Beijing, Song Family compound, birdsong and fragrant flowers courtyard.

A stern middle-aged man with an extraordinary aura was playing Go with a cold and mysterious man wearing a black trench coat. At the same time, he was leisurely chatting with him.

If someone from the outside world were here, they would definitely be able to recognize the two of them.

This was because the two of them were extremely famous and held extremely high positions in the entire China. They were the Song Family's current patriarch, Song Xiyuan, and the hall master of the Death Shrine, Danast!

Of course, very few people had heard of the name Danast. People only knew his other name — Death!

He was once one of the Twelve Gods of the Dark World in the West. Due to his strange personality, he was punished severely by the Sovereign King Palace for liking to kill, and after crippling his cultivation, he was kicked out of the Dark World in the West.

Afterwards, for some unknown reason, this fellow was able to obtain a brand-new transformation and rebirth. His strength became even more terrifying and ferocious, and he came to Su Hai to create the Death Shrine.

At the same time, a mysterious guy came to Su Hai and founded the Sun God Palace!

There were many times when the Alliance wanted to make a move on the Death Shrine and the Sun Temple. However, due to various reasons, they could only let him develop the Death Shrine in Su Hai. His reputation was even more ferocious than the three great families of Su Hai.

Because of the notoriety and notoriety they received.

The reason for this was probably something that only the Savage Alliance and the Emperor Palace would know.

However, the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall weren't arrogant or flamboyant with the suppression from the Violent Soldier Alliance. They were filled with mystery, and the outside world knew even less about them.

Rumor has it that behind the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall, there seems to be some connection with the Asura World of the West, but there is no definite information or answer.

The god of death, Danates, placed a black chess piece on the board leisurely. When he looked at Song Xiyuan, his eyes were filled with smiles, but a calm voice came from his mouth, "Clan Head Song, if you don't think carefully about this chess piece, you will definitely lose."

It was obvious that the death god's words had a deeper meaning.

"Haha …" Lord Danates' chess skills are outstanding, and I'm afraid you're inferior, but if you want to beat me, it won't be that simple! "

Song Xiyuan felt rather carefree upon hearing the words of Death God Danutus. He laughed heartily as he opened his mouth and placed a white chess piece down …

"Is that so?"

The corners of the Reaper's mouth curled up slightly, teasing as he dropped a chess piece.

"Err …"

Song Xiyuan was stunned. Just as he was about to speak, a member of the Song Family ran in hurriedly. Anxious words came out of his mouth, "Home … Patriarch, something bad happened! "

"Didn't you see Master Danast playing chess with me? It is not proper to be in such a state of panic! "

Seeing this, Song Xiyuan waved his sleeves and said unhappily.

The tribe member was stunned and hesitant …

"Lord Danast is not an outsider. If you have anything to say, just say it directly!"

Song Xiyuan's eyes flashed with coldness and impatience.

"Master... The news came from the Tiger Wolf Assassination Army: Lord Song Yinghao and Young Master Song Tianyang have both died in Su Hai. All of the experts that we sent to Su Hai have been wiped out! "

That Song Family clansman gritted his teeth as he spoke.

"What?" Say it again! "

Hearing the Song Family clansman's words, Song Xiyuan's expression changed drastically as he suddenly stood up.

"Lord Song Yinghao, Young Master Song Tianyang and the others are all dead. The experts that we sent to Su Hai are all dead!"

The Song Family member's face was filled with fear as he suppressed the fear in his heart and spoke in a low voice.

"How... How could this be? "

Song Xiyuan was stunned. Like a deflated balloon, he sat back on his seat and muttered something.

"Who did it?"

In the next moment, he raised his head and set his gaze upon that clan member. A voice filled with killing intent came from his mouth.

"According to... According to what we know so far, this. It's very likely to have something to do with the Berserker's Union. "Because before this, the members of the Barbarian Alliance had a huge conflict with our people in order to protect that kid, Ye Xuan!"

"Lord Leng Yanui of the Leng Clan and the rest of the Peerless Sword Sect are all dead. Now, the Leng Clan Head and three Great Elders are leading a large number of Leng Clan experts towards Su Hai …"

The Song Family clansman trembled as he told the news that he knew.

"Alright, I understand!" Go down! "

A cold light flashed in Song Xiyuan's eyes. He forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and waved his hand.

As his words fell, the Song Family member respectfully withdrew ….

After the Song Family member left, Song Xiyuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the thick turbid air. Only then did he pick up the chess piece again and prepared to play chess …

"Master Song, are you not going to consider my previous suggestion? The Leng Clan has already brought people to Su Hai. If you agree to join us now, the success rate of our plan will be even higher! "

Looking at Song Xiyuan's current appearance, the Death God Danutus could not help but laugh as he spoke.

"Good!" Lord Danates, I accept your conditions! "

Song Xiyuan clenched his fist tightly and spoke in a deep voice when he heard the words of Death God Danates.

"So, when do you leave?"

Seeing this, a smile appeared on the face of the grim reaper, Dana Tes.

"I will now gather the strong warriors of the family and set off in two hours!"

Song Xiyuan's eyes were filled with killing intent as furious words came out from his mouth.

"If the Savage Alliance does not give me a satisfactory answer, then they will not blame the Song Family for being heartless!"

"Then, I will take my leave first. I will be waiting for Patriarch Song at Su Hai's place."

A satisfied smile appeared on the face of Death God Danates. He stood up and cupped his fist towards Song Xiyuan before turning around and disappearing into the courtyard … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

After the grim reaper, Dana, left, the anger on Song Xiyuan's face disappeared. He turned around and walked into the depths of the Song Family compound …

When he arrived at a manor with closed doors, a dense amount of respect appeared on his face. He knelt in front of the gate and spoke with an incomparably respectful voice.

"I am here to pay my respects to the three Patriarchs!"

The Peerless Sword Sect was located on the Peerless Sword Mountain, about a thousand kilometers away from Su Hai. The ground was dangerous, and it was difficult to defend and attack.

In the grand hall of the Peerless Sword Sect, a handsome looking middle-aged man with long hair was sitting lazily on the throne in front of the great hall. He had one hand on his chin as he looked down upon the many Elders and Deacons of the Peerless Sword Sect bowing down.

However, his eyes occasionally flashed with a dangerous light, and a sharp sword light flashed through them, causing him to appear indolent and at the same time release an endless amount of danger.

He was the current sect head of the Ancient Sword Sect, Jian Xi!

He was already seven or eight years old, and yet he only looked to be around forty to fifty years old. One could only imagine just how powerful he was. It could only be described as unfathomable.

His gaze swept across the many clan elders and deacons below, and a calm and indifferent voice came from his mouth, "Jian Wuji brought many experts down the mountain. Su Hai has been gone for so long, is there any news?"

"Reporting to Sect Master, not long ago, Vice Sect Master Wuji sent a message saying that he had met Li Chunyang!"

Hearing Jian Xi's words, one of the deacons hesitated for a moment before respectfully clasping his hands together.

"Li Chunyang? This trash is actually still alive? " Jian Xilai's brows furrowed as an intense cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Vice Sect Master Everlasting said that Li Chunyang is now a Void Star Realm martial king. He's following beside a kid called Ye Xuan. He's his follower!"

The deacon spoke in a deep voice.

"He can still become a Martial King despite all the meridians in his body being crippled. It seems like he has had some fortuitous encounters. Although the Martial King of the Void Star Realm was nothing in the eyes of the sect leader, keeping him alive was still a disaster! pass down the order to Jian Wuji that he must get rid of that brat... "

A sharp light flickered in Jian Xi Lai's eyes. With a wave of his hand, a cold voice came out of his mouth.

"Zong … Sect Master, an urgent message has arrived from the foot of the mountain! "

However, just as Jian Xi's words fell, a disciple from the Unparalleled Sword Sect rushed in quickly with a respectful tone.

As his words fell, he placed a carrier pigeon in front of the two Yin-Yang Elders standing next to Jian Xi Lai.


Elder Yin took the letter and handed it to Jian Xi.


However, Jiansi impatiently waved his hand.

Elder Yin nodded slightly and opened the letter …

In the next moment, a rare look of shock and astonishment surfaced on his elderly face. His mouth trembled as he said, "Sect Master, you actually read this letter yourself …"

"I told you to read it!"

However, a cold light flashed in Jian Xi's eyes as he spoke coldly.

"Yes sir!"

Facing Jian Xilai's ice-cold gaze, Elder Yin hesitated for a moment before lightly nodding his head, and then read out in a trembling voice: "Sect Master, the Su Hai Berserker's Army Alliance unscrupulously colluded with Ye Xuan, and completely exterminated the experts of my Unparalleled Sword Sect led by the Great Elder. The Young Master is missing, and no one knows where he went, so I am the only one left. The person who signed the letter is Jian Wuji! "

"What?" The Great Elder and the rest have died? "

"How could this be?"

"The Savage Alliance actually dared to attack our Peerless Sword Sect?"

After hearing Elder Yin finish reading the letter, the faces of everyone present changed. Their faces were filled with shock, and shocked voices came out from the mouths of many of the elders and deacons.

They obviously didn't expect that the Grand Elder and the others would all be dead …


"The Savage Alliance has gone too far! How hateful!"

As for Xilai, he slammed his palm heavily against the armrest of his throne, his furious words resounding from his mouth.

"Send the order down. Gather all of the Sky Star Realm and above Martial Kings in the sect. Follow me down the mountain and seek justice from the Berserker Union."

"Also, send someone to inform the few clan elders who are travelling around, tell them to meet us in Su Hai! "If the Ferocious Weapon Alliance does not give us a satisfactory explanation, then our Peerless Sword Sect will not let this go easily!"

"Yes sir!"

As soon as Jian Xi's words fell, he turned around with a strong killing intent, and strode towards the Forbidden Area of the Peerless Sword Sect, disappearing from everyone's line of sight …

A huge storm was about to arrive!

However, Ye Xuan, who was in the middle of the storm, didn't know anything about it.

He begged for monthly tickets, he begged for monthly tickets, he begged for monthly tickets!