Green Chinese Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants in downtown Su Hai. The dishes here had Su Hai's local characteristics and the consumption level was not high yet. Everyone was only around 70 and was well-received and loved by many.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was leisurely eating at a corner of the restaurant near the window, while chatting with a sexy and beautiful woman that was as gentle as water.

She had long, flowing black hair, and a gentle, watery smile on her delicate and beautiful face. Her slender body was wrapped in a long white skirt and a small leather coat, revealing her snow-white skin.

She was none other than the doctor, Liang Xiaoxiao, whom Ye Xuan had saved on the highway.

Currently, Liang Xiaoxiao had already recovered, regaining her former moving and beautiful appearance.

In order to express her gratitude to Ye Xuan, she called him and invited him out for dinner.

"Ye Xuan, you aren't friends at all … …" Since the last time I woke up in the hospital, you didn't come to see me even once, nor did you call me to ask after you. This time, I took the initiative to invite you out for a meal! "Hmph, do you have a friend like me in your heart?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was elegantly eating, Liang Xiaoxiao pouted. She felt wronged in her heart, and words of dissatisfaction came out of her mouth.

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile helplessly when faced with Little Doctor Liang's questioning. He spoke with an apologetic tone, "Little Doctor, I'm really sorry. I've been too busy recently and don't have time, so …."

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Liang Xiaoxiao's heart couldn't help but be filled with a deep sense of loss.

She wasn't stupid. She knew that when a man always said that she was too busy and didn't have time, it was mostly because he didn't have her in his heart at all. That was just a simple excuse.

In his heart, was he ultimately just an insignificant and ordinary friend?

Liang Xiaoxiao lowered her head and quietly ate her food, not saying another word.

In her mind, all she could think about were the times when she'd been harmed by the Shadow Snake, and the days when Ye Xuan had accompanied her by her side, carefully taking care of her …

Thinking about it again, the disappointment in Liang Xiaoxiao's heart grew even stronger.

"Doctor, what are you doing with your hair down? You're really angry at me? "

Looking at Liang Xiaoxiao who hung her head in silence, the bitter smile on Ye Xuan's face grew even wider, and he couldn't help but mock her.

He knew very well that he and Liang Xiaoxiao belonged to different worlds, so he did not want to intrude into her world and disturb her life.

"No more... You can try the dishes here. The taste is very good, this is the true flavor of Su Hai! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Little Doctor Liang raised his head. His face was filled with smiles as he helped Ye Xuan carry the dishes …

"Here, have some more as well!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile. He similarly picked up his chopsticks to help Little Doctor Liang carry the food. The two of them seemed exceptionally close.

"That's right, doctor, have your injuries completely healed?"

Ye Xuan asked in concern as if he'd thought of something.

"You only now remember to ask me? My injury has already healed. "

Liang Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at Ye Xuan and said in a bad mood.

"Give me your hand!"

Ye Xuan said with a serious expression.


Little Doctor Liang asked in confusion.

"I'll help you check if your injuries have healed or not!"

Ye Xuan's face was filled with smiles as he extended his hand to grab onto Liao Xiushan's wrist …


Liang Xiaoxiao sucked in a breath of cold air as Ye Xuan grabbed her wrist. She subconsciously retracted her hand.

"What's wrong? Your hand is injured? "

This slight scene in Ye Xuan's eyes caused him to furrow his brows and speak in a low voice.

"No, I'm fine …"

Liang Xiaoxiao pretended to be relaxed as she said with a smile.

"What happened to the wound on your hand?"

However, before Liang Xiaoxiao could finish speaking, Ye Xuan grabbed her hand and pulled up her sleeve. A shocking bloody scar appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight, causing his eyes to flicker with a cold light as he coldly spoke.

"I... "I'm fine, don't worry. I accidentally injured myself. Ye Xuan, you don't have to worry."

Liang Xiaoxiao hurriedly said with a smile.

"It was hit?" It wasn't a bruise at all, and from what I could tell it was a belt wound. Doctor, what is going on? "Tell me!"

Ye Xuan grabbed Little Doctor Liang's hand and looked at her with a burning gaze as unquestionable words came out of his mouth.

"Ye Xuan, I …" "I'm really alright..."

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and feeling his gaze, Liang Xiaoxiao hurriedly shook her head.

"Was it that bastard from that day? He forced you? "

Killing intent filled Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly spoke.

While Ye Xuan was speaking, he took out a jade bottle from his pocket and took out some special medicine to carefully wipe the wounds on Little Doctor Liang's wrist …

"It's not him. It's a vice principal of our hospital. He wants me to accompany him to a banquet..."

Liao Liao lightly shook her head, and immediately recounted the events slowly with a wry smile.

It turned out that a certain Vice Principal of Su Hai Hospital had taken a fancy to Liang Xiaoxiao and brought her to a banquet. During the banquet, Liang Xiaoxiao was drunk by the Vice Principal and a few of his friends and was brought back to the hotel to plot against her. After a struggle and fighting, she escaped from the clutches of that group of people with the help of a kind person in the hotel …

Presently, she had already been expelled by the Vice Principal of Su Hai Hospital.

"Bastard!" "Come, come with me to Su Hai Hospital!"

After hearing what Little Doctor Liang had to say, Ye Xuan's eyes burned with a strong killing intent as he spoke in a voice that was filled with incomparable rage.

In his heart, Liang Xiaoxiao was her friend. Now that she suffered such grievances and humiliation, how could Ye Xuan take it lying down?

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Little Doctor Liang's phone vibrated.

Seeing the contact name displayed, Liang Xiaoxiao did not pick up the phone and instead hung up.

However, after a while, the other party called again, causing a trace of impatience to flash past Liang Xiaoxiao's eyes. She picked up the phone and pressed the answer button.

An anxious male voice came from the other side of the phone, "Doctor, you finally answered the phone. Where are you now? I've been looking for you for most of the day! "

"I'm eating with Ye Xuan!" Liang Xiaoxiao replied coldly.

"Where do you eat? I have urgent business with you! "

"Green Chinese Restaurant!"

Liang Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment before saying with a heavy voice.

"Alright, wait for me there. I'll be right there!"

After Liang Xiaoxiao hung up, Ye Xuan asked, "Was it that kid Xu Shuheng from the hospital I met last time?"

Liang Xiaoxiao nodded slightly.

"He seems to care a lot!"

Ye Xuan said with a smile.

"Don't misunderstand, I have nothing to do with him!" Liang Xiaoxiao replied with an indifferent expression.

"You guys had a fight?" Ye Xuan asked again.

Liang Xiaoxiao said nothing.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile, but didn't say anything on this topic.

"Phew, the doctor … You really make it easy for me to find you! "

Not long after, Xu Shuheng hurried over, panting as he spoke.

"Why are you looking for me so urgently?" Looking at the panting Xu Shiheng, Liang Xiaoxiao's face did not waver in the slightest.

"Of course it's because of your job! "Doctor, I've already made an appointment with Vice Principal Li Qing and his friends. Come with me quickly and apologize to them!"

Xu Shuheng said sincerely.

When his words entered Ye Xuan's ears, it caused him to furrow his brows, while a trace of coldness flashed through his eyes.

"They were the ones who plotted against me to get drunk, and they wanted to... You want me to apologize to them? " Liang Xiaoxiao looked at Xu Shiheng with a gaze full of undisguised disgust.

"Doctor, aren't you alright? "Just come with me to apologize to them, apologize to them, and ask them to forgive you so that you can keep your job!"

Xu Shiheng said with an anxious expression.

"And if I don't?" Liang Xiaoxiao said coldly.

"They will ask a lawyer to charge you with intentionally injuring them and sending you to prison! They have power and influence, but you can't defeat them. Little Doctor, listen to me, and accompany me to apologize to them … "

Xu Shiheng had a 'I'm doing it for you' expression as he said this sincerely.

Seeing this, Liang Xiaoxiao wanted to open his mouth to say something, but Ye Xuan spoke in a deep voice, "Doctor, he's right. Since Su Hai has no one to rely on, you're no match for him. In my opinion, you should apologize to him!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Liang Xiaoxiao was stunned. She looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment, as she didn't expect him to say such a thing.

She wanted to say something, but Ye Xuan winked at her.


Seeing this, Liang Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and lightly nodded her head.

"Then, doctor, this matter should not be delayed... "Let's go!"

Seeing that Liang Xiaoxiao had agreed, Xu Shiheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he hurriedly opened his mouth to speak.

"I'll go with you!"

Ye Xuan stood up and said with a smile.

"Bro, I'll bring this doctor to apologize to him. It doesn't seem like a good idea for you to follow us like this, right?"

Hearing that Ye Xuan wanted to go with him, a cold light flashed in Xu Shiheng's eyes. A trace of displeasure flashed across his face as he coldly spoke.

"You seem to be right. Little Doctor, you can go with him! "

Ye Xuan wasn't angry at Xu Shuheng. Instead, his gaze fell on Liang Xiaoxiao and he gave her a reassured gaze. "Don't worry. You won't find fault with me."


Seeing the expression in Ye Xuan's eyes, Little Doctor Liang lightly nodded.

Following which, he followed Xu Shuheng towards the exit of the restaurant.

After they left the restaurant, Ye Xuan slowly followed them.

Ye Xuan followed Xu Shiheng on his Blackpeak Battleship. In the end, they arrived at the Kempinski Holiday Inn and sneaked inside without a sound.

Under Xu Shiheng's lead, Liang Xiaoxiao arrived at the luxurious and quaint Marquis Hall of the Kempinski Holiday Inn.

Four middle-aged men and a young man around the age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight sat within the hall.

The five of them were the Vice Principal of Su Hai Hospital, Li Qing, and his four friends.

They were Li Qing, the Vice President of Su Hai Hospital, and his three friends from that night at the banquet. They were Ma Qian, the General Manager of Qian He Pharmaceutical Group, Jiang Ye, the General Manager of Jianghua Real Estate Group, and Liang Ping, the General Manager of Feike Digital Group.

As for that twenty-seven or twenty-eight year old young man, Liang Xiaoxiao did not recognize him.

However, if Liu Sisi was here, she would definitely be able to recognize him. Su Hai was the son of the Liu family that was only second to the three great families, and he was Liu Sisi's cousin.

"Young Master Liu, President Li, CEO Ma, Director Jiang, Director Liang … I brought the doctor here for you! "

Looking at Li Qing, Liu Zhenlong, Ma Qian, and the others who were eating and drinking, Xu Shiheng's face was full of smiles.

"Haha …" "Doctor, you finally came. You really made us wait!"

Hearing Xu Shiheng's words and seeing the nervous face of Liang Xiaoxiao by his side, Li Qing's fat face was filled with smiles as she laughed heartily.

As Li Qing finished speaking, he reached out his oily palms towards Liang Xiaoxiao to grab her: "Little Doctor, come. Hurry and drink a few cups with Young Master Liu."

Seeing this, Liang Xiaoxiao frowned and retreated to the side, causing Li Qing to grab onto empty air. Unbalanced, she threw herself onto the ground. If Xu Shiheng had not reacted quickly and caught him, Li Qing would have probably fallen flat on her face by now.

"President Li, please slow down …"

After supporting Li Qing's body, Xu Shiheng quickly spoke up.

"Scram!" Let the doctor help me! "

However, Li Qing pushed Xu Shiheng to the side, her voice filled with anger.

He had no idea how strong Li Qing actually was, but as he pushed her away, Xu Shiheng's body slammed into the wall, producing a dull thud.

"Doctor, come … Hurry over and drink a few cups with Young Master Liu, CEO Ma, Boss Liang, and the others! "

As for Li Qing, she stood up and burped drunkenly as she pounced towards Little Doctor Liang. Her intoxicated eyes shone with a greedy light …

"President Li, you drank too much!" We agreed that as long as I bring the doctor here to apologize to you, you will forgive her. Furthermore, the doctor is not allowed to drink alcohol! "

Seeing Liang Xiaoxiao pouncing towards Li Qing, Xu Shiheng's expression changed slightly as he hurriedly stood in front of her, stopping her.

"It's just a drink, stop wasting your breath here. Do you want to sign the contract with Director Ma and Director Liang?" A fierce light flashed in Li Qing's eyes as he stretched out his hand to grab Xu Shiheng's collar. Angry words came out of his mouth.

As for Ma Qian, Liang Ye, Jiang Ye, and Liu Changlong, they were sitting there drinking and watching the scene in front of them with great interest. Liu Changlong even had words of praise coming out of his mouth as he said, "Tsk tsk, President Li, I didn't think that there would be such an excellent weapon in your hospital. My trip here was worth it!"

"Haha, as long as Young Master Liu likes it, it's fine. In a while, I will get the doctor to treat you well!"

Li Qing's face revealed a happy expression as he laughed and spoke out loud.

Immediately, his gaze fell upon Xu Xiuheng, his eyes flashing with a cold light as he said impatiently, "Xu Shiheng, if you know your place, obediently scram outside. I've already gotten Boss Ma and the rest to sign all your contracts. If you don't, if Young Master Liu is unhappy, then you know the consequences very well …"

Hearing Li Qing's words, Xu Shiheng was stunned. He turned his head and looked at Ma Qian, Liu Zhenlong, and Jiang Ye, who were all watching the scene with interest, with a smile on their faces.

After a moment, he gritted his teeth and let go of Li Qing Yi's hand. He turned around and said to Little Doctor Liang, "Little Doctor, please stay here and properly apologize to Principal Li and the others. I still have things to do … …" "I'll be leaving first!"

As Xu Xiuheng's words fell, he turned and strode out of the private box …

"Haha …"

Looking at Xu Xiuheng's departing back, Li Qing, Liu Changlong, and Ma Qian's faces were filled with a mocking expression. They could not help but laugh out loud like demons that were laughing at the human world from the depths of hell …

A thick, helpless, and bitter smile surfaced on Liang Xiaoxiao's face as she looked at Xu Shiheng with a gaze brimming with disappointment and loathing.

"Doctor, come … Drink with us! "

Li Qing even laughed heartily as he headed towards Liang Xiaoxiao to capture her...


Just as Xu Shuheng was about to open the door and walk out of the private box, Li Qing threw herself towards Little Doctor Liang, laughing heartily.

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, a deafening explosion occurred …

The tightly shut door of the private room transformed into wooden splinters that filled the sky.

Amidst the flying sawdust, a slender figure with a domineering aura slowly walked into the room.

He's none other than Ye Xuan, who secretly followed them!