The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, his palm shot out like lightning and grabbed Li Qing's collar, who was laughing so unrestrainedly, and lifted him up.

"Brat, you dare to touch me? Do you know who I am? "

"If you dare touch me today, I'll make sure you don't dream of walking out of this room alive …"

Li Qing didn't panic in the slightest after being lifted up by Ye Xuan. Instead, he stared coldly at Ye Xuan as threatening words came out of his mouth.

This fellow was truly arrogant and arrogant. He looked down on everyone and didn't place any importance on Ye Xuan at all.

"Pah …"

"Puchi …"

However, what responded was Ye Xuan's powerful slap.

He didn't know how powerful Ye Xuan's slap was, but as he slapped Li Qing's face, the powerful slap instantly distorted Li Qing's face. Li Qing's teeth cracked, and a mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth with shattered teeth …

"You …"


Li Qing was stunned after being slapped by Ye Xuan. His face was full of anger, and just as he was about to speak, Ye Xuan's right knee smashed onto his beer belly with an even more domineering force …

A powerful knee strike!

"Aooo …"

Miserable screams came out of Li Qing's mouth like pigs being butchered. A large amount of blood and broken organs sprayed out from his mouth …

He felt as if his internal organs had shattered, and he was about to die!


Soon after, Ye Xuan's palm suddenly exerted force, and he emotionlessly flung Li Qing, whose eyes were white, to the side of Xu Shuheng, who was on the verge of death.

After easily taking care of Li Qing, Ye Xuan expressionlessly walked over to the Thousand Crane Pharmaceutical Group's General Manager, Ma Qianxue, with a strong killing intent.

"You … You. What do you want? "

Li Qing's miserable condition had already scared Ma Qian, Liang Ping, and Jiang Ye to the point that they peed their pants. Seeing Ye Xuan walk over, Ma Qian's expression went deathly pale as he spoke with a face full of fear.

"Kacha …."

"Ahh …"

However, just as Ma Qian finished speaking, he kicked at the center of his crotch, then the sound of something shattering sounded out. Ma Qian's hands covered his crotch as he emitted a cry of despair. His eyes went white, and he powerlessly fell onto the ground ….

Large amounts of blood flowed out from his crotch, wetting his pants …



When this scene appeared in the eyes of Jiang Ye and Liang Yu, it made their expressions change drastically. With a face full of fear and shock, they gasped and subconsciously swallowed their saliva and leaned towards Liu Changlong, who was beside them. Their mouths trembled as they said, "Liu … Young Master Liu, you … You are a warrior, and we did not have any bodyguards by your side.

At the same time, Liang Yu even reached out his hand and pressed the 'help' button, calling for help, in the direction of the hotel.

"Both of you, don't worry. Although this kid knows some martial arts, this young master does not put him in his eyes!"

Hearing Liang Lu and Jiang Ye's words, Liu Cheng Long lightly nodded his head. He then slowly stood up, twisted his neck, rubbed his fist as he walked towards Ye Xuan while walking, and cold words came out of his mouth.

"Brat, although you have some plans, this is not a place where you can act as you please, if you know what's good for you …"

Before Liu Changlong could finish his words, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. His right leg formed a whip as he swung it towards Liu Changlong with great force.

"You're overestimating yourself, yet you still f * cking dare to fight against this young master?"

Looking at Ye Xuan's whipping kick, a murderous light flashed in Liu Ruorong's eyes. The aura of a Spirit Travelling Profound Realm Martial Saint exploded out at this moment without hesitation. His entire body was surrounded by astral energy, and his right leg also whizzed towards Ye Xuan's whipping leg.

As far as he was concerned, he was going to whip Ye Xuan half to death!

"Kacha …."

However, the moment Liu Changlong's whip leg collided with Ye Xuan's leg, Liu Changlong's expression abruptly changed. He felt as if his whip leg had kicked a steel plate, causing an intense pain to spread out … …

Under his horrified gaze, his whip-leg bone instantly broke and distorted, while Ye Xuan's whip-leg continued to lash at his body …

"Ahh …"

"Puchi …"

The pain of his leg fracturing and deforming caused Liu Zhenlong to let out a miserable scream of despair. A large amount of fresh blood spurted out of his mouth, and his entire body flew out like a cannonball from the powerful force, smashing into a wine cabinet at the side … …

"Crack …" "Bang, bang, bang …"

The wine shelves were filled with famous wines, and the terrifying force of the impact had shattered all of the wine bottles. Some of the bottles even smashed into the top of Liu Cheng Long's head.

The scarlet red wine and blood mixed together, making him look like a miserable drowned chicken. He looked extremely miserable, like an ugly ghost that had crawled out of hell. He no longer looked like the elegant Young Noble from before.

"Liu …" Young Master Liu! "

"Young Master Liu, you …. How are you? "

Jiang Ye and Liang Lu's expressions changed greatly when they saw Liu Changlong's pitiful state. Their faces were filled with shock as they quickly ran to Liu Changlong and helped him up, words of concern coming out of their mouths.

As for Li Qing, he secretly took out his phone to edit a message and sent it to his brother-in-law.

Why did he send messages to his brother-in-law instead of calling the police?

This was because his brother-in-law was inextricably linked to the Barbarian Alliance. He was an existence with a small reputation within the Union of Barbarians.

It was because he had such a backing that he dared to act so recklessly!

"You … You. You are also a fighter? "Not only that, but he's not weak at all. Is he a Great Perfection Martial Saint?"

Liu Changlong didn't pay any attention to Ye Xuan. Instead, he raised his head with an ice-cold expression and looked at Ye Xuan. His eyes were filled with intense hatred as he spoke out in an astonished voice.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan ignored him and walked coldly towards them …

"Brat, you … Do you know what you're doing now? "

"You … Is it illegal for you to do so? "

"We have power and influence but you can't win against us. Do you want to spend the rest of your life in prison?"

Jiang Ye and Liang Lu were terrified when they saw Ye Xuan coldly walk over. They subconsciously took two steps back and threatened with trembling voices.

"You can do whatever you want with power. You can invert right and wrong, and do whatever you want as you please?"

There wasn't the slightest trace of emotion in Ye Xuan's eyes when he heard their words, and his mouth emitted heartless and cold words.

"You …"


Seeing this, Jiang Ye and Liang Lu were just about to speak. Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light, and he instantly appeared in front of them. His fist carried a fierce force as it smashed onto their stomachs, causing them to instantly bow like small shrimps.

"Kacha …."

Their expressions were filled with pain. Just as they raised their heads with difficulty to speak, Ye Xuan grabbed the wine shelves and smashed the two bottles on top of their heads, causing them to lose their heads …

"Plop …"

Fresh red blood and red wine flowed out from their faces, making them feel dizzy and powerless as they collapsed onto the ground.

However, Ye Xuan didn't stop. Instead, he picked up another two bottles as he coldly and emotionlessly spoke.

"If you do not wish to die, it might be too late to kneel down and apologize!"