"Kid, I'm asking you a question. You have no eyes for walking, why aren't you apologizing? "

After a short moment of looking at each other, Jian Wuhen retracted his gaze and spoke coldly.

"It was you who accidentally bumped into me while walking, it's not me who bumped into you!"

Ye Xuan replied with a similar ice-cold expression.

"Oh wow, so cool, huh? Do you know who I am? "

Jian Wuhen's eyes narrowed when he heard Ye Xuan's reply. A chilling light flickered in his eyes as his ice-cold voice sounded out.

"Who are you?"

The corner of Ye Xuan's mouth raised slightly. A trace of a cold smile appeared on his face as he lightly spoke.

"I am the prince charming in the hearts of thousands of young ladies, a god that they will never be able to obtain! "Don't ask me my name, you only need to call me Casanova!"

Jian Wuhen proudly said as he lifted his chin and swung his long hair.

"Err …"

His answer caused Ye Xuan to be speechless for a moment.

Was this fellow some kind of weirdo?

"What is it? Scared by my name? "

Upon seeing this, a smug smile emerged on Jian Wuhen's face.

This Su Hai was so much more interesting than that ancient mountain of the Unparalleled Sword Sect.

Ye Xuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he heard Jian Wuhen's words.

"Since you know my name, then I won't hold back in helping you today. Since you destroyed my things, then compensate me!"

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Jian Wuhen spoke once again.

"How much?"

Ye Xuan had a helpless expression as he asked with a bitter smile.

"Give me a hundred yuan. Yesterday, I borrowed a hundred yuan from a little sister and charged her a fee for her to spend the night. I have to pay it back today!"

Jian Wuhen thought for a moment before replying.

"Here, two hundred and fifty yuan, no need to look for it!"

Ye Xuan already firmly believed that he'd encountered an oddity. He generously took out two hundred and fifty yuan from his pocket and tossed it over to him, then confidently walked away …

"Two hundred and fifty dollars?" Tsk tsk, this kid is quite generous! "

Seeing the two hundred and fifty yuan in his hand, Jian Wuhen's face was filled with a smile as he spoke with admiration.

"What the f * ck …" Two hundred and fifty dollars? Is that guy scolding me? "

In the next moment, as though he had thought of something, Jian Wuhen could not help but curse.

"Hey, kid. Wait a moment … "

He immediately turned around and chased after Ye Xuan, but Ye Xuan and the others had already left on their Black-Edge Battleship …

"Seeing that you've given me one hundred and fifty yuan, I can find a girl to spend the night, so let's just forget about it!"

Immediately, Jian Wuhen carried his black suitcase with him as he strode into the lobby of the Modern House to check in.

"I'm sorry, sir! You haven't booked any rooms here! "

However, the young sister at the front desk stunned him when he received her answer.

"How is this possible? Our people clearly booked a room here! How could there not be? Do you know who I am? "I am your little sister's dream god, the love saint of this generation …"

With a wave of his hand, a rose appeared in his hand like a magic trick. He handed it to the little sister at the front desk and said with deep emotion: "Beautiful little sister, from the first moment I saw you, I have liked you. I have been deeply attracted by your temperament. This bunch of roses is for you!"

Hearing Jian Wuhen's words, looking at his face that was covered in a gentle smile, and looking at the rose that he handed over, the big sister at the front desk was suddenly stunned.

It was obvious that he had been lured away by Jian Wuhen all of a sudden.

"Um, does little sister have time tonight?"

Without waiting for the little sister to respond, Jian Wuhen took out a hundred dollar bill and skillfully folded it into a cute heart, and handed it to the little sister at the front desk …

"Hey, what is the person in front doing? Whether or not we can do it, hurry up! "

However, at this moment, an extremely discordant voice interrupted the romantic atmosphere that had been stirred up by Jian Wuhen.

"If you don't want to, then scram to the side!"

As the voice came out, a big palm reached out and landed on Jian Wuhen's shoulder, and then with a sudden burst of force, wanted to push him away … …

However, no matter how much strength the hand used, Jian Wuhen's body did not move an inch.

He slowly turned his head around as a tall and muscular figure appeared in Jian Wuhen's line of sight.

This man looked to be in his thirties. He was about 1.9 meters tall with a full beard, had a fierce face, and his limbs were well-developed.

He had long since trained his body to the stage of having bronze skin and iron bones. He was extremely powerful, and he was a martial artist at the peak of the Spirit Traveling Profound Realm. He was also quite famous in the martial arts world!

"Big guy, you've disturbed me!"

Jian Wuhen frowned as he looked at Tie Hu. A hint of displeasure appeared on his face as he said those cold words.

"You're courting death!"

Hearing Jian Wuhen's words, a strong killing intent surged in Tie Hu's eyes. His right hand clenched into a fist, and with a powerful force, he smashed it towards Jian Wuhen's face.


Upon seeing this, a cold glint flashed across Jian Wuhen's eyes. His palm shot out like lightning, and easily grabbed Tie Hu's fist that was coming at him.

"Kacha …."

"Ahh …"

As his attack was blocked, Tie Hu's face changed drastically. Just as he was about to make a move, Jian Wuhen suddenly used his strength to grab his hand.

The sound of bones breaking and Tie Hu's miserable shriek suddenly rang out.

Jian Wuhen kicked Tie Hu's knee, causing a terrifying force to erupt and shatter his kneecap into powder, causing Tie Hu to kneel down towards Jian Wuhen.

"You …"

Just as Tie Hu was about to speak, Jian Wuhen threw the black suitcase he was holding towards him.


Seeing the briefcase Jian Wuhen threw at him, Tie Hu subconsciously reached out his palm to grab it.

"Crack …" "Bang …"

The moment the black suitcase was hugged by Tie Hu, Tie Hu's expression changed drastically. His body, which had already been refined to Copper Skin and Iron Bone, was actually unable to bear the weight of the black suitcase. At this moment, all the bones in his body began to make sounds …

His body was pushed to the ground by the black suitcase and a large amount of black blood spurted out of his mouth.

He struggled to open the black suitcase and wanted to stand up, but he didn't have the strength to do so.

"Kacha …."

It was unknown if it was because Tie Hu's body was too heavy or because the black suitcase was too heavy. Cracks appeared on the hard marble floor, and Tie Hu's body began to cave in bit by bit, sinking towards the ground … …

"This …"

When this scene appeared in front of the big sister at the front desk, her pupils suddenly contracted. Her gaze towards Jian Wuhen was filled with undisguised shock and horror …

She had never expected that not only did this man possess such a high beauty value, but he also possessed such terrifying and tyrannical strength.

The most important thing was that he was actually pursuing her at this very moment …

"Elder sister, do you have time tonight? I would like to invite you to dinner!"

After easily taking care of Tie Hu, Jian Wuhen turned his head and his gaze landed on the astonished little sister at the reception desk. A charming smile appeared on his handsome face as he spoke with a voice that made one want to bathe in spring breeze.

However, to be chosen as the reception desk of a modern hotel, this big sister's calmness was quite extraordinary.

She took a deep breath and suppressed the heart-pounding feeling. She calmed herself down and said calmly: "I'm sorry, sir. I've just checked, but there's no room for you here! "

"It's alright, you open one for me!"

A charming smile appeared on Jian Wuhen's face as he took out his ID card from his pocket and handed it to the big sister at the front desk.

The big sister at the front desk took the ID card from Jian Wuhen and looked through it carefully. A moment later, she raised her head and looked at Jian Wuhen, her expression becoming extremely strange, as she spoke with a cold and apologetic voice: "I'm sorry, Sir. For some reason, you are on our black list, but our hotel does not receive you!"

"What?" What in the world is going on? "

Jian Wuhen froze.

"Security, escort this mister out!"

The big sister at the front desk said coldly.

"Sir. This way, please! "

"Hey, front desk sister, you still haven't told me if I have time tonight?"

As soon as the big sister at the front desk finished speaking, two security guards immediately walked over and pulled Ye Xuan out of the hotel. No matter how Jian Wuhen shouted, it was to no avail ….


Looking at the Jian Wuhen being dragged out of the hotel by the security guards, disdain surfaced in the front desk's young sister's eyes as words of disgust and anger came out from her mouth.

Those who were blacklisted by the Modern House did not have a single good item!

As for Jian Wuhen, he didn't think that he would be blacklisted in the Modern House. He didn't know why, but it was all because of Ye Xuan, who had just given him 250 yuan at the entrance … …