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Following the explosion of the TKT miniature explosive device, a world-destroying and violent power began to spread out rapidly in all directions like a torrential flood, sweeping in all directions.

A huge mushroom cloud with a radius of five hundred meters bloomed in the sky!


"No …."

"Ah... I don't want to die! "

The instant the TKT explosives exploded, the destructive energy spread. The faces of many powerful enemies in the hall changed drastically. Under the impact of the destructive energy, they screamed out in despair as their bodies were swallowed into nothingness by the energy of the explosion...

In just an instant, dozens of people had died.

"Damn it..."

"Use all the astral energy in your body to form a defensive shield!"

The terrifying explosion had also caused the faces of Leng Yanrui, Song Yinghao, the Great Elder, the Second Elder, the Third Elder, and the others of the Unparalleled Sword Sect to change drastically. Their faces were filled with fear and horror as they roared out with incomparable rage.


As the angry roar rang out, majestic auras spread out crazily from their bodies. As their auras skyrocketed due to the condensed Aura Armors, they stretched out their palms and released them forward. Boundless auras converged to form a materialized Astral Barrier that enveloped their bodies, trying to resist the impact and might of the explosion of the TKT Explosive Bag.

"Ah... Elder, save me! "

"Vice head Leng, save me! I don't want to die!"

"Master Yinghao, let us in …"

Looking at the defensive barrier formed by Leng Yanrui, Jiang Anshi, and Song Yinghao, many of the experts in the hall let out desperate cries as if their lives depended on it, madly rushing towards the defensive barrier.

However, they were blocked by a defensive barrier, making it impossible for them to enter.


"Vice head Leng!"

"Lord Hero …"

"Ah... "No …."

The fact that they were unable to enter the barrier made them feel incomparably anxious. They could only cry out with pleading voices.

"Boom! Boom!"

However, before they could finish their words, they were swallowed up by the terrifying explosive energy.

Under the ugly gazes of Jiang Anshi, Leng Yanrui, and Song Yinghao, their bodies were engulfed by the terrifying explosion energy. Instantly, they turned into a cloud of blood and splattered onto their defensive shields, turning them blood-red …


"Puchi …"

The terrifying explosion crashed into the defensive shields cast by Leng Yanrui, Jiang Anshi, and Song Yinghao, causing a deafening collision sound. The entire defensive shield trembled, and the radiance gradually dimmed.

Leng Yanrui, Jiang Anshi, and Song Yinghao, who were supporting the defensive barrier, trembled. Their complexions paled and they spurted out large amounts of black blood. Their expressions were extremely unsightly.

"If you don't want to die, then hold on!"

Jiang Anshi's hair was in disarray, and his eyes were bloodshot. As a Seven Star Martial King, his aura was explosive, and a furious voice came from his mouth.



Hearing Jiang Anshi's words, Leng Yanrui, Song Yinghao, the Second Elder, the Third Elder, and the others of the Unparalleled Sword Sect also gritted their teeth fiercely as they roared out loud. Violent aura spread out from their bodies and into their defensive shields, strengthening them, causing the defensive barriers which were initially crumbling and flickering with light to gradually become more stable …


However, just at this moment, the second wave of even more powerful energy from the explosion of the TKT explosive came roaring over like a wild beast, once again landing on the energy shield.

"Puchi …"

This time, the energy from the explosion was even more ferocious and brutal. It was as though they had rushed out of hell and engulfed the energy shields of Leng Yanrui, Song Yinghao, and Jiang Anshi …

In a split-second, layers of explosive flames ignited on the barrier. Bright red blood continued to pour out from Leng Yanrui, Jiang Anshi, and Song Yinghao's mouths. However, they did their best to persevere.

This was because once they had any signs of relaxation and could not persevere, then what awaited them would be death.

In the face of death, they exploded forth with unprecedented strength and desire to survive. The speed and might of the Astral Energy circulated much faster than usual …

However, the impact of the explosion was not only directed at them, but the entire villa was within the range of the explosion!

At this moment, the mountain was shaking and the ground was shaking. Flames were flying everywhere!

Under the impact of the terrifying explosion, the entire structure of the villa was completely destroyed. The walls were shattered, the pillars cracked, and they started to collapse. Countless rocks even tumbled down from the ceiling …

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Many crushed rocks, beams, and stone tablets tumbled down from the ceiling and smashed into the defensive barriers erected by Leng Yanrui, Jiang Anshi, Song Yinghao and the others, causing muffled thumping sounds. They also attacked the defensive barriers, causing them to have an extremely fierce and pained expression.

"All of you, hold on!"

The Great Elder of the Unparalleled Sword Sect had blood-red eyes, his hair was disheveled, and fresh blood flowed continuously from his eyes, causing him to look extremely ferocious. He no longer had the spirit and majesty of a Great Elder of the Unparalleled Sword Sect, nor did he have the charm of a bone immortal.

"Crack …" "Bam!"

Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao were the same. They looked extremely hideous and miserable, and because they could not withstand the impact of the explosion and the pressure of the broken rocks that fell, their entire bodies emitted an unbearable sound, and they kneeled on the ground.

Dark black blood constantly flowed out from their eyes, ears, noses and mouths.

"Kacha kacha …"

Under the suppressive force of the terrifying impact of the explosion and the rolling stones, the sound of glass shattering quietly sounded out. When it landed in the ears of Leng Yanrui, Jiang Anshi, and Song Yinghao, their expressions changed drastically. They raised their heads and looked towards the defensive barrier made of astral energy …

In the next moment, their pupils abruptly constricted.

This was because fine cracks were extending from their Astral Energy barriers, causing their expressions to become as ugly as they could get. It was extremely dark and gloomy.

"The astral barrier is about to break!"

"The Astral Energy barrier is about to collapse!"

These words of despair were practically shouted out by Leng Yanrui, Song Yinghao, and the others as they cried.

They had never imagined that one day they would be so close to death.

A thick sense of danger filled their hearts, causing their hairs to involuntarily stand on end. Their entire bodies were drenched in cold sweat …

Some of their subordinates even peed their pants in fright …

This was because the distance between them and the sea of flames created by the explosion was only separated by a layer of Supreme Qi that was filled with cracks and was about to shatter …

Everyone was terrified, their faces ashen!

Unparalleled Sword Sect's Great Elder Jiang Anshi's pale face was extremely ugly to behold. His gaze quickly swept across all the people inside the barrier, and his eyes flashed with a sharp light. Is this a time of despair? Are you admitting defeat now? "Do you really want to die that badly?"

"It's just a crack appearing on the barrier, if we work together and use all our strength, we will definitely be able to repair the crack on the barrier and survive this great calamity!" I will count to three, and all of you, use your strength with me! "

"Alright, what's there to be afraid of? I'll give it my all!"

"Brothers, as long as we can hold on, we can live. Let's do our best!"

It had to be said that the words of the Great Elder of the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Jiang Anshi, was extremely inspiring, and it caused many people's fighting spirit to rekindle!

Only Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao exchanged glances without leaving a trace!

Seeing this, Jiang Anshi nodded his head in satisfaction, and then began to count down!



"1!" "Pull!"

Following Jiang Anshi's words, everyone within the barrier exploded forth with the last of their strength.


However, while the others were frantically trying to support the defensive barrier, the berserk force under Jiang Anshi, Leng Yanrui, and Song Yinghao's feet suddenly erupted. Taking advantage of this gap, they suddenly shot backwards.

"You all..."

Seeing Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao frantically running away, Jiang Anshi's expression couldn't help but change. It was obvious that he didn't expect Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao to actually think the same thing.

"Grand Elder, we're on the same side!"

Seeing Jiang Anshi's shocked expression, Leng Yanrui and Song Yinghao sneered and escaped at an even faster speed. They knew that the barrier could not hold out for more than ten seconds …

"Ahh …"

"Grand Elder, you have such a vicious heart …."

Just as they finished speaking, the defensive barriers erected by the rest of the Unparalleled Sword Sect's Second Elder, Third Elder, and the others were unable to withstand the powerful impact of the explosion as they let out cries of despair …

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that Jiang Anshi, Leng Yanrui, and the others would actually flee in the final moments of life and death.

If the three of them were here, that barrier would probably be able to hold on for another minute.

"Boom! Boom!"

"No …."

The next moment, the Second Elder, the Third Elder, and the core experts of the Leng and Song Family were engulfed by the flames and impact of the explosion, and cries of despair rang out from their final moments of life.


An even more terrifying explosion energy spread out in all directions. The entire villa collapsed with a loud bang, turning into ruins.

"Puchi …"

At the last second of the villa's collapse, three wretched figures, their bodies charred black and covered in blood, rushed out crazily from within. Large amounts of blood spurted from their mouths.

They were Jiang Anshi, Leng Yanrui, and Song Yinghao, who had escaped from the dead zone.

"Cough cough …"

The three of them laid on the grass in a sorry state. Because the injuries within their bodies were really too severe, they coughed severely, and traces of black blood flowed out from the corners of their mouths …

"Flee …" You escaped? "

With great difficulty, they turned their heads around and looked at the villa behind them that was burning with ruins. Joy that they had just survived a disaster surfaced on their faces as they exclaimed in surprise.

However, just as their joyous words were uttered, a bone chilling voice suddenly sounded out at this moment, causing their expressions to change drastically as shock filled their faces.

"Even though you guys escaped from the explosion, I, Ye Xuan, can't even save a deity if I want to kill someone!"