A sneer appeared on Ye Xuan's face when he saw the powerful force that was charging towards him. He didn't pay the slightest attention to it. He fiercely swung the steering wheel, stepped on the gas pedal, and carried the transmission, causing Ferrari's speed to once again surge.

Under the shocked gaze of countless people, the red Ferrari was like a rattlesnake as it swung its tail and dodged the white Bugatti Wyvern's impact. It even bypassed his parking spot and passed through from the other side, completing an incomparably beautiful car!

"Oh my god, it was actually lightning!"

"Holy shit, there's such a way to overtake?" It's simply too cool! "

"F * ck, I can't find any words to describe how I feel right now. This guy is too powerful! "

"This is the legendary god of carriages!"

Looking at Ye Xuan's incomparably beautiful car, the surrounding crowd boiled up once more. Countless people couldn't help but scream.

Lightning overtaking a car was the legendary skill of a car. Only in large-scale movies could one occasionally see this skill of a car. However, they had personally witnessed it, so how could they be unhappy and excited at the same time?

"Song Yuanhang, I have a hundred ways to win against you. The simplest way is to make it so that you will never reach the end point in a car accident! But, I won't make things difficult for you. Today, I just want you to lose and be convinced of your defeat! "

The instant Ye Xuan completed the overtaking, he looked at the flustered and exasperated Song Yuanhang, and cold words came out of his mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

When Ye Xuan landed on the ground, he stepped on the gas pedal, lightly touched the brakes, and instantly changed gears. This caused Ferrari's exhaust pipe to spray out a large amount of exhaust, and he sped off into the distance at an extremely fast speed, disappearing from Song Yuanhang's incomparably furious and unwilling gaze.

He left it for this fellow to breathe in the fragrant black gas …

Just as Ye Xuan had said, he wanted to defeat Song Yuanhang, and even play Song Yuanhang to death in the competition. He had a hundred methods, but he wanted this fellow to lose so completely and honorably that he didn't attack Song Yuanhang.

According to Ye Xuan's personality in the past, he should've died a long time ago, but his strength hadn't recovered to twenty percent of that of Song Yuanhang. If he were to kill this bastard, Song Yuanhang, then he'd probably be in endless trouble. After all, he was a core member of the Song Family in the capital city.

The Song Family was one of the famous families in the capital. They had deep roots and concealed talents. If Ye Xuan were to fight with them now, the one who would suffer would be Ye Xuan.

"This damned bastard …"

Seeing the Ferrari that was swiftly floating away from his line of sight, Song Yuanhang let out an angry curse and roar. He no longer cared anymore as he stepped on the throttle and the transmission in his hand instantly changed gears, causing Bugatti Wyvern's speed to increase from 220 to 250. It quickly chased after Ye Xuan.

If he lost to that trash, Ye Xuan, then wouldn't he become a joke in the eyes of countless people if word were to spread back to the capital!

Therefore, no matter what, he, Song Yuanhang, could not lose this battle!

Once he lost, he would become a laughingstock in everyone's eyes!

In the black night, the red Ferrari was like a lightning bolt that tore through space and time. It had already charged into the last bend. Once it passed this bend, the straight road leading to the finish line would appear in front of it.

The white Bugatti Wyvern was running like a wild horse as it chased after the red Ferrari. At the moment, it had only completed two-thirds of the detour around the bend. There was still one-third of it left.

One could imagine how powerful Ye Xuan's skill was when he was driving around the corner …

As long as they were in the curve, no matter how hard Song Yuanhang tried, he wouldn't be able to catch up to Ye Xuan. This had nothing to do with the car, but the skill of the car.

Although this guy knows how to drift, how can he compare to Ye Xuan?

"Friends of the audience, the final sprint of the Death Competition is just around the corner. The red Ferrari 488, which is being driven by Ye Xuan, took the lead and charged out of the curve, welcoming his match spot!" Once he finishes his final straight line sprint, then he will obtain victory in the tournament! "

"On the other side, Young Master Song's white Bugatti Wyvern is also in hot pursuit. After continuously drifting away, he still has a third of the road left!"

Under the excited introduction of the host of the match, the red Ferrari charged out of the bend like an angry dragon amidst the exclamations of the crowd. It began its final straight charge, but its speed gradually slowed down the instant it charged out of the bend …

This scene caused the competition host and many spectators to be shocked. The host even opened his mouth and said, "Heavens, what happened in the red Ferrari at the very last moment? Why did the car suddenly slow down? I'll have to trouble the cameraman to zoom in! "

"Heavens, what did I see? One of the Ferrari's front wheels had been thoroughly grinded. Originally, he had relied on his drift in the bend to minimize the huge side effects of the wheel bursting. However, it could not be reduced in a straight line! Is he going to be overtaken in the end? "

"I originally thought that there would be no suspense in this match. From this, it seems that there will be a lot of suspense!" Young Master Song's Bugatti Wyvern is about to complete all the big bends. Once he enters the straight line, no one will be able to stop him! "

Hearing the voice of the host, Su Xiaomeng, who was sitting in the first passenger seat of the Ferrari, looked worried. She glanced at the dashboard. The original maximum speed of 280 had dropped to 230 and was still falling …

After all, if a tire was blasted and the wheels were broken, it would create too much resistance and increase the speed of the car by too much.

She glanced in the rearview mirror again. She could see the white light of the Bugatti Wyvern in the distance. The guy was about to catch up.

"Ye Xuan, that bastard is about to catch up. What should we do?"

Su Xiaomeng said anxiously.

"Let him catch up!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he drove the Ferrari forward, then spoke without the slightest hesitation!

"Ye Xuan, you trash will lose for sure. I've caught up to you, haha …"

Two minutes later, Song Yuanhang's loud laughter suddenly rang out at this moment.

As his loud laughter rang out, this fellow chased after him while driving Bugatsu. His figure clearly appeared in the rearview mirror. Ye Xuan could still see that bastard's incomparably arrogant face.

At the same time, the host's agitated voice rang out: "He's catching up. Young Master Song is driving his Bujadian to catch up …"

"Two hundred meters, a hundred and fifty meters, a hundred meters, eighty meters, fifty meters …"

"Closer, closer, ten meters …" Five meters … "They're catching up!"

"The red Ferrari is going to be overtaken!"

As the host's excited voice rang out, Song Yuanhang smiled sinisterly. He drove the Bugatsu towards Ferrari. This guy was going to overtake the car!

However, Ye Xuan didn't panic at all. Just as Bugatti Wyvern was about to pass the car, Ye Xuan swung the steering wheel and abruptly drove a Ferrari to block its path.

There were only two lanes in this straight line, so passing the car was no doubt difficult!

"It's impossible to stop me!"

Seeing that, Song Yuanhang's expression turned cold. His eyes were filled with coldness, and cold words came out of his mouth.

Just as he was about to turn the steering wheel and pass the car, he noticed Ye Xuan driving a Ferrari and blocking his path.

This fellow had tried to pass the car several times, but to no avail!

Ye Xuan seemed to be able to see through his intentions. Relying on his extremely fast reaction speed, he was the first to block his path, making it impossible for him to pass. He could only stagger to and fro as he followed behind him.

"This fellow..."

Su Xiaomeng stared dumbfoundedly at the swaying Bugatti Wyvern in the rearview mirror, then looked at Ye Xuan, who was calmly swinging the steering wheel, and felt an unprecedented shock in her heart.

This guy relied on his outstanding driving skill and performance to force Song Yuanhang to the point that he was unable to get past the car and got stuck behind his butt!

"What's going on? Young Master Song's Bugatti Wyvern can't even surpass the Ferrari? "

"Bugatti Vilon is about to pass the train again, but he's stopped by Ferrari again …"

"This is Bugatti Wyvern's 13 overpasses, but it's a pity that they were stopped by Ferrari again!"

"Heavens, isn't Ferrari's reaction too fast?"

"What's going on? Is Young Master Song doing this on purpose? "

The host kept exclaiming.

"Let me give you a f * * king head! Dammit! This daddy has no way of surpassing you, that brat has sealed off my path! "

After hearing the host's words, Song Yuanhang's lungs almost exploded from the anger!

"You damned bastard, I'll fight it out with you!" "Go to hell!"

In the end, Song Yuanhang completely lost his patience. He drove the Bugatti Wyvern and smashed it ruthlessly into the back of Ferrari's car!

"Clang clang …"

Su Xiaomeng, who sat in the car, almost staggered out. Only Ye Xuan remained unmoved as he looked at the ferocious Song Yuanhang in the rearview mirror. He said in a calm tone, "Thank you, Young Master Song. Thank you for helping me!"

"I won this match!"

"Boom! Boom!"

Using the powerful momentum from the Bugatti Dragon's impact, Ye Xuan stepped on the throttle to the end. He carried the transmission in his hand as he drove the red Farah towards the finish line like a rocket …

In the next moment, the entire plaza resounded, causing the blood of countless people to boil!

"Oh my god! The red Ferrari borrowed the impact from the Bugatti Wyvern to shoot straight towards the finish line like a rocket. It's just too cool!"

"Next, I shall announce the victor of this competition! He's Ye Xuan and his Ferrari 488! He used his excellent driving skills to let me see a comeback race, which allowed Young Master Song's Bujadiwyrm to only be able to obediently follow behind him. It's simply extremely cool! "

"Let me shout out the victor's name together!"

"Ye Xuan!" Ye Xuan! Ye Xuan! "

"Che Shen!" The god of war! "The god of war!"

The shocking sound echoed in the world for a long time, making everyone's blood boil!

This is a wonderful match that is hard to put into words,

This was an unprecedented visual feast,

This is a man's racing miracle!

His name is Ye Xuan.

He was known as the god of carriages!