The Formless Fist Sect didn't have a good reputation to begin with. What they did was extremely wicked. They were notorious for bullying men and bullying women. How could they let the beautiful and moving Little Doctor Liang, who was by Ye Xuan's side, off so easily?

The words of Jue Shuang had caused the many disciples of the Shadowless Fist Sect to become extremely fierce. Their eyes flickered with a strong killing intent and greed as the force in their bodies exploded. They charged towards Ye Xuan with a strong and violent killing intent.

They had to kill Ye Xuan first, then bring back a beautiful and beautiful woman like Liang Xiaoxiao to torture him, slowly ravaging him.


Looking at the many disciples of the Shadowless Fist Sect that were charging over like wolves and tigers and their ugly appearances, Ye Xuan's eyes surged with killing intent. Black colored flames that carried a strong killing intent swept towards the Shadowless Fist Sect disciples like waves of fire.

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, miserable screams of despair rang out.

Under the cold and ugly gazes of Jue Shuang and the others, the numerous disciples that pounced on Ye Xuan were swept away by the waves of fire that spread out from his body and burned into skeletons. In the end, they were all turned into nothingness, as if they'd never appeared before.

In but a single exchange, the dozen or so Shadowless Fist Sect disciples that attacked Ye Xuan quietly died, turning into ashes that scattered in the wind …



Ye Xuan's terrifying method shocked many of the Shadowless Fist Sect disciples present, causing their faces to be filled with fear. Their foreheads were covered in cold sweat as they looked at Ye Xuan in shock. They subconsciously took two steps back and gasped in shock.

They didn't dare to act rashly towards Ye Xuan.

This was because those companions who had been swept away by the wave of fire were the previous examples.

Moreover, it was obvious that they were no match for this young man in front of them.

"Good brat, no wonder you dare to be so arrogant. It seems like you have some ulterior motives. However, do you think that you can show off in front of my Formless Fist Sect with just this little strength?"

Seeing this, Jue Shuang's face turned extremely cold and ugly. With a cold tone, he said, "Three elders!"


As Wu Shuang's words fell, the three elders, who were respectfully standing behind him, stood out.

A martial king aura unreservedly emanated from their bodies.

"Two 2-star Martial Kings and one 3-star Martial King?"

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he felt the auras of the three of them.

"Brat, seeing that you are quite strong, this sect leader will give you a choice. If you obediently kowtow and admit your wrongs, join my Formless Fist Sect, and then contribute your beautiful girlfriend to play with everyone, you can live today!"

Sensing the change in Ye Xuan's expression, Wu Shuang's expression was icy cold as he spoke in a mocking manner.

The people recruited by their Formless Fist Sect were all notorious villains. If this brat could agree to his conditions and contribute his girlfriend for them to play with, it would be the talent they needed. He had the qualifications to join the Formless Fist Sect.

"It's better for trash sects like you to disappear from this world!"

Ye Xuan's expression became extremely cold and unsightly when he heard Jue Shuang's words. Killing intent surged within his eyes as cold and merciless words came out of his mouth.

He had already decided to eliminate the Shadowless Fist Sect.

This kind of trash sect was simply tarnishing the image of a martial cultivator!

"You're courting death!" Three elders, cripple him! "

Murderous intent surged in Jue Wu's eyes and aura burst out as angry words came out of his mouth.

"Little bastard, die!"

As his words fell, an even more terrifying and powerful force exploded out from the three elders. The three of them formed a triangular formation that carried a sharp intent to kill as they charged towards Ye Xuan.

The moment they rushed over, their fists were covered in violent Astral Qi, which then condensed into a savage wolf, a violent, fierce tiger, and a cold, bloodthirsty poisonous snake.

From afar, it looked like a huge wolf, a fierce tiger, and a cold and sinister poisonous snake were attacking Ye Xuan in a surprise attack, completely sealing off his escape route.

This was the famous combination technique of the Shadowless Fist Sect: Phantom Fist!

Their fists had yet to even approach each other when the tyrannical aura from the vicious beasts on their fists spread out, causing the hair on Liao Little Doctor, who was standing beside Ye Xuan, to stand on end. She couldn't help but feel a chill run through her entire body, as if she had fallen into a frigid hell of ice …

"Doctor, are you afraid?"

As if he'd felt her emotions, Ye Xuan stretched out his hand to grasp hers. A warm force flowed through his hand into her body, dispersing the coldness within her body.

"With you around, I'm not afraid at all! Because I know that with you here, no one will be able to harm me no matter what … "

Liang Xiaoxiao resisted the fear in her heart and tried her best to pretend that she was calm. A smile hung on her face.

"Silly girl!"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile when he heard Little Doctor Liang's reply. He stretched out his palm to touch her head.

"You're about to die and you're still in the mood to think about your sister?" Brat … "You are so romantic!"

"Since that's the case, then you can go to hell and be a romantic ghost. We'll take care of your girlfriend for you, haha …"

Killing intent filled the eyes of the three Formless Fist Sect elders as they watched Ye Xuan ignore their attacks. Their fists were thrown out even faster, and venomous words came out of their mouths.

However, Ye Xuan only coldly smiled in the face of their ferocious attacks. An invisible chill silently spread out from him in all directions.

No one noticed that a layer of frost had unknowingly formed on the ground!

"Haha …" Three Elders, mighty and domineering, cripple that brat! "

"The three elders' Phantom Fist has already reached the Mastery Stage. If the three of them attack together, that kid will undoubtedly die!"

"He really is an arrogant brat. He actually dared to ignore the attacks of the three elders. He is truly courting death!"

Looking at the calm Ye Xuan, carrying a fierce momentum, and bearing the intent to kill, many of the Shadowless Fist Sect disciples flourished as they shouted in excitement.

In their opinion, Ye Xuan would undoubtedly die under the combined attack of the three elders.

However, in the next moment, their shouts came to a sudden halt because the three elders that were charging towards Ye Xuan had suddenly condensed and were eroded by an invisible cold air, turning them into three eye-catching ice sculptures. They widened their eyes and mouths as they blankly stared at the three elders that became eye-catching ice sculptures, and words that they didn't understand came out of their mouths.

"This... This … What exactly happened here? "

"How did the three elders get frozen into ice sculptures?"

"What did that brat do?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan didn't mind. He coldly smiled, lightly snapped his fingers, and spoke in an ice-cold voice. "Ice Domain!"

"Crack …" Ka-cha … Ka-cha … "Bam!"

As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell, under Wu Shuang and Wu Shuang's incomparably shocked and astonished gazes, fine cracks spread out on the bodies of the three elders who had been turned into ice sculptures. In the end, they exploded with a bang and turned into fragments of ice that slowly floated down from the sky, disappearing from everyone's line of sight.

"Three... Three elders have died? "

"How could this be?"

"This... Is this a demonic art? "

Looking at the three elders who gradually died as they became ice fragments that filled the sky falling down, the disciples of the Formless Fist Sect all had lifeless expressions on their faces as they spoke words of shock and horror from their mouths.

It was obvious that they were shocked by Ye Xuan's strange method.

"Good!" Good! Good! "Little brat, you actually dared to kill three elders of my Shadowless Fist Sect. You have guts, if I don't cut you into a thousand pieces today, I will swear to the heavens that I won't be a human!"

Wu Shuang was so angered that he said "good" three times in a row. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with endless coldness and hatred as he furiously and venomously spoke.

"Everyone, listen up. Come with me and kill this kid to avenge the three elders!"

As Jue Shuang's voice fell, he was like a sleeping dragon that gradually woke up from its slumber. He released his terrifying aura without restraint, condensing a brown Astral Energy armor on the surface of his body.

This guy was actually a five star Martial King!


In the next moment, the force beneath his feet exploded forth like a wild lion, carrying with it an intent to kill as it charged towards Ye Xuan.


The Shadowless Fist Sect disciples behind him also unleashed their killing intent as they charged towards Ye Xuan like hungry wolves.

In an instant, Ye Xuan felt as if he'd been locked onto by dozens of killing intent.

"A five star Martial King? It's just perfect for us to try our luck! "

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he looked at Wu Shuang, who was dashing towards him like an angry berserk lion. Cold words came out of his mouth.


"Puchi …"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he stomped his foot fiercely. Violent demon qi exploded from the ground without any warning, attacking and devouring the many Shadowless Fist Sect disciples that were charging over.

As for Ye Xuan, his entire body was surrounded by demonic energy. At this moment, he turned into a berserk dragon that charged towards the two of them with a violent aura.

In just an instant, the distance between the two of them had closed down to only one meter!

The brown astral energy on both of his fists crisscrossed as they ignited with brown flames. He angrily smashed them towards Ye Xuan. "Little bastard, take one of my fists! "Dark Wolf!"


The instant Jue Shuang's words left his mouth, his fist smashed out even more rapidly, and a brown colored wolf shadow rushed out from his fist towards Ye Xuan.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan didn't dodge at all. The demonic qi in his body surged as his fist fiercely smashed forward like a demonic dragon.

Devil Dragon's Strength!

The Demon Dragon was enraged!


In the next moment, an earth-shaking collision resounded throughout the world.