On the beach, ear-piercing gunshots rang out as experts from the Leng and Song families were shot through the forehead by Ye Xuan's Black Edge Battle Dragon.

The experts from the Leng and Song Clans who were attacking Ye Xuan's group gradually fell, leaving only three people behind.

They looked in terror at Ye Xuan, who stood upright with the battle dragon in his hand. Their eyes were filled with deep shock and terror as they looked at him as if they'd seen a terrifying devil.

This guy was simply a demon that couldn't be killed.

His agility and speed were incomparable.

His dazzling and beautiful spear technique had shocked them even more. It had broadened their horizons!

His bulletproof body made them feel incomparably desperate, and their faces turned ashen!

His ruthless killing methods had completely caused them to lose the courage to continue fighting.


"I... "We surrender …"

"Yes, yes, yes, we surrender, please don't kill me!"

In the next moment, he threw the gun in his hand onto the ground. His knees went limp, and he knelt towards Ye Xuan as he uttered words of fear and despair.

"No surrender, only death!"

However, the response they got was Ye Xuan's cold and merciless words.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he slowly faced the three experts from the Leng and Song Families, who'd lost their courage to fight, and knelt down to beg for mercy, and raised the Black Edge Battle Dragon in his hand …

"No …."

Seeing that, screams of despair came from their mouths.


Ye Xuan was just about to pull the trigger when an ear-piercing gunshot sounded out from afar, causing his expression to change drastically. An unprecedented sense of danger filled his heart, causing him to retreat without a second thought.

"Swish …"

In the instant that Ye Xuan retreated, a sharp bullet carried a terrifying force as it streaked past him, tearing a gorgeous scratch on the magic armor that wrapped around his body …

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan's quick reaction, the sniper bullet would have undoubtedly penetrated his body.


"Bang, bang, bang …"

This sudden turn of events caused the three experts from the Leng and Song Families, who had lost their will to fight, to be shocked. Thick joy surfaced on their faces.

Just as they were about to grab the guns on the ground and shoot towards Ye Xuan, the Black Edge Battle Dragon's roar sounded out. The three Black Edge Dragons carried a sharp killing intent as they charged over, piercing through the space between their eyebrows as they lowered their heads to pick up the guns.

It was Ye Xuan who had pulled the trigger of the Black Edge Dragon just as he was dodging the sniper's attack!

"Puchi …"

After being hit by the black bullets, the three people had blood spurting out from their mouths. Their eyes were wide open and they died on the spot.

"Bang …"


After killing the three people, just as Ye Xuan was about to make a move, the sound of wind breaking sounded out. An intense sense of danger assaulted him once again, filling his heart and causing his face to turn cold.

In the instant that Ye Xuan fell to the ground, two sniper bullets shot past his head and his body, causing Ye Xuan's face to turn ice-cold.

Ye Xuan was able to determine from the gunfire and location that the opponent wasn't a sniper expert, but a group of sniper experts. They were hibernating on the other side of the coast, looking for a position and opportunity to snipe him.

Immediately, a cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. A hint of resolution appeared on his face as he quickly pressed the transformation button of the Black Edge Battle Dragon.

The Black Edge Battle Dragon's gun, which was more than ten times cooler than the Desert Eagle's, instantly turned into a dazzling Black Edge Battle Mecha.

"Da Da Da …"

Just as Ye Xuan was about to use his black blade battle to shoot and kill the snipers on the shore, the sound of a machine gun echoed.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Following the roars of the machine gun, a dense cluster of bullets fired towards Ye Xuan.

As for the fifth member of the Song Family's Tiger Wolf Assassination Army, he'd piloted three speedboats to appear on the surface of the sea in front of Ye Xuan. As he dashed over, he fired a series of fierce shots.

"They are really lingering!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with an intense cold light. Killing intent surged within him as he spoke with ice-cold words.

The appearance of these fellows had undoubtedly made him unable to deal with the snipers on the distant coast.

"Young Master Xuan, leave the two of us on the sea and deal with the sniper from a distance!"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a low voice sounded at this moment.

"Boom! Boom!"

As the voice sounded out, under Ye Xuan's stupefied gaze, Liu Siqi and Li Chunyang, who'd originally escaped with Liu Sisi and Ye Xiaoyan, held onto their skateboards as they held onto guns and charged towards the sea. They faced off against the fifth group of the Song Family's Tiger Wolf Assassin Army.

"Pure Yang, don't worry, you're hurt!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he warned Li Chunyang, who'd rushed out.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he suddenly made a nimble roll on the ground, then charged to the side while carrying the sniper rifle.

"Bang bang bang!"

"Swish, swish, swish …"

The instant Ye Xuan charged to the side, the sound of Barrett's equipment roaring continuously sounded out. One sharp sniper bullet after another shot towards Ye Xuan with killing intent, causing a trace of impatience to flash in Ye Xuan's eyes.


His body pounced on the ground like a tiger, lying down to avoid being shot by the sniper bullets. At the same time, he loaded the sniper rifle in his hand and pulled the trigger of the Black Edge Dragon with lightning speed.

Listening to the voice, the Jedi Wing instantly appeared!

"Boom! Boom!"

In the distance, a member of the Shadow Kylin Army's Twelfth Squad held Barrett's eye and was about to shoot a second time at Ye Xuan through the scope when a black bullet filled with boundless killing intent shot out from within his pupils, causing his expression to drastically change. A sense of crisis welled up in his heart …

In the next moment, the bullet of Black Wind blew up the eyes that he had put into the aiming lens, causing his brain to burst out like a watermelon. Brain matter splattered everywhere and blood flowed out!

"This …"

This fierce scene in front of the eyes of the members of the Twelfth Squad of the Shadow Kylin Army caused their faces to be filled with fear and horror.


However, at this moment, another ear-piercing and low gunshot rang out from the distant beach.


Before they could recover from the death of one of their comrades, another one of their comrades was hit in the head by a black wind sniper bullet and died on the spot.

"That fellow is an expert sniper. Hurry up and change positions..."

In the next moment, panicked voices came from their mouths. They turned into scattered birds, quickly searching for cover and hiding.

Only when they found shelter and hid again did they quietly breathe a sigh of relief.

The two shots from Ye Xuan had brought them too much pressure, causing them to frown.

They've been carrying out sniping missions for many years, but they've never encountered an expert with a counter-sniper skill that even reached Ye Xuan's level!


Taking a deep breath, a member of the Shadow Kylin Army's Squad Twelve slowly lifted up Barrett. His eyes looked in the aiming mirror as he tried to find Ye Xuan's figure. However, the death god's gunshot rang out once more.

Under his horrified gaze, the head of one of his companions who had stuck his head out to observe was hit by a bullet and exploded.

"Bang …"

Before he could even heave a sigh of relief, the familiar gunshot rang out once more. One of his companions lying dormant on the tree beside him was shot in the head and fell down from the tree.

The corpse of his comrade fell beside him and splattered a large amount of blood on his face. His face was filled with fear and his mind was blank. He stood there stupidly, his heart filled with despair.

"Goo …"

Looking at his comrade whose head had exploded from being hit by the black bullets, he felt his throat becoming dry and his body turning cold. Large amounts of cold sweat flowed unceasingly from his pores, soaking his clothes …

Was the target they were responsible for this time around from the Devils of Hell?

He wanted to run, but he felt as if he was being watched by a devil. No matter what he did, he couldn't escape.

He tried to tell himself to stay calm, to calm his breathing, to adjust his mood.

However, he realized that he couldn't do it at all.

His mind was filled with all sorts of scenes of his tragic death …

Under Ye Xuan's merciless sniping, his psychological defenses completely collapsed …

"Ahh …"

He threw away his Barrett's sniper rifle and let out a scream of despair. Covering his head with his hands, he charged towards the roaring sea like a madman. Finally, he jumped into the sea and was engulfed by the waves.

This guy finally chose to commit suicide by jumping into the sea!

Just when Ye Xuan was about to open fire at that guy, he discovered that he'd already broken down mentally and jumped into the sea to commit suicide, thus giving up on the idea of firing.

"That should be the last one, right?"

He withdrew his gaze, let out a mouthful of impure air, and muttered some words.

As his words fell, he lightly pressed the button on the side of the Black Edge Battle Mecha. The Black Edge Battle Mecha instantly transformed back into its handgun form and was placed back into Ye Xuan's Demon Dragon Ring.

Ye Xuan was just about to stand up and leave when a voice that was as cold as ice quietly sounded behind him, causing all of the fine hairs on his body to stand up.

"Kid, you don't expect it to end like this, do you?"

As the cold voice sounded out, Ye Xuan's expression changed. Just as he was about to make a move, the muzzle of the gun hit the back of his head, freezing his movements.

He begged for monthly tickets, he begged for monthly tickets, he begged for monthly tickets!