passenger seat of the Ferrari, Su Xiaomeng looked at the burning sea of flames in front of her and couldn't help but cry out.

"No worries!"

However, Ye Xuan's expression was still as calm as before as he indifferently said those words.

Her voice was indifferent, but it made Su Xiaomeng feel relieved!

"Boom! Boom!"

The instant the car was about to enter the sea of flames, Ye Xuan fiercely swung the steering wheel. His foot quickly stepped on the brakes, causing the car to suddenly turn towards a stationary state.

"Boom …"

Ye Xuan's foot that was stepping on the brakes suddenly hit the gas pedal, and he stomped the gas pedal to the ground!

The roar and roar of an engine could be heard.

Under the shocked gaze of countless people, the Ferrari started to drift in an inclined direction. It moved with two wheels, passing through the sea of flames and the many tire screws …

A beautiful side drift!

"Aooo …"

"Oh my god! It's actually floating sideways! "

"Oh, gosh, so cool!"

"What the f * ck? Is he so awesome?"

"Too cool, too cool, too awesome!"

The crowd burst into an uproar. Countless people couldn't help but shriek out at this moment …


However, in the next moment, the sound of the Ferrari tires exploding could be heard, causing everyone's screams to abruptly stop.

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